To all the people trying to save REAPER:

ABC STUDIOS needs to be convinced.  I know some affiliates would jump at buying it.  If you get positive repsonses from the CW affiliates forward those emails to ABC STUDIOS.  If you can get Tribune (who owns the vast majority of CW Affiliates viewer wise) interested that will seal the deal.

ABC STUDIOS claims to still be shopping it, but I’ve learned that many affiliates haven’t been approached, and those that have are all interested.

Bret Harrison is on twitter.  I suggest twitting him and let him know each affiliate you have that has shown interest.  ***UPDATE*** We’re told this twitter is fake.  I’ll try and find out.

I’m trying to find the main producer on the project now.

Update:  Jenny Wade who plays the demon Nina (Ben’s girlfriend) sent this form letter she has been sending out.  If people want to cut/paste and edit it for their own use, please feel free:Letter:

Dear ____,

I’ve been hearing talk that the Tribune may have something to do with saving “Reaper” from the undeserved condemnation to the proverbial TV graveyard by pairing it with LOTS. This news is beyond exciting.
As a cast member I can tell you that we are all on board with you and fully supportive of this venture. We love our show and believe it has all the potential in the world to make a serious impact for whomever decides to champion it!
The show has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, as shown by the series astronomical DVD sales and diligence in scoring admirable ratings against juggernaut American Idol two seasons running!
Seeing this series thrive, as it is meant to, and WILL DO, is something I, and it’s legions of fans, anticipate highly!


Jenny Wade

“Demon Nina” Reaper, Season 2 cast member

P.S. If I have reached you in error, would you please forward this on to whom it may concern? Thank you!


7 responses to “REAPER Future

  1. Oh! I almost missed this, as I keep checking your other post! Good advice, I’m trying to get it out. The work never ends, does it?

    Thank you for all your help.

  2. Victor Hugo

    I already send my email… and i love so much this show! I’m from Brazil and a have enjoy every week this season… i Hope we get a third season…

  3. It might be a wide stretch to keep Reaper alive. Mostly because Tyler Labine (“Sock”) already has a new gig lined up and might not be available for another season of this great show.

  4. xDest, you might want to check out Nick’s other Reaper post from yesterday:

  5. Nick, you could be bigger than Sepinwall saving Chuck, if you save Reaper haha

  6. Hello,

    Nick C, I know the MadTV producers were trying to shop the show around to other networks to keep it alive. Is it dead?

  7. Nick C, is nice to know you have a blog. It’s easier than commenting at TVBN. I like it. 😉