REAPER To Live On (?)

ABC Studios is continuing their effort for REAPER to live on.  Either in syndication or on a cable net.  There is talk of ABC Family possibly picking it up, but a show about the Devil and his son on a network aimed at Family?  Toss that talk right into the trash.  It’s a rumor and a silly one (and confirmed false).  There is talk of the See Fee Network (formerly Sci-Fi, now SyFy and called See Fee by me) picking it up.  This one actually has some legs because they’re discussing it.

However it appears the show will be living on via a very likely syndication package deal with fellow ABC Studios syndicated show THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER (LOTS) from Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi (Xena, Hercules).  LOTS is the top syndicated scripted program in the states and does well in over seas sales.  The question most people ask is what will this mean to REAPER?

First it’s already cheap, cheap, cheap.  They had to make adjustments for season 2 already.  So the difference between a syndication budget and their current budget is minimal.  So the real question is:  Will Tyler Labine be on the show?  The answer is:  YES.  His contract with REAPER is pretty clear on the fact that.  Some people wonder if syndication is different than renewal, nope.  For the purposes of his contract he is the guy.  FOX delayed SONS OF TUCSON from Fall to Mid-Season to wait out the REAPER situation (among other things).

I’ve seen SONS OF TUCSON and it’s not a winner.  The kids aren’t that funny, and Tyler Labine is definitely not funny.  Think of Sock’s stupidest scams on REAPER that don’t even bring a chuckle, that is what SONS OF TUCSON was with kids antagonizing Labine.  The plot is basically kids with money and no parents pay Labine to con his way as their parental figure for authority figures in their life (school and what not).  Yes, it’s a brilliant idea (note sarcasm).

What is the potential of REAPER in syndication?  Well one thing is that it will get advertised far more than the CW did with REAPER.  REAPER was a show that the CW spent their least amount of promo budget on and it showed.  Technically I suppose the movies and JERICHO got less promo work (none at all) but right behind that was REAPER.  So the affiliates will want to advertise it and LOTS.  LOTS is already the top scripted syndicated show.  If they can work out a deal where LOTS is the lead in for REAPER then they have a good chance of actually increasing the viewing of REAPER compared to the CW.

Why is ABC Studios doing this?  I think they think Dawn is an idiot.   Check that.  I know they think Dawn is an idiot because someone there said it.  They’ve believed in REAPER and thought that the CW gave them a raw deal on promotions, etc.  They were right.  So what happens when REAPER in syndication outperforms what the CW did on Sundays and what REAPER normally did?  It’s egg on the face of Ostroff.  Combined with the CW losing more money than it did last year, and the brilliant idea to move their top scripted show to Fridays…. it could make Dawn a joke.  Jokes don’t last long in Hollywood.  Even the CW spin program can’t save her if numbers are down, SMALLVILLE flops, and REAPER reaps in the viewers.

So I suggest everyone who wants Dawn to fact the music go and find their local CW affiliate information and send them an email of  “Please pick up REAPER in syndication from ABC STUDIOS, Thanks.”


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  1. If this does go to syndication, will the show lay off the sex? I know the sex stuff was forced in by The CW (who somehow thought it would attract teenage girls), so I hope they will tone it down a bit next season.

  2. Sorry what sex? Maybe i m too old but i didnt see so much sex in reaper

  3. Its more noticeable in season two than it was in season one. The Sock/Step-Sister scenes and jokes, and the overall increase in sexual innuendo, etc. It annoys me. Especially when I’m watching the show with my family.

  4. Well they wrote the step-sister off. I’m not sure syndication will matter much in that regard. It will continue to be TV14. If your kids are under 14 maybe they won’t even understand it? I think the show is pretty tame outside of the step-sister storyline which was just bad.

  5. Kids? Oh no, I’m WAY too young for kids. I’m 18 and almost out of high school (1 more week!).

    I mean watching it with my parents and sisters is just awkward sometimes, like with the masturbation joke in Transformers. But that only happens when Sock is on screen.

  6. dsfjr1190, the way you deal with that is just say things like “I wish I had a hot step-sister like that,” and other things to embarrass your parents!

  7. Nick, thanks for making my week or better yeat year

    When are we likely to hear anything official?

  8. Soon. The Affiliates have to make their plans as well. When someone at ABC Studios has something official for me I’ll let everyone know.

