No details.ย  Just dead, dead, dead.

It seems they toyed with a Labine-less, and Harrison-less REAPER with Ray Wise and a new actor playing “Sam,” but they decided to not go through with it.

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  1. Great news. Fingers crossed in Ireland for it;s safe return! Really love the show…

  2. Yeah, I’m in Ireland, too, and I have my fingers crossed for it’s renewal also…

    Great show.

  3. Fingers crossed. If anybody is willing to sell their soul to make this show survive I promise that if they escape from hell I’ll help them as much as I can ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Sounds Good to me, Love the Show. But will it definitely not include Tyler Labine??

  5. Victor Hugo

    Thanks, Nick!
    It’s a great news! Fingers Crossed. I from Brazil and i love show !!
    Go Reaper!

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you… but I get the idea that Victor Hugo who replies here is from Brazil… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wilson, I’m thinking he comes back long enough to get killed.

  7. I’m desperately hoping it pulls through. With or without Tyler Labine, who I never really felt contributed much to the show anyway.

  8. Well, Tyler Labine was funny, specially bursting in exorcism while high on frog juice ๐Ÿ™‚ but I think Reaper can survive without him, specially if his absence is explained in good manner (however that is something Reaper’s writters suck at doing). However if Missy Peregyrm is also leaving (as it is claimed) core cast will be severly reduced and somebody will have to be given bigger part coughjennywadecough ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I haven’t heard anything about Missy leaving, have you Nick? Anyway, the show can definitely survive without Tyler, in fact, Sock is set up for the perfect exit. His character did so many horrible things last season that he’s going straight to hell. He should die, be sent to hell and then spend the rest of the series trying to redeem himself by helping Sam. You won’t even have to see him for him to still be there in spirit, like Sam’s dad. Perfect.

  10. there is a thread on about Missy leaving. Since I haven’t heard much about it elsewhere it’s not concrete.

  11. Blue Sunflower

    Oh dude, *that* thread, luxxi? That ‘claim’ is from ages ago. There’s been no word or even a *hint* of Missy getting another job, unless I missed it. Which I kinda doubt. That’d have to be super super hush hush to have lasted this long without ANYTHING leaking out.

  12. I wouldnt mind too much if Tyler Labine left if it meant Reaper carrying on but i dont see any real viable reason why Sock would leave and if he were gone completely it would be weird as three/Four friends dont go from being that close to not seeing each other at all. The only thing that may work is if he went to Japan after his sister ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. OK, OK, sorry. I didn’t think that claim was that realistic as that was only mention of it but I didn’t disregard it completly.

  14. Some Guy named John

    Reaper is like the energizer bunny, it keeps going…

    but any word on where?


    (saw in Ausiello Files at EW).

    Someone, do something!!!

  16. Where? From 2 weeks ago?

  17. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    Reaper isn’t even mentioned in this weeks column!

  18. I, for one, don’t think the show would be as great without Tyler. Although, I heard he wouldn’t be cut for sure…Oh well, hopefully if it’s sold and starts up again, he’s on it because I need my weekly dose of Sock! He is my favorite โค

  19. Ok this is from my blackberry so excuse any typos (or more than normal).

    I hear they are hunting down a showrunner which is a good sign it is still kicking.

    Abc family and tbs are good targets for emails. It is going to be cable. I just can’t find out where until saturday.

  20. Blue Sunflower

    Okay, I organized all the potential places we can contact here:

  21. Nick blackberried to say that talks are still happening with cable stations, so since we don’t know which one(s), let’s just blanket all of cabledom. Be sure to include your (and anyone else in your household that watches) age, M/F, address, and cable provider if applicable. International fans, let ABC know there’s a solid overseas market for the show!:


    TBS: (You have to click on “contact us” and scroll down to “programs – other”)
    404-885-0758 (TBS)

    TNT: (You have to click on “contact us” and scroll down to “programs – other”)
    404-885-4538 (TNT)









  22. Victor Hugo

    Nick C.,
    Thanks for update!
    Go Reaper!

  23. It’s gone,

    I work on the show and have been officially told today it is gone.

  24. I can confirm that is a member of the crew. So it is likely we should hear confirmation soon

  25. So were back where we started but this time its officially cancelled the people at reaperdmv did a great job ugh but all a waste of time

  26. i can’t believe this whole time we were lead on by lies

  27. Victor Hugo

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t Let go!

