Ever since I made a statement on TV BY THE NUMBERS of “FOX is in negotiations on DOLLHOUSE,” and I said it was real negotiations they were leaning towards renewal if their requests could be met I’ve heard a lot of comments.  Everything from I was full of it to FOX is insane and the most popular response “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Just days later it was official:  DOLLHOUSE was renewed for Season 2.  I won some bets, and even made the Live Strong Foundation some money.  After the renewal the question became “Why Fox?”

DOLLHOUSE is the least watched scripted drama to ever be renewed by a major network in the last 20 years.  At least that is what I read some where.  It dropped to a 1.0 in the 18-49 Nielsen Ratings Demographic.   At the time I said (I’m paraphrasing here) “If FOX renews DOLLHOUSE now, everyone should be fired that had anything to do with the decision.”  Why?  Because it got a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo!  That is inexcusable for a scripted show on a major network whether it is Friday or not.  If the show is renewed that means it had to be renewed for a good reason.  That reason is they believe it should be doing better.  Which means the people who chose to renew it didn’t do their job right in the first place (thus my reasoning for firing them).

The good news is that technically someone was fired over it.  FOX Broadcasting has changed their Peters.  Pete 1.0 was recently replaced by Pete 2.0.  Pete 2.0 believes that DOLLHOUSE should be doing better.  He was a large part of why the show was renewed.

If they ever teach a class on how not to nurture a drama, the primary example will likely be Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY.  There was a show that was well written, well acted, and extremely entertaining.  It had Studio fingers in the pie, but the final baked product still impressed.  So FOX gets worried about what people want to see, so they decide to air the episodes of a semi-serial program out of order.  In fact the last episode aired was the 1st episode!  A secondary example would likely be DOLLHOUSE.

DOLLHOUSE had its pilot rewritten and reshot.  The studio forced the storylines down some rather absurd paths.  The result was a pilot that wasn’t entertaining and wasn’t quite engaging enough to substantiate repeat viewing.  If Whedon didn’t have a good reputation I argue that the show would have flopped immediately.  However to make matters worse FOX let their dissatisfaction with the first scripts and pilot to go public.  They also changed their scheduling plans.  Instead of the show airing in a cushy Monday evening timeslot with 24 it was pushed to Fridays where they’d already sent TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES (TSCC) to die.

In FOX’s defense they promoted the hell out of the pilot.  This was around the time when Pete 1.0 was starting to get in trouble, and Kevin Reilly gave the ok for Whedon to allow the show to be more conspiracy heavy.  They knew they had some episodes that were down right awful but by midseason the show would do a massive turn around in quality.  All they needed to do was keep the audience around.

That never happened.  The show debuted well for FOX on a Friday and even did a decent job of holding on to its audience for the 2nd episode.  The 2nd episode was no better than the first and the audience numbers continued to bleed out.  By the time the shows aired that were good it was too late.  The show had faced bad PR before it ever aired.  The media’s response to the show was “bad show, won’t live long.”  In fact many articles predicted a short life for DOLLHOUSE.

Pete 1.0 was fired and replaced by Pete 2.0.  Pete 2.0 liked what he saw in DOLLHOUSE but didn’t like what he saw in the C3 ratings.  Whedon had provided much better product, but the ratings were horrible.  The DOLLHOUSE brand was tarnished.  Pete 2.0 wanted to keep working with Whedon.  So they invited him to pitch season 2.  They loved the pitch.  So the problem arose.  How can they justify renewing a show nobody was watching and the media had labeled a failure?

Simple:  Lower costs to make it financially viable.  Scripted shows demand higher premiums than game shows, etc.  So by lowering the cost of the show they could make more money off renewal.  This would take some serious budget trimming.  However Whedon had toyed with internet properties and had a good handle on how to do things for less money.  So the show got renewed. It was profitable.

It’s now up to FOX to polish the Brand.  Comic Con is going to be a big event for DOLLHOUSE.  Fans need to give copies of the DVD sets to friends and especially to friends who might have given up on the show.  You may want to tell friends to skip certain episodes (the one where Echo protects the singer immediately comes to mind).  They also need to air some of the better episodes over the summer.

