Chuck vs. Season 3 Rumors 05/21/09

Michael Ausiello dropped a tease yesterday in a conversation with the show’s co-creator Josh Schwartz.  The tease basically states that a new person will show up to form a triangle between some characters we know.  I’m not sure I call that a tease.  We’ve already had that play out twice with Chuck and Sarah (Lu and Jill) and twice with Morgan and Anna (Anna’s father and Anna’s Triad Boyfriend).  This isn’t anything new unless we’re talking about a serious triangle here.

Which brings up that Chris and Josh totally dig Natalie Martinez and Natalie was always meant to show up in season 1 and be the 3rd part of a Chuck-Sarah triangle.  Does this mean the incredibly gorgeous Natalie may finally be finding her way onto the show?  God, I hope so.  The character was supposed to be a lot of fun and Natalie is just plain hot.  Having her and Yvonne on the same show?  Male viewership just went up.

The triangle makes sense too if Chuck and Sarah can just admit their feelings.  This could be the first bump in the road.  Plus, I believe they’ll have to hide it because Chuck is an asset again.  If they have them back to the old “we can’t be together,” line it’s going to hurt the show because it makes no sense.  Hook them up and then let things try and tear them apart.  That would be character development at least.

All these people are getting interviews with Josh or Chris and none of them seem to be asking the other all important question:  What about the Buy More?  When last we saw our favorite Nerd(s) they quit.  With Morgan boldly leaving the store shirtless and Casey revelling in quiting.  We now have none of the main characters:  Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Morgan working at the Buy More.  How are they going to impliment it back in?  Should they?

Personally I think the whole cast would jump on the idea of moving all shooting to Hawaii so they can follow Morgan’s dream.  Heck give Chuck a Ferrari and it’s another 80s throwback!


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  1. I love this show but I agree that the will they/won’t they will start to get old. I would like to see Chuck and Sarah have a real relationship but have to hide it from Casey.

    I like your idea about moving the show to Hawaii. I live there and would love to watch them shoot a few scenes. I have seen Lost shooting a few times. It is exciting for average folks like me.

  2. I think one of the reasons the dynamic works between Chuck and Sarah is that Sarah wants to be a normal person with a normal life but cant as she is either always protecting Chuck or going off with Bryce on missions etc whereas Chuck would like to be normal but sacrificed himself at the end of the third season to get the Intersect away from The Ring.

    He sacrificed his relationship to save the world. Thays just IMO

  3. The combined hotness from Natalie Martinez and Yvonne Strahovski will melt my TV! Imagine what it will do to Nedalution.

  4. It’s hard for me to see a new regular actor when they are cutting costs. This sounds to me like a new Buymore character that has everyone excited, that flirts with everyone, perhaps causing some of the tension between Chuck and Sarah, but may also be there to replace Anna if Julia gets too expensive or is off to another show. A regular new spy or Morgan level character would be in every episode and would cost too much. Also, didn’t Fedak say on the Sepinwall interview that the Buymore will definitely be back?

  5. Ali Adler made a comment on her twitter page (sounded half serious/half not) about making sure to remember to bring back Carina for Season 3. Personally I think having Mini Anden back would be hilarious. She could make trouble for Casey and Chuck. And that would fit perfectly with Josh’s comment about a love interest that would triangulate between several characters. I mean she could tie Casey up again, and she would drive Sarah crazy for hitting on Chuck. She’s also very popular with the fanbase.

    I agree though that the show runners need to get Sarah and Chuck past the “we can’t be together” thing. Its run its course, they need a new obstacle. And I assumed since Chuck has Intersect 3.0 in his head, the obstacle will be him having to master his abilities to the point where Sarah doesn’t feel compelled to protect him all the time. As he shifts from asset to real spy, I think they’ll be able to bring their relationship out into the open.

  6. Frank, that wouldn’t be a new character. I think they’ll bring Mini back, but not for anything but maybe one or two episodes. Since Josh said it would be a new character then I’m lead to believe they’ll finally maybe get Natalie on the show.

    David1, you know what he actually said was that there were a lot of product placement opportunities because Chuck works in an electronics store in a strip mall. I don’t know if that means Chuck is going back to work for the Buy More or not. If they say he has to because it’s a perfect cover… I’m not sure how happy I’ll be with it. That is a step back for Chuck’s personal development and a step back for the story.

