Ask Ausiello: The Nick C Take (Or I Can Give Just As Big A Spoiler!)

EW has a blog thing with Michael Aussielo.  He answers readers questions every week in a piece called ASK AUSIELLO, which this week has to be one of the worst versions ever.  He supplied nothing new and basically wasted everyones time.  Take a look at my view on his questions and answers:

Question 1:  Is it too early to ask about HOUSE? Ausiello basically says nothing but the premiere is a 2 parter, because that’s news! OK.  My take on this, next time Mike answer:  YES.

Question 2:  Crazy person who used to live as a patient in the same place Gregory House is supposed to be getting treatment writes in to ask if Ausiello can get her a part as well herself, you know a crazy person. Ausiello teases that he will try. My take on this, Mike you asked to be stalked by this person, you really did.

Question 3:  Is BAG (Brian Austin Green) going to be on OTH (One Tree Hill)? Ausiello repeats his news from last week that the answer is NO. My take on this, Mike you call that news worthy?  It’s a week old news bit, from you.

Question 4:  What is going on with LOST? Here Ausiello does nothing but make up a fake question where someone claims to have seen him at an event and they thought he was cute. My take on this, Mike has no news on LOST but he wants all of you to think he’s cute.

Question 5:  Does Booth on BONES remember Bones or not I’ve been told he does but is confused by which is real his dream or reality? Again Ausiello makes up a question so he can advertise his Twitter account. My take on this, Mike doesn’t know anything that the person asking the question doesn’t know.  However he has nothing to write about this week, so it’s a question that takes up space.  His answer was just “yeah, I heard the same thing too,” but he made it sound more official in his version.

Question 6:  Are we ever going to find out who Red John is on THE MENTALIST? Ausiello says Yes, but then adds some nonsense about a casting call and new character that will be on the show. My take on this, is that Ausiello just wanted to write about the new casting call.  The thing here is, Red John will be revealed in the Series Finale, that is the plan.  I’ll even break it for all of you and give you the biggest spoiler in the history of spoilage.  Patrick is Red John.  Oops, did I just ruin the show for you?  Sorry.  Sorry Bruno, but you can’t get me because I’m anonymous!

Question 7:  I don’t understand some of the abreviations you use like TBD and BTW. Ausiello either made up the question or he really is an ass hat.  He makes fun of the person and makes up answers he thinks are amusing.  They weren’t. My take on this,  it would have been better if really asked to respond:  To Be Decided and By The Way.  BTW Mike it isn’t TBD on you being an ass hat.  You just proved it.

Question 8:  I loved the BURN NOTICE premiere any spoilers? Ausiello drops the huge spoiler bombs that 1. the show is shooting its midseason finale right now! and 2. That Fiona kisses Michael tomorrow night! My take on this, Mike you call this news?  Have you seen the commercial for the episode?

Question 9:  Can we please make GHOST WHISPERER stop from jumping the shark? Ausiello mentions its already underway. My take on this, Mike you just gave the longest version of “No,” in a while.

Question 10:  You keep claiming you have GLEE scoop, where is it? He goes on to mention how an ex-music super star might have been on the show, but won’t be. My take on this, Mike it’s not a scoop when NOTHING IS HAPPENING.  That isn’t a scoop.  It’s wasted space on the internet, really.

Question 11:  UGLY BETTY scoop please! Ausiello implies he has a date with an actress on his own dime! My take on this, really?  You have to drop that to make us think you’re what?  Important or something?  All the people cleaning their babies diapers are more important than you.  Really.

Question 12:  LEVERAGE scoop please! Ausiello writes the wrong start date and gives a casting call write up and then plot for an episode. My take on this, Mike finally gave us some real news even if old and on other sites.

Question 13:  I need Comic Con Advice since I’ve never been! Neither has Ausiello. My take on this, Mike wanted us to know he’s breaking his Comic Con Cherry.  He has no real advice that isn’t common sense:  Find out when the panels are and be there!  No duh!  Brilliant work!

