Josh Friedman is a Heartless CENSORED (Or What A Lying Douche-Bag Josh Friedman is)

If you don’t like offensive language, please stop reading now.  Please.

Josh Friedman is a heartless cocksucker.  There I said it.  I’ve sat on this article for awhile now.  I wasn’t sure if I should post it or not.  The thing is he is a heartless cocksucker and a lying SOB.  So I think maybe I should post this.  So here goes:

Josh Friedman recently blogged about the cancellation of TERMINATOR:  THE SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES (TSCC).  While the blog was infinitely more entertaining than the second season of that show, he also lied his ass off.  Here is a quote:

Who but a heartless cocksucker would stop someone from getting other work knowing they had no future at their current job? (Other than William Morris and Endeavor, that is.)

YOU, Josh, YOU.  You see Josh knew in March that his show was dead.  Sure, there was that caveat that the show might be saved by cable or Rupert Murdoch could wake up one day and decide he likes the show and thus it would survive as long as he was watching it (even if he was the only one watching it, it’s good to be a billionare).  Did he “officially know,” you might be wondering.  YES.  I don’t know how hard it is to not understand your liason telling you “You’re not going to be renewed, they’re already planning how to use your office and will be coming by to look it over.”

Josh even jokes about that exact thing happening with:

First there was the day I was in my office and looked up to see Chuck Lorre and a Warner Bros. facilities manager standing in my doorway pointing to various features and using their hands to take “air measurements.”

He then claims Chuck made a joke about them actually waving hi.  BS.  Chuck was there taking air measurements.  Showing what they’d be putting in there.  Josh knew they were dropping by to go over exactly that.  He is a LIAR.

So what kind of fucking asshole is Josh Friedman?  The lying kind.


11 responses to “Josh Friedman is a Heartless CENSORED (Or What A Lying Douche-Bag Josh Friedman is)

  1. TTSCC is another show i would have liked to see have a chance on cable.I thought it would get at least one more season simply because of the publicity the new movie was getting!Poor decision making!Gotta love the “play callers”!What if Mr. Billionaire actually put some of us fans in charge,i wonder how things would turn out.Kudos to you for posting this!

  2. Nick C, do not attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity.

    Look at the show. He is just very, very stupid.

  3. S, I know he’s stupid. He’s also a liar. A very stupid liar.

  4. Chill pill time, mi amigo. Remember your advice to us to ignore “Susan” on the Chuck threads?? Well, let’s just ignore this guy.

    I still extend to him my offer of putting him up for a weekend at the best hotel in Gary, Indiana to give him a reality check on what real people are suffering so he would stop feeling so freakin’ sorry for himself because his show got axed.

    He’ll find another job and he won’t have to resort to standing in line at a soup kitchen to get enough to eat like many people in Gary.

    In my line of work, one of the “corporal” works of mercy is to “bury the dead.” Let’s take this guy and his rant and his now canceled show and effectively “bury” him by not paying him any more attention.

    Let’s move on to better things. Hmmm. Let me think. Burn Notice (which you converted me to) or even better, plans for SEASON 3 of “CHUCK”!!!! 😉

    Do you have that interview lined up anytime soon with Josh Schwartz and/or Chris Fedak where you solicited questions from Chuck die-hards??

    Take care, buddy. And give this guy the “Susan” treatment. We’ll ALL be the better for it.

  5. Rick Holy, not many have called him out for being such a liar. I just had to.

    The interview will happen in July on the new site. We’ll post more about it soon.

  6. Some better background would be appreciated… like who did he actually stop from finding other work for instance?

  7. Beer, try 200+ people who worked for him. He lead them on. He kept saying “We’re still on the bubble, we can do this!” When they weren’t.

    So everyone from grips to production assistants to even cast members. Obviously the cast members have little to worry about but those other people? Having a head start to find something new when the schedule is over is smart.

  8. I’ve seen some talk that some of the writers knew, had new jobs lined up. Not sure how accurate that is but if it is the case that’s pretty sad how everybody kept it to themselves. These are people’s livelihoods they’re messing around with.

    Anyway, thank you, Nick, for writing this. I read Friedman’s post the day it was linked, the entire silly stupid thing. And I have to say, how on EARTH did anybody ever let him near the Terminator franchise?

    And also, if everybody knows what really happened, if WB knows, if FOX knows, what does that mean for his next TV show? Or is he done with TV?

  9. Agreed, he is quite a douche. He new that the show will not get a third season yet he decided to finish with a clifhanger and not answer any of the questions…

  10. Meh, this is nonsense. This is pretty much standard procedure when considering that even if FOX doesn’t pick it up the studio can still sell it to other networks.

    Might as well be pissed off with pretty much every single producer out there. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  11. Richard Steven Hack

    Yup. He had to know. Especially since he and James Middleton were the ones SHOPPING THE SHOW TO OTHER NETWORKS!. And he admits that went nowhere.

    If you listen to Friedman in person, you get the impression very quickly that he comes across as a nice guy, but he’s also a BS artist. That’s the only explanation for how he got the job in the first place, given his utter lack of street cred for either sci-fi or broadcast production experience.