If You Could Ask The Creators Of Chuck One Question What Would It Be?

We’re going to be setting up an interview with the creators of CHUCK. We’re going to take the top 20 questions you guys ask and have them answer.  A good teaser for Comic Con.  This is being posted before we’ve worked anything out, but I don’t foresee any problems.  Josh and Chris are both good guys and easily approachable.

So I’m going to let you fans out there come up with the questions.  You only get one.  I know when you’re asking with a different “name,” because of IP addresses.  So just one question.  Try and read through the replies so you don’t ask the same question.   At some point I’ll pick the top questions from my opinion and let you guys do a poll to pick the 20 best questions of them.

Update:  Add the City you’re from, so when they answer the question you know they’re answering YOUR question.


132 responses to “If You Could Ask The Creators Of Chuck One Question What Would It Be?

  1. When are you guys stop messing about and get Sarah and Chuck together without some contrived stuff to constantly keep them apart?
    (And follow up question: if the reply includes words like “obviously we can’t …” – explain the “obvious” part please, since some of the statements so far haven’t seen that obvious to me)

  2. RickyG – that’d be breaking a golden television rule. I do wish they’d be a little less hamfisted about it though.

  3. You are both hufe fans of the 80s and all the references in Chuck allude to that. What are the chances of having some of the late 80s action stars appearing on the show? Steven Segal vs Casey? JCVD vs Chuck?

  4. Josh and Chris, I hear the Buy More set has been dismantled. Will the Buy More return and if not where are Jeff & Lester going to work?

  5. Spookie, the BM set has not been dismantled.

  6. As a huge fan of Firefly and all things Joss Whedon I tend to notice things that seem to be shout outs to Firefly fans? Is this my imagination because I’m looking for it or are some of the comments particularly from Casey a wink and a nod to us Browncoats? Oh and if so are they your idea or Adam Baldwins?

  7. I mean seriously are we to believe that two people that good looking haven’t gotten laid in ages? Sorry, I’m not buying it.

  8. Who you on about Nick?

  9. Nick, you had me rolling on the floor laughing. If it has been that long, more’s the pity. No wonder they act all weird, they must be going bananas.

    My question: We’ll leave it as imkeh from San Diego:

    Are you going to add more screen time for Casey? A lot of us believe he’s under-utilized, and he’s such a brilliant character, we’d like to get to know him more.

  10. If Chuck and Sarah are ever gonna have a real relationship. If not, why. Josh made the relationship between Seth and Summer from The OC even better than the “will they, won’t they”, so why not do the same with Chuck and Sarah?

    Porto, Portugal

  11. Peter from Derby, England, asks: Are we going to learn anything more about Chuck and Ellie’s mum?

  12. That is a good one Nick. Seriously why didn’t they hook up after the rehersal dinner. That is the biggest contrivance to me. Here you have two good looking young people who almost had sex but no condom. Then they both say it is real, finally no road blocks nothing in the way and nothing further happens. The fans are only so patient and the holly wood will they won’t is getting old fast. So will the loyal fans eventually get to see them both try something instead of lame interuptions. The longer it goes on the less believable it gets and I begin to loose interest.

  13. Ricardo, you do understand that if they won’t end
    up together(and sooner rather than later), then F&S can kiss the show viewers goodbye, since no one would watch it anymore…
    And my question is… Can you let chuck grow without him losing his basic ‘Chuckness’ , and consider that by separating Chuck and Sarah again
    Due to him reuploading the Intersect, you are actually discouraging people from doing the
    right thing… because , well…Chuck did it, and
    look what it had got him…another heartbreak!!!

  14. Will the new intersect change anything between Sarah, Chuck and Casey and between Sarah and Chuck?

    If yes, give us some tiny scoop.

    Amora, Portugal

  15. P from NJ

    I’ve read in interviews where one or both of you said that Chuck was a show about your 20’s and maturing (paraphrasing that one). Well part of that is getting into and maintaining a relationship. What is stopping you from exploring the relationship between C & S other than “she’s his handler?” There are many shows that have the two leads become a couple and still maintain an audience (see: Jim and Pam on The Office). Thanks.

    Just as an aside, really enjoying the blog so far Nick C.

  16. Hey peeps, how about some other questions too. I get it, most of you are anxious about CHuck and Sarah, but it’s been asked like ten hundred dozen times on the comment section already. lol.

  17. The intersect was always a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because Chuck met Sarah and it was a curse because obvious reasons. That little speach, the one day I am going to get this thing out of my head and live the life with the girl I. Well he removed it and that never happened. So if the Intersect is the permanent roadblock between them, aren’t they telling the fans that while there was hope before now it is very much a curse and as long as Chuck is the intersect there will be no Chara.

  18. I don’t want Sarah and Chuck together at this point. These two aren’t a normal sitcom couple. Major national security issues are stake!

    A question: Will we see a similar amount of guest stars we’ve seen in previous seasons?

  19. My question probably won’t get picked but it’s worth a shot.

    We know that the comics were written by some of the staff writers on Chuck. My question is really, are the comics canon? As in this is what happened when the show was on hiatus between seasons one and two? There was a very sweet little tease that I’ve always wondered about in one of the issues.

  20. Cindy Murphy

    What Gifts will Chuck have Beside Kung Fu and will he be able to keep the abilities?

  21. Amanda, from North Carolina.

    Are we going to be meeting any of Casey’s family in the near future? I love the “Johnnie Boy” scene.

