Now Looking For Volunteers

Have you ever wanted to write for a website that focuses on the entertainment industry?  Writing about news, rumors, & reviews?

Feel free to email me resumes, examples of writing, etc.


19 responses to “Now Looking For Volunteers

  1. Brilliant news Nick. Have always wanted to work with a reporter that is actually right all the time haha. I sent my email off

  2. If the site ever makes money the people running it will make money. I wouldn’t get excited and think it would be primary income, but as secondary or supplemental income, sure. The exposure however will be worth more.

  3. I’ll be willing to be a volunteer. Ever since I started visiting TVByTheNumbers (and being a huge Chuck fan of course =D) I’ve become fascinated with the entertainment industry, ratings, etc. I’ll send you an email in the next couple of days.

  4. I can vouch for VYuci. Great guy, works hard, and has his own sources.

  5. Sort of reminds me of Charlie’s Angels in which everyone will be working for a mysterious guy. 😉

  6. Here’s a link to a blog I started but had to give up (depressive bout) so since that’s over it’s a reasonable example of writing style

  7. Must I be in the USA?

  8. IAS, that depends on a few things. Having someone in Australia could be helpful, but I’m not sure I remember where Milton is.

  9. Is there an age cap?

  10. Well not cap but like how young can you be?

  11. ChuckvsTheBigTime

    I am a college student; I love TV and watch way too much of it! Would you be willing to accept a review of TV shows or commentary from me? I am pretty knowledgeable and would be willing to research to produce a good product.

  12. What do you think you want the website to look like – finished product wise. I am disappointed in how TV Squad and CliqueClack have devolved from what TV Squad was previously – interesting articles, intelligent recaps, reviews with analysis etc. Now it seems that they have a focus deficit. Some articles are great (in particular I love the Virgin Diaries on CliqueClack) and some are really random. Still they are very light on analysis.

    We all know you from TvByTheNumbers and love your intelligent in-the-know look at the industry not just the shows themselves. I think a look at how a show fits into a network profile, why it works, how it grabs people, how it is marketed etc would be interesting. I would love to see some behind the scenes look at budget, casting (loved your look at the reasons behind Torv and the Human Target) – so many aspects of the industry to shine a light on. Also I would love to see some intelligent recaps and reviews.

    What is your dream for the site to become?

  13. Fin, age cap!?!?!? This isn’t a casting couch! I’m going to be serious and say old enough to write and think intelligently.

    Marenamoo, basically a brutally honest site that covers reviews of TV pilots, shows, movies, and theatrical movies. We’ll post casting rumors, cancellation rumors, renewal rumors, cancellation and renewal facts, and stay away from spoilers. I hate spoilers. They spoil things. Speculation welcome, spoilers not. Plus analyzing industry moves.

    So basically what you described, but like better with um… explosions and stuff. I’ll try and make sure we have multiple takes on pilots, shows, etc. so it’s not one persons opinion, but a broader range. Some types like one thing, another something else you know?

  14. I’m in Australia, so I fulfill that requirement. I don’t really have much else to offer but an undying addiction to television, but pick me anyway.

    … And of course I’m a Supernatural fan.

  15. I’ve sent you an email. As you can see from my blog, I really enjoy reviewing television.

    BTW, does entertainment include video games?

  16. I’m game, where do I sign up?

  17. I have received a lot of emails, and it’s going to take me time to sift through it all. If you didn’t provide writing samples, write a review and send that in.

  18. Looks like I discovered this great blog a little too late to sign up. Let us know when you’re open to more.

    Great thing you’ve got going on here.