I think FOX made the right decision.  Whedon seems to have an entertaining vision of the future of DOLLHOUSE and since they seem more likely to give him free reign with this lowered budget then that can only mean the better.  Keep their fingers out of the pie, and perhaps Whedon can deliver us something special.  His shows generally improve greatly in their 2nd seasons (too bad FIREFLY never saw one).

Still this is a major gamble, and FOX is going to have to do their best to get interest back in the show.  If the show can rebound and pull 1.5 in the 18-49 demo and slowly grow then they made the right decision.


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  1. I’m glad Fox seem to have realized that Joss is better left to do things himself. I’m not neccessarily against network interference (there have been times when it has benefited the product) but those stand alone episodes were dire.

    Of course, it still might fail. But at least Fox can say they gave it a fair shot.

  2. Stand alone is one thing, and I know Joss knows the importance of stand alone episodes but how they shaped some of the earlier episodes was just nasty. Joss generally surrounds himself with some really talented writers and I’m sure this time is no different.

    Let him do what he does. It’s why you hired him. If he fails it’s his fault. I wouldn’t bet against him though.

    I still think FOX should just bring back FIREFLY for at least some movies they can then second dip on with DVD sales.

  3. The problem is that the ratings were stable when Fox ‘interfered’ with the episode, once Whedon had full creative freedom, the ratings nose dived. The Whedon fans loved the change in format but most viewers hated it as evidence by the ratings drain. The subject matter is interesting but there is a huge credibility gap in some of the roles that the actives play. Seriously, who would spend $400 million+ (from the screen cap) for a specialized mid-wife or why bother getting an active for a heist when the other 3 are normal hired guns.

    Personally, I see the potential in the show but even after the ‘fabled’ MoTS episode, the show lack consistency, going from good to crap from one episode to the next. I really hope that the writers can retool the show and make it consistently good but that remains to be seen. I think Fox are going to regret this decision because I really don’t think DH will improve in its ratings at all.

  4. NickC, what would it take for Fox to consider ordering the bsack 9 for Dollhouse and a 3rd season? Do you think this can happen? Why or Why not?

  5. Kyle, I think the problem we have here is that you seem to be thinking that the ratings drop was do to the new path the show went down not being liked. MAN ON THE STREET received a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo. The next episode dropped to a 1.4 but it was up against the Sweet 16. The following week it went UP to a 1.5 without the NCAA up against it.

    However that was also the week that certain web sites started declaring the show “done.” The following week it held steady with another 1.5 in the 18-49 demo.

    I’d argue that it held steady through the series change. What hurt the show was that it was off the air for a week for 2 hours of PRISON BREAK. The week off left the show crippled. When it returned it was at a 1.2 in the demo.

    Why? Bad press combined with that week off left some to wrongly think “it was canceled,” when they tuned in to look. This was also right at the time when many on fan sites were assuming that the show was canceled because of an error about how many episodes were ordered.

  6. Fringefan, a 1.5 in the demo held steady should do it.

  7. Well, I just noticed that my question has been answered. It’s gonna take help from Comic-Con and not just Whedon viewers either, but average attendees if it wants a back 9 order or a 3rd season.

  8. Why won’t Fox just move Dollhouse out of Friday night and move it after House? It would get more viewers. Why is Fox afraid to put Dollhouse on after House and American Idol?

    Do you think it could get a 1.5?

    And why are the networks seemingly airing more scripted programming on Fridays this coming season? ABC is moving Ugly Betty there. Why is there a shift all of a sudden and do you think it will work?

  9. Hi my name is Pisher and I behaved like a troll!

    *Note the comment was edited by Nick C, I’m all for free speech, but bashing can go on elsewhere. There are plenty of places for it. I’m not going to allow sunshine to be blown up people’s butts either.

  10. pisher, i don’t like trolls. Go bash a show somewhere else.