Question 14:  We have to follow you on Twitter to know where you’ll be at Comic Con? Ausiello goes on to say, yes. My take on this, Mike wants you to follow him on Twitter.  He feels that his numbers somehow aren’t big enough.  He’s sad.  So go follow him on Twitter.

Question 15:  SAMANTHA WHO?  Will it be saved? Ausiello implies YES on cable. My take on this, that’s news to me.  ABC couldn’t afford it because the cast were unwilling to renegotiate their contracts.  So they will for cable?  They should have just renegotiated with ABC!

Question 16:  You Twitter!  Zach Levi loves you!  What did he tell you? Ausiello hints that there may be some glitches with the new intersect! My take on this, that is news?!?!?  It’s like older than you pimping your Twitter account.

Question 17:  I thought you said Kirk Acevedo wasn’t fired from FRINGE, why is he being replaced now by a female agent? Ausiello says it was creative differences. My take on this, my first day up I posted the news that Kirk was FIRED.  He was fired.  There were no creative differences.  Unless a creative difference is firing him in hopes of renegotiating a contract and paying him less because you want to slowly integrate a female Mulder onto the show.  If that’s a creative difference, then yes it’s a creative difference.  The truth is he was fired.  His contract was terminated.  They hoped he’d re-sign and he told them to walk off a short pier.

There were more questions but all just as pointless.  He gives some casting call info.  The truth is it’s the dog days of summer and even Ausiello doesn’t have news.  He does need to pimp his Twitter account, make you think he’s cute and important though.


58 responses to “Ask Ausiello: The Nick C Take (Or I Can Give Just As Big A Spoiler!)

  1. True story? I didn’t renew my EW subscription because I can’t stand that obnoxious diva Michael Assiello (heh, creative I know!).

  2. “Ausiello hints that there may be some glitches with the new intersect! My take on this, that is news?!?!?”

    haha..I know, my first thought was “What is he kidding? That’s the spoiler?” We knew this even before Chuck was renewed.

  3. I just read it as a giant commercial for his Twitter account and how he has a date with an actress! He’s told he’s cute in an email!

    Sorry but why drop the name on the actress, etc? It’s in poor taste. Really.

  4. He’s almost at 200,000 on Twitter. I expect this is part of the push to get him over the line.

  5. Oh, I gave up on Asshole so very long ago. But a friend of mine just sent me his answer to the question about a Gilmore Girls movie, and now she’s spitting mad considering the status of a Veronica Mars movie. Hopefully this will make her feel a bit better.

  6. Oh you mean his news that mention GILMORE GIRLS movie and the guy runs? I’ve got that news too: it’s not happening.

    Now VERONICA MARS…. that’s a different story. I think that might actually move forward for a DTV release in 2010.

  7. Despite Thomas’s claims that he won’t do DTV and wouldn’t be able to get Bell on board for it, either? (And that I can believe, just by looking at her IMDb.)

  8. Yeah, it’s called “either DTV or never,” and even Bell wants to do something with it, and in all honesty a DTV would be on a quick production schedule which is about all the time she can afford for the project. I figure they’ll both weather down over the course of the summer/early fall and finally agree to it.

  9. Call it “Mock Ausiello” & make this a weekly feature.

  10. Anyway, what is the latest news on Fringe and True Blood season 2? Oh yeah, Nick C,weren’t you going to provide a review of the 1st 4 episodes of True Blood season 2? I have yet to see that article unless you’re waiting until Sunday to post it. Oh, by the way, maybe you should do spoilers on your web site in the same format as Ausiello does, only better and not put anything meaningless! Anything new on Fringe getting Alicia Witt

  11. Fringefan, I haven’t even watched them yet! They sent them to me and I’ve just been busy, and honestly not really all that interested in watching it. I’ll get around to it by Sunday.

    As for Witt, I’m not sure what is going on there. I just know that as of last week when I spoke to people they hadn’t cast the new female yet.