  22. Since Chuck and Casey are no longer working at the BuyMore, what will Chuck be involved with? Will he be more involved with the
    missions and work along Casey at the ‘Castle?’

  23. abby from potomac, maryland:
    it was mentioned by zachary levi that the intersect would not be able to repeat actions, once a skill was used it would not be able to be used again. also, people have been theorizing that the intersect only goes into neo-mode when someone chuck loves is in danger.

    my question is: what are a few (2-3) parameters of the new intersect?

  24. Vincent from California

    Josh and Chris, this past season we’ve seen you explore the “father” aspect of the show, meaning giving some back story to Chuck/Ellie’s father and also Sarah’s father. Will we be seeing the “mother” aspect of the show this season?

    With that said, Since Chuck’s back story has been mostly covered, will we know more about the pasts of Sarah and Casey? Could there be certain events in their past that could come back and cause trouble for Team Chuck?

  25. António Coutinho

    Only 13 episodes were picked up. If NBC only tell you they want the other 9 at the end of the season, will you manage to do it with the same quality? If they don’t, will the show have the same amount of action and romance?

    Vizela, Portugal

  26. One of the best aspects of your show is how you play with pop culture from references to guest stars. From the realms of 70s/80s/90s that Chuck and a lot of the fans grew up in, what would be a few of your dream (non-villain/or not obvious villain) guest stars?

  27. Question: Have you considered hooking up Casey with a woman, someone that forces him to have normal feelings for a change. Like a woman that will not put up with him grunting all the time.

    That would be funny I think.

  28. So now that Ellie and Awesome are married, what are the new living arrangements going to be? I mean, Chuck can’t really stay in the apartment with them, can he? Are Chuck and Sarah going to inherent the apartment? And what about Morgan and Anna, now that Big Mike and Morgan’s mother have gotten together? Are they going to live together? And what about poor Casey? He’s not going to be all by himself again is he?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  29. Has it been established that “Jenny Burton” is Sarah’s real name? The final Sarah/Agent Graham conversation in “Cougars” (I think?) seemed to suggest that that might just have been her cover name in San Diego.

  30. What about Bryce, is he really dead this time? Heave you thought of bringing him back as some sort of bionic (Terminator type) super man.

  31. P. Marquis, Josh Schwartz stated to TV Guide after the finale that Bryce is dead.

  32. I play bass. Can I join Jeffster? Will we learn more of Sarah’s background? Or what happened to Chuck and Ellie’s mom? Otherwise, keep up the good work creators of Chuck.

  33. Lisa from Oregon
    I love the music used in Chuck, especially the use of Bon Iver in the season 2 finale. How do you choose the music for Chuck and what kind of feel are you going for in the show overall concerning music? And now that the musically adventurous Life is canceled, would you be interested in digging deeper into the world of music and bringing us new gems we haven’t heard before?

  34. The Fulcrum storyline seemed to get casually thrown aside at the end of season 2 with the introduction of The Ring. Although Fulcrum is weakened and hardly the most important nemesis, there must still be plenty of Fulcrum baddies out there. More importantly there has been enough interaction between Fulcrum and our fave heroes that you would think Chuck, Casey and Sarah have been exposed and at risk.

    Will Fulcrum provide an annoyance for the trio as they seek out answers about The Ring, or is the Ring a common enemy that may see an alliance between the government and remaining Fulcrum agents?

  35. The cast of House was once asked that if they were faced with a medical emergency in real life, would they know enough from their time pretending to be doctors to actually be able to help, or make a difference in a real life medical emergency. So I ask, do you believe that with their time as fake spies, do you believe that Adam, and Yvonne, and maybe Chuck too, would be able to use those skills to their advantage? And by skills I am referring to the fight and gun training.
    Anais – Florida

  36. It’s a sample question…

    How you had the idea to set up Chuck? Where did you get it, what were its bases for starting the story / series? Where you based? Already had to take difficult decisions on the direction of the series?

    I felt that several issues here (?), But just to supplement, the answer is one, and the question at the end too. ;D

  37. Any plans to shoot on location? For example, Morgan training to be a benihana chef in Hawaii

  38. Is Ellie a Fulcrum agent?

  39. Dreamscribe

    Bob, Naperville, IL:

    Can you take a look at my Chuck spec script? (Kidding…unless you’re serious. I mean, that’d be cool if you’re cool with it, right? Because otherwise I’m totally joking.)

    Also, can you give us some insight into how you came up with the character of Emmet Milbarge and what role – if any – Tony Hale will be playing in the coming season?

  40. Will there ever be any insight into why Chuck and his father have brains that can utilize the Intersect without being fried – what makes them different and will that be explored in order to make other brains compatible? Could Ellie genetically hold the Intersect? Did Bryce know from his association with Chuck’s dad that Chuck’s brain was different and is that why he sent it to him.

  41. Please tell me Sarah will NOT be working at a Subway!

  42. When the original story was being developed, and since you’ve now worked your way through two seasons of your story, has the thought ever come up in the process that it might be important to the future of the story to kill off one of the main characters?

    James from Pittstown, NJ

  43. +1 on Sarah not working at Subway, that would be better as Morgan’s role…

  44. Ok I have to ask… what is with people not wanting Sarah to work at SUBWAY? I mean the franchise saved your show. If they want her in a tight green shirt and black skirt, who are you to say no?