  28. That’s awful news. Good luck to all the crew and all the cast – you guys entertained the hell out of us, thank you!

  29. Well, crap. Been a Reaper fan for about 2 weeks, but I still hate to see it go nonetheless. Let’s face it, just another causality as the big stupid (Reality TV) slowly takes over.

  30. Noooooooooooooo…………

    Damn, it looked so good for a few days…… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  31. Thanks for all the positives and the good campaign everyone. We’re still waiting to hear official news, haunting the news sites, but anyone hears anything, thanks for coming to and letting us know.

    Join us in Chat! We’re hanging out reading old copies of Field and Stream.

    AND by the way. We still haven’t totally given up. Why? Because we’re a rabid fandom and crazy Reaper lovers. Hang with us!

  32. Disappointing. The show really needs a season 3.

  33. ugh this cancellation really hurts i love reaper after this is all over abc will hear from me they just did terrible in handling the situation

  34. So tired, tired of waiting! We’re mounting ONE LAST SALVO at

    Tell ’em we’re out here loving Reaper!

  35. so is reaper done?

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  37. That’s a pretty logical article posted above. It seems like we might not ever hear the story behind ABC’s wranglings.

    Still, at we’re still planning the next phases of…whatever, so keep checking in!

  38. Victor Hugo

    Somebody can explain to me, why? What went wrong?

    Goodbye mey friends Sam, Sock, Ben, Andi and Nina.

  39. Looks like only miracle can help Reaper escape Hell of cancelled shows. While one can hope for it miracles shouldn’t be relied on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  40. Blue Sunflower

    Oh, what the Hell now? Is Bret really that stupid to give up a secure job for nothingness? Honestly, pray tell me what better option *he’s* looking at.

    Screw it. I’m still keeping up the Pro-Reaper stuff with ABC. It’s not like Bret has anything else to do right now that they couldn’t entice him back. One would think the lure of oh say, a salary, would be more of an incentive than oh say, no salary.

    We’re doing twitter in addition to email now, including DisneyABC. If that’s really bretharrison’s twitter, I say go after him.

    And this doesn’t even mention, ABC could have had the syndicated/cable deal in the bag LONG before Bret and Tyler lost their minds and opted out.

  41. Blue Sunflower

    Okay, having had time to digest a bit, I posted an updated response in the “News on Deals for Season Three” at the DMV if anyone wants to read it.

  42. We better hear it from ABC or the cast themselves. I really hope we get to work something out.

  43. Victor Hugo

    Thanks Nick C. again, it’s a sad news for us. Tyler and Bret don’t deserves nothing and they don’t care about your fans.


  44. After all the talk we’ve had from Tyler, it would have been nice to get a statement from Bret about all this. If we had known he was leaving the show from the outset, we never would have fought to save it. Reaper can survive without Sock, but not without Sam and I would never have accepted a recast. I’m sorry Bret has been so silent, he could have saved us from a lot of heartache.

  45. Oh Victor Hugo, now you’re being ridiculus. We know way too little to decide whether it is dead because Tyler and Bret moved on or they moved on because it is dead.
    Tyler did the right thing. If you are likely to lose your job and you’re offered a new one you take it. It’s got nothing to do with not caring about fans, even actors have to make a living and waiting tables isn’t as much fun as it may sound.

  46. Vicky, we all knew Tyler wanted out because he had another role offered to him, but we didn’t know ANYTHING about Bret. Had Bret told us about his intentions to leave the show, most of us wouldn’t have supported the campaign to save it, since a show without the protagonist just doesn’t make sense.

    Now, Bret doesn’t seem to have anything else to do at this point, unlike Tyler. His movie will be released until next year so, in the mean time, he could’ve been able to keep waiting until hearing whether he still had a job on Reaper or not. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  47. This is absurd. “intentions to leave the show,” and “It just doesn’t make any sense,” are pointless.

    You find out your company is shutting down your division but there is a slight chance that your division may be sold to another company. You have a contract that doesn’t allow you to seek work in the same field as long as your company is in business in that field.

    What would you do? Sit around and pray that your slight chance became a reality? No. You’d walk into your boss’ office and demand a release from the non-compete clause in your contract. Which your company would likely let you do.

