REAPER Still Lives…

REAPER is still not dead.  I’m told by multiple sources that the cast and crew have still to be formally let go from their contracts.  The Affiliates have yet to be officially offered the show….

Which means SPIKE and SCI-FI still haven’t said “No.”  So double or triple your efforts.  The tock is clicking.


17 responses to “REAPER Still Lives…

  1. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    Geez. What’s taking so long?

    You’d think they’d be more interested in offering the affiliates new episodes instead of giving SyFy and SPIKE repeats.

  2. What more can we do?

  3. Great, Nick…well I guess great. Reminder to everyone that we have all the links and relevant addresses at and

    Come on everyone, do what Nick says!

  4. Victor Hugo

    This killing me!!!! I Want a third season!!!


    Contact ABC Studios and politely encourage them to offer the show to the affiliates! We know they want Reaper!

    Contact SPIKE and SCI-FI and encourage them to purchase Reaper!

    SPIKE TV Show Support:

    SCIFI (SyFy):

    Contact your CW affiliate and encourage them to keep Reaper on the air!

    Need other ideas? Check out the following links: Are you in an area owned by Tribune or Sinclair? and Make your own personal petition.

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  7. the only time I will give up hope is if I get a notice at the office of the Reaper Set Dec sale.

    So far nothing has come on the fax 🙂

  8. nick c whatthe chances about body politic [cw] for midseason?

  9. instead of making a new season why not make a special 2-hr or 1-hr episode
    if you have no any idea

  10. Should we be focusing our efforts on Spike and Sci-Fi then since it seems this won’t happen unless one of them bites? And if we wrote already should we pester and keep writing?

  11. Victor Hugo

    I send another email for SciFi today ….

  12. Some Guy named John

    something else to watch with legend of the seeker would be nice. hope this works out.

  13. I hear it may be Sci-Fi. Show some love.
    Go Reaper Go…

  14. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    A poster on ReaperDMV says he received a reply from Doug Finck saying Disney sold new episodes of Reaper to a cable network.

    Any truth to this, Nick?

  15. I was wondering about this too. The CW affiliate told our poster that Reaper will not be made available to broadcast networks after all, as it has been picked up by cable!!! Can you verify for us so we can party?

  16. Victor Hugo

    It’s Thurth? I can’t believe! 😉

  17. So tired, tired of waiting! We’re mounting ONE LAST SALVO at

    Tell ‘em we’re out here loving Reaper!