Chuck Me Mondays

Let the Nerdalution Begin:

CHUCK Me Mondays is a group effort to try and keep fan enthusiasm high before Season 3 starts.  I believe technically if they start June 1st if they watch every episode of Season 1 and Season 2 on every Monday it should end close to the start of Season 3.

Go ahead and take part, and invite friends.  I personally won’t be taking part but I don’t have a problem waiting 10 months and remembering that CHUCK is worth watching!


23 responses to “Chuck Me Mondays

  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that the Buy More set is being dismantled? Thanks!

  2. If nothing else, this should boost DVD sales a bit and increase the video streams a certain days.

  3. Cool, except lol I think Chuck Season 2 is just about to start on Virgin in the UK. But I might try my Chuck obessessed brother made me watch it before it came out. In terms of a DVD increase, I would have thought they’d used the WB site, but I think the people who go to that site will most likely have the DVD; seeing as they’re fans.

  4. There’s 35 episodes to watch, and I think once they factor in some breaks for holiday weeks, it might work out pretty exact.

    I think its a pretty neat idea, kind of a fun way for fans to just keep the show buzzing, and it should help pick up some new viewers along the way. I’ve been a bit surprised actually by how many people I talk to on Twitter are suddenly now Chuck fans, or starting to watch the show.

  5. Some Guy Named John

    JT808 where did you hear that rumor?
    I doubt the Buy More will be no more, but then again none of the main cast work there so I could be true…
    I’m not participating, only because when I watch the show I like to view more than one episodes at a time, when it isn’t airng on NBC of course. I really wish Hulu/ had more of season 2 online. Waiting for the S2 DVDs is killing me.
    Well at least new epidoses of Burn Notice and Entourage and TrueBlood start soon. That will keep me entertained for the summer.

  6. A good idea, especially if you’re “addicted.” 😉 Other than that, I’ll be watching Seasons 1 and 2 of BURN NOTICE on DVD – thanks to the recommendation of Nick C. and others on this site. Leverage and Psych I will save for DVD purchase and viewing in the future. Happy Summer everyone! And CHUCK Me!

  7. The Buy More is going to be back. They are not going to change anything about the show and Anna is staying. They just will use the buy more and cast more sparingly which is a good thing since we know the three main characters are what matter most.

    Participating in the Monday viewing session can be as simple as joining the online chat, it doesn’t matter if you watch the episode or anything, you can still just leave comments at the forums that will be hosting.

  8. John, I read it on a couple of message boards. So, I am skeptical but who knows, they could move them to a different store, job, etc.

  9. It’s a big set, this would not surprise me, a new smaller set to just recreate the Nerd Herd station or the offices however does make sense.

  10. I have to wonder if they also aren’t going to be wanting some new locations for sets. For Season Two they added Castle and the Orange Orange. I’d imagine just to keep the show fresh they want to change it up a bit. If taking down the large sets helps them to trade out cost or something I can definitely see them doing that. I’d imagine if they have Sarah move in with Chuck then they’d also be able to scrap her hotel room set.

  11. Some guy named John

    Well I’m expecting some new sets, but nothing crazy, every show adds something new each year. I’m really hoping to see some webisodes.
    Having webisodes of Chuck training would be great. Have him getting used to his new “powers.”

  12. In an interview at yesterday’s Subway event, Zachary Levi says that the Buy More set will be around next year, as far as he knows.

  13. Nick, any news on when we’ll get new webisodes or whatever it is they have planned for Chuck? I’ve got Chuck fans going through withdrawals on the NBC forum.

  14. imkeh, I’ve heard some rumblings, but it’s still in the planning stages. I plan on harassing Josh for an interview sometime in June with some legit answers about things everyone is wondering.

  15. Someone on the NBC Chuck boards posted with much certainty that the Buy More set has been dismanted.

  16. Some guy named John

    Rick, We need proof or it isn’t happening…

  17. Nick, is that interview going to be something you’re going to publish or kind of off the record? I was going to ask if we could submit questions for Josh, or at least put down some questions here for you to consider as you craft your own questions.

  18. Frank, once I get a confirmation that he’s willing to do it, I’m going to sic one of my new volunteers on it. However before even that I’ll put up a thread of “If you could ask one question what would it be?” and get the opinions of all of you out there.

    In other words make the most out of the opportunity.

  19. Thanks, Nick! Just keep us all posted!

  20. Nick, just in case you were curious about the first attempt at Chuck Me Mondays, the topic trended and pulled to #5 on Twitter in about half an hour.

    Do you know if there’s any way to get stats from the WB on how many video streams they had going (they are the only ones streaming S1 episodes right now, even Hulu redirects to them)? Curious to know how many fans actually tuned in.

  21. Pardon me, I was wrong. It just trended to #4 on Twitter. The viewing party is over yet people are still talking it up. Amazing.

  22. I’d say #Chuck Me Mondays was a success. I wonder how many millions of Twitter users are scratching their heads and like “WTF is #chuckmemondays?” =P It’s good publicity for the show, hopefully we can keep this up for 35 weeks

  23. I saw lots of people saying “What is this thing?” and people telling them about the TV show. I think using Twitter is probably one of the best tools fans really have to keep internet buzz high.