  11. Fringefan, first I edited your comments all together. I suggest calmly thinking out your responses in the future to get them all in one post and well thought out 😉

    FOX doesn’t want to put DOLLHOUSE after HOUSE because they got enough “WTF are they thinking,” responses after they renewed the show. Sure it can get a 1.5, but the hour is going to be more competitive than before.

    Do I think the switch will work? Not for every network.

  12. It’s worth noting that the “won’t live long” theme had permeated long before the show aired. There was even a “Save Dollhouse” campaign run by so-called fans before a single script had been written! The impression people got from that was that it was a loser before it even reached the gate, let alone got out of it.

  13. Tom, that is most definitely true. Networks know that there is a good percentage of viewers who will never give a show a chance if they hear it “won’t live long,” or anything similar. They don’t like watching shows and getting involved only to have them disappear.

    Which should give DOLLHOUSE a leg up for season 2, it survived. People will think it must have survived for a reason and is likely to continue on. It can only help. Perception can be helpful as well as hurtful.

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  15. OK, I understand the concept: they recognize they didn’t give Dollhouse a chance as early episodes were crippled by uncompetent micromanagement, and the show was anchored to another show which was only being shown at all because WB was bribing Fox, whose ratings had collapsed, and, etc.


    If that’s the case, why renew it only to pair it with a couple of awful sitcoms with even fewer audience synergies than Prison Break?

    I don’t mind Friday, I understand they’re trying not to increase the amount of criticism, but they’re still setting it up to fail. Even a repeat would make a better lead in. Much as I dislike the series, I can see Firefly in the 8pm slot, all episodes shown, and shows in the right order, changing the game plan completely.

  16. squiggleslash, I’m not convinced they’re setting Friday up for failure. What we need to understand is that FOX expects low numbers on Friday. The BROTHERS/TIL DEATH combo is not being put on Friday to fail. It’s being put on Friday to match/surpass the previous shows in that time slot.

    So all they expect is a 1.3+ from the shows. They’re getting them cheap enough to justify that. What they want is a 1.5-2.5 from it, what they’ll accept is 1.3+

    I think DOLLHOUSE is just expected to pull 1.5+ and if it can go 1.8+ it’s guaranteed a longer life on FOX. I think it can overcome the lack of synergy with the comedies and survive.

  17. theblacktulip

    I absolutely LOVE Dollhouse and I was thrilled when I heard that it was renewed. Whedon is great and I think that this show has tons of potential.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  18. Nick C, at TVBytheNumbers, didn’t you suggest that who ever renews Dollhouse should be fired?Aren’t you then basically taking a 180 turn on that? OT: What’s the latest on True Blood S2. Is it better than S1? Why or Why not?

  19. Fringefan, read the article.

    I haven’t watched Season 2 yet but the first episode I have 3 more to watch this weekend. I’ll write about it soon.

  20. So Nick, do you think this play by Fox is the beginning of a trend or is it just an experiment? I find the idea of accepting low ratings on a cheap scripted drama intriguing, but there is an opportunity cost associated with this move. If Fox would indeed be content with a 1.3, they are conceding they can’t do better. It’s not just a matter of DH being profitable at that mark. If it’s a risk aversion play, that makes sense for now; but without growth I don’t see why they would keep the show on for very long. They can probably show static and get a .7, so trying to find a new Friday hit, or reinforcing/exploiting an existing hit with a rerun seems like a more practical ratings concession; or dare I say a news program borrowed from their sister channel.

  21. I disagree that fans ‘should word of mouth the show’ If pete 1.0 thinks he can write a better drama then he should make it and not micro-manage somebody else’s idea it to hell at an awful time spot.

    I’m not promoting pete’s 1.0 work over Mr Wheldon

    Somebody at fox should decide what they are first and leave the creative stuff to creative people

  22. It’s important to note that Fox the TV network is owned by the same corporation as Fox the studio. Overall it doesn’t necessarily matter if it doesn’t make huge headway on a Friday night. If it makes enough money through other media (DVD, itunes, what have you) it can compensate for that initial lack of ad revenue. I imagine Fox’s current thinking is “we’ve made a fortune out of that Firefly DVD, it’s too bad we can’t put another one of those out, we’d better not make that mistake again”.

