Letterman and Palin Round 3 (Or Isn’t This Getting WAY Old?)

This Palin vs Letterman issue is getting absurd.

Palin is once again taking advantage of one of her children.  First she tried to force marriage on her daughter when she got preggers (I don’t want Palin claiming I use rude terminology like knocked up), then she forced her daughter to do the infamous “Abstinence Tour.”  Now she is taking advantage of her 14 year old child.

This isn’t news.  Talk show hosts make jokes every day.  The joke writers sit in little prison cells and come up with as many jokes as they can in hopes that their master (in this case Letterman) uses one of their jokes and pats them on the head.  All these writers heard was “Sarah Palin is in town and taking her daughter to a Yankees game.”  So they made two jokes in bad taste.  Sarah Palin immediately saw it as an attention getter.  Forget that her daughter is 14, she can take it.  They were making fun of Bristol.  99.9% of America who heard the joke thought they were making fun of Bristol. However Sarah Palin had to go out of her way to imply they purposefully said it about a 14 year old.

Is there any question at all any more that she is a horrible mother?  Any?  One daughter gets herself in the family way in HIGH SCHOOL.  The other daughter is mistakenly made fun of by David Letterman.  Instead of brushing it off and letting it die, she has turned it into news.  Something she won’t stop doing.

“I’ll forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness, but this goes beyond that,” she was quoted as saying.  Beyond what?  Oh, right she needs more TV time out of this.  Sorry 14 year old daughter, you’re going to get more than 15 minutes out of this.  She is blaiming this all on Letterman saying he should have known better and his staff should have done some fact checking?!?!?!?  Really?

Here is a fact:  That joke never would have been told if you’d done your job as a mother and educated your daughter on sex & safe sex.  That isn’t Letterman’s fault.  I’m sorry she has to get constant reminders that she screwed up with her family while running around Alaska being Governor protecting us from the Russians.  That’s too bad.

Republicans:  You can do better.  She is not your golden ticket back into the White House.  Obama and Co. are going to screw up the country enough that people will be demanding change just like they were last November.  Do us all a favor and find another person to rally behind.  Preferably one who isn’t crazy, or a fundamentalist religious nut, but actually a Republican.  Find a young non-crazy Ron Paul.


22 responses to “Letterman and Palin Round 3 (Or Isn’t This Getting WAY Old?)

  1. So totally agree about Palin. What’s even more infuriating is when she tries to play the woman card and say that all of these jokes and insults aren’t because she’s a politician or because she’s, well, dumb, but because she’s a female. And that’s bull. You’re going to try and say that when RHC came before you and put up with more than you’ve ever dreamed? Please. This wouldn’t have even been news, and 90% of people wouldn’t have even heard this joke, if she didn’t use it to her advantage and run to Fox News to cry about it.

    Worse jokes have been said about politicians, but most are wise enough to know that you don’t make a big stink out of it to try and garner sympathy. You ignore it and move on.

  2. I’ve been sick of that woman since McCain announced her back in August. Everything is always someone else’s fault and it’s always “poor Sarah Palin” getting criticized. Maybe she wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the political scene if she didn’t set herself up for it. My favorite was all of the crap about her supposedly being criticized unfairly because of her being a woman. Funny how several months before all that her response to Hillary facing the same was that Hillary needed to, essentially, suck it up and be a woman.

  3. I’m not going to touch on the whole she needed to teach her daughter better so this wouldn’t have happened thing because that’s not even really relevant here. She’s not the first parent ever to deal with a pregnant teen, not will she be the last. What amuses me about all is is how this woman acts like she’s never seen an episode of late night tv. Lady, hello? You’re a politician and a public figure. It’s practically required that people in the entertainment biz take potshots at you and make jokes at your expense. It’s part of the deal, the way celebs have to deal with the paparazzi and the way doctors have to deal with blood. Grow an effing backbone and move on already. Unless someone calls you a serial killer or a child molester or something equally heinous, there is no reason to throw such a hissyfit about it. Ever hear of a little thing called freedom of speech? Or a little document that promises said freedom called the Constitution? Probably not. And btw, if they hadn’t had Bristol to make fun of, they would’ve found something else about you to make fun of, a la your stupid comments during the election, clothesgate, your claim that being able to see Russia gave you foreign policy experience, etc. Get the picture? It’s nothing personal – it is their JOB.

    Woman needs to thank her stars and garters she didn’t actually become VP and the late night hosts aren’t making mincemeat of her every single night the way they were doing so with Dubya. If she can’t take one joke on one night, how would she have managed being the brunt of jokes for at least 4 years?

  4. Shelly, she probably would have tried to ban those late night talk shows the way she tried to ban all those books she didn’t agree with back in Wasilla.

  5. Shelly, it’s just my thing. A parent should have a good clue when their kid is sexually active. Then they should have given their daughter some good advice.

    The whole Bristol Palin Abstinence Tour is imho a sign that our political system is 100% broken. Not that Government Motors, American Insurance Government, and the banks we now own aren’t the other sign.

  6. I’m not sure I agree that it’s necessarily the parent’s fault; however, when your political view is that students should be taught abstinence only and your teenager winds up pregnant (esp. with all the evidence showing that the students with AO education have the highest teen pregnancy rates, as well), it should