The Nick C Blog Has A Twitter

They say I should have one.  I’m not sure if I “get it,” but my goal is to at least be twitted about more than The CW since that is their new motto (or one of them).  We should try and make it happen.

I suppose the purpose of this Twitter thing is to let people know when I’ve updated the site with new articles, and for you guys to send me messages and request topics, news, rumors on subject matters important to you guys and gals.  I think my BlackBerry twits, so we can even twit each other at events like Comic Con.

Update:  I made the link work!


18 responses to “The Nick C Blog Has A Twitter

  1. Nice one Nick. You going to delve into the MySpace or Facebook realms?

  2. Dear God No! I feel like a heel just doing Twitter. However it may be useful for making this site something people want to read. It’s bad enough that this blog seems kind of egotistical to me.

  3. Heel? Is that wrestling speak?

    And nothing wrong with being egotistical..if you dont love yourself how can you expect anyone else too ha

  4. dsfjr1190 (David)

    You deserve to be egotistical, since you are usually proven right from what I’ve seen.

    Personally Nick, I’m glad you created this blog. The only reason I was even on TVByTheNumbers was to search the threads for posts by you since you seem to be in the know.

    It’s good to see an organized place for your opinions and information on these shows.

  5. Nicely put David. I second that.

    Nick thanks for putting up the blog and keep up the good work.

    Your posts on TVBytheNumbers through the 15 Days of Chuck are what kept me sane waiting for word about renewal.

    Your blog is definitely on my short list of must reads.

  6. I echo everyone’s comments. I would usually skim through the comments to look for comments from mostly you, and to a lesser degree Robert and Bill. There are other characters there though, hehe.

  7. dsfjr1190, I’m not sure I’m ever “proven right,” just that I’ve proved I don’t make the stuff up that I hear. I think some distinction needs to be made between the two, because my opinion on things is no more important than any one else. Sure, my opinion may be based on more data than someone else but it doesn’t make me any more important. I’m certain we’ll be joined by some people here who will have far more data to call upon for some subjects than I possess. I actually welcome that, because to me that is what this blog is about on my end: To learn more and be better for it.

  8. Everyone, I like the kind words but I must stress that without TV BY THE NUMBERS this blog wouldn’t exist. I stumbled upon TVBTN when a friend in the business sent me the link to their “Renewal/Cancel Index,” which quite honestly uses the same math that Networks use. Of course Networks also have extra data put in their index (like costs) that TVBTN doesn’t have access to. However TVBTN is the best ratings site on the internet hands down.

    So I suggest that people continue to keep on reading over there next season, and drop in to make sure Robert and Bill don’t go insane in the dog days of summer.

  9. I love TVBTN Nick. I wish i could still post there.

    I know i maybe overstepping my bounds here but could you put in a good word for me with Robert? You speak to him more than i do. I would greatly appreciate it. I miss commenting and discussing over there

  10. Ant, why did you get banned? What happened?

  11. Ant, I suggest you give it time. The gang over there read here (I believe) and Julia even posts here! Show good behavior here and it may help there.

  12. imkeh, I believe he called Bill “Dawn Ostroff’s Secret Lover,” in a thread about PRIVILEGED. Sad and unfortunate incident.

  13. Twitter is a good choice. Much easier and quicker to use than Facebook or MySpace, which have gotten pretty bloated if you ask me. Not as crowded either.

    That’s interesting that the networks use similar math for their renewal/cancel index. The 18-34 data doesn’t really factor into renewal decisions? I had asked Bill Gorman if he ever planned to do an analysis of say, of the shows there were on the bubble, if the ones that got renewed had the stronger 18-34 data. He wasn’t sure if it was worth it to track that. Still interesting though.

  14. Nick, i never meant to call Bill that. I dont even like Privileged lol

    *Note this post was edited by Nick C to provide himself silly amusement and in no way reflects anything that was ever said about Bill by Ant. We would like to let you know that Nick was fired for this behavior. Please, move on and discuss the likely hood of Angelina Jolie ever becoming a follower of Nick’s on Twitter, or other all important matters. Thanks! – The New Staff of The Nick C Blog*

  15. Ant, that was my amusing way of trying to keep the subject about something else. 😉

  16. Lol ah. Didnt think you had a sense of humour Nick.

    Kidding of course.

  17. Nick – don’t feel a heel. Twitter is great for site updates, works far better than RSS. And it’s not bad for quick one liner things.

  18. squiggleslash, thanks! Nice to see you here too. I’ve been shocked by the response to the blog and I suppose I understand why people kept telling me to do it. I hope I can keep solid content up. The dog days of summer are coming, and if I can keep content up then… I may have a knack for this stuff.