REAPER Decision To Be Delayed?

Nikki Finke has an interesting article up about a possible shake up over at ABC, both at the alphabet network and at the Studio.  Will this affect REAPER?  Well one of two things is going to happen:

1.  Steve will wait until the REAPER deal is done.

2.  Steve will make the changes and REAPER will have to overcome the shake ups to get picked up.

I’m going with number 1 from the people I’ve talked to.  Nikki’s article does have some merit, but we’re talking about Steve McPherson who is known to make bipolar disorder people like Ted Turner look stable.  That means it could go either way.

REAPER fans need to keep bugging Tribune and Sinclair Broadcasting Group.  I suggest creating mini-petitions of people who live in the major areas of those stations.  Have them include addresses and AGE.  Also make sure they’re in the 18-49 demo.  If you can get a major advertiser to show interest in one of those areas, contact them.

Don’t spam them, don’t send things to their offices they don’t need.  Don’t make a silly donation to the Catholic Church (you know to fight Satan) and try and get their attention that way.  Just be polite, send a letter/email and if you can petitions from local viewers.


14 responses to “REAPER Decision To Be Delayed?

  1. Never mind how it will affect reaper, how will it affect Chuck! Oh wait.. wrong network…

  2. 1 week before the first CHUCK hijack! I guess this means I need to write something up about CHUCK soon.

  3. i think rickyg was being sarcastic. as for “silly donations”, you wouldn’t be implying that the Chuck AHA campaign is silly, would you? 🙂

  4. ChuckNut, no I was more implying that the blood drive (while a good thing) was silly that MOONLIGHT fans did. Vampires=blood, so blood drive. What you guys did seemed more about the AHA than about CHUCK. It was a good thing by CHUCK fans.

    and I was being just as playful as RickyG was btw… still we could probably use a CHUCK post.

  5. thanks for your support and kind words, nickc 🙂 as for a Chuck post, you know i’d be the last to object. 🙂

  6. How are the odds looking at the moment Nick for Reaper?

  7. Nick C, is MadTV dead?

  8. Good advice as always, Nick, haven’t read Nikki’s article yet, but interesting how the changes at ABC might affect Reaper. Of course how I think these days, it’s about how everything affects Reaper.

    Totally get what you’re saying about the demos and not spamming other affiliates. Of course local viewers is what affiliates want to see.

  9. I’m going to stay positive and consider this some form of satanic divine providence. After all, Reaper was the only show to come out a winner as a result of the writer’s strike, by returning with even stronger episodes and getting renewed when there was little else in development. I think it will weather this shakeup in a similar way.

  10. Hopefully Reaper will be saved. I’ve been curious about that show and its on my list of TV-on-DVD stuff to get.

    By the way, Nick, we can always use a new Chuck post! 🙂 In fact, any thoughts on part of the new fan initiative? Getting everyone to watch online every Monday and talking it up to keep the show trending on Twitter?

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  12. Nick, are you talking about online petitions per state, or per affiliate? That’s a lot of petitions. Also, would city or zip code work? I don’t think most people would want to give out their *full* addresses for privacy reasons.

  13. If you want to help …

    email Tribune and ask them to syndicate the show, do it now at –
    2 min

  14. ReaperDMV, if they aren’t willing to post their entire address then they aren’t legit. The networks can verify the person is real with addresses and phone numbers (and verify they’re in their viewing range).

    The reason you have someone localized to the affiliates in question go out and get petitions is those are more important than emails they believe came from someone not even in their viewing area. That doesn’t really help. Emailing your own local affiliate and supplying them your address and phone number makes sure they take your email seriously. It’s the same with a petition.