  9. Thats amazing news. I think Reaper could have got Smallville ratings but it got such a raw deal.

    Nice to see you on too. Hopefully you and Alan Sepinwall can convince BS to give Chuck ten more seasons haha. Although i dont think it will come to that

  10. LOTS is the top syndicated scripted program in the states

    Isn’t it the only scripted syndicated program in the States? 😉

    My quetion is when would Reaper in syndication begin to air. I know that currently off-net syndication shows are being sold for the 10-11 season, but I’m not sure if first run syndication is on a different schedule.

  11. Julia, I’m not sure. There used to be all kinds of syndicated scripted shows. Is it true that there is no trash like RELIC HUNTER and SHE SPIES around any more?

    I knew cable networks getting original programming would signal an end to syndication but didn’t know it had already killed it. Shows you how much I don’t know!

    REAPER is being shopped with LOTS, so I’d guess the block would start at the same time. October?

  12. I’m not positive there is no other scripted syndicated programming, but when the ratings first started coming in for LOTS I definitely recall someone commenting on it being the first in a while. And I can’t think of any other.

    I’m surprised LOTS was only sold for one year.

  13. Well I believe I’ve found that LOTS will be back in Oct/Nov (date not set) and that is likely when REAPER will start.

    They renewed LOTS way back in January or February (memory foggy on it) so I’m sure they’ve been trying to sell it since. Memory also serves that Tribune owned stations made up for nearly 40% of the stations that picked it up originally. So they’ve likely been selling multiple seasons to other affiliates since. They’re just having to backtrack and try and sell REAPER to those stations. If Tribune picks up REAPER it’s a lock imho.

  14. Wow so the REAPER deal is pretty much a lock Nick?

  15. If Tribune is willing to bite, then yes, I’d say it’s pretty much a done deal. This kind of info is much harder to wrangle up, but once I know, everyone will know.

  16. Do you think Tribune will be interested?

  17. Nick C, I don’t know you well but you are now my best friend, and of everyone at and throughout this fandom. Writing our CW affiliates and ABC is exactly what we’ve been telling people to do. Are you telling me there’s a chance?

    Tara B. visited our site and left a message that she and Michele had agreed to consult with the show if it gets another season even with their new contract, do you know anything of that?

    After all we’ve done to fight for this show, this makes me so hopeful; thank you!

  18. catko, sorry my spam filter for some reason caught your message. I’ll have to check for those more often.

    There is definitely a chance for REAPER. Fans need to get out and let Tribune know they’d watch as well as affiliates. You likely have a solid week to get their attention.

  19. Ant, I have no idea. I don’t know Tribune’s details or what they need or expect from a Sunday time slot.

  20. catko, sorry to be a nuisance but where is the post from Michelle and Tara on RDV?

  21. Ant, no nuisance — we didn’t post the actual message, it was a pm from Tara, but it’s referred to here:

    Didn’t say much more than that. If we end up posting the actual pm at reaperdmv, I’ll come back here and let folks know. Love seeing the interest in Reaper!

    And, uh, I don’t quite get…what is The Tribune? And how would we find it/them?

  22. Tribune Broadcasting, owns I believe a good portion of the CW affiliates.

  23. catko, Tribune is a media conglomerate which is currently in bankruptcy court, since a big part of their holdings is newspapers. Not that owning a ton of CW affiliates is really helping them very much. You can find a list of stations they own here. I think what Nick is suggesting is that you contact the stations owned by Tribune. It’s probably best if you only contact those stations that are actually in your local market.

  24. What Julia said! 😉

  25. Fantastic, you all, you’re the greatest! This is the first time I’ve ever actually tried to “save” a show (other than just bitching, cursing, and moaning) so this info is a huge help, let’s see what we can do!

    Heh heh spam filter, yeah I probably deserve that.

  26. catko, I believe Tribune would pick up the product for all their affiliates. So you have to find people that live in every area and have them be part of the campaign. Email the affiliate itself and the main corporation.

    Also tell them you bought a $5 footlong at the Work Bench, it worked for CHUCK after all 😉

  27. Whoa. If I can do links here, this is the info I’ve already got, I just didn’t realize what I was sitting on:

    My CW affiliate is NW32, under “Terms of Service” is this:

    Contact Us. To contact, please use the following:
    c/o Natalie Williams
    435 North Michigan Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Before we inundate her though, we’re asking other people look at their CW affilitiates and see if there’s other info there – esp. the ones owned by Tribune. I found my info under “terms of service” and NOT “contact us”. It was at the bottom of the page.

