Sorry, Charlie: Kirk Acevedo Fired From FRINGE

In sad news it appears that Kirk Acevedo is being let go from FRINGE.  The producers have decided that with a move to the most competitive time slot for FOX (up against ABC’s top show, CSI, NBC’s top show, The CW’s 2nd best show) they needed to make some improvements to the show.  They decided they needed a female FBI agent that is strong but likeable in a major role next Fall.  They’ve already started casting for the role.

So you’re saying to yourself:  “Self, don’t they have Anna Torv in that role already?”  Well yes, she is a female FBI agent.  She isn’t a likeable enough one though is their basic decision (and it’s an overwhelming one) and the idea was that there wouldn’t be room for Charlie with the new agent.

Update:  Rumors are that they put out feelers to Alicia Witt for the part.

Update 2:  Kirk claims he’s fired (confirmed through agent), but Producers say he’s not fired and will have a major story arc in season 2.  Go figure.


41 responses to “Sorry, Charlie: Kirk Acevedo Fired From FRINGE

  1. Is Anna Torv being written out?

  2. Nope. I’m guessing it will also be a love interest for either Peter or Astrid. 😉

  3. or perhaps Walter.


    In all seriousness i was not a huge fan of Anna, apart from looks obviously, but i have to admit she is improving.

  4. playhouse76

    Smart choice, idiots. Acevedo was the most honest actor on the show, really feeling like his part and grounding things as a result. Noble might have the most fun role and is a top-flight actor, but he’s mugging all over the damn place.

    Eh, the show steadily lost interest for me anyway.

  5. playhouse76, I hear ya. In my opinion he grounded everything they did. He was the only one living in reality, with a family, etc. It’s a sad time for Kirk but he’ll bounce back. He has the skills.

  6. Wow, this decision makes no sense to me. They realize they’re not going to have protection on the schedule anymore, and suddenly realize “hey nobody likes our lead actress” and decide that the only way to fix that is to fire ANOTHER actor (who is doing fine), and bring in a female agent that people will like…

    This reminds me of that time when Germany attacked France so they could go to war with Russia. Looks good on paper, but will end in disaster.

  7. Frank, this doesn’t even look good on paper. It might look good as a tatoo on the May Playmate but not on paper.

  8. That makes no sense whatsoever. Bring in another woman agent. Um, right.

    I’m probably a small percent of the population, but I never disliked Anna. But, I never tried to compare her to a Clarice until someone on TVBTN pointed out that was what most people wanted in a female agent. However, I cannot AT ALL imagine them bringing in a super-strong woman character to offset her. It would just jumble the story line.

    Ugh, I like this show and they are pulling a Heroes and screwing up a good thing. (Well, it might not be THAT bad yet…)

  9. I wonder if RSH will blow up this comment board. 🙂

  10. Give him time. I’m sure he’ll find his way here. 🙂

  11. icalyn, knowing whom it was over on TVBTN who made that statement all I can say is “That is crazy talk!” They don’t have a “fun,” and easy to like agent who is open to the world of crazy phenoms. Basically what they’ve described in their casting call was a female Mulder. Really.

    It’s not a regular spot like Charlie was. It’s a guest spot with the chance for recurring. Personally I’m confused by the need. I know many people find Torv too stiff and fake, but another female agent who is the opposite? I’m not sold.

    The funny thing to me is the Torv fans say crazy things like “Jackson doesn’t have the same chemistry with her as Mark Valley, he should have been the male lead.” No shit. She married Mark Valley! Of course they have chemistry! The only time her feelings seemed real in the pilot was with him!

    She has her issues and she wasn’t right for the part. They realize that and are bringing in another female to make up for it? Just fire her! Although they can’t because the pattern is tied to her and things that happened to her as a child.

    Personally, I say let her die and replace her with the alternate reality version that just happens to be another actress. That will never happen because Uncle Murdoch won’t let it happen. It also won’t happen because it’s jumping the shark.

    She is in it for the long haul…. so with that in mind the new casting makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is ditching Charlie. He grounded everything.

  12. If they killed off Olivia, I would definitely stop watching. The character is unique and Anna plays her wonderfully, in my opinion.

