What Would You Like To See On The New Website?


Ok here is the truth:

I’m taking off for a spa for a couple days in Cape Cod.

So while I’m gone, why not throw up what you’d like to see on the new website.  The new website right now is tentatively aimed at TV news, speculation, etc.  Let me know what you’d like to see.

The sky is the limit, so go for it.


27 responses to “What Would You Like To See On The New Website?

  1. Pictures of Yvonne Strahovski 😉

  2. RickyG, see I can do stuff like that. I’m seeing this article seems really popular too. I’ll add cricket chirping noises to the site when I get back too.

  3. This seems like as good of a place as possible. I tried to Email you quite a few times but your email adress didnt seem to work, anyway it was to ask if youve heard anything about Boldly Going Nowhere, the new Pilot by the Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Creators, they seemed to think it would be airing in May but not even any word on it yet.


  4. Wilson, I think FX is planning on airing it in the Fall. It has been awhile since I heard anything on it. FOX was going to air it, but they decided it wasn’t for their audience. So I believe FX is getting it. I’ll look into it next week tho.

  5. More Chuck!

  6. Thanks Nick C, Much Appreicated.

  7. First of all, love that picture. I think a lot of the folks that have found the blog have done so because of the Chuck renewal situation, I really like everything on here, all really interesting stuff, but all I can suggest is to pass anything on that you can on Chuck. Thanks Nick, you’ve turned into a daily must read!

  8. From one Rick to another, I’m with “RickyG.” You can never have enough of the Polish Princess, Yvonne Strahovski.

    You ROCK Nick. YOU ROCK!!

  9. Can you arrange contests:

    spend a day with the cast of Chuck (they really ought to do this, the fans have done A LOT for them), watch a day of filming of Chuck, Chuck giveaways, etc. For other shows too, not just Chuck, of course. Wouldn’t want this to be a Chuck fansite. 🙂

  10. Siri Atiragram Lleof

    I’d like to see some diversity. You know, shows besides Chuck and Reaper.

    Like Scrubs for example. How is this show going to survive without J.D.?

    And I heard that the show’s “new format” will take the show more into a drama territory like ER once J.D. leaves. A non-comedic Scrubs? Is this true?

  11. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on what you have so far, Nick. It’s really coming along nicely.

    Personally, I want you to keep all the information about various shows. On some level, I view this site as a much-less-obnoxious Ausiello Files: you’re the TV insider, and I come to you for inside information.
    However, you’ve got several other good ideas. I enjoyed the reviews of the two fall pilots and would like to see more of those, along with your predictions for how well said shows will do when they finally air. I also really enjoyed your section “Shows You Don’t Watch But Should”. I think you should do more of these. You could even open it up if you wanted – invite readers to submit entries on their favorite shows describing why people ought to watch them.

    Whatever you do, keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. Imkeh – GREAT ideas! Except they need to make the winner of the contests “for TWO.” Even though I’m obviously single, it would be fun to have other CHUCK fans “BEG” to be the #2 – or ME beg one of THEM to be THEIR #2 !!

  13. What Grace said. Well, specifically the inside info stuff.

  14. Okay Jack, that is a hilarious avatar.

    Rick H., oh yes, more than one person def. Double the fun!

  15. -I’m looking forward to anything you have about the Emmys as the nominations announcement gets closer.

    -I like reading the opinion entries you’ve written and would like to see more about the workings of networks, producers, and show creators.

    -List of odds for the new shows making it.

    -I like the Chuck (and NBC) coverage, so more of that.

    -Do you have an opinion on how fans can effectively get new viewers to the show? Or what the fans can do in general to help the show that would be effective with the network?

    -Do you know how the deal with the L&O:SVU stars is going?

  16. First I’d like to echo a few people and thank you, Nick, for starting this blog. You’ve provided a lot of information on shows, and taken a lot of heat from certain fan bases, when really you don’t have to do this at all. But by and large I think people really appreciate all the information you post, so as time goes on I think this site is going to become a daily must read for a lot of people.

    For the new site, things to consider —

    – Posts about behind the scenes stuff about what’s going on with everyone’s favorite shows. Personally I think this is a real draw, Nick. I know I liked reading up on any information you provided about Chuck during the media blackout period before the show was renewed. I’m sure a lot of fans of many shows would like to read that kind of thing, even if its basic stuff that is widely known in the industry but just not being reported.

    – Posts that deal with how networks work, how the TV industry works, how shows get on the air, why shows are canceled, what exactly networks are looking for when it comes to ratings. Specific examples would be the Chuck fan campaign, and how Chuck got renewed with the help of Subway, exactly how much of that was WB cutting costs, Subway ponying up some dollars, NBC wanting a stable ratings earner on the air, etc. This type of story could apply to a lot of shows I’d imagine. I bet everyone would find those stories incredibly interesting.

    – More Pilot reviews.