    You can find your local CW affiliate here:

    Spread the word!

    And as always, don’t forget to copy over your comments to ABC Studios:

    Nick, if this isn’t okay to post, then please delete.

  28. O.M.G. I *just* emailed the Tribune about Reaper too. I had no idea it would be *that* important.

  29. ReaperDMV, this is why I put up the site, to give people a launching board if needed for things.

  30. I’m glad for Reaper. At least ABC Studios are aware that The CW screwed it up and are willing to give it a much deserved chance to succeed.

  31. Okay, the President of Tribune Broadcasting is Ed Wilson, but I can’t find an email for him.

    However, the Tribune *does* have the email for:

    Gary Weitman
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations

    Nick – do you have any idea exactly who we would write to – or at least the job title so that we can find it? While I’m not above annoying people at the Tribune at Reaper, I’d at least like to bug the right one. 😀 Thank you!

  32. Well your going to need to find head of programming. That would be whom I’d aim it at.

    Now I’d also only suggest letters, email, signed petitions or and likely more important find advertisers in their area who would be interested in expressing interest in advertising during the show. If you can get them to sign a letter or an email you’ve got much higher chances. Viewers are great, but advertisers are better.

    Stay away from sending them stuff they won’t need and will annoy someone that works there.

  33. Footlong what now?

    Yeah I know about the sandwiches but trying to think what we could get at the Workbench that was a foot long…never mind. 😉

    We’ll stick with the email campaign for now.

  34. I was joking, I don’t even think there is a real Workbench! I do however think campaigns that convert advertisers to make requests for them are much smarter. Go after some advertisers that advertise during local shows.

  35. Thanks so much for all the info Nick! I’ll write my local station and hope it works!

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  37. Wow, I’ve actually been trackbacked!

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  39. Just for the record, the CW did promote it. I work at an affiliate, and they did send us promos every week. We ran them. They were funny too. As for it being the least promoted program on the CW…ever hear of “The Game”? I think that show gets that award. Smallville is pretty close to The Reaper in the amount of promo time.

  40. mrsitcom, providing affiliates with promos to run during your time is one thing. To promote the show during their time and feed is another. SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL are infamous for not getting the promotional effort that the CW puts into say GOSSIP GIRL or ONE TREE HILL or 90210.

  41. if it indeed gets syndicated, would it be a full season or just another 13 episode order?

  42. Manny – one of our members posted their response from their affiliate:

    In a nutshell, they said they were contacted about a full season (“probably 20 episodes”)

  43. manny, it would be 22 episodes to match Season 2 of LOTS.

  44. I would imagine it would most likely be a full season order in syndication, since they would need content to air all year. How many eps per season does Legend of the Seeker get? Should be the same.

    I’ve contacted ABC Studios to thank them for their support of the show and I mean that. It’s great of them to be going out of their way like this to find a way for this little gem to continue. Plenty of shows get unceremoniously canceled and don’t get that chance. I also contacted my local CW and the Tribune main office. Everyone needs to do so. I’m finding out that shows with buzz are the shows that survive and live ratings matter less and less. But the studios rely on the fans at the top to spread the word to the rest. We need to do our part, it’s our show too.

  45. Well that’s great to hear. Having 20 episodes to work with as opposed to the 13 the CW gave them would definitely make for a much better plots and story lines (not that it was bad to begin with, but the CW really has its way of ruining great shows). It’s pretty clear why ABC is working hard to get this deal done so it can put the CW in its place and throw Dawn off the plank.

  46. When it says the affiliates group does that mean ALL of the affiliates or just the affiliates in an established area?

  47. Jenny Wade

    Dear Nick,

    Just wanted to thank you and “Reaper” fans for all their efforts. We love our show and look forward to seeing whether or not our efforts bring us back from the brink. I have emailed the following to every outlet I know, and submit it here in case anyone would like to copy and paste in the same fashion. 🙂
    Best of everything,

    “Nina”, Reaper Season 2


    Dear ____,

    I’ve been hearing talk that the Tribune may have something to do with saving “Reaper” from the undeserved condemnation to the proverbial TV graveyard by pairing it with LOTS. This news is beyond exciting.
    As a cast member I can tell you that we are all on board with you and fully supportive of this venture. We love our show and believe it has all the potential in the world to make a serious impact for whomever decides to champion it!
    The show has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, as shown by the series astronomical DVD sales and diligence in scoring admirable ratings against juggernaut American Idol two seasons running!
    Seeing this series thrive, as it is meant to, and WILL DO, is something I, and it’s legions of fans, anticipate highly!