    JSS, no doubt!

    Ant, he had no clue about Sarah. He thought she was running off with Bryce. It was a sacrifice of being normal that he gave up. I don’t believe Sarah wants to be normal at all. I think she loves her job. I think she just loves Chuck and was willing to do other CIA work besides the job offered to her.

    JT808, I’d love it if they found their way to Hawaii. That would at least mean a change in story lines. Unfortunately you’d lose Ellie and Awesome…

  7. Ah that’s true, he did say new didn’t he. It would be really cool though to see some of the old guest stars return, especially Carina and Roan.

    If they bring Natalie in do you think it will be as her original character? She was supposed to be a neighbor who ran that club from the Pilot right? I think it would be cool if they just made a new character for her, a fellow spy, another Intersect test subject, someone assigned to learn about the abilities of the new Intersect because maybe the General wants her to be next. And since she’s not protecting Chuck and would be just like him (Intersect wise) they can totally hit it off.

  8. Frank, Natalie was originally the nightclub owner that Chuck had a major thing for. I don’t know how they’d integrate her now, but I think it would be in a different way. Perhaps as someone from Chuck’s past he always had a thing for? I’m sure they’ll bring Carina back and likely early in the season too. BS wants them to continue bringing hot guest stars in and you can’t get much hotter than Mini.

  9. NICK C , what’s happened with natalie the frst time , I saw some promotional pics and then she was not in the serial .
    What’s the matter with her ?

  10. If they bring Natalie in, do you think it would be long term? Say like Tony Hale’s character? And is it true he’s leaving the show? I heard he’s on another series or something.

    And yeah, the sooner they bring back Carina the better. I saw that Mini was actually in a Knight Rider episode (which I flipped to purely by accident, I swear!). I think NBC owes her for that, and a return to Chuck would be perfect.

  11. I think it’d be fun if the love interest would be for Jeff and Lester. I don’t really feel like seeing another love triangle for Chuck and Sarah. They’ve already gone through Jill, Bryce, Lou, and the random MI6 agent. Plus, I think it’d be a whole heck of a lot funnier if it was for Jeffster.

    I’m all for Chuck and Sarah getting together and having to hide it. That could be interesting.

  12. hmm…maybe we should send them what we’ve come up with have so far? haha…kidding, they just got back, and I have every faith in them to produce some top notch episodes.

    “In the #Chuck writer’s room. Feels like we never left. Current debate: Is skeeter’s new car cool and what’s for lunch?”

  13. Nick, you’re right about the Buymore. I was reading too much between the lines. I could have taken or left the relationship at the start, but with all the teasing and final almost consumation, it’s time to let them be together. Otherwise it be becomes Friends without the other good qualities that show had but without the ratings. This show has so much else going for it, I see no reason to turn off valuable viewers with the OCesq teenage angst. Have some seduce the mark jealosy, control fights over their now common careers, etc., but end the childish love triangles.

  14. I don’t see Sarah or Chuck straying from their relationship when it comes back. They’ve waited too long and Sarah showed how she really felt in the last 2 episodes-you can’t really take that back. Plus Chuck would never look at anyone else if he was with Sarah for real. As for the Hawaii thing, I don’t see the cast following Morgan to Hawaii-just not a logical fit for the story.

  15. Slightly off topic, but with regards to keeping Chuck in the minds of fans, as well as advertising to potential new fans, I think that people should both purchase and WEAR the Buy-More merchandise. I am a graduate student, and I frequently wear my Buy-More and Jeffster shirts when I teach, just to advertise =). I actually had a few students yesterday who said they watched the show!

  16. Nick C …

    If you can manage to get an interview and you’re looking for questions to ask, I’ve got an “internal consistency” one that’s been bugging me …

    They spent two whole episodes (vs the Alma Mater and vs the Suburbs) building up the idea that Chuck was pretty unique in his ability to absorb the subliminal intel encoded in the pictures and in his ability to see all of hte images without frying his brain. Do they have an explanation for the fact that in the last few episodes it seemed like anyone could get “intersected”?

  17. NDBob…

    Finally! I thought that I was the only one that cared about that. I mean Chuck is supposed to be special, so what the hell is Chevy Chase doing trying to put an intersect in his brain-he’d be dead along with anyone else, which is why Chuck is the man. That definately needs to be addressed…

  18. I really don’t think that the “love” triangle will be centered around Sarah and Chuck. I put forth the idea that the triangle would be centered around Jeffster.