    It makes total sense. There were jobs available that he couldn’t even go after if he stayed around praying that lightning would strike someone who had just been bitten by a shark while drowning in a wading pool.

    Because the chances have always been incredibly slim.

    Getting upset at someone for wanting a job is stupid.

  48. Blue Sunflower

    Nick, is there any way you can find out who the possible showrunner would be/have been?

  49. Blue Sunflower, sure but this is d-e-a-d. Crew, etc. are all moving on. There might have been a syndication chance but that window is pretty much closed. If anything it would be for syndication in 2010/2011 if you could find a way to save it.

    Plus it seems your fans are in the “anger,” stage right now after “denial,” and you may want to just sit back and contact Tara about finishing the story via Graphic Novels or something.

  50. Yeah, people, let’s not let our enthusiasm turn to anger or looking for a scapegoat. We can rant, for sure, that’s healthy probably, but I’d like to see us keep it a little contained–maybe a rant thread at dmv would be in order.

    There’s a lot of questions we’ll never get answered, and a lot about the business that makes no sense to us–well to me, anyway. Nick, you’ve been awesome about keeping us as much in the know as possible, and it’s been instructive as hell for me, to the extent I’m interested in the business side of things.

    If the fans still have the energy to do something in the Save the Show direction, that’s great, but I’m for keeping it positive and supportive.

  51. Nick, I’m just saying there’re ways to tell people stuff. POLITE ways. I’m being polite, unlike you who just said that what we’re doing is absurd.

  52. Blue Sunflower

    Would you please find that information if you can, Nick? Thank you.

  53. Kwyjibo, you’re being polite? No. You’re not. You’re implying I’m not being polite, and you’re implying I’m saying what you’re doing is absurd. READ. I said your behavior was absurd and unfair.

    It was unfair to Tyler who kept himself employed. You act like he wanted out of REAPER. He didn’t. He’d rather continue doing REAPER. He can’t. He is employed now by FOX. Good for him.

    You were unfair to Bret who just allowed himself to APPLY for jobs!

    Don’t allow your feelings for the loss of the show to overshadow good judgment. These people are not to blame and only ABC is to blame. They knew the CW’s plan for months.

  54. Jennifer Roland

    It is very disappointing that Reaper will be no more. I have loved this little show, and I will miss it. I have always felt that it didn’t quite live up to its potential, whether it was because of network interference, lack of clear vision, budget issues, or whatever else may have been afoot. I am sad that it will never get a chance to reach its creative peak.

    But, I have followed Ray Wise, Bret Harrison, and Tyler Labine over quite a few shows and movies, and I wish them all the best in their future careers.

    Nick, You have provided great information over this fan campaign. I have added you to my blog roll so that I can keep up on your insider info.


    As of this moment we need to assume that ALL of the cast and crew of Reaper have been let go of their contracts. Since this presumably happened on Friday, the window to rectify this is closing fast, and we need to address it RIGHT now. Opening of business is Monday morning.

    Thereby, our immediate goals are to inform ABC and ABC Studios that we still:

    * Support the show.
    * Believe there is a demand for the show.
    * Encourage them to re-sign the cast and crew immediately.
    * Encourage them to offer a contract for the show to syndication (or cable) immediately.

    This will most likely be our last opportunity to make a Major Push for a 2009/2010 Season Three, before we will have to move to more long-term goals, such as a 2010/2011 season, movie, or graphic novels. That later. For now, go to for links, addresses, and details! Why not, people? What do we have to lose?

  56. I’m from germany and i love reapers too..
    i want a new season… JET!

  57. I’m not sure there is hope left but I’ll say this,

    Don’t forget the Mark Gordon company, they own the show as well and were the ones trying to put a deal together.

  58. I’m so upset about this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Nick, it’s been good having somewhere to look at news on the series’ renewal. Keep up the good work(y)

  59. Some guy named John

    Its too bad about this. Too bad Kevin Smith wasn’t involved more in the project. That could have given it more of a foothold to stay on the air.

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  61. I’m really, really going to miss this, but I wish everyone well, and I’m definitely going to watch Tyler Labine’s new show. No offense to Sam or anyone else, but Sock made Reaper for me.

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  63. I can deal with another Sam but with another Sock? thats impossible Labine kicks ass!!!

  64. i dont care all i care is tat ray wise has to be in it