New Buffy Movie A Powerplay?

Is the new proposed BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reboot legit?  I’ve heard a lot of opinions, but it was after a conversation with someone at 20Th Century Fox that made me wonder: is this a powerplay?

Fran Kuzui owns the rights to BUFFY even though Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay and invented the character.  It’s your normal story of young artist taken advantage of by Hollywood.  However Kuzui did go to Whedon first when the idea of a TV Show was born.  So why wouldn’t they go to Whedon for a movie?

They want to.  That is what I’ve been told.  They want a Whedon/Gellar BUFFY movie.  However Gellar or Whedon (maybe both) have balked when the idea is brought up.  So what better way to force their hands than the idea that their Brand might be tarnished by a reboot?

This could be a big bluff.  The fanbase hates the idea, and I’m not sold they could create a new fanbase when the old will be extremely vocal against it.  However they can likely pull the financing needed for a low budget movie.  So they can try and force Gellar and Whedon to committ to a possible big screen adventure.  Gellar is pregnant and will likely push the project back a year or more, but they could committ to it and stop the upcoming reboot.

Obviously a Gellar/Whedon BUFFY is worth more to the Studios than a project with out.

So we’ll have to wait and see how far this charade goes.

30 responses to “New Buffy Movie A Powerplay?

  1. I thought they were going to do one more tv series as a special?

  2. This is exactly what I was wondering. I hope you’re right. I can’t imagine anyone really wanting to make a movie that actively angers large portions of its target audience.

  3. I thought they were going to do one more tv series as a special?

    Um, what? Where did you get that idea?

  4. Heard it on E like six months ago.

  5. oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my! i hope it’s true. fingers crossed. but considering this link was posted on, i’d say the metaphorical cat is out of the bag.

  6. Heard it on E like six months ago.

    More likely misheard it.

    But on the post at hand: One thing that doesn’t make sense in this scenario is that the Kuzuis didn’t just suddenly start pushing a Buffy movie. Vertigo Entertainment came to them and pitched the idea. That doesn’t seem to fit with this “powerplay” idea.

  7. If anyone balked hardest at the idea it was probably Gellar who is othewise just fine with acting in low grossing sometimes straight to DVD movies. Which is probably better in her mind than cult show still popular with a lot crazy fans.

  8. That actually sounds quite reasonable. I was actually thinking the other day.
    What if this reboot was to make Joss wake up and smell the coffee and put a stop to this by making the Buffy movie we all really want to see.

    In my opinion a Buffy Movie (sequel to the TV Series, No reboot) would be brilliant, but why can’t they carry on the TV Show from season 1 again?
    Because when Buffy ended, it only ended the Sunnydale part of Buffy (meaning that was only the lead up) and Season 8 is the beginning of all this.

    It would be awesome to start Buffy from season 1 (as the techincal season 8) I’d enjoy that way more than a Buffy reboot, or a sequel to the TV Show. But i deffinatley wouldn’t say no to a sequel 😀

  9. Thats supposed to say technical season 8 lol

  10. Dandy Darkly

    I don’t think feel fans should terrorize anyone or poo-poo on the concept of a new voice or new face contributing their creative notions to a much beloved universe and character.

    Quite the opposite. If anything, Gellar herself proved there’s room for two portrayals of our vamp slaying heroine, why not a third?

  11. There’s already a canonical season 8 in the best-selling Dark Horse comic series.

    And I highly doubt Joss would let himself be bullied into making a movie he didn’t want to make… especially without the rest of the cast. (Sarah wasn’t the only star… it was an ensemble show.)

  12. Hah, if someone really thought that work as a powerplay the totally missed the ball.

  13. Some Guy named John

    It doesn’t have to be a Buffy Movie, but it could be a vampire slayer movie. A good way to caste some new faces, and tell a new story.
    I do think that Whedon and the original cast should all be involved, but the problem is how busy most of them are. Most of the Buffy cast are on other TV shows.

  14. Seems like they are just trying to squeeze whatever they can out of the recent interest in vampire material. It would surely flop especially if they bring back Gellar. That ship sailed long ago, time to move on and it seems most have.

  15. I’m not convinced. Joss has a lot of projects lined up now, so why would they expect him to do anything but call their bluffy?