    I believe that Fedak said that Sarah and Chuck had passed a point of no return in terms of their relationship. I believe that he was referring the last two episodes of season 2.

    However there would still be roadblocks in any relationship just because of the nature of their work. I really think that Sarah was willing to give everything up for Chuck, which would have included leaving the CIA, to be with him. I think that now Chuck has re-intersected himself, there are a whole slew of complications.

  19. U guys think that Sarah might have a combo mad/dissapointed/respect emotion goin on for chuck when it starts back? I mean she was finally gonna get a real life(dissapointed)/pissed that he put himself back in danger/and proud that he would do something like that for the good of the whole…..????–it’ll definately add to the dynamic regardless.

  20. Perhaps I’m merely getting old, but the white-on-black design is pretty rough on the eyes, with just enough leading to produce distracting afterimages as well.

  21. Ella, that could be fun but it’s my bet that the character is going to mess with the dynamic of the core players, and it could be any of the 3.

    NDBob, this is easy. The intersect works in a manner that you have to have a certain brain type that is susceptible to images. The professor at Stanford tested Chuck and Bryce, so we know Bryce was connected with the Professor so likely just as susceptible as Chuck. Roark we have no idea about, but maybe he was too. As for it not killing people, that is because this was the real intersect design by Orion vs an intersect copy made by Fulcrum who was trying to figure out HOW to make one.

    Boris, I’ll look into switching it out.

  22. Nick, Josh said they had something “fun” planned for ComicCon, and now speculation on some fan sites is maybe they’ll film part of an episode there. Any chance of that?

  23. Diane, sure there is a chance, but it would be logistically tough to pull off. They could get establishing shots there easy, but controlling people? It’s a tough one to do. Sure, it’s possible.

    I think they may make a webisode there, that would be easier.

  24. I’m excited for a infusion of fresh blood- would love for it to include Casey. Adam Baldwin is currently underused (then yet that is probably what makes the character so darn effective).

    I don’t think Natalie Martinez will be the one. She is in Sons of Tuscon which got picked up by FOX.

    Anyone know which day the Chuck panel will be during Comic Con?

  25. Nikky, I’m pretty sure for a 3 story arc that Natalie would be available. They could make it work. SONS OF TUCSON is on hiatus until they know if they’re recasting the lead (looks like it) and that delay could allow for Natalie to do some episodes. If they want a recurring, then I hope they can continue to find hotness like they have in the past.

  26. Nikky, and I definitely agree that Adam needs some more screen time, he needs the CHUCK equivalent of JAYNESTOWN (for FIREFLY fans, they’ll know the reference).

  27. Nick,

    I know this post is all about Chuck, but I’m a Reaper fan as well, and you mentioned the whole Tyler/Sons of Tuscan thing above….what are you hearing about it living on in syndication? How likely is it looking, and can they make the show inexpensive enough to work like that and not suck?

  28. Nick …

    The Fulcrum inferior copy argument had occurred to me (might be nice to see that made a little clearer). The Bryce angle bothered me a little more because there is nothing else to indicate he had that particlar quality (he was a field agent, Chuck was going to be slotted into the “Omaha” project, which I assume was the CIAs alluded to attempts at creating a human intersect). I can see Orion having that ability, but the way that it was sort of thrown around at the end of the season felt like it cheapened one of the things that made Chuck unique … other than that I thought the last several episodes were fantastic — clearly the best yetl, so I’m hopeful for more.

    On a side note, I’m really glad they decided to throw such a big wrench into things (potentially) for season three. As much as I love the show, I kind of had the nagging feeling that if they stuck to the EXACT same formula it would start to get stale.

  29. i suppose (begrudgingly) that as long as they don’t return to the will-they-won’t-they angst, i could be ok with (yet) another triangle. i hope the writers know that if they do go back to that old song they risk losing a lot otherwise devoted fans…

  30. oh, and i’m not that old, but i’m with boris: the white on black is hard on the eyes.

  31. ChuckNut & Boris (and everyone else) let me know what your thoughts are on the new lay out.

  32. I’d say the new layout is a bit spartan, but I find it much more readable.

  33. nice! thanks.