    I’m not saying they’re going to do that, but it’s ok for her to sell fancy hotdogs and frozen yogurt, but all of you just draw the line on sandwiches? What if the store above the castle becomes a SUBWAY?!?!? It has changed ownership and store type twice, and both times she worked there. What if the new cover is Chuck opens one above the castle with Casey and Sarah as his employees?

    I’m confused on why it’s ok to sell weiners and yogurt but damnit no footlong subs that is beneath her!

    They saved your show. Let them do what they want.

  45. Will you do an episode to coincide with the Oympics, for instance, Chuck vs The Medal wher his new Intersect abilties kick in during a competition?

  46. Nikc, while Subway was involved in saving the show, the fans played just as much as an important part. A fan came up with finale campaign etc.

    Dont underestimate the power of fan support

  47. Now that Chevy Chase has been a guest star on Chuck, when will we (if ever) see the other half of the Spies Like Us duo, Dan Ackroyd?

  48. and, it’s David from San Diego

  49. NickC,

    I totally agree with you but I think they can surely integrate the sponsor into the show in a much more subtle manner.

    I’ve mentioned this on the NBC boards before but I think a perfect integration would be to have Buy More partner with Subway in the wake of the economic downturn (Big Mike mentioned a branch might close) and put a Subway counter in the store. You could have a sandwich named for Morgan, competitions with Large Mart, etc. Makes the most sense to me and has a more subtle approach then making Sarah work there. Not to mention the pervious covers for her made it easy for her to leave on a whim. With the volume Subway does (especially now) it wouldn’t be as believable that she could up and leave to take care of things whenever she wanted to.

  50. I’m just saying beggars can’t be choosers. If you wanted her in a sexy outfit then someone should have come up with the idea of everyone buying wings from Hooters or something. Then you’d have her in a Hooters outfit. However you guys chose Subway, and you’re going to have to live with it becoming an integral part of the show.

    What ever they choose, so be it. The show is still on the air. Without Subway it wouldn’t be.

  51. Some guy named John

    Was there anything you put into the show you wish you could take back?

    John from Poughkeepsie, NY

  52. Bob from Indianapolis ….

    Lot’s of questions percolating about in my head, but this one seems like something they might actually be able to answer without spoiling anything for next season …

    The pacing of Season 2 seemed to work a lot better that season 1, with the 2-3 episode story arcs (the cipher, Jill, Beefcake, Orion/Finale) which advanced the season-long Fulcrum story-line interspersed with stand-alone episodes that focused on character / relationship development, and was largely possible due to the early back-9 pickup by NBC. With the current 13+9 order, and the fact that you will probably have 13 in the can before the first episode airs, have you decided how to structure the season yet? Will it be two separate arcs with their own “finales” or are you planning to plot it out based on a 22 episode season?

  53. Some guy named John

    Morgan working at Subway as a failed Benihana Chef… that would make sense. Sarah making a footlong and saving Chuck from “the ring” not so much. Just saying.

    As far as I know No real word on how Subway is going to intergrated, so for all we know, they wont make a subway set, maybe just more subs ending up on the table to be eaten by the cast.

  54. Drew, Draper, Utah
    In the series the code name Omaha has come up multiple times. When chuck was in college he was going ot be recruited to project Omaha, bryce tells sarah “we will always have Omaha” is there ever going to be explanation in an episode where we learn what the relevance of “Omaha” is or is it just random lines trying to tie in casablanca?

  55. Some guy named John

    Drew, dont forget Chuck vs the Suburbs.

    The Omaha project was referenced again in the Fulcrum lab before they made Chuck into a Fulcrum intercept.

  56. Nick, regarding Subway (and this is not my question for Josh btw…lol), I think there are a couple things to consider. Yes, you’re right, they saved the show, but they did so in response to a fan campaign to both reward them as an advertiser and to say to them and NBC that yes the fans understand that money is what keeps shows on the air.

    However, the fans did all this to save their show. They want “Chuck” to retain everything (or most everything) that made it awesome. If the show suddenly becomes “Subway”, that’s not what fans signed up for. So having Sarah work at Subway, well…okay…but it can’t be a half hour commercial. Fans want to see Chuck. The product integration worked the last time because it was done right. Obtrusive advertising, subtle advertising, both can work, especially on a show like Chuck. I think a lot of fans are just a bit anxious about how far it will go, they’re not sure what to expect.

    If, as Josh Schwartz said, he feels whatever type of integration it is that they can pull it off in a way that fans will be cool with, then I think fans are willing to trust him. But if Sarah spends every episode talking about Subway’s latest meal deal and the plot gets pushed around to make room for showing Subway for half the episode, well then what are we watching? Its not the show fans want. Subway knows this too, btw, I’m sure of it. They want to sell sandwiches, not make people upset. Personally I think they, the WB, NBC and the show runners will come up with something fairly workable. But I think the fans are just unsure what to expect. I mean they put a lot of effort into saving their show, they want to make sure they’re getting their show back. And again, I think they will, but the uncertainty just causes people to imagine the worst, or that they won’t like whatever it is they’ll come up with.

  57. Now I have nothing against Burbank or L.A., mostly because Ive never been there, but what are the chances we might see Team Bartowski on out of town missions, out of state missions or even out of country missions? With Chuck stateing that “they” were the best team in the agency and Chuck now with some abilities, that only makes them better…Maybe they could find Osama?