    I should also add I’m against spoilers. I kind of showed why in that article. I just ruined THE MENTALIST for anyone who wondered how it would all end. I think spoilers SPOIL something. I don’t mind dropping things that will spark interest, but spoil? No thanks.

  12. Well, True Blood is HBO’s most popular show in a long time and a very well written show too! It got a lot better towards the end of the 1st season. But, you have the right to your own opinion. Besides all the reviews for the 1st 4 episodes of season 2 have said the show is better than in season one. True Blood was even nominated for Best Drama and Anna Paquin won for best actress at the Golden Globe Awards.

  13. Ooooooh, blog fight. Nice!

  14. KN aka AppleJill

    This guy deserves being taken to task. He talks more about himself than the people and shows he’s covering. In recent years, these professionals that deal with spoilers have become nearly irrelevant, anyway. They mostly sweep up stuff that has already leaked on the internet.

    I used to like spoilers, but not much anymore for the shows I religiously watch. I enjoy them much more being spoiler-free. Though, I do read stuff from writers and producers and watch promos. That’s enough to tide over.

  15. What makes me laugh about his Chuck “spoiler” is there are plenty of real fan questions out there about stuff going on with the show right now that he could answer. I’m sure he got some of them in his inbox. We don’t want to know about his twitter account.

  16. Wait..that was a real spoiler for the Mentalist?

  17. I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but he’d like you to follow him on Twitter.

    Ant, yes.

    Fringefan, I enjoyed season 1 after I got to watching it, but I’m just not compelled to go watch season 2. I think TRUE BLOOD being the top show on HBO in a while says more about how HBO has fallen than that TRUE BLOOD is good.

  18. Why did you do that Nick? Very disrespectful of you.

    How would you like it if someone told you how BN ended?

  19. Like Deja Vu.

    I did it to make a point. He’s falsely advertising spoilers when all he’s doing is pretty much nothing but trying to get people to follow him on Twitter and think he’s cute.

    I’m not too worried about the bomb I dropped. If it spreads, they’ll just change directions. Perhaps I did it on purpose?

  20. Well i hope it was a joke. I love The Mentalist. I thought there was no way it would be RJ as his Janes family was killed when he mocked RJ on a talk show.

  21. That was a bomb you dropped with The Mentalist? Really? It’s seemed relatively obvious to me that, that was the nonsensical direction they were going to go.

  22. I’ve only seen the first episode of The Mentalist and even I think that’s obvious. Last scene of the pilot is like FORESHADOWING ALERT! We’re going to look so brillant when it’s all revealed!

    And it’s probably a split personality thing.

  23. Alex, relatively obvious to you isn’t relatively obvious to the masses. Bruno also let it slip practically in an interview early in season 1 where he states “it will be the final episode, it’s the only way we can do it.” Why would it be the only way? Plus the added “It will be a real shocker.” How could it be a shocker? That would mean we’d know the person. So he practically gave it all away.

    Julia, you don’t say? I thought they were a little heavy with that scene too. Plus since then they’ve let us know he’s an insomniac.

  24. Nick, it could be someone associated with Jane also.

    Plus lets not forget, we have seen/heard RJ laughing on the phone to Jane in the middle of season one.

  25. Ant, Patrick is Red John. Wait and get back to me in 10 years when the show is finished. I even know the back up plan. That person was introduced this season as well. So if they ditch the PJ as RJ plan, I know that plan as well.

  26. Sounds like you are covering your bases Nick.

    Either/or i think it was uncalled for what you did.

  27. Spoiler was in the title, so I’m not losing any sleep over it.

  28. No the spoiler was not in the title at all. Just the word spoiler.

    If you would of said SPOILER HERE FOR THE MENTALIST STOP READING NOW then left a line then did it, i wouldnt be mad. But you have just ruined it for many people.

  29. Yeah, I don’t care. The title has spoiler, it’s about an entire article of spoilers. The question had MENTALIST in the question, if they didn’t want the answer about Red John they should have stopped reading. I just can’t be held responsible for people wanting to read spoilers. It spoils things. I think I made my point.