  23. Nick C – I’m not necessarily questioning their motives, they may well be using the logic you’re explaining, but they’re making very poor choices of implementation.

    The two bad sitcoms may not be being shown to fail, but clearly a choice of programs that’s fairly characterized as “OK, at 9pm, we expect 90% of our audience to turn off the TV or tune into a different channel, and around five million people to suddenly tune in who hadn’t been watching our channel” doesn’t strike me as something likely to work.

    If they want to make Dollhouse work, they’re going about it the wrong way. Sure, building a buzz will help, but there’s no way anyone’s going to base their Friday night on a trio of shows built around that.

    I’m very fond of Lew Grade’s maxim that you need to schedule primetime like a variety show, making sure there’s something for everyone. Perhaps that’s Reilly’s view too, but I think Grade would have felt Fox is missing the point with this line-up, variety shows do not schedule segments likely to alienate significant parts of the audience in an attempt to make sure everyone’s covered, and Lew Grade’s ATV didn’t either.

    I think Fox is failing all three shows by trying to force them together. I’m glad they’ve learned that letting someone be creative and not micromanaging them can be a good thing (though I wish they’d have done something about T:SCC), but they still have issues with sane scheduling.

  24. The only problem with the backup singer episode is the premise. I thought the episode was written fairly well otherwise, and better than the first two episodes.

    I wouldn’t recommend skipping the backup singer episode, anyway, though. If I remember correctly, there’s a small reveal about Victor in that episode.

  25. “I’m not neccessarily against network interference (there have been times when it has benefited the product)…” If I recall correctly, it was the network who thumbed-down the original Willow resulting in the glorious casting of Alyson Hannigan.

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  27. I’m just hearing about this for the first time, I was sure it was going to be canceled. Pretty happy it isn’t.

    It’s a shame that a couple of pretty bad episodes can really kill a show like that and it’s a shame Fox is treating it like that. I stuck in there because I have faith (hehe) in Joss’s stuff, same way I would probably see any Kevin Smith movie, no matter how horrible. Fact is – it wasn’t horrible. It just became better and better. Some scenes caught me completely off guard, not only by doing “twists” but just by having interesting, thought provoking stuff. I’m not saying there wasn’t any kitsch, just saying it was well balanced.

    I think spreading the news of this show is pretty important. I’d like to see another season. Maybe even re-do the ending of season one (i mean, inside the story).


  28. lookingforsomethingtofind

    I hated Doll House, not a Whedon fan, but liked firefly. They should have kept Terminator, that was a good show. There is also something about the name Doll House, sort of like Cavemen. I thought Cavemen was a funny show, if you actually watch it, but you can’t get past the concept, even if you like it, you feel almost akward about it. The fact there is this dangerous agency, that reprograms people and it is called, wait the Doll House. Maybe it will do well, heck maybe it is a great show, maybe it is just I am not their itended viewer. One thing the Fox might be doing right by keeping it on, is understadning that a network has to commit to a show, and give it a chance to get a following. Like in the past with shows like Seinfeld, Hill Street blues. They should also pay attention to online views, and DVR recording numbers, in this day and age, and with that demographic of twenty somethings, this is the way TV will be viewed in the future.

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  30. Ruzaroos, I’d say this is what FOX wants. The trend started last winter when they made Friday Night a scripted night of programming. Is it conceding to accept a 1.3? Sure, it just means the shows won’t get renewed and will run their course.

    I don’t think they can air static because I seem to remember one of their shows pulling a .6 in the time slot within the last 2 or 3 years. It’s hard to build something up on a night you’ve abandoned for years and years. You need some stability and that is another thing DOLLHOUSE brings, stability. The viewers will recognize it was renewed (who don’t read media on it all) and think “it must be good,” or “I guess they’re serious about it.” Viewers notice trends. They notice shows move to Fridays and die. So they’ll notice the return of a Friday show and may give it a shot.