  58. Brian From Slidell

    In the Finale Chuck Gave Sarah His Gov’t paycheck to set up the wedding for Ellie Please tell us She didn’t use it for that but instead Saved the Check to give to him at a later time …Hint after they marry!!

  59. squiggleslash – what golden rule? That they have to keep them apart? That’s nonsense. That’s the lazy writers excuse. And I thought these writers were better.

  60. Wow. I apologize for my comment, making this uproar.
    I do not have a problem with it per say.
    As long as Subway doesn’t pull the corporate card on them, I’m cool.
    Does that make sense?

  61. When is the Jeffster Album hitting stores?

  62. From Italy : at this point do you have a better idea of the sponsorship contract with SUBWAY , can you give some details ? How this impact the costs and/or the promotion of the show?

  63. Blackpool, UK

  64. I’m cool with Subway as long as it isn’t too disruptive to the narrative and feel of the show. Of course Subway will want their name and product represented in the best possible light so, no loveable slacker employees, no blowing up the chip display in a spy fight, no empty restaurant downtime, no shutting the store in the middle of the workday to go fight the bad guys.

    Also, Zachary Levi did an interview and talked broadly about season 3, touching on some of things mentioned here: Intersect 2.0 capabilities, the reduced budget, Chuck-Sarah will-they-won’t-they, the arc structure of 13+a possible 9 episodes:

  65. Phil from Munich, Germany

    Will Sarah, Chuck, and Casey have in season 3 a mission in a foreign country, like perhaps France (or well Germany…) ?

    (Ok talking about budget cuts…)

  66. On the off chance my question is picked I’m Linda or aboleyn24 from Fallsington, PA.

  67. Now I know that no one wants to mention this, but… Given the possibility that this could end up being Chuck’s last season (and I sure as hell hope it won’t be!), are you planning a season arc that will conclude in a satisfying way for fans at the end of the initial 13 episode run (while hopefully leaving room for additional episodes or seasons should NBC order more)?

    – Justin from Modesto, California

  68. A common failing among nerd-oriented shows is the lack of realistic friendships between women. Battlestar Galactica, for example, received some critical censure in this regard. Will we see more development of the relationships between Sarah, Ellie, and Anna, independent of their boyfriend intermediaries, in the upcoming season?

    Dan in Berkeley

  69. Richmond, Va

    Why is there a constant tease about Chuck and Sarah’s relationship? I understand why it happened in the first two seasons. I even understand the “plot devices” used in the first two seasons to pull them back. However, that is getting very old.

    Why not mine the gold that would come from those two being together, and having to work out the issues of a relationship that brings as much “baggage” as those two would?

    I know Josh Schwartz mentioned “love triangles” for Sarah and Chuck in season 3, and maybe for the Buy More crew also. Please say it isn’t they same type of “love triangle” found in the Lou arc, the Jill arc, the Bryce arc, and the Cole arc. Any plot device used to separate Chuck and Sarah now would feel artificial and would detract from the Chuck story over all.

  70. Given the awareness that Chuck has pulled these past couple months, I’d love to see the show get some Emmy love in the bigger categories this year. Do the cast and creative team get any input into the Emmy submissions and if so, what episodes are being considered for the actors, crew, and show in general? If they get no say, what episodes would Josh and Chris pick if they had the chance?

    Also…any chance someone from the cast/crew/creative team might join the fans for Chuck Me Mondays…the summer rewatch going on over at ChuckTV.net? (Sorry for a 2nd question, but it’s more of a plea/beg than a question.)

  71. Dan,

    I would like to expand on what you say about seeing more relationships amoung the women. That is a great way of opening Sarah up a little bit.

    I am hoping that the budget cuts will force the show to go the route of personal development instead of large explosions and fireworks.

    My favorite scenes in season one took place in Chuck’s apartment with Sarah, Ellie, and Awesome.

  72. Wendy, both Allison Adler and Scott Rosenbaum have accounts on Twitter. I think if somebody from Chuck TV invited them to join in, maybe just for the episodes they wrote, maybe they’d consider it?

  73. Some guy named John

    Dan and Dave post some serious stuff that the creators of Chuck have really missed. I understand this is a action oriented show but maybe having an episode based clearly on character developement (especially the female charaters) and not explosions might actually be a good thing.

  74. Alpine, NJ

    Why the reluctance to have Chuck and Sarah together?

    By the end of season 2 Chuck professed his love for Sarah and Sarah was willing to sacrafice everything for Chuck. Enough already! The story lines that would come from them being a “real” couple are endless.

    Please give the loyal and devoted fans of Chuck what they want.

    Chuck Me!

  75. It seems fairly obvious that there is a lot of unhappiness about the possible insertions of other love interests (add me to the list BTW).

    My question would be – if in fact the fans are important to the creators of the show, why would you want to stir the hard core fan base up so much – and SO FAR in advance of the show coming back – by telling us that there will be more triangles in season 3?

    Wouldn’t it be more advntageous to keep the fan base rooting for the show rather than unhappy about what’s to come?

    What’s the point and CF/JS, what do you hope to gain by this tactic?


  76. Since there are so many questions I thought I’d give my two cents regarding my faves.

    For the record… I really like Dan’s question about the non-man related female relationships. Imagine Anna’s one liners during a girl’s night out with Ellie and Sara. The answer to this question would be interesting regarding the development of unseen angles from these characters.