    Jenny Wade

    “Demon Nina” Reaper, Season 2 cast member

    P.S. If I have reached you in error, would you please forward this on to whom it may concern? Thank you!

  48. Wow Jenny. Its such an honour to see you on here. You all do a tremendous job on Reaper. We will all fight to keep this tremendous show alive.

    Oh and if i may say are very pretty.

  49. Holy crap it’s Nina the Demon. Best letter ever.
    My local affiliate has ignored me so far, but I remain undaunted. Reaper is ordained. It must continue, damnit.

  50. P.S.

    Thank you for making season 2 so much fun. 🙂

  51. We should be thanking you Nina. Its an incredibly well written and funny show. It definately deserves to continue. Will you be returning if/when it returns?

  52. Jenny! Thank you so much for your support. We’re all trying very hard to see that you remain gainfully employed. 🙂 Nina has quickly become one of my favourite characters on the show. She’s a great addition and you’re fantastic.

  53. Hi Jenny! I’m sorry “Body of Politics” didn’t get picked up.

    mrsitcom – No way did Reaper get the same promo time as Smallville, Supernatural, OTH, etc. For one, there was never a radio ad on Reaper, whereas there were tons of them for the other shows. I’m not even going to touch the amount of print media. BTW, last year the CW ran Reaper on all medias.

    The CW may have made a promo (they kinda had to) but that didn’t mean the affiliates aired it as many times as the others. I’ll stick with Nick’s assessment.

  54. Wow, your blog is less than a week old and it’s already time for its first IP ban!

  55. Sitcom dude… nobody’s trying to diss you or how you promoted the show. You should quit trolling the internet, man.
    Y’all are both trying to tell the truth here, and yeah The Game got assraped promotion-wise too, but I don’t see why we are fighting when we all want Reaper to stay alive right now.

    The problem is that y’alls argument is going on too long, I think I’m gonna have to unsubscribe to it because of the clutter it’s giving my inbox.

  56. I suggest mrsitcom just lighten up and focus on the real point of this blog entry, and that is to help save Reaper. I think we can all agree on that.

  57. Julia, heh. If they really had the job they claimed they wouldn’t have reacted that way too. How amusing.

    Weasel, I have banned them and cleared up the thread.

  58. Sorry you had to listen to all that Nick. If it helps everyone knows you are right lol

  59. You guys should see the spam filter they filled up. 😉

    PJ, keep me informed on how the affiliate fight goes. We can’t have someone like Jenny unemployed and wandering the streets.

  60. You must have some good connections Nick.

    Do you think a deal will be announced soon or is it too early to tell?

  61. Ant, way too early to tell. As soon as I have an idea of what Tribune’s stance is I’ll know. If they can pick up the show, then ABC Studios will likely make the deal.

  62. They havent really got anything to lose really have they? They are in serious financial difficulties but with a good pairing of shows, and with Reapers devoted fanbase, its win-win really

  63. Sure thing Nick. All updates will be posted at as fast as we get them, and we’ll be sure to pass it all on to you. So far, the responses our members have gotten from affiliates have all been very positive.

  64. “Oct/Nov (date not set) and that is likely when REAPER will start.”

    Well much will depend on how soon they can start filming again. I’ll have to look up when things started up for season 2 but can’t until I get back to work.

    “Jenny unemployed and wandering the streets.”

    Not to mention the crew. I work for the Cinematographers union in BC where Reaper is filmed and the camera crew are great people that deserve to continue working.

    I’ve written to KSTW, KTLA & WGN Chigago since I have viewing access to all through my digital cable.

  65. Reaper started S2 at the beginning of July IIRC. That’s plenty of time to get several episodes in the can before an October premiere. has the contact information for whom to send emails to at ABC Studios. If you get a positive response from a Tribune affiliate, Tribune, or any CW affiliate contact reaperdmv and get them the email and it will get to the proper person at ABC Studios.

  66. Only email Chang if you have an email from an affiliate (that says they would be interested) to forward to Chang. Otherwise you’re going to fill up Chang’s in-mail and cause Chang problems. Don’t harass Chang. Just inform Chang when you have the information ABC Studios needs.

  67. Aha. Got it. We’ll still use the ABC Feedback page:

    If you want to delete my comment, please do so.