    I think FOX needs to stick with it. Be stubborn if the product is good it will grow.

  31. squiggleslash, FOX has less content than other networks to move around. They only air content for 2 hours a night vs the 3 a night of the competition (although NBC gave up the 3rd hour). It means they have less choices for a time slot. The Friday 7/8 time slot was either going to the comedy block or shows they thought weren’t good alternative viewing choices for the people not interested in GHOST WHISPERER.

    If you ask me they should have gone out and scooped up a political drama pilot that CBS or the CW passed on. Both had shows that would have been good alternative viewing for that time slot. However FOX owns a lot of TIL DEATH episodes and they need to do something with them. The person who made the decision to renew TIL DEATH isn’t even at FOX any more!

    Will it work? With low expectations it might. It just means that DOLLHOUSE has to earn its fans and it’s going up against MEDIUM & SOUTHLAND.

  32. YESSSSSSSSSS! I get MOARRRR! I’m glad it wasn’t just left there. Same for Castle.

    Thank jiminy.

  33. seriously if FOX pulls a firefly on this they have to know people will be mad. where do internet views play into this? because thats the only place i watch it. and i watch it many times there.

  34. Media Neko

    Fox should have had Doll house with Fringe as a weekday lead-in, if they truly wanted to give it a chance. They still can if they wanted to.

  35. Any news on a possible human target/Dollhouse pairing mid season?

  36. That would be a very dangerous idea because you don’t know how well each show would do. By putting Fringe on following Bones on Thursday, They are giving it a better lead-in and on Friday, Dollhouse will have it’s time to grow. On a weeknight there would have been more pressure.

  37. allserieslinamarcela

    hola, sigo DOLLHOUSE y me parece una serie excelente, difícil inicio pero se ha ido desarrollando muy bien, saludos

  38. Nick – I hate to say it, but it sounds to me like they should have canceled Dollhouse. If they were desperate to keep those shows, they should have found something that appeals to a common audience.

    It’s bad scheduling. It sounds to me that Fox have been overridden with sentimentalism. I’m glad Dollhouse is getting the extra season, but for the first time I’m actually feeling like the decision might have been incompetent.

  39. Nick: Is this the change of Peters you’re referring to? As written, it’s not clear if you’re talking about a change of person or change of personality in one person:

  40. squiggleslash, well it depends. People at FOX think the quality of DOLLHOUSE is worth renewing whether or not the ratings were there. So this was based on show quality not ratings. This isn’t the first show ever to be renewed under those conditions.

    Yes, Pete Rice replaced Peter Ligouri. Rice is from FOX SEARCHLIGHT. If my being cute with Pete 1.0 and Pete 2.0 was confusing, my apologies. Thankfully, I’m no professional writer.

  41. Nick C – well, cool. despite my misgivings on a business level (like I run a TV network or am an expert in it 😉 I’d probably be worse than Dawn Ostroff…) I’m thrilled the show was renewed, so whatever Rice is thinking, I hope he’s right.

  42. squiggleslash, don’t sell yourself short. A drunken blind monkey throwing his poo at a dart board filled with shows could come up with better scheduling than Dawn Ostroff.

  43. What saved “Dollhouse” was Hulu and i-pod numbers. Putting it on the “death slot” of Fridays wasn’t doing it justice. However, Fox is the first to realize that Nielson ratings don’t mean a thing anymore when the sample size is too small, and that downloads are a more accurate count of popularity. “Dollhouse” was in the top five throughout the season on both sites. Hopefully other networks follow.

  44. squiggleslash, I don’t find it incompetent at all. There are only three things that can happen: ratings go down, stay the same, or go up. They go down, Fox pulls the show and shows a rerun of House. The Whedon fans have nothing to say, because they gave it time. The season 2 box set will come out with all the un-aired episodes and the studio will get its cash.