  13. penny, even though you’re in the minority in your opinion you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The plot of the series centers around Torv’s character. She isn’t going anywhere. She is just going to get a new agent who may be recurring if fans like her that is something of a female Mulder.

    I think they also want someone who can banter easily back with Jackson, something Torv hasn’t shown the skill set for. Torv is the straight man, and they could likely get something out of adding an element where someone is just as snappy as the Peter character.

  14. Nick, why is Fringe jumping the shark? Is it because its being protected as the new X Files?

  15. Torv, Noble, and Reddick and the main reason I watch that show, so I can do without Charlie. I liked his character, but he wasn’t a huge reason why I watched the show. Adding another woman(hopefully attractive) to a sci-fi show isn’t a bad thing.

  16. If Kirk was cut out for budget reasons, what would be the $$ difference between him and Alicia Witt? That casting choice makes no sense, don’t believe it.

  17. John, this new character will only be a recurring role if the audience like her. Charlie was a regular cast member, so he was in each episode in some capacity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but cutting a series regular and replacing it with a recurring character, who you use now and again, is alot cheaper. Kirk has good credentials, so they were probably paying him accordingly.

    Apparently, they have had big behind the scenes cuts as well. Nick have you heard this as well?

  18. I don’t think adding a new agent who is open to the “fringe,” findings is jumping the shark. Making a female Mulder isn’t a bad idea. The show has some issues and it could overcome those issues. Everyone may not agree with the issues, but they exist for others. So this could be a way of over time overcoming that.

    Victor, Alicia if cast is very, very attractive.

    John, Kirk wasn’t cut for budget reasons entirely. They decided the show lacked something and that a new character might fix that. Because your budget is lowered that means you cut someone to make room for another. You can also test the waters with the new character by making them a possible recurring. Alicia Witt likes taking parts that are one time shots or possible recurring roles. So it makes a lot of sense.

    Varsity, yes they have some cuts. However a large portion of the cuts will come from the lack of REMOTE FREE TV and moving to Vancouver.

    My thoughts on Witt being cast is…. she could easily pull a female Mulder off, but she is a stunning red head and they may just decide that combo may make people think they’re trying to match the X-Files. Her hot redheadedness may make them go a different direction.

  19. Lacked something? Fans and critics would generally disagree with that, especially in the latter half of the season. I’m not buying that. Why would they risk taking away a character that so many enjoyed? It’s not like they made him a centric character and he failed big time. He was on the sidelines with the potential of getting a really cool backstory in season 2. And he had fantastic chemistry with Lance and Anna.

  20. John, did FRINGE improve ratings wise over the season? No. Were there problems in the pilot and in the finale according to panels? Yes.

    I agree that removing Kirk from the line up is a bad idea. He grounded the show, and generally people who ground a show are well liked. Kirk is a great actor, and budget cuts along with a need to help improve another area are causing this problem.

    In theory if this one character comes in and provides the solution to the problems that are perceived to be there and is accepted by the audience they can bring that character back in a recurring role. The problems aren’t with Kirk. He was just the character they thought they could remove without causing more problems. I disagree, but that’s just my opinion.

  21. Lets use a CHEERS analogy. CHEERS had a character that said certain things that were hurting that persons popularity with a certain section of people. They brought in another character who provided the same lines but in a different personality.

    The second character was one by the name of Dr. Frasier Crane. He was so well liked he remained on the series for the complete run, went from guest to recurring to regular. He also had his own spin off last 10 years.

    The first character was Diane, and her popularity went UP after Frasier was added to the cast. The actress took advantage of that by leaving for a film career that never happened.

  22. Nick, i thought Fringe had a very consistent season ratings wise? O Reilly is certainly proud of it. The demo was very good even when you take off the overruns of AI.

    Alicia Witt was in Heroes wasnt she?

  23. Thanks for explaining. Just curious, what were the problems panels found with the finale? I thought it was one of the best episodes this season, and I know a lot of Fringe fans and critics did too.

  24. John, they didn’t like 2 scenes with Olivia if my memory is correct. I remember watching it and going “ack,” because she had a look of disgust on her face showing up in between smiles that were obviously forced. She had a problem with the dialogue obviously. There are two ways to look at that, and one is it’s the writers fault. The writers have done a better job in the second half of the season in not putting her in those situations. Still in this case the scene was needed.

