REAPER Fans: Email SPIKE & SCI-FI (Or is ABC Trying To Double Dip?)

Just trust me on this,  spam them today.  Well not with spam, but legit “please pick up REAPER if you can,” emails.  Mention your age and cable provider.

Update:  Ok, from what I’m hearing the CW affiliates are interested but there has been no formal offer as yet.  Why?  Well it appears the guys and gals over at Alphabet Studios are trying to sell the show’s previous 2 seasons into syndication first.  Why?  Well it appears they are trying to pull what was pulled on USA with BONES:  repeats + repeat of new show that aired only weeks earlier.  The targets of that syndication deal are SPIKE & SCI-FI.  Once they have that deal in place, the affiliates will get their offer.

So the good news is that fans of REAPER who don’t live in an area with an affiliate that picks it up will get the opportunity to catch it on cable shortly after the original airing.  It’s not a bad business plan, and is likely what it would take to keep the show under its present budget.


19 responses to “REAPER Fans: Email SPIKE & SCI-FI (Or is ABC Trying To Double Dip?)

  1. Spike is a part of Tribune? Just fired one off. Thanks for the tip Nick

  2. Here’s the address:

  3. How interested are Spike and SciFI?

  4. This is great Nick, thanks for the heads up. I sent both my e-mails. It’s good to hear that ABC is still hard at work to make this happen. I can understand Sci-Fi but why Spike I wonder over another cable network like USA, TNT or even ABC Family? Why just those two?

  5. Some guy named John

    @ Ant — Spike is owned by MTV netowrks, a subsidary of Viacom, which as everyone knows has close ties to CBS, which partially owns the CW.
    Sci Fi (or soon to be SyFy) is owned by NBC Universal

  6. captain awesome

    you can call spike tv and leave a voice mail at this number.


    everyone call and express interest in REAPER

  7. Victor Hugo

    I send two email for SciFi and Spike today.. and i hope this work!

    Go Reaper!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well i just sent an email to SciFi asking if they will please pick up Reaper for either repeats or a new season if the CW dosen’t do so!! SO EVERYONE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED:)

  9. Thanks for the heads up, Nick, I wrote ’em both.

  10. You love the phrase “well, it appears”!
    not that I mind or anything just making snyde remarks. It will be intersting to see how the reaper saga plays out over the summer.

  11. dan, i like snide remarks myself 😉

    We should know about REAPER very shortly sometime next week I’d expect.

  12. alright sent three emails 🙂

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  14. Thanks for the heads up. Let’s make this happen, people!!

  15. Richard Head

    Is there any way that you could give us mail addresses and email and phone numbers to all the networks including the big 4 and also the main cable nets that carry original programming so I can let them know what I think of their decisions and lobby for them to pick up my favorite shows? I get on their websites and they hardly ever give me the right address to make a comment or suggestion. Maybe a comprehensive list for all of them would help for this. I would love to contact all of the nets to recommend them shows to pick up that were canned somewhere else that would be a good fit for them and why. Such as USA picking up Life would be an awesome fit for them but I dont have their address. I would politely explain to them why they should pick it up and spread the word to other fans of the show to join in. We could use all the addresses and emails and names of people to contact for our canceled shows to make an effort to try to save our shows. Thanks Nick C.

  16. What the f*** is going on here its all talk no action its now august and no god damn word i would appreciate a answer asap Thank You!

  17. Kieran, all hopes for this show were shot down and reported on a while back in another thread.

    The fans are still trying, but I haven’t heard much about how their campaign was going.