  34. i particularly like the tiny (almost invisible) smiley face at the top right of the page. 🙂

  35. I like the layout, although the other was fine too. I’m enjoying your comments and look forward to continuing to read you on a variety of issues. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  36. icalyn, I’ll post about REAPER in a bit.

  37. You are awesome Nick. Thanks!

  38. icalyn, trying to find out a little more about it, but right now REAPER looks ok for syndication. Once I have some verification I’ll make a post on it.

  39. Nick, on the topic of Chuck casting, something else I’ve been hoping for a while now is that since Josh Schwartz produces Gossip Girl and Phil Klemmer wrote for Veronica Mars, that they’d find some way to get Kristin Bell a guest spot on Chuck.

    She’s off Heroes for good now, and there are articles out there about how she was wanting to get on camera for Gossip Girl (and Schwartz saying no). But wow wouldn’t she be great if she did a stint on Chuck as an asset or spy? I could totally see her as somebody like Chuck, who the government was protecting, or conversely maybe a real hero spy in the same vein as “Cole Barker”.

  40. Funny you should mention her because I sent out feelers to Rob Thomas’ people to get to the bottom of the VERONICA MARS movie options. I hadn’t even thought of Bell as a guest on CHUCK. We can hope. She’d be a great guest star for an episode though.

  41. Well he got her into the finale of Party Down, which is tonight I believe. Should be good!

    I think a Veronica Mars movie would be good, maybe if they did something like that Season Four pitch mini-episode thing where she joined the FBI. That show was really good, but I can see why it never found a mainstream audience. I think they could make it work for a movie format though.

    The reason I see her as great on Chuck is she can pull off bad-ass and vulnerable, and nail the witty dialogue like she did on Veronica Mars. I think she was wasted on Heroes. But with Chuck she can add that comedy element and really shine. Plus she’s a geek icon, she’d totally spark major fan enthusiasm.

    Personally I think Schwartz needs to pack next season of Chuck with everything he can throw at it. I was wary of his statement a while back when he said he was cramming three seasons into the last half of Season two. But wow did he pull it off. I think that ramping up helped stoke fan excitement immensely, it really gave fans something to latch on to as they got into the save Chuck campaign (as it also garnered headlines too). Granted, all of the casting and plot decisions were planned and done well before anybody thought to save the show, but still, I think it was instrumental. He made the right choice. You can contrast that with other shows where I think a lot of their planning for the second half of their seasons was squandered. Terminator comes to mind.

    An endless stream of Chuck news about new guest stars, new plot twists, anything, everything he can throw at it, and I think fans will be so excited about S3 that that will really start to affect the new viewer campaign going into the start of next year and the way NBC does the Olympic promotion. I would be very optimistic about the show at least holding if not trending up in viewers then.

  42. Always wanted to know this Nick. As Heroes is falling like a stone ratings profitable is Chuck to NBC? Does it make money or lose?

  43. Ant,

    Chuck will likely be more profitable this season because NBC lowered the amount they will pay Warner Bros and simultanesously upped the amount they will collect from subway as an official sponsor of the show.

    I think it is fair to say that NBC would not have done it without the bottom line being profitable.

  44. Ambaryerno

    About the “Omaha Project:”

    There was never anything that specifically linked Professor Flemming’s interviews and the “Omaha Project” to the Intersect. There’s hints that would suggest a connection, (Chuck’s subliminal recall ability made him ideal for Omaha. BTW, keep in mind that what makes Chuck special isn’t his ability to ABSORB the data, but its his near-perfect RECALL ability) but there was never anything specific.

    Incidentally, someone posted the original script for the Pilot on’s forums. I think it’s in the Season 3 speculation thread, and it’s a good read if you haven’t seen it yet. Kayla Hart as originally written would have be SO wrong for Chuck, (a stoner and a slut, didn’t strike me as a very nice person to begin with, and mostly took advantage of Chuck) and not even very likable (granted a LOT can be affected by the performance. Even a weasel can be likable if played right). However she WOULD have been perfect for Jeff and Lester….

    I say bring her on as a new “Greenshirt” to create some turmoil in the Buy More. In fact, with Morgan, Chuck and Casey gone, this would be a GREAT way to keep move the Buy More forward, and Jeffster fighting over the same woman would be a RIOT.

