Message From Jenny Wade, actress on REAPER (Nina demon lover of Ben)

The following is the work of one Jenny Wade, actress on REAPER.  I’m giving this its own post because it doesn’t need to be at the bottom of some comment thread.  I edited LOTS to Legend Of The Seeker just incase they dont know the internet lingo for it.  Use it to contact all the Tribune stations and show interest in REAPER:

Dear Nick and Reaper fans,

Happy Memorial Day!
I’ve compiled a complete list of all affiliates owned by Tribune Broadcasting, and included direct email and contact links to their programming departments. Hopefully your readers will message each one of them to continue our efforts to save “Reaper.”

Here’s a sample letter to copy and paste. Following are the links.

Dear ___,

I’ve been hearing talk that the Tribune may have something to do with saving “Reaper” from the undeserved condemnation to the proverbial TV graveyard by pairing it with Legend Of The Seeker. This news is beyond exciting.
As a dedicated fan, I can tell you that we are all on board with you and fully supportive of this venture. We love our show and believe it has all the potential in the world to make a serious impact for whomever decides to champion it!
The show has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, as shown by the series astronomical DVD sales and diligence in scoring admirable ratings against juggernaut American Idol two seasons running!
Seeing this series thrive, as it is meant to, and WILL DO, is something I, and it’s legions of fans, anticipate highly!



P.S. If I have reached you in error, would you please forward this on to whom it may concern? Thank you!

Here are the direct links:










DENVER (comment form on home page)













Hopefully they all work. Feel free to copy and paste this to any message boards and supportive websites you know.

Much love,


13 responses to “Message From Jenny Wade, actress on REAPER (Nina demon lover of Ben)

  1. This is fantastic thank you Nina and thank you Nick for posting.

    NYC link dont work however

  2. Your links all seem to be moved down one.

  3. Yeah, I cut and pasted from a comment that was screwed up, just fixed it. Lucky for me she emailed it to me too. So the missing link is now correctly linked I think.

  4. Yeah all is fine now Nick. Emailed them all except for one which for some reason does not like catchpas.

    I really think we can pull this off..

  5. Is it worth contacting Tribune directly?

  6. Victor Hugo

    Thanks..i send thousands of mail for stations…

  7. Victor Hugo

    I Got news form Fox 5, San Diego, CA=
    Hello Mr. Hugo,

    Thank you for your submission. The CW channel 6 here locally has indicated that they will continue airing the show “Reaper” for an indefinite period. Fox 5 will continue to air “Legend of the Seeker” until further notice. On May 19, 2009, Reaper was officially cancelled by the CW. However, ABC Studios is still in negotiations with CW affiliates to syndicate the show, or sell it to cable. It may take another week or so before a final decision is made and yes it is possible to have a package deal with the two shows. Have a wonderful day Mr. Hugo. Fox 5 is here t o serve the community of San Diego and we are constantly working on making our television station your station for news and entertainment. Thanks again and we hope you will continue to watch Fox 5 and Fox 5 News. We appreciate our viewers.

  8. Thank you Nina 😀 your the best save reaper

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  10. Hi, it’s nice to see the actors/actresses being pro active in this cause.. BTW what a hot deamon 😉 lol.. Anyway, I’m from the U.K, am I to assume I can only sit by and watch your efforts to save the show without being able to help, I REALLY want to help in anyway, shape or form, but all the forums etc I’ve visited all give the CW affilates etc for you guys in the US, state by state, so is there nothing we can do over here? are we that unimportant to the networks and alike? Keep up the good work guys/gals.. Behind you 110% 🙂

  11. You’re not unimportant, Karl. Overseas sales are how shows make the BIG sales. Letting ABC know they can make money selling Reaper outside the US is just as important as us telling them they can make money IN the US.

    Write ABC, and E4.