So Now That Ant Has Been Banned Here, ChuckTV, And At TVBTN Where Will He Go? (Our First User Poll!)

He forgot to mention I’m childish in his attack on me so here is a reminder:


15 responses to “So Now That Ant Has Been Banned Here, ChuckTV, And At TVBTN Where Will He Go? (Our First User Poll!)

  1. I thought you liked Ant. He sure seemed to like you.

  2. He’s going to when its online (that he has just said on MSN)… i think its a little bit childish (the ban)

  3. It’s gotta be TWOP. Though in all honesty, he’s going to stay right here just like he did at TVBTN. Have fun cleaning out your spam box! 🙂

  4. DutchGuy, he attacked users and then me. I deleted it all so I doubt many even had a glimpse of the junk he wrote. I didn’t even read it. I saw the start, and just hit delete.

    I don’t put up with attacks on the site. However he did allow me to test out the polling system.

  5. How dare you imply Ausiello sounds like a sissy?!
    Sorry, had to! I agree it will be twop. I voted for
    Ain’t It Cool News because the crack about all things Joss was pretty funny. Granted, I do love most things Joss does.

  6. The funny thing is, I thought this would be childish and no one would participate. However the numbers are amusing for the poll. People are participating!

    Ricardo Leal, I didn’t dislike or like him. I’m not having people attack other users and me. It’s just not what we’re about. He thinks what I did was “Evil,” and so far he’s the only person to complain.

  7. Eric S, yeah but that is the one thing that Herc does ban people for, so I had to put it in.

  8. I only participated because this made me lol.

  9. Pere, then I succeeded in my goal. I hate banning people, so I had to turn it around and throw some humor at the situation. I’m glad it worked for at least one person (and I’m guessing from the voting for quite a bit of people).

  10. Who is the other person to get banned?

  11. dsm9412, some fool who claimed to be head of marketing or something at a CW Affiliate. They kept trying to say I was lying about the promotional budget nationwide for some of the CW shows. Even though they confirmed it for their market. They then decided to call me names, etc. and prove there was no way in hell they had the job they were pretending to have.

  12. I think would be a good place for any banned trolls. They don’t seem to ban anyone over there, ever.

  13. Oh wow this is great!!! I had to vote on this one, this is exactly what people should do to the jerks that get themselves banned. I needed this laugh today, thanks!

  14. Out for a couple of days and I lost all the fun 😦

  15. He got banned from as well Man was he on a roll. He threatened the mod. Not cool.