  68. Hey Nick ~ what about trying to email the reporters at our local newspapers? Granted, most probably won’t pick the story up, but maybe at least they’d soften up their “doom and gloom” reports when the TV Schedule comes out about Reaper’s “series finale”.

  69. Oops, forgot to add that I thought it might be a good idea because the “Reaper is Dead, So-and-So Said So” is really the hardest thing we’re fighting against.

  70. TheWatcher

    Dawn clearly isn’t capable of running anything at all, Reaper could’ve been much bigger for CW if she had just spent almost as much promoting it as she did with all the garbage she puts on (90210, Gossip Girl and what not) and on top of under promoting it she puts it up against the American Idol and Reaper still does pretty well with the ratings? But meh *hate*.

    I spent several hours translating (adding subtitles to) the Pilot of Reaper in my language, not sure if it will help at all but I intend to send it to one of the TV Stations over here to see if they’d be interested (not sure if it would help but it can’t hurt I’d think).

    Bottom line, Reaper is one of the best shows currently on TV, Dawn is a fool not to continue it.

  71. Dear Nick and Reaper fans,

    Happy Memorial Day!
    I’ve compiled a complete list of all affiliates owned by Tribune Broadcasting, and included direct email and contact links to their programming departments. Hopefully your readers will message each one of them to continue our efforts to save “Reaper.”

    Here’s a sample letter to copy and paste. Following are the links.

    Dear ___,

    I’ve been hearing talk that the Tribune may have something to do with saving “Reaper” from the undeserved condemnation to the proverbial TV graveyard by pairing it with LOTS. This news is beyond exciting.
    As a dedicated fan, I can tell you that we are all on board with you and fully supportive of this venture. We love our show and believe it has all the potential in the world to make a serious impact for whomever decides to champion it!
    The show has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, as shown by the series astronomical DVD sales and diligence in scoring admirable ratings against juggernaut American Idol two seasons running!
    Seeing this series thrive, as it is meant to, and WILL DO, is something I, and it’s legions of fans, anticipate highly!



    P.S. If I have reached you in error, would you please forward this on to whom it may concern? Thank you!

    Here are the direct links:










    DENVER (comment form on home page)













    Hopefully they all work. Feel free to copy and paste this to any message boards and supportive websites you know.

    Much love,

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  73. We got a note from Jonathon Storm, from the Philadelphia Inquirer, to make sure to include your demographic in your letter – especially if you are 18-49 (and don’t forget male or female).

    Also, Sinclair owns a ton of CW affiliates so we’re going after them too.

    The Sinclair Broadcast group owns multiple TV stations, including CW affiliates. List here:

    In: Minneapolis, Baltimore, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Birmingham-Tuscaloosa AL, and Las Vegas

    The idea is the same as with the Tribune Corp. Write to your local affiliate (the links are at the Sinclair page above) AND to Sinclair Broadcasting which is Click on the link that says Contact Us from the home page.

    And I’ll get back to y’all about CW Plus.

  74. Really? Sons of Tucson looks hilarious…

    but then again I have ALWAYS found Sock funny.

  75. Christopher

    Why is Dawn not fired? She axed Veronica Mars too.

  76. Christopher

    Maybe Reaper could be paired up with Psych since Monk is ending.

  77. Pairing Reaper with Psych? Now THAT would make a fun night of TV for me! I am SO happy I found this site, I thought Reaper was just done from the news. Very glad to hear there is a chance to see them return! I will certainly do what I can to make that happen.

  78. Okay, just e-mailed my Los Angeles affiliate. May the devil get his due.

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  81. I have to say, im suprised (pleasantly) that some people are trying to do something about this. I dont live in the US, and well australian tv is slightly lacking when it comes to decent shows. Dont get me wrong, if you havent seen underbelly, I suggest you take the time to (slight warning, its a bit graphic). But to see so many people making an effort for an amazing show that has, well, everything !…I sincerely hope reaper gets picked back up and that for once, we dont lose a show thats decent. Thankyou for your efforts

  82. Scarecrow – make sure to tell ABC and the channel that shows Reaper in Australia. ABC needs to know that there’s an overseas market for the show too.

  83. Dawn Ostoff needs to change the name of her network to the women’s channel since I can’t find a single show I enjoy other than Supernatural.

  84. Jesse, well at least SUPERNATURAL is a damn fine show. It’s a shame the CW doesn’t have more stuff aimed at that segment.