Maybe.  More than likely.  If it is coming back it will be without Tyler Labine.


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  1. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    What happened? What about the affiliates?

    I don’t care about Tyler Labine. He was the worst part of the show.

  2. My guess is that late last week, likely Friday they were forced to let some people out of their contracts. Then they told the Affiliates who were requesting contracts “we sold the show to cable,” because whomever decided a lie was better than “sorry we lead you on.”

  3. Jennifer Roland

    Very disappointing to hear. I told ABC that I would still be happy with the show if Tyler left. The heart of the show is the chemistry between Bret Harrison and Ray Wise.

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  5. Victor Hugo

    Oh, Boy….

  6. “My guess is that late last week, likely Friday they were forced to let some people out of their contracts.”

    Nick, we all knew about Tyler’s dilemma but do you know of any other cast member that wanted out? Maybe I’m reading too much into your sentence there but it sounds as though you are referring to more than one. While the show can continue without Sock IMO (though it may have been a harder sell to the cable networks), if two main characters were leaving that might well kill the show and there would be nothing for it. You can’t sell a show without a cast.

  7. Blue Sunflower


    Okay, maybe third time’s the charm and I’ll leave off all links. Nothing of mine is posting.


    First, we are STILL recommending writing – especially to ABC and the CW affiliates. We know the affiliates still want the show, and one even specifically said they would purchase it with or without Tyler.

    All addresses at ReaperDMV. If I could figure out how to get a comment to post with the link, I would. Maybe someone else can do it for me.


    “Then they told the Affiliates who were requesting contracts “we sold the show to cable,” because whomever decided a lie was better than “sorry we lead you on.””

    Yeah, cuz *that* lie would never be discovered.

    Third, speaking of lies, good to know what Tyler’s been doing with all his “I love Reaper, I’m tied to Reaper, I’d kill to come back to Reaper” posts he’s made lately across the internet.

    Fourth, question: A) I thought the cast *was* tied to Reaper no matter how the show was renewed; B) I thought we “knew” no one had been let go; C) Does this mean there *was* a loophole the entire time, since Tyler stated they’d have to do new contracts, and I’m assuming this is how he may have wriggled out of his?

    Fifth, question again: How does all of this fit with Jenny’s early tweets yesterday?

    Sixth, uh….I’ll get back to you. 😀

  8. Tyler may have no choice. Fox needs to get started on Sons of Tuscon so after a certain point they need to say Yes or No t0 his contract. They may have opted him out on Friday.

  9. Blue Sunflower

    If that’s the case then, Gizmo, it seems it’s entirely ABC’s fault for waiting so long to offer the CW affiliates a contract when they knew the affiliates wanted the show.

    However, considering Tyler’s attitude lately, I’m not letting him off the hook for anything.

  10. Jennifer Roland

    @Blue Sunflower: Most WordPress blogs hold comments with more than 2 links for the blog owner to approve. That’s why you don’t see yours show up right away.

  11. Ok, more than one was let of their contracts. It isn’t because they want out, it’s because their agents want to keep them employed. Only Labine has a deal in the works and we’ve known about that for months.

    I also don’t know if they were let out, or given permission to pursue other works. If you’ve ever seen ENTOURAGE you may understand why I don’t know. The talent are sometimes clueless to how things work.

    They were also let out a while ago, which means that they continued to shop it after, so I’m not certain it means it’s dead. I know James Hibberd and others are now looking into it and trying to get confirmation. If so they’ll write an obituary piece on the show, and we can all move on.

    If they can’t find that info then maybe they’ll find out what is really going on. Either way we should know something today.

  12. The uncertainty of it all and the back-and-forth is so frustrating, and I’ve never even seen Reaper. But my sympathies to all of the fans and people invested in the show who were hopeful yesterday and crushed now.

    It’s a scary and cruel business.

  13. Blue Sunflower

    Nick – should we email Mr. Hibberd with copies of our letters from the affiliates stating their interest in the show? We sent them to Ms. Chang, but I am wondering if that information is known by ALL parties who need to know it.

  14. Blue Sunflower

    @ Jennifer, I tried putting no links in, still didn’t work. Finally got things to post when I took ALL links out of comments *and* my website url out of the Website box.

    This has been going on for a bit too. My comments on Nick’s other entries weren’t showing up either.

  15. Blue Sunflower, one person could. Just gather up the emails, especially the one where they said it was sold to cable (have that forwarded to you) and send it off to him.

    That could give him a lead or that info could get passed on to the right person at ABC. It’s hard for me to do that because that would out me. I have to ask about things in offhand ways.

  16. Blue Sunflower, yeah my spam filter is picky (and I like it that way), but if you saw the things it kept from being posted you’d be happy.

    I generally look for your posts on there though to approve. I disapproved a couple repeats today and ones I’m not sure I want out to be read by others. I erase flame bait on here. Even if it’s not aimed at a user.

  17. Blue Sunflower

    Nick – for now I have sent Mr. Hibberd the links, and forwarded the few I had (not many, whereas the links are plentiful). I am working on getting the ACTUAL emails forwarded to him, and I put that note on my letter, since I know time is most likely of the essence. I also told him Ms. Chang should have a copy of all the emails, since that’s who people sent them to.

    I do hope it helps him.

  18. If Tyler’s facebook blog is any indication, it looks like Bret was the other cast member to withdraw from the show.

  19. What time are we gonna know today? We only have a few hours left of it.

  20. We’ll know if nobody reports it dead today that they couldn’t get enough confirmation to declare it dead. Which means something is still kicking.

  21. Without Tyler Labine ??? WTF !??
    It’s the best humour actor i’ve ever known !!
    France loves Reaper !

  22. Jennifer Roland

    @Blue Sunflower, I think the WordPress gods have decided that Reaper DMV is a spam server or something. You messages always show up in my spam filter, too.

  23. Blue Sunflower

    @Jennifer: Ha! Well, I can’t say I don’t deserve that. 😀

  24. I got news for Tyler. This new show of his is about as funny in the previews as a hernia. I didn’t laugh once. He is hysterical on Reaper. SoT is not going to last long on Fox.