  16. Because it’s not just a bluff. Vertigo wants to make it. Vertigo approached them, and like I said they can make it. So it’s either call and say “Hey look I understand you want to cash in, let me do it,” or it’s going to be done.

    Would they rather do a legit movie? Sure. So the originals either step up or they go ahead with their plan. If they go ahead with their plan. I think the reaction is going to be extremely negative.

  17. The reaction from core Buffy/Joss fans will be extremely negative, but we’re not the target audience here. It’s the tweens and teens who (Vertigo assumes) will flock to see anything with vampires in it.

    The reaction to this news has just shown Vertigo that there’s a lot of interest in a Buffy movie. And that’s all they wanted to know.

    Of course, if Fox chooses to litigate this on trademark grounds (they own all trademarks to BtVS), today’s “Twilight” fans may have tweens and teens of their own before this movie gets made.

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  19. If there was really such a interest in all things with vampires Moonlight wouldn’t have been the ratings loser it was.

    At anyrate, if they want this movie to come in on budget it’s probably best to keep Ms. Gellar out of it.

  20. AniMatsuri – If there’s anything I dislike more than this idea, it’s the comments from fans such as yourself in regards to the lead of the show. People behave as though SMG signed in blood and therefore isn’t allowed to ever move on to other projects despite the fact that everyone else, even Joss, is focused on other things. Ever think that maybe Gellar doesn’t want to do a BtVS movie because like she’s said countless times before, it makes no sense to do that when the show went out on top? It’s basically the same sentiment that Joss has in regards to a film and yet, he doesn’t get the vitriol from the fans, who are apparently incapable of criticising their oh-so-infallible creator. Maybe Joss isn’t keen on the idea because two hours on a movie screen isn’t the best format for the Buffyverse?

    I’m not even sure why anyone even wants the series to be made into a film. It’s not enough that it almost went out with a whimper? What is a movie going to accomplish, really?

  21. SMG has her reasons for never coming back to do another Buffy anything and that’s just fine with me. It would take a mountain of money for her to even think about doing a movie so best leave her out of it and cast a new talent who needs the work more.

    If Joss isn’t getting as much grief it’s because at the very least he’s still doing the “season 8” comics for BtVS. Which says to the fans he’s still interested in telling BtVS stories even if he never gets it on a TV or movie screen ever again.

  22. Ok, who’s Vertigo? I’m not understanding.

  23. Vertigo Entertainment is a production company. They approached the Kuzuis, who own the movie rights to BtVS, to try to get a Buffy movie started.

    Vertigo basically raises the financing and works to negotiate and hire talent to begin production of a work. A production company does everything to bring all the pieces together to make a movie.

  24. I think introducing a new slayer would be the best course for this movie. Joss will probably be on-board once Dollhouse gets canceled again.
    If they realy want SMG she can do a five minute cameo.

  25. If they want to do a movie with a new Slayer, I’d be fine with that. Just don’t leech off Joss’s work. No Joss, no Buffy.

    I don’t see him being on board with any movie related to this franchise unless he’s the writer, director, and has 100% creative control. He’s not stupid enough to get burned again by the same people, especially after 12 years of Kuzui-less success with this property.

  26. ttrnet – OK, but where do they fit in? How does Vertigo approaching Kuzui mean that Kuzui is actually trying to blackmail Whedon?

    Genuine question ‘cos I still don’t know who Vertigo is.

  27. blackmail is a strong choice of words. Vertigo wants to make a BUFFY REBOOT movie, and it’s important to mention it’s a reboot. They have a story idea. Kuzui has wanted a theatrical cash in on the series for awhile. So they embrace it to show Joss there is another alternative.

    I think if Joss doesn’t step in and say “let me,” they’ll go ahead with it. Vertigo isn’t a small time player.

  28. Ah OK, I think I misunderstood your article then. It’s more of a “Kuzui’s talking this up rather than going ahead with approving the project, in the hope Whedon will relent, but will probably end up approving the project anyway.”?

  29. It sounds to me more like they had an idea they weren’t sure woud fly and realized it sounded a lot like Buffy, so they want to hijack the popluar franchise to make their money.

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