    The ratings stay the same or at about 1.3; the show makes money, lends stability to the night, and gives Fox nerd street cred. The ratings go up, everyone is happy. I only question the long term viability of keeping it on if 1.3 is all that it ever gets, but for next season at least: they “played a bad hand well.”

    Is the lead in ideal, of course not. But I think they know this show is too niche to be a hit. That’s probably why it never made it to Monday in the first place; so why burn a good lead in/out on a niche show? That would be incompetent.

    On a humorous aside, if anyone is ever compelled to contemplate Comic Con’s importance to a show’s success, it is not going to be a hit 🙂

  45. somewhereinvegas, HULU did not save DOLLHOUSE, it just reinforced the fact that the show should be doing better. HULU definitely helped by providing data showing there was interest despite people not watching. Of course part of that is Friday. The primary target is busy on Friday nights.

  46. This is going to be terrible. It doesn’t matter how hard Dollhouse tries, they are going to get massacred. Dollhouse skews to intelligent households and well-financed people. It also skews to women who came of age when Buffy was on air.

    That’s a bad thing because of one action. JAY LENO EFFECTIVELY HELD AN ENTIRE NETWORK HOSTAGE.

    Medium has averages anywhere from 8-13 million viewers no matter what opens for it, and settles at around 10-11 million when it has any kind of opener … and that’s at 10pm.

    Besides that, every one-off episode I’ve seen of Medium has proven it’s one of the most consistent, tonally smart and well acted/written shows on TV.

    Southland is one of the best freshamn shows on network television, but they put it after the Thursday comedy night.

    They were both on NBC at 10pm, but Jay Leno has forced NBC to give him all 10pm slots or else he’ll steal their latenight ratings at another network.

    Southland was moved to Friday at 9pm.

    Medium was cancelled, but since it’s owned by CBS Corp. it’s been picked up for Friday at 9pm. Ghost Whisperer which owns every Friday @8 opens it … Numbers which pwn’d it’s timeslot closes.

    Medium has it’s own massive fanbase that follows it anywhere NBC dumped it. Now that it’s surrounded by shows like itself on a network completely like it … it will destroy anything that tries to make it’s home Friday @9.

    Southland could survive, because it’s a very different show … but women won’t pick Dollhouse over Medium.

    Dollhouse is OVER! … we just got an extra year to figure out by how much.

  47. PaterickSchmede , not sure what you mean by Dollhouse is skewed to well financed people, but if you mean financially well off or rich, that certainly is not me. And Nick C, if Fox had treated The X Files the way they treated Firefly and the way it seems you think they should have treated Dollhouse it would have missed out on a lot of revenue.

  48. paterickschmede, not sure I buy it. Any time any one brings out the “the show is too smart,” or “it’s for smart people,” it’s usually fan bs. That is definitely the case here, the fans of DOLLHOUSE skew men and 18-34 men at that, and they aren’t rich and I doubt they are geniuses either.

    somekindofmuffin, so if FOX had treated DOLLHOUSE with respect towards Whedon from the start and had let him do his thing they’d have lost out on revenue? I’m not sure I buy that. By renewing DOLLHOUSE they admit error on their own part. The person they think was part of the problem was let go in March. By then it was too late for DOLLHOUSE, TSCC, PRISON BREAK, etc.

  49. It has nothing to do with saying how smart the show is…it has to do with excised ratings.

    :\ Blech, I just spent 10 minutes looking for it, but what I mean is they can pull Nielsen data to show what types of households are watching, and Dollhouse ended the year with both the highest percentage DVR as well as highest percentage educated or financially better-off households.

  50. Paterick, percentages mean very little with shows aired on Friday. If it was a top 5 show in the afluent ratings (as they’re referred to) it would be renewed every year hands down. It would also push the rating premiums up much higher than a show with its ratings. When I was talking to FOX executives the week they decided to renew they didn’t once mention DVRs, Hulu, or anything but they liked the quality of product and how it was better than what was delivered for the first half of the season. Which doesn’t mean those things didn’t help, but the primary reason was they believed the quality of product was deserving of renewal and more viewers.

