REAPER Saved (?)

Details to follow, sorry I was out golfing all day…

Update:  Some affiliates think it was sold to cable.  SPIKE says “not us,” and SCI-FI says “We’re in talks about picking it up,” but SCI-FI wouldn’t confirm they had or deny they hadn’t.  Now bugging ABC which is going to be hard right now with people being tightlipped due to upcoming job changes.

2nd Update:  Told it should be official tomorrow from multiple sources.  SCI-FI isn’t saying a word of denial or confirmation however they did say “it looks good, call tomorrow.”  So I’ll bug them tomorrow.

3rd Update:  Told Sci-Fi is NOT picking it up.

4th Update:  James Hibberd of THR’s THE LIVE FEED has confirmed to me that SCI-FI is a definite no.

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40 responses to “REAPER Saved (?)

  1. Stop it! Give the details!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Nick, i am so in love with you right now. Theres a bottle of your favourite rum heading your way

  3. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    Good. This show didn’t deserve the CW

  4. I’m working on it. I’ve got my local CW Affiliate Director of Programming telling me that ABC told him the show was sold to cable. I’ve got someone at Tribune now telling me the same thing. I’ve read an email on

    that said the same thing. My friend at SPIKE says it’s not them, and that has me trying to get answers from SCI-FI.

    Plus we know that cast & crew are still under contract.

  5. Wow. Reaper and Chuck renewed in the same year. Throw in a tree and a fat guy and i got Xmas.

    And i wasnt kidding about the rum Nick

  6. SCI-FI is neither confirming or denying they picked it up…

    So now off to ABC to find answers.

  7. I would be pleasantly surprised if it was paired with Burn Notice or something.

    A man can dream

  8. I mean on USA not Sci-fi

  9. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    Or it could be paired with Psych, Ant.
    That would be awesome!

  10. Never seen Psych but i will take your word for it.

  11. Victor Hugo

    It’s a Great news, right?

  12. abc family?

  13. I e-mailed sci-fi again telling them how much I love their network. Sci-Fi and Reaper are a perfect match. Now someone please tell me I can start pouring the drinks. I can’t believe this is happening. What a year for cult genre TV this has been. I just want to say to all the fans that helped us with this campaign, in the words of the great Captain Mal: We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.

    On to season three!

  14. Nick, thanks, and I will give, you’ve been the key. Trying to think of a fitting Reaper quote, but will go to the livestrong link while I ponder. Can’t wait for more good news!

  15. Nick, you’ve been our go to guy and we couldn’t have done it without you. A million and one thanks for all your help. I’ll be singing Sci-Fi’s praises from here on out (and blowing the big raspberry to Ostroff). The CW’s loss of over two million loyal viewers is Sci-Fi’s big big gain.

  16. The deal ain’t signed yet, and the wind does blow in Hollywood. Keep sending nice emails to SCI-FI!

    Come tomorrow we should know, but remember if tomorrow we hear SCI-FI backed out, then the Affiliates are still waiting. So it’s not a certain death. Just stay positive, I do feel good about it like I did with CHUCK.

  17. And for some added good karma, I just made my donation.

  18. I hope people remember the next time someone says I do this for money or “page views,” etc. That every time I ask for anything it’s for donations to a very worthy cause. Plus you get a bracelet!

  19. Victor Hugo

    Thank You, Nick C.. i from Brazil and i so happy today and will be tomorrow!

  20. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for all your help in this campaign. You mentioned in a post at the ReaperDMV site that you have been in contact with most of the cast. Can you say who? All we have heard anything from is Jenny Wade. It seems from our viewpoint that no-one else in the cast cares. I’m worried that the others want to just get on to something different (Tyler, for example). I’d hate to see the show go into Season 3 with a bunch of actors that are being “forced” to do the show, because they are under contract, and don’t really have their hearts in it. So if you could let us know what members of the cast have been indicating they are happy with our efforts to get the show renewed, that would be great. Thanks!

  21. Ok hearing now that SCI-FI is not picking it up.

  22. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    Then who did ABC sell it to then?

  23. What now?!

  24. Victor Hugo

    What now?! [2]

  25. So, ditto the above, Nick is there still hope, or was that our last, best chance for survival?

  26. We just know it’s not SCI-FI. They weren’t confirming or denying. I finally got a denial, and a very firm one. That means if the other stuff is true (no reason it’s not) it’s another cable station. I’m trying to find out which one if one.

  27. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    I think USA would be a safe bet. And Reaper would fit in with their “Characters Welcome” slogan.

  28. Gotcha. So another cable network is close to picking it up you were just wrong assuming its Sci-Fi? That’s better than the “Sci-Fi WAS going to pick it up” info 😉

  29. Hm what other cable stations out there that could fit well for Reaper? TNT, TBS, USA? Would My Network be considered a cable station?

  30. Victor Hugo

    Nick C. ,
    When we did know?

  31. Well, Sci-Fi fit the best. If not for them, I’d say Spike or USA. Can’t imagine another network picking the show up do to the theme.

  32. Well, if Spike is out per Nick, then I agree USA is the best bet. I like that better than SciFi, actually.

  33. I agree – USA would fit well. But not sure how I fell about them picking up a show and ‘retooling’ it.

  34. Now I’m really confused. It’s going to be a long night.

  35. If it is still a cable station, then I’d place my bets on either USA or TBS. TBS has been picking up steam with their comedy offerings and USA is probably the biggest cable channel right now and Reaper would fit their brand easily.

    *sigh* This is exhausting.

  36. I’m hoping FX got it. Pair Reaper with It’s Always Sunny and you’ve got a match made in heaven (no pun intended).

  37. USA would be a cool place for Reaper, maybe they could even have a guest appearance by Bruce Campbell (I can dream can’t I?). Too Riski, as much as I love It’s Always Sunny on FX, I honestly think that they would screw up Reaper. Reaper is tame compared to what is on FX. I mean, I’m all for more violence on Reaper, but we don’t need anymore sex, look what happened to season 2, IMO.

  38. USA would be the worst place possible for the show to go!

    Do you people listen to yourselves before speaking? On Sci-fi if they get 2 million viewers they would be a huge hit, however on USA if they got anything less than 3-4 million the show would be canceled again. USA has more viewers than CW, and has higher standards that Reaper would never meet.

    I’m still hoping for syndication.

  39. True Cory, there may be the risk of added pressure to amp up the sex on the show, but on the plus side, FX has a history of giving full-on promotional blitzes for its new shows (not to mention shows that last multiple seasons), which is really what Reaper needs most of all. Plus, with FX’s reputation for having gritty, adult shows, the writers could really go to some dark places that I doubt USA or TBS would support. If the writers were planning to get a good vs. evil, Heaven vs. Hell aspect going on the show, I for one would definately want to see it in all it’s ugly glory, not simply played off for laughs.

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