No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency May Get A 2nd Season

The BBC were happy with the ratings from the show and the only thing holding it back is Richard Curtis getting around to organizing a 2nd Season.  So fans should expect another 6 episodes within the next 2 years.  The decision hasn’t been made by Curtis to go forward yet, but I’m sure it will happen.  He’ll want to keep the quality as high as it was, so just give them time.

HBO will pick it up if it exists.  The only other delay I see is the recent restructuring of The Weinstein Company.  It took them years to get the first season going so don’t take any delay to mean it won’t be back.


13 responses to “No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency May Get A 2nd Season

  1. Jennifer Roland

    Great news. I really enjoyed season 1.

  2. Surprising they were ‘happy’ the ratings I think were only good when they decided that HBO was paying for like some %of budget because the numbers dropped from its lead-in in a not very competitive time slot and it started good then folded in my opinion but hey (thats in the UK).

  3. The series launched in the UK with 6 million viewers but by the end it had slid to 3 million, i’m surprised they are happy with it.

  4. Some guy named John

    I wasn’t a fan of the show. I usually love anyhting HBO picks up, but this wasn’t something I wanted to watch. I think HBO need to create some new shows, because there seems to be too many gaps between new content of whats out there now.

    And is it me or is Showtime have much more solid lineup compared to HBO? HBO used to be the place for Sunday night, but now I find myself reading a bit more those nights. Dont get me wrong I love to read, and enjoy it, but for the subscriber I find keeping HBO to not be worth the value it once was.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that 3M viewers still more than 10% share?

  6. Fin; I’m not sure how you can term the slot non-competitive. It started against Wild at Heart and Dancing on Ice and then ran against the third series of drama behemoth Lewis. Sky also ran their strongest programming in that slot; Lost provided the competition. In terms of drama has there been a more competitive slot this year?

    Paul; the final episode got 4.26, a solid audience for the slot. The penultimate episode had a poor figure if you look at it out of context, but it was Easter Sunday and against the closing holes of the Masters on BBC2, plus the return of Red Dwarf on Dave.

    Of course all this talk of viewing figures is largely irrelevant. For the BBC audience is meant to be a binary question. A significant part of their remit is providing minority interest programming that isn’t commercially viable. It was a quality production and there was an audience. That is what the licence fee is for.

  7. 3 million viewers is about a 10% share.

  8. Zor yes, but it was on BBC One, it at one point had a lead-in of 4.62 million and managed 3.45 million when it began two weeks ago with 6.2million. Sadly 7.00pm on Saturday is against X-Factor and Merlin still managed around 5.7million at times. The Ladies Detective Agency had many advantages (it was also on the 1 channel) and it was also in a timeslot with less female targeted shows, people who were interested in LOST I doubt were also interested in TLDA.

  9. The BBC was relatively happy with the numbers but not overjoyed with them.

    I can tell you that internally expectations were slightly higher than what the show ultimately averaged out at – the thought was that it would be closer the 5-6 million mark rather than 3-4 million but they weren’t so low that interest in another season isn’t there. Ultimately it will be down to HBO’s interest and financial involvement if HBO is still on board then the BBC will continue with the project, I don’t know whether financially the BBC can or will make the show without HBO but I’d guess not at this stage.

    And for the record whilst ratings aren’t the bottom line for a show that has the price tag of Ladies Detective Agency people have to be watching to justify keeping it going. Its similar to Doctor Who, the BBC couldn’t justify continuing to pay for that if weren’t one of the most watched shows on British television.

  10. There has to be a second season. The show is great and there is so much more to see. Superb acting and any changes made to the books enhanced the enjoyment of the programing.

  11. Carolyn Williams

    I am in the U.S. and I hope there will be a second season. It is a pleasure to have programming that is thoroughly enjoyable and a welcome departure from the repertoire of violent crime and law shows that have overtaken our network programming. I have seen each episode three or four times, love the cast of regular and guest actors, and I am eager for more.

  12. I have been a rabid anti-TV person until I saw this show. It’s the first series I actually made an effort to watch every week since MASH ended. I’m counting on another season!

  13. How can there not be another season? I love the books, the series, the scenery, and learning about a different culture.