    That is why I think the new character can help. If they have those types of scenes the new agent can be there and deliver the lines, and everyone moves on. Give Olivia lines that fit for her personality in the scenes and her popularity will only go up.

    It still doesn’t dignify the release of Charlie. I think they’re going to lose more than they gain.

  25. So what’s the deal, then, with the story out today that he isn’t fired?

  26. Oh, it really sounds like whoever was reviewing the episode is hypercritical or something. Mostly all reviews I’ve read have been positive. Even if there were two scenes that people thought were subpar, it didn’t ruin the episode enough to say there were problems. Well, that’s just my opinion
    Anyways, apparently he hasn’t been fired:
    Thank goodness.

  27. Kirk says he was fired, his producer says he’s not fired. Translation: They don’t want to pay Kirk as much and want to renegotiate his contract and have plans for him next season. That or fan backlash has made them say ‘wait a second!’ it’s hard to know what exactly went on. The FOX side, Kirk side, and Bad Robot side all appear to be different takes on the situation. However it’s hard to misinterpret being told you’re fired.

    They are still bringing in the new female agent.

  28. I just hope that they make a statement about it when the situation has been finalised. The facebook thing and all the heresay that is going on, is really damaging the show. It’s been very poorly handled allround.

    Are they likely to do this Nick? Or, is it a practise in Hollywood not to do this.

  29. Varsity, well I think what happened is they fired him. That is hard to misinterpret. It is his facebook and he isn’t claiming the account was stolen and used illegally. The producer isn’t denying the story. The producer said “there is more to the story than people know,” which means that they fired him, but they have plans for him now. Who knows the details? His agent. I’ll get to the bottom of it and as long as it won’t hurt Kirk I’ll post what I find out, if it would hurt him, I’ll just continue to speculate that they wanted to renegotiate his contract or they had no idea the backlash would be so strong.

  30. Nick C., what are chances of them getting Alicia Witt to do the role? What are you hearing?

  31. I read that two writers from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are joining Fringe. Is that true?

  32. Thanks Nick C. It would be great if you could find out what’s going on. Totally understand what you can say and can’t.

  33. Nick, one of the main storylines of Fringe this past season was parallel universes. Theres More Than Of Everything.

    It was a plot device. He never got fired at all

  34. I googled Alicia Witt and I would love to see her on Fringe.

  35. Ant, well he was fired. That is a fact. If you’re saying they’re trying to play it off as a publicity gimmick, I don’t buy it. Now is not the time for gimmicks. They may be trying to cover their asses, but they did fire him. If they’ve changed their minds, or are renegotiating his contract now, they did fire him. Kirk says he was fired, his agent said he was fired. The producer says he isn’t but that there is more to the story.

  36. Nick he was not fired though. His Facebook page is gone. Its been well known and said by JJ Abrams they have a set storyline planned out and Charlie is an integral part of that. We saw in season one an alternate Charlie with a scar on his face and this season we will find out why.

    I dont think that Facebook page was ever verified actually

  37. Apparently his options were not picked up, essentially meaning he wasn’t asked to come back next season, essentially meaning… he was fired. I think Bad Robot didn’t expect this backlash from fans because Charlie had no character development, so no one was expecting such an ardent reaction.

  38. Ant, it was verified. His agent says they did not pick up the option on his contract. That means “fired.” Sure, it may be to renegotiate the contract but perhaps Kirk doesn’t want to? Maybe he thinks it was a disgraceful way for them to play it out?

    Will he be on next season? They’re negotiating. I hope Kirk’s agent gets him more money than he was supposed to cost. When you don’t pick up an option to renegotiate you generally let the person know that first.

  39. I’ve just read he was getting paid more than Torv, so he must’ve been pretty expensive.

  40. John, or she must have been pretty cheap. If he cost more than her, then good for his agent, bad for the producers! I’m not sure I buy that, but he has more experience than she does.

  41. NIck C, how close is Fringe to getting Alicia Witt and do you think that will help improve the show? Also, with the ratings eroding for Grey’s Anatomy and CSI, do you think that could benefit Fringe in any way? Why or Why not? True, Grey’s got a 5.5 but if the ratings continue to erode like with CSI, that might benefit Fringe. Supernatural is not much of a factor as it is on the CW even in the 18-49 demographic.