    I also love anais and amanda’s questions. They are both interesting and answerable under even the most veiled circumstances.

  77. Rick from Ontario

    My only question is this,
    Will Sarah and Chuck have an uninterrupted heart-to-heart conversation (with each other) about their feelings??

  78. Andrew Smith

    Hi! I love this show bigtime!!! First off as somebody reiterated earlier, more character development would be fabulous. I believe that’s a strong point of the show. Also having Chuck and Sara sneak off to an Elvis chapel in Vegas for a secret wedding would be a lot of fun!! I really believe it could work. Thanks, Andy from Seattle.

  79. Interesting read. I was confused there for a while…… NicK you need to change the title of the Blog to “If You Could Ask The Creators Of Chuck OR ANT One Question What Would It Be?

  80. Why would anyone want to ask me a question?

  81. Ha ha. It just seems like you tend to answer the questions people are supposed to ask the Creators. Just seemed odd at least in the beginning of the Blog. 🙂

  82. Will the Chuck and Sarah relationship be resolved one way or the other? It is detracting from the show rather than adding to it.

    Please bring them together or have them break up permanently.

    My preference, and I sure the majority of others, is to have them together.

    Once that is out of the way then attention can be focused on the over arcing story mythology and the other aspects of the show and the relationship can assume its proper place in the scheme of the show.

    Right now it is overpowering everything because of the chemistry Zac and Yvonne have together.

  83. Alternate question – When is Sarah going to tell Chuck to shut up and let her talk when they have a heart to heart?

    It is well nigh past time that Sarah laid her cards on the table.

  84. After all the questions of what we will see this season, What will we likely never see on an episode of Chuck?

    Kris, Tampa

  85. Sorry to repeat what others have said, but first a statement, then my question.

    No problem with Sarah working at Subway. Yvonne Strahovski would look beautiful in a suit of armor.

    Now here’s the question – and sorry, but it’s a “Charah” one.

    How does the possibility of a “real” relationship (even if they keep it under wraps) between Chuck and Sarah endanger Chuck’s (or Sarah’s) life any more than the situation they’re already in, especially when it’s already been shown that their feelings for each other have been beneficial to one or the other of them getting saved rather than put in harm’s way?


  86. Forgot to mention my city, so I’m “repeating my question.” My city is Munster, Indiana. Yes, Munster like in Herman Munster! (An Indiana “chicagoland” suburb).

    Sorry to repeat what others have said, but first a statement, then my question.

    No problem with Sarah working at Subway. Yvonne Strahovski would look beautiful in a suit of armor.

    Now here’s the question – and sorry, but it’s a “Charah” one.

    How does the possibility of a “real” relationship (even if they keep it under wraps) between Chuck and Sarah endanger Chuck’s (or Sarah’s) life any more than the situation they’re already in, especially when it’s already been shown that their feelings for each other have been beneficial to one or the other of them getting saved rather than put in harm’s way?

  87. will chuck move out of ellie and devon’s apartment now that they are married?

  88. @Dan // June 2, 2009 at 2:22 am

    i love your question Dan from berkeley

    nick, please ask this question…

  89. From Cleveland England.

    My question is….Are you guys good enough writers to let Chuck and Sarah become a proper couple? Are you brave enough to ignore that silly imaginary rule and progress them like a they should progress? Or are you going to play safe?


  90. Nick C. – way back to your previous post about “beggars can’t be choosers,” I agree with you COMPLETELY. People, don’t beyotch about the possibility of Sarah working at Subway. Bottom line – no Subway/NBC deal, no more CHUCK.

    I – like you, Nick C. (great minds tend to think alike) have alluded to a HOOTERS possibility on other posts. Hey, if you’re going to shamelessly product integrate Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and now especially Subway, why not HOOTERS, too?

    This way you put Morgan or even Casey at Subway and Sarah at Hooters. It’s a strip mall for cryin’ out loud. You can have as many restaurants in it as you want!!!

    And Yvonne in a HOOTERS get up?? Holy Toledo!! (Note: I haven’t been to a HOOTERS since I entered my new line of work, but I REMEMBER what those outfits looked like from years ago!!)

    But regardless of that – We need to be kissing Subway’s “buns,” not complaining that Sarah might become one of their “sandwich designers.”

    Your are right on the money (as usual) Nick C.!!

  91. I will echo the comments above about not complaining about product placement in the show. If it wasn’t for Subway we might not even have season 3. I would even be in favor of adding an additional sponsor to ensure more episodes and seasons. We already are constantly getting iPhones, Chuck’s Mac Pro and other Apple products shoved in our faces, but I never see a promotional consideration paid from Apple in the credits. The demographic for Chuck seems a perfect platform for electronics, perhaps Apple or a competitor could be added as a sponsor as well. So my question would be why not add another sponsor like Apple to improve profitability when we already got there products all over Chuck already.

  92. [My question] Now that Chuck’s qualified to find a better paying job, where is he going to work (and how is the Buy More going to be kept in the show if Morgan, Chuck and Casey no longer work there)?