  30. Yeah it had Mentalist in there but all of the other questions, didnt have all spoilers in. Some had none whatsoever.

    You should of , like i said earlier, put Mentalist spoiler ahead and not in the middle of the response when your eyes are already fixated and or glaze over the response anyway.

    I still dont understand what drove you to it. I thought you were a decent guy but you showed your true colours here

  31. Ant, it was an article on spoilers. It’s not my fault that Ausiello didn’t really provide any. That was one point of the article. I dropped a real one in amongst his entire article of fake spoilers. Again, not my fault. He could have very easily done the same thing. It’s an article about spoilers. No warning besides the fact that the article is about spoilers is necessary.

    Don’t get upset because you read something with spoilers in it.

  32. Out of interest what was the final scene of The Mentalist pilot? I still haven’t seen it. The episodes I have seen have never made me want to go back and watch it.

    On the subject of Bruno Heller’s interview I’m not sure that’s a huge spoiler slip on his part, it can obviously be read that way (and it was spoilerific) but I think you can make the argument that it has to be the final episode when Red John is unmasked simply because Red John is the easiest way to keep Patrick Jane as a consultant regardless of who Red John is. And as for the huge shocker line, what else is he going to say? It’s painfully obvious and you’ll get it in seconds?

  33. I’m beginning to see why Ant was banned over at TVBTN.

  34. Yeah I just lost him as a follower on Twitter too. I suppose that will show me!

    Alex, that’s an argument I’m sure people would make, it’s just weak. It’s however not painfully obvious to the masses. If so they would have stopped watching.

  35. Hee! I hate Simon Baker almost as much as I despise Ausiello, so this back and forth with The Mentalist fan is quite amusing to me.

    I just about threw up when EW announced Ausiello was joining them, and I quickly flip past his page as soon as I see that assy face of his. Great dismantling of his lame and useless Q&A’s.

  36. Julia, if you were a fan of the show you would feel exactly the same.

    Unfortunately many people dont have time to nitpick shows and like to be surprised. I am one of them.

    *EDITOR’S NOTE* We removed a sentence because I don’t allow that stuff here. I’ve been very clear about it with others.

  37. Ant:

    “The thing here is, Red John will be revealed in the Series Finale, that is the plan. I’ll even break it for all of you and give you the biggest spoiler in the history of spoilage.”

    If you kept reading after that who is to blame me or you? You. Don’t twist this on me.

  38. I’m an ass hat. Really.

  39. See now if only Ausiello could drop cool news like this on Twitter: “I’ll be moderating the Chuck panel at Comic-Con.”

  40. Would people stop watching The Mentalist if they worked out Patrick was Red John? Part of me thinks people might watch regardless and that it might open the show up to a whole new audience.

    I know I’d be more interested in the show if Patrick was revealed as Red John to the audience and they developed a when will everyone else find out plot along with the idea of a killer catching other killers. Although as Nick has reminded me, apparently I’m not part of the masses.

  41. Woohoo it took less than a month for two bans!

    Frank, Alan deserved it. Props to him.

  42. Alex, that’s so DEXTER….

  43. That’s true Nick. Although Dexter has the annoying ‘moral killer’ bent that doesn’t work with Red John but the show would absolutely be more interesting as a Dexter clone and I wouldn’t be surprised if that ideas pitched as and when the shows ratings start to slip.

  44. Alex, the last scene in the pilot has Jane returning to his apt where his family was killed and lying down on his bed and then we see that the smiley face is still on the wall above his head.

    I still think it would be more interesting as a split personality deal, so it could never be Dexter. It would be more Fight Club. It could have Jane trying to defeat himself while trying to avoid getting caught. That might be something I would be interested in seeing.

  45. Nick C, are you serious about the VM movie? That would be the best TV news I’ve heard in a very long time!

  46. Julie, I think it’s possible or even probable. Joel Silver wants to do something with the license and Rob Thomas wants to do something and if he doesn’t do something, nothing will ever happen. I just figure 2009 will be the last year of them thinking something big might fall from the sky for them. So in 2010 they’ll start trying to figure out how to make anything happen.