    As someone else pointed out, Josh and Chris have said that Chuck and Sarah would be reaching a “Point of No Return” by the finale. I don’t see Chuck looking at someone else with the way he went after Sarah in Versus the Ring. Sarah not only turned down Bryce for Chuck, (who basically WAS a more bad-ass version of Chuck) but if you really watch I don’t think she showed any sign of ACTUAL interest in Cole.

    As for Casey, I find it hard to believe that they can introduce a woman that would have both Chuck AND Casey fighting over her, so any sort of triangle between them just doesn’t seem possible. I’d either like to see them hook Casey up with Carina, or brink back Ilsa (Undercover Lover was one of the best episodes of the series PERIOD).

  45. Ambaryerno, well in the pilot Chuck had the thing for Kayla… I think if they brought Natalie on it would be as someone Chuck used to have a thing for.

    A female could easily like Chuck that Casey liked. To suggest they fight over her isn’t what makes a triangle a triangle. Triangles don’t have to go anywhere either.

  46. Hi, Nick C!! My first post on your blog! I promise, I will include “carriage returns.” (You must be older than ME if you’re using “typrewrite language!”)

    I think you’ll find that die-hard CHUCK fans will get royally P.O’d if the CHUCK/SARAH relationship doesn’t move forward/progress in some way. The “teasing stuff” is plain and simply crapola, and after two seasons of it, the fans are ready for the TWO MAIN CHARACTERS to move past that in their relationship.

    BTW, showing my ignorance, I have no idea who Natalie Martinez is – maybe I’ve seen her on something, but just don’t recall the name. I’ll have to “google” her – but if she DOES come into the picture, I’m hoping it will be someone for Casey. I love his character, but just like Chuck/Sarah needs to develop, so does Casey. Keep the “grunts” and smart aleck remarks which are golden, but show more of Casey like in “Chuck vs. The Undercover Lover.

    I made a rather long post (which you noted) on the other site where I post a lot, basically talking about what it would take ratings wise for CHUCK to survive and move onto a Season 4. I know what you’re thinking, “YOU JUST GOT SEASON 3!!” But when you’re a die-hard, you’re always looking to the future.

    Anyway, if that would be something you could comment on, I would appreciate it. And “count me in” as a “poster” on your blog!! Best of luck – and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

  47. Rick Holy, welcome to this little site. I think Josh’s plan is for this new character to triangulate among a “few,” characters which means I think we have a little vixen on our hands who may play everyone, or be interested in Chuck (but Chuck not interested in her) and Sarah not liking it, and Casey liking her. That’s just pure speculation though.

  48. Rick, and I’ll jump over to TVBTN (which is ok to mention here!) and reply at some point today.

  49. I didn’t read all the comments, so forgive me if this is repetitive. It seems to me from the Finale that they are writing out the BuyMore completely. There were far fewer BuyMore scenes in the last couple of eps and Chuck himself was never there. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the BuyMore disappear as the show takes a new direction.

  50. Thanks, Nick for your replies. Now for another question. Since I won’t have my CHUCK fix until March (at least probably until March), I am going to look to “fill that hour of TV viewing” each week with something. I hear you praise “Burn Notice” quite a bit. How many Seasons has it been on and is it worth me buying it on DVD to fill the “Chuck” void on Monday nights this Fall??

    I became a Battlestar Galactica fan through word of mouth and bought all the DVDs. Didn’t watch any of the episodes this last season because I was watching the older seasons to “catch up”- so I’ll wind up buying the final season on DVD.

    O.K. – so why did I bring up B.G? I heard that Tricia Helfer who played “6” on B.G. and who also guest-starred on CHUCK is going to be on Burn Notice. #1 – is that true? and #2 – if so, will she be a regular or only a guest star?

    I found her to be fantastic on B.G. She really made “6” the most interesting/intruiging (sp??) character on the show. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the final season of B.G. plays out when the DVDs hit the stores.

    Thanks again. And like Robert and Bill at tvbythenumbers, YOU ROCK, BRO!!

  51. Rick Holy, BURN NOTICE and LEVERAGE are two shows coming on this summer that are worth tuning in for. BURN NOTICE starts June 4th, and LEVERAGE at some point in July on TNT.