  51. Percentages also don’t mean much when the ratings are so low. If only 1 person watches it live, and only 1 person watches it on DVR; that’s a huge percentage increase but no ones cares because only 2 people saw the show. Same goes for 1 rich, 1 poor person. Total DVR viewership of DH is just a abysmal relative to hit shows as their live viewership is.

    I think TV execs get into trouble when they start considering the “quality” of the product. Their job is so simple if they just follow the numbers. Trying to speculate on what the numbers should be is asking for trouble. They become gamblers instead of technicians. At least Dollhouse is a small wager.

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  53. Nick C,
    I was trying to say that if FOX had canceled X-Files after the first season that FOX would have missed all the revenue from the following 8 seasons. I’m glad Dollhouse is renewed and I hope it does well, though I doubt it. Whedon/Minear and FOX don’t go well together for some reason. Firefly-gone, Drive-gone. Wait maybe it was all Nathan Fillion’s fault. lol

  54. somekindofmuffin, ah I that you were saying I thought DOLLHOUSE should be canceled or something. I understand the reasoning behind renewal but I also think it should never have been in the predicament it was in. Kevin and Pete 2.0 believe in the product, and Pete 2.0 has a history working with artists so we should see the quality continue to improve on DOLLHOUSE.

  55. TrailerGuy

    Fringe runs THU

    Dollhouse FRI

    That means (hopefully) you’ll see Dollhouse promos on THU night, during Fringe, pointing to Friday. This is how Dollhouse can grow…

  56. Interesting, Whedon is looking to get Summer Glau on Dollhouse, but NOT as an active. Seems both of them are on the same page, she wants to play somebody normal.–3.html

  57. Frank, that isn’t a surprise I said weeks ago on TVBTN it would happen and was already in prelim talks. I also had to bash down Richard Steven Hack for implying that Eliza wouldn’t like another hen in the rooster house. I guess I once again showed Hack had no clue about what he was talking about.

    Now to prove that people won’t be marrying robots legally within 50 years…

  58. I for one am glad they renewed the show. Obviously FOX have started to learn that Joss is best left to do the work his way and not to fit into their mould.
    Notice Firefly was left to it’s own devices and is regularly called one of the greatest shows of all time, yet once the network decided to mess with the airing of the episodes it bombed?
    Or what about the Buffy movie, other’s messed with it and it tanked, Joss got it back and got to work his own magic and again we have TV history.
    Dr Horrible was 100% Joss, no interuptions or restrictions and again, monster hit.
    FOX may have finally learned their lesson now and can just leave Joss to make the work he’s great at in his own way, as long as they don’t butcher it with the schedule like they did Firefly everything’ll be OK

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  60. danielle markey

    i am a girl from scotland and i totally love dollhouse started watching it by accident on the scifi channel here then watched the rest on line so glad they are making another series. think it would appeal to a lot of people if given the chance as i would not say im niche market my favourite shows are gossip girl, prison break and true blood. think that tv ratings are totally different now we have sky plus and on line viewing.

  61. I bought Dollhouse on dvd and had never seen it before but had seen both good and bad comments so I was sceptical, but I loved it! Ok, so the first few episodes were a bit of a let down but when the story got started, all I did was watch Dollhouse, straight after college all the way to when I went to bed. I absolutely loved it!

    I can’t wait for season 2. I never watch tv on a friday night but I will be now, JUST to watch Dollhouse 🙂 So hopefully, fox will realise that there are some out there who are faithful to the show and want it to carry on. I’ve known quite a few good shows which were cancelled just as they were getting good. TRU CALLING is one of my absolute favourite series and it was cancelled at its peak! Everyone I have spoken to, and shown Tru Calling to, loved it.

    Also, I’ve found that although Dollhouse’s ratings were not brilliant, they helped to improve Fox’s ratings in general and had approximately 4.6million viewers. Joss Whedon is very talented and does some of the best shows ever, if only people would give him a chance, without interfering, and let him get into the show’s prime.