  47. Nick C, I don’t know how much of a spoiler PJ = RJ is when it’s already all over CBS’ Mentalist message board, Facebook page, and YouTube videos in addition to the Twitter chatter on the show. The twin allusion in the finale convinced a lot of fans that was the case.

    Alex, IMHO the ratings would fall off a cliff if the public at large knew this. The hero of the story also being the villain is simply unpalatable to many, many viewers. If Patrick is Red John, then they can no longer like him because it’s not morally acceptable to root for a serial killer. There’s already people hoping that DVD sales and eventual syndication means that CBS literally can’t afford to let the show end that way.

    Julia, I agree it works better as a split personality deal, both because I love Dexter and because I feel there’s enough of a divide between Jane and John as seperate characters to pull it off. I also think having a “good” Patrick to root for against the “bad” Patrick would get around the PJ = RJ objections.

  48. Nick from what’s being said they’re already looking at ways to make it happen. The rumblings earlier this year was that Rob Thomas had finished a script that both he and Silver where happy with and that the issues surrounding the project were all down to financing and in what form it would get released.

  49. Nick, any idea what the general plot for a VM movie would be? There was the fourth season pitch where they had her joining the FBI, would it be the same or would they leave it with her in college?

  50. Frank, from the various interviews Thomas did before pitching the movie to Warners, the movie will be (if it ever happens) set in senior year at Hearst.

  51. I never understood why Thomas insisted on a big screen version. It’s not like the show required some huge budget and would ever make a ton of money that way. They could actually make a decent amount of money from the fanbase if they’re smart with how they release it, a la Caprica. VM fans will download AND buy the dvd of a new DTV movie if it’s made.

  52. Frank as Julia said Rob Thomas has been fairly vocal on wanting to keep future Veronica Mars projects away from the FBI pitch he gave for the fourth season. From everything he’s said I get the impression that the season four pitch was a last ditch effort to keep the show on air and it almost worked because he got to shoot a short pilot for the idea. As it is Thomas wants to get all the characters from the show back together for future projects and feels it would stretch credibility to bring them altogether if Veronica is working for the FBI.

    Joanie I’m not sure its Rob Thomas insisting on a big screen jump for the show or whether its Kristin Bell who isn’t for various reasons keen on doing it DTV and you can’t make a Veronica Mars film without Bell so Thomas is obviously doing his best to make it big screen.

  53. Interesting stuff, thanks guys for the replies.

    Also, on the subject of what else Ausiello should have been reporting, anyone seen this yet? Heroes will NOT have a panel at Comic-Con? That can’t be good, can it?

  54. Frank, that might be deserving of news.

    I don’t think it’s Kristen Bell. I think it’s her agent.

  55. Nick – A huge, giant WORD. I HATE how Ausiello’s chats are about his ego, his stupid Smurf obsession, and his insults to readers rather than about spoilers. It’s not funny, it’s not a schtick, it’s just plain rude. Get to the point, and if you don’t have one (which he obviously did not in this chat), cancel the damn chat.

    I don’t love either Watch with Kristin or KorbiTV, but at least they don’t make you pay for your spoilers with humiliation and inanity.

  56. I don’t think too it is Kristen Bell, she is very close to Rob Thomas and VM is the project who has allowed her to have the more famous projects she has now. But the agents are powerful and make a lot of business decisions.

  57. I don’t think the miss Bell has forgotten that without VM she will be nothing in the biz today.

  58. Hey Nick C mate any chance you can let slip some details of what the ‘backup plan’ might be if they decide to go with a character that isn’t PJ as Red John?

    That person was introduced this season as well. So if they ditch the PJ as RJ plan, I know that plan as well.

    The other person? Does it have anything to do with the blind woman in the season finale? Or is it a recurring character like the boss played by Gregory Itzin? Or perhaps one of the main cast? Cheers