  93. Sorry, forgot to say I was from Edmonton.

  94. i also wonder about the omaha thread, so thanks for asking, drew. and along with all the others, i really want to see the Chuck-Sarah relationship move forward, or at least be resolved instead of continuing the angst.

    another question is about Sarah’s family: does she have a sister, as she referenced in Chuck vs. the Wookie? if so, is Carina that sister?

    thanks for the opportunity, nick c, and please also thank the creators for their wonderful work that has attracted legions of devoted fans!

    another chuckaholic from silver spring, md (and a native hoosier, so way to represent, Rick Holy 🙂 )

  95. AstronomySnap

    The bracelet Chuck gave Sarah seemed to be very signifigant. All the fans thought it would play an integral part to the story, but Sarah wore it only a few times and it wasnt mentioned.

    My question is: Was there a bigger story and/or signifigance for the bracelet planned, and if it was, why was it cut?

    Jo, Florida

  96. Damnit, someone already asked if Carina was Sarah’s sister.

    Ok… how about this one:

    Do Fedak and Schwarz realize that they’ve created a sufficiently compelling pop-culture icon themselves (notwithstanding all the other ones they tip their hat to) that they’ve attracted fan fiction authors — a couple of whom are probably good enough to hire — and what do they think of that?

  97. There was a good (albeit long) comment from someone pointing out the fact that all the requests for spoilers regarding what will happen next season won’t be answered. I refreshed and the comment disappeared. Weird.

    I have a non-plot-related spoiler question.

    Can they tell us anything about the special features we can expect on the Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray?

    I would like for them to expand the “Chuck on Chuck” feature to include all the main cast members choosing a favorite scene or two and talking about it 🙂


  98. The Ring and Colonel were both fantastic episodes but they both understandably felt somewhat rushed. What things did you not get to address in those episodes that you wanted to? Will there be deleted scenes on the Season 2 DVDs?

    K, Seattle

  99. Hi Nick, my question for the creators…

    Will there be a “musical” episode of Chuck, ie… where they break into song or have to sing their way out of jam or as a cover? That would be AWESOME. (please, pretty please!)

    Jessica M – Wilmington, Delaware

  100. DurandalsFate

    “It looks like Chuck crossed the Rubicon in the final arc of Season 2 in his professional potential, his relationship with Sarah and his acceptance of the role of spy. How do you fit the old familiar elements of the show (like the Buy-Morians) into the life of a guy who just consciously gave up on a normal life?”

    DurandalsFate – Falls Church, VA

  101. You certainly have a lot of creative fans who are devoted to Chuck.

    Have you considered allowing fans to submit subplots, scene suggestions, or a few lines of dialog? Perhaps some sort of contest could be held to continue to mine the creativity and heighten the interest of Chuck fans around the world. You and the writers could choose the best submission(s) to include in one of the episodes. Perhaps the winner could be flown out for the filming.

    Donovan in North Carolina

  102. @Donovan: That sort of thing is unreasonably unlikely, for the same reason that most show staffs have an explicit “thou shalt not read fanfic in our ficton” rule: it breeds lawsuits, and (believe it or not) disharmony.

    Now, on the other hand, if you have a pet scene, you *might* be able to get a fanfic author to take you up on it.

    I am particularly enamored of this guy: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1516507/sharpasamarble, and just slightly less so by this guy: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1545462/timewalker05; they’re both quite well tuned in, I think, to what makes Chuck go.

    Chuck FF is not quite as well fleshed out as the two leaders in the genre: Buffy and Harry Potter (and don’t get me started about the unbelievable crossover between those), but it’s coming along quite nicely.


  103. And, while I know this thread’s more about questions than answers: @DurandalsFate – that’s sort of the point: he’s accepted his ‘fate’… but the rest of those people are *still there*, and (Awesome notwithstanding) he really still can’t tell them what’s going on.

    It’ll change the dynamic between him and his team, but not so much, I think, between him and the rest of the cast.

  104. What type of internet promotions / campaign (in addition to webisodes) do you and NBC have planned to maintain a high level of interest of Chuck fans and to attract new viewers over the next several months?

    Will you be holding regular chats on NBC.com so that fans can communicate with members of the cast and crew?

    Lastly, when does filming begin? I am looking forward to hopefully visiting the set / WB studios on a summer vacation to Los Angeles.

    Rich – Neshanic Station, NJ

  105. Don’t know if this has been asked yet, but how about something very basic:

    What “other names” besides CHUCK BARTOWSKI and SARAH WALKER were you batting around for the names of the two main characters?

    Rick Holy – Munster, IN

  106. Frivolous question: will Chuck’s intersect upgrade give him the ability to flash on a better haircut? It’s 2009, time for the sideburns to go.

    Dan in Berkeley

  107. Simple Question: Would it be possible to have a reveral of character episode? Chuck getting beat by Sarah playing video games. Chuck (non-intersect aided) beating Casey at some kid of physical exercise. Casey shown baking. Morgan saving the day for Captain Awesome and Ellie…. You get the idea.

    Ryan on Earth

  108. DurandalsFate

    Since it deals with why my question is a good one:

    “… but the rest of those people are *still there*, and (Awesome notwithstanding) he really still can’t tell them what’s going on.”

    Sure, he can’t tell them what’s going on, but what’s tying him to them anymore? In the final arc:
    * He has the professional potential to do more and he knows it.
    * He has accepted the role of spy and voluntarily put “normal life” on indefinite hold.
    * He quit the BM and told Ellie it was a wedding present (pretty safe to say that BM will implode without Chuck, but how will they get him to go back? And how will he respond?).
    * I might have mentioned that the new threat is significantly bigger than just Fulcrum.

