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Let’s Kvetch About the Ratings! By Rachel N.

The end of summer draws upon us, bringing with it the return of the fall season. Once again we’ll swear television has reached new highs or new lows. We’ll applaud the eagerly anticipated debuts and returns, be disappointed by the filler, and look on with disbelief at the zombies that no one has yet put down.

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HEROES Debuts To Series Lows, NBC Sharpens Axe (Or How Much Longer Will HEROES Last?)

HEROES Season 4 debuted last night to dismal ratings.

6.27M people tuned in and 500k immediately tuned out before the 2nd hour started.  Which basically means that nearly 10% of America did what I wanted to do last night:  tune out.

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SUPERNATURAL Is A HIT… on DVD. (Or Another Reason Dawn Ostroff Is An Idiot)

The top DVD in the world right now for the SCI-FI genre is TRUE BLOOD, and there is no denying that.  There is also no denying that Season 3 of HEROES is the 2nd most popular SCI-FI series on DVD right now.  However, coming in at number 3 is SUPERNATURAL which is having a better year in DVD than anything on The CW.

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