FUTURAMA Picked Up For 26 New Episodes By Comedy Central

The episodes will start airing at some point in 2010.

I believe it took 6 years to resurrect this show.  So maybe JERICHO, MOONLIGHT, VERONICA MARS, FIREFLY, etc. fans need to get more active?!?


14 responses to “FUTURAMA Picked Up For 26 New Episodes By Comedy Central

  1. Great news! One of my favorites lives again.

  2. And as a proud Jericho ranger, I assure you we’re still very active! There is a new series of comic books picking up where the show left off beginning in October and the hope for a movie is still very much alive. Congrats to Futurama fans, though! It’s always nice to see a show survive, whether I am a fan or not. I never saw Reaper, but just seeing how loyal the fans were certainly piqued my curiosity.

  3. I would love to see more Veronica Mars and Moonlight. But Moonlight doesn’t have a chance since the creator and the cast already given up. VM isn’t coming back either although Kristin Bell isn’t in any regular part and Rob Thomas only has Party Down now.

    Firefly fans? We are more active than everyone! We kicked Jericho’s, VM’s, Moonlight’s, etc… fans by a long shot. We got a movie!! What I would like to see now is a trilogy!

  4. It’s a lot easier to resurect an animated show then a regular one…

  5. Ricardo, Rob Thomas has been working on a movie script (likely DTV) for VERONICA MARS.

  6. Pix, I disagree. It takes longer (they have to draw it) and the time to do all the voice acting isn’t simple and fast. It is just that the voice actors are rarely in demand. There is nothing easy about bringing back any type of show.

  7. Some guy named John

    Comedy Central has been thinking about this for ages, its about time.

    Nick C I agree with Pix,

    Cartoons can be made to work around actors schedules as voice work can be done from nearly any studio. Plus a cartoon can pick up right were it left off, a live action show, people age and get fat or skinny, you have to explain the time gap.

  8. I’ve gotta side with Pix and John.

    While voice acting may still take a lot of work, the actors don’t have to be there at the same time. Not having to worry about actors schedules is a huge benefit for animated shows.

    When is the last time you saw an actor as a series regular in 2 live action shows at the same time? I can’t remember. But Seth McFarlane can do it for 2 (possibly 3?) animated shows. It might not take less time than live acting, but an actor can work that time around his schedule.

    I do agree that drawing takes longer. But they don’t have to bring the same people back to draw it. Anyone who can draw in the style of the show could be hired.

  9. Add me to the list of folks siding with Pix. Some Guy Named John summed it up really well as to why it is easier to pick up an animated show years later with far less issues then a regular series.

    I have to also agree with Ricardo Leal that Browncoats rock and never give up. While I admit that I have huge doubts about ever getting the trilogy we long for I am still a huge fan and will continue to go to CSTS screenings of Serenity.

    I think bringing back a regular series years after its been canceled works better in the form of a movie (either big screen or direct to video) or as a mini series type thing. I anxiously await a Veronica Mars movie in whatever format it will take.

  10. Nick C, I know that. I still would prefer a new season. They could make both, though. A movie with the final days of college and then a new season with her working at the FBI. That would have been perfect!

  11. I’m not sure all of you understand what goes into an animated product. You admit that it takes a long period of time to animate. You also must realize that they don’t animate until they have voices to match with. Sure, a person doesn’t have to follow the harsh schedules of live tv, but they do have a schedule. You can’t just say “oh X is busy, we’ll just record that in 2 months when they’re free.”

    Seth McFarland is the writer, etc. he has the time to do it for all three shows. He makes the time. It isn’t as if he’s not going to be around, he’s already there!

    There is nothing easier about animation than live action. They’re both difficult to bring back from the dead. The reason animation has now seen recent success in the process is that it was poorly marketed to begin with. Besides THE SIMPSONS, FOX had little idea how to treat their animated shows or how to properly market them.

    The easier shows to bring back were the poorly marketed ones. So FIREFLY would have a shot if the cast wasn’t all over the place. If the voice actors for a show were all over the place it would be difficult too.

  12. My roommate will be thrilled to hear about the return of Futurama (I like it too…). Speaking as a Jericho Ranger, I do have to say that we are quite active. The aforementioned Comic that debuts in October, and continued rumblings of a movie.

    As a long time fan of shows that are unceremoniously cancelled (Arrested Development, Firefly, Reaper, Life, Journeyman and on and on….), I am thrilled to see fans get more product. Hooray! for fan movements!!!!!

  13. Nick, I think what people mean is that live action productions have more issues to deal with than animation – rebuilding the sets, getting the actors together in the same physical place (unlike animation where they can record their parts separately), etc.

    I’ve been hearing the rumors about Rob Thomas wanting to make the Veronica Mars movie for years, but either he’s never had the time to pursue it because he’s been busy with other things or he’s having trouble ironing out the details, like getting the cast together and/or finding a place/network to show said movie if it gets made. Pretty much the same types of concerns that were so heatedly discussed in the Firefly thread a while ago.

  14. shelly, I see the problem. The lot of you figure that voices can be recorded separately. They can’t. They must be recorded within generally the same 10 day period. Some productions can stretch it to 20 days, but then you’re recording multiple episodes which is tiring. The animation can’t start until everything is recorded.

    There is nothing easier about animation for saving a show. It’s just more common now because animation was something TV Networks didn’t really know how to treat correctly. It was a long time between THE FLINTSTONES and THE SIMPSONS after all.