    BURN NOTICE has 2 seasons, but they’re USA seasons or somewhere between 13 and 16 episodes per season. It should be easy to catch up and still catch the new episodes (without feeling like you’ve lost out on anything, it’s real easy to just start watching).

    Tricia Helfer was on BURN NOTICE for the entire 2nd season. She isn’t a main character (there are only 3), but she does entertain in the role.

    LEVERAGE is going to start its 2nd season in July. I’m not sure if Season 1 is out on DVD or not.

    PSYCH is a fun show to watch. I think it has the lowest budget of any cable scripted dramas. The actors are paid by Kraft Services or something. 😉

  52. Amazon, here I come for Seasons 1 & 2 of Burn Notice! I’ll save Leverage for later.

  53. Burn Notice is pretty good, fun, entertaining, plus it has Bruce Campbell in a great role. I like the MacGuyver aspect of it too. I have not seen Season Two yet, but right now I’m stockpiling shows to watch until Chuck S3.

    By the way, Nick, on Chuck casting, I’ve been seeing that Yvonne Strahovski has been signing on to more projects. I guess all the actors will do that now that they’ve got some time before shooting S3, but it looks like her projects are either in Australia or small films. Do you know if she’s been going after any big films out of Hollywood? Be so cool to see her land a starring role.

  54. Frank, she may want to work in Australia to be home. I wouldn’t read anything into it. She may want to be doing small films.

    I agree on Bruce Campbell on BURN NOTICE he makes that show rock. The neat thing about stuff they build is it always is missing a piece or two so people can’t go make a home made bomb!

  55. Nick, are you annoyed Fiona has kind of lost her Irish accent? It made her more..sexier i guess lol

  56. i realize is an older article, but i just came upon it. and so just when i start feeling positive about back 9 and season 4 prospects, such articles come along to knock the wind out of my sails. nick c., any words of encouragement? thanks in advance!

  57. Ant, not really. It wasn’t a good accent.

    Chucknut, Flint is a hater. He points out JERICHO as an example, when JERICHO although renewed was treated poorly. It was dead before its second season aired and everyone knew it. CHUCK has hype.

  58. thanks! i knew i could count on you 🙂

  59. Something that I wanted to say earlier. I know that Bryce “died” in the finale. (And that either Josh Schwartz or Chris Fedak said that he was DEAD!).

    But did you notice how he “died” with his EYES WIDE OPEN. So when Chuck activated the Intersect, “Dead Bryce” would still have had the Intersect downloaded into his brain if he wasn’t actually totally brain dead. (His heart my have stopped, but the brain lives on for a while until it goes for a certain period of time without oxygen).

    So “The Ring” spy guys could have quickly accessed his brain waves and downloaded the Intersect into somebody else, or they could have “brought Bryce back to life” (wouldn’t be the first time) and made him THEIR version of the Intersect.

    How’s THAT for wild, nonsensical conjecture?? (Had to come up with something to keep the thread going!!) And YES, I DID take my meds this morning like I was supposed to! 😉

  60. Chucknut, if you want to feel better about how Chuck fans aren’t just going to let the show die, check out They’re about to launch the new viewing campaign. Part of it is that every Monday night everyone is going to stream Chuck episodes, from the beginning of the series all the way through the end of S2, to mesh up with the premiere of S3 next year. And fans are going to make Chuck a trending topic on Twitter by talking about the episodes every Monday until then.

    Rick, I think they plan to keep Bryce dead, but a sci-fi twist like that where the Ring people downloaded his brain would be interesting. I don’t think those Ring guys made it though. I think Chuck took them all out.

    Nick, right good point. She might just want to be close to home. I guess she only gets back about once a year, that has to be tough. Hope she’ll be able to make it to Comic-Con though!

  61. oh yes, frank, i’m well aware of the fan campaigns, being actively involved myself (see for the AHA campaign). nevertheless, until the campaigns yield actual results, articles such as flint’s will rattle me…

  62. He’s in the minority of critics, for sure. Stay away from anything written by too, they’re always hating on Chuck.

    That AHA thing is a great campaign. That’s cool that you’re involved in that. Can’t believe it got up to almost $20,000. That’s great!

  63. thanks for the head’s up re: gawker. yeah, thanks to the awesome fans of Chuck, the AHA campaign has really gone far. but the We Heart Chuck folks aren’t stopping there; stay tuned for further developments…