    – If you are keen on getting more reader input, maybe think about having a mini-forum section, where readers could go wild on certain topics or continue discussion from posts.

    – More Chuck news!

  17. I agree with a lot of the previous posters about inside info, especially on the process for the Emmy’s as they draw closer.

    Plus, if you could have a Question’s Column each week (‘Dear Nick C’), where visitors post industry or show related questions that you can write up an article to address the topic.

    For instance…I travelled Internationally for the first time this year (was at T1 Starfury with Zac Levi…AWESOME) and was surprised and frustrated to learn that you can’t legally download shows from Itunes, Hulu, or network sites while abroad. I would have happily paid to watch Chuck vs. The Colonel, but it wasn’t even an option…what gives?

    TV seems to be one of those rare industries that’s fighting the globalization trend. While almost every other industry in the world is scrambling to stake their claim in the international market, TV networks and production companies seem to be very US-centric and I can’t fathom why? Can you enlighten me? Is it a matter of capability and quality for International downloading?

  18. You know Nick you seem to have some inside contacts in the industry so you certainly could capitalize on those and do a news behind the news section. Depending on your contacts you could try an inside the industry look at tv. On tvbythenumbers.com you had perspective on budgets and target demos and studio deals. I think people would like to have some industry perspective on network decisions – like network identity and how line-up and development play into that. I like what you did with Supernatural and I liked some of your follow-up comments on that article about Ackles wanting to move beyond the genre. I think picking a show and highlighting it with insider tips would be really cool. I mentioned before I liked your comments on reasons behind Torv’s casting. You could market it as a knock-off of inside the actor’s studio.

    I mentioned before that I like the virgin diaries on Cliqueclack.com. I loved TBTN 15 days of Chuck. I think a website that has a hook like a retrospective on cult shows (Sepinwall is doing Band of Brothers right now) or highlights a popular show is great. You could come up with your own hook – with your inside knowledge.

    I don’t think anyone is looking for another Hibberd or Finke – breaking news stuff although your insight is always good. I would vote for some news, some reviews of specific shows – with guest reviewers if necessary and a Nick special hook with looks at specific shows, industry perspectives and big picture as a whole. I think people are really interested in how the industry is changing, the impact of DVR, Hulu etc. In fact I was thinking that I would like your perspective on whether or not early release of a pilot is helpful or not. I personally don’t have time to watch all of the new shows so I tend to commit shows early and never get into the rest – so advance pilots are good for me. I love Southland now because of that.

    I am rambling but I really like a site that has featured categories rather than what is on Nick’s mind today. Sort of like the renew/cancel index on TBTN.

    inside the news
    inside a show
    inside the industry
    inside the ratings
    inside the budget, demo, deal

    Also pick certain high traffic show to highlight. Most of us followed you here because of news about Chuck, Dollhouse, Reaper. Pick five Nick shows that you showcase – two old, three new – that we really get the skinny on – Nick C.ees Chuck – whatever. That will build up your traffic.

    I could go on for days – always thought of doing my own site but I am not consistent enough but I have ideas that I like.

  19. Nick C. – don’t know if you “allow” links to be included on posts. If you don’t, you can yell at me when you get back.

    For all of the CHUCK people out there, here’s an AWESOME link from YouTube. It’s “The Top 10 Chuck and Sarah Moments from Season 2.” C

    Click on the link and enjoy some “Chuck & Sarah Heaven!”

    (If you can’t click on it, cut and paste it to your browser).

    And again – Nick C. – if you prefer we don’t do this, let me know. I’m all about observing Commandments (if you get my drift)!

  20. AHHHH!! It wasn’t supposed to DO that! I typed in the link address and it brought up the actual video link which WON’T embed. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY Nick C. My MAJOR bad!!

    Anyway, for the CHUCK fans out there, just go to YouTube and look for “The Top 10 Chuck and Sarah Moments from Season 2” and you can get to it that way.

  21. I’m very interested in new shows. I’d like to see some features about them. And then the pilots for the 2010-11 season as well.

  22. I agree with the other posters that would love some insider info on how things work in the television industry. Love those juicy little tidbits.

    I also really enjoyed your shows you should be watching, perhaps because it was my favorite show but mostly because it was a really interesting read. I would like to see more of those as well as the reviews for pilots.

  23. ok, first off, feel free to make that your permanent site background! (j/k sorta….)
    but actually, other than your obnoxiously grainy header image, I love the site!

  24. I’d like to see my knowledge of scifi and horror added to your blog!

  25. Combine our blogs to become one powerful interlinking ginormous super blog! Kinda like Devastator is gonna do in the new Transformers movie!

  26. fangirl_says

    Hey, Nick, are you on Twitter? I’d like to follow you, and that would make it a lot easier.

  27. fangirl, sorry somehow while I was messing with widgets I dropped my links off the site. It’s now back up and my Twitter is there.

    Lots of ideas here and I’ll try and look them all over today/tonight and discuss some of them!