While trying to find out information on DOLLHOUSE from FOX, I just learned that FOX is not picking up MY NAME IS EARL, and that it is dead with no chances of survival.

To Jason Lee who actually made me think “You know he’s not just a skater,”

To Ethan Suplee who made me think “You know that guy is funny,”

To Jamie Pressley who made me think “You know she’s more than just the chick willing to show everything in that bad Poison Ivy sequel,”

To whomever it was that played the hot stripper Catelina and made me think “I’d pay $20 for that!”

To Eddie Steeples who kept me watching the show….

Thanks for some good times.  I hope the Karma kicks NBC’s ass for ya.

Update:  Some confirmation from Ethan Suplee HERE.


9 responses to “MY NAME IS EARL, DEAD

  1. I thought it was a decent show but they did all they could with it. If the ratings werent up to scratch on night where it should be getting high 7s they have no excuse.

  2. Can FOX sell the show for syndication anyway? Or do they have to be at 100 episodes? Can’t see why they’re writing off all that money.

  3. I have no clue why they decided to write it off so close to 100 episodes. They’re only 1 season shy. It is scratch your head worthy when they have TIL DEATH on and everyone says that is close to syndication when it needs another 2 seasons!

  4. FOX and non-animated comedies, I can’t figure their strategy out. FOX and scripted dramas, that makes more sense.

  5. It was a decent show but kind of running out of funny stuff to do.

  6. Yes, I think the Alysa Milano storyline kind of killed the show. It never fully recovered.

  7. Season 3 was quite bad. There was even a joke about it on Earl recently.

  8. 4 seasons is a damn good run a lot of shows can’t boast. But NBC has a hard time believing in shows anymore. And it’s especially made worse between the rock of their last-place streak and the hard place of making room for prime-time Leno.

  9. Heck the CW would have passed them in viewers by now on many nights if it wasn’t run by idiots. We’re talking about a network owned by CBS. CBS is doing so well it keeps canceling shows that are watched by 10 million people or more (something no NBC scripted show can claim)! CBS should have just moved MOONLIGHT, THE UNIT, WITHOUT A TRACE, JERICHO, and 11TH HOUR straight to the CW.

    NBC should be happy they aren’t that smart.