    So I think it’s interesting to ask the creators about how much “the ordinary” will change considering the big transformation Chuck has made. They can give us appropriately vague comments.

  109. I like Ryan’s suggestion of a reveal of character episode. Anything that could infuse a little more light-hearted fun into the characters would be good.

    As for fan submissions of a possible scene or dialog Baylink may be right about the legal entanglements that could create. Still I would like to see fans be able to offer up show suggestions at some central forum or message board with something like this:

    Chuck and Sarah are sent on a mission to make contact with some evil individual. They are dressed up in business suits and Sarah is wearing glasses to give her a more serious, professional look.

    Chuck introduces himself as “Charles Carmichael” founder of a hot social networking web site and Sarah as “Michelle Madoff” his chief investment officer.

    To which the evil doer replies, “I hope that you are a better asset manager than that other Madoff.”

    To which Sarah replies while squeezing Chuck’s rear end with one hand, “I take the management of Mr. Carmichael’s assets very personally.”

  110. along the lines of astronomysnap’s question: will the bracelet make a reappearance?

  111. Do Schwartz/Fedak ever bother to look at the
    fan comments on the regular Chuck website
    ( chucktv.net ) ? I think it would give them a good insight into what core fans want and what
    they DON”T want for a 3rd season. After all it
    was a fan/advertsing campaign which saved the
    show and I hope they realize that. I hope they
    know the risk they run if they continue “teasing”
    about the Chuck/Sarah relationship. One way or
    another it must move forward, not stuck in neutral or reverse because Chuck has reacquired the intersect. If they have issues regarding Bryce’s “death”, that’s one thing. If it
    goes back to the way it was before, it will kill the
    show, no extra 9 episodes, no 4th season, period. People will simply stop watching. Please
    comment, thanks.

  112. See my above comment. My location is St Louis,
    MO. Thanks. Would really like an answer to my
    above question and a comment on the rest of my
    statement. Appreciate it.

  113. GREAT questions people. And regarding the whole issue of sideburns (and especially Chuck’s hair) – there was a loooooooong discussion thread about that on Zachary Levi’s site – don’t remember which “picture/event” it was under, but look for it and you’ll find it.

    There’s no doubt about it. SOMETHING has GOT to be done with that hair. Chuck’s not a “nerd” in the classic sense – so get rid of the nerdy “Bill Gates-look” locks. (Actually, Bill Gates has BETTER looking hair than Chuck had in most Season 1 & 2 episodes). And “long burns” when they’re not attached to a beard – not good, not good.

    Zach Levi – the person – the actor – has normal, “regular guy” hair. Chuck doesn’t have to have exactly that, but PLEASE, SOME IMPROVEMENT over what the first two seasons have shown in that department!!

    When GUYS start complaining on web sites about how bad his hair is – and when my 73 year old mother watches the show and asks me, “What’s wrong with his hair?” – then you KNOW something’s wrong!

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  114. WonderBread


    1. So -many- of these questions are about Chuck and Sarah. Really, if you have watched TV for any length of time, you know that most shows -never- allow the tension to entirely get solved. It’s killed many a show before, INCLUDING spy-comedy shows (Moonlighting, for instance.) Be careful what you wish for.

    2. My question (Wonderbread, from Los Angeles, CA):

    Will we be seeing more of Scott Bakula (Chuck’s dad) in Season 3?

    3. Yvonne would look great in a Subway outfit. Isn’t that enough for everyone? *g* Seriously, I don’t see one single problem with Subway being the new store above the Castle. Far better, actually, IMO, then the fake ‘almost-like’ stores the past two seasons. Frankly, I wish fans had -also- done a campaign with Best Buy. Then the Buy More could have been bought by Best Buy due to the economy (not unlikely) and Best Buy could have replaced their Geek Squad with the Nerd Herd. That would’ve been great.

  115. Wonderbread

    RE. #1 – I don’t think the fans are asking for the “Charah” thing to get “entirely resolved,” we just don’t want a rehash of the season 1 and 2 stuff which got old. At LEAST, move it forward – somehow, someway that is creative and that gets them (and us) to know more about each other, etc. It’s just that the logic behind the “we can’t have a “real” relationship because it will jeopardize my ability to protect you” seems kind of weak at this point. It seems that most – if not all of the time – their “feelings” for each other prove beneficial, not harmful – and if the whole point of having a “fake” relationship is for people to “think” it’s real, then what better way to “fake it” than to make it REAL!

    RE. #2 – It would be GREAT to see Scott Bakula, but I think Zach Levi mentioned in an interview that S.B. will be having his own series coming up or something that will keep him busy. So if he does show up, it may not be in a regular role.

    RE. #3- I’m with you and everybody else that say, “BRING ON SUBWAY!” My God!, Who cares where Sarah/Yvonne works! She’ll look great in ANYTHING. And we’ve got to remember that without Subway, Chuck MAY have been canceled.

    You can bet Subway is going to do SOMETHING to help promote CHUCK, and there are TONS of Subway restaurants out there. So if we can go from Weinerlicious to Orange Orange, we can CERTAINLY go from Orange Orange to SUBWAY!!

    “Keep on Chuckin’ CHUCK fans!!” & PEACE all!

  116. a question of lesser importance: Sarah had to leave her porsche in vs. the Colonel. will she get it (or a different porsche) back the way Casey got another crown vic after his original exploded in vs. the Crown Vic?

  117. I think imkeh and others were curious about the ComicCon schedule. Kristin at E posted a draft:

    Looks like the Chuck panel is most likely on Saturday morning.

  118. DurandalsFate

    Rick Holy –
    The feelings=liability thing does have some merit since it nearly cost them the mission (which would have compromised both Sarah and Casey) and got both her and Chuck killed in “Break-Up.” Not exactly an insignificant obstacle.

    The 49-B episode allowed her to argue that a certain level of emotional involvement is more of an asset than a liability.

    I’m sure they’ll continue to let them make progress as in the first two seasons, but the tension is still going to be there. There are still plenty of ways to keep them apart without really stretching the show.

  119. Is everyone associated with “Chuck” aware of the fan following this series has? I am refering to “Chuck Me Mondays” with watching at WB.com, twitter, skype and online at ChuckTV. net? Not to mention kicking butt with Eonline! 2009 Tater Tops Best Comedy, plus, watching Chuck at Hulu.com. This show is getting bigger with each day. Fans (I believe) have brought this series into the limelight…and beyond.

    So, the question is: Do you know about the fan support “Chuck Me Mondays”? (ChuckTV.net)


  120. great question, mikeh! i would just add do the question whether they’re aware of the weheartchuck campaign (weheartchuck.blogspot.com)

  121. Nick C –

    Any word on when the Q & A will take place?

  122. Posted a previous question, but I’d like to recant and submit a different one please (1st was about Emmy submissions). I’d really like to know if we’ll see an episode from the perspective of a different character in S3? For example…I’d love it we got a Sarah vs. and a Casey vs. episode, which changed up the POV from Chuck for a moment. I bet it would be neat to play with that format…it’s Chuck’s show, but I think that would make for a cool episode…the Handlers vs. Chuck 2.0!

  123. Sorry ChuckNut, as I forgot to add everything done by Chuck Fans to save the show (good save!).
    I also agree with Wendy…how about starting off a “Sarah” episode like S1EP2 (vs.Helicopter) when Chuck was chasing down Casey with the shoplifter? Take /make her commentary the voiceover (kinda like the fanfic stories we’ve read) and have them on a mission. Maybe have her side of a Charah moment or two when Chuck is playing the hero?

  124. no worries, mikeh. and i’m also liking the request for a sarah-centered episode.

  125. Rick Holy-

    I’m relieved to know I’m not the only oen worried about Chuck’s hair! While I was flippant with the original question, it does speak to the larger question of Chuck’s self image as he comes to terms with and accepts his destiny–especially since TV, as a visual medium, provides limited access to a character’s inner thoughts. I don’t think anyone expects Chuck to go all James Bond overnight, but I do think it’s reasonable to expect that as Chuck makes the mental transition from “just a guy” (Bartowski) to “that guy” (Carmichael), that the show runners will make corresponding adjustments in his appearance.

  126. I was wondering if the long gap between seasons would affect the timeline of events. Will they pick up right where Season 2 left off…with Chuck just being uploaded with the new Intersect? Or will they address the fact that many months have passed in “real time”? I remember that The Shield used to ignore those gaps between seasons. In some cases, we had to wait nearly a year or over a year for a new season, but in “Shield” time, it was only a few days or weeks later. I’m hoping this is how the Chuck producers will handle it, since I think we want to see the immediate aftermath of the new Intersect.

  127. Now that Chuck has acquired “super powers” will he finally be allowed to leave the car? Or maybe it’s more fun that he does anyway!

    Please thank the writers/cast/crew for putting together such a quality show and one that truly defines “Good” TV.

    San Francisco Bay Area

  128. My question involves Morgan and Anna possibly going to Hawaii at the show before the season 2 finale. Since he is studying to become a Benihana chef, I can’t see a realistic reason for Morgan and Anna to return to the Buy More (they quit). Will the Benihana chef concept be introduced on the show and will Morgan and Anna stay in California or live in Hawaii?

  129. My question for Josh and Chris: Both seasons to date have had overarching themes. Season 1 was about Chuck coming to terms with having the Intersect. Season 2 was about Chuck having to choose between having a normal life and being a spy. But in addition to that, both seasons have built up the Casey and Sarah characters as well with mini-themes–specifically, for Season 2, Sarah’s character showed an enormous amount of development as she opened up to Chuck about her past and their feelings for one another, to the point that she eventually, at the end of “Chuck vs. the First Kill”, chose him over the mission. How would you describe the thematic arc of Season 3, as it relates to Chuck’s character growth, and also the mini-themes (and subsequent character growth) for both Casey and Sarah?

    Thanks for you response,
    Houston, TX.

  130. OK, I got a question: When are you having Summer Glau on the show?

  131. agent_walker74

    chuck vs the terminator…nice one, richard! we already had chuck vs the lethal weapon in s2.

    which brings me to my question – is there a possibility of having sydney bristow &/or michael vaughn on the show? they are after all one of CIAs top agents during their time. and most important of all, vaughn was sydney’s handler & look how they ended up.

    since the show has repeatedly dissed the FBI, it would be interesting to have David D. & Gillian A. as guest stars.

    although, i do think wendy made an interesting suggestion of changing the POV for some eps & making it sarah vs… or the handlers vs…

  132. Have you ever considered running a fan contest to promote the show and get fans involved in watching? (ie. the chance to win a day on set with the cast and crew, you could run it through subway since they are major sponsors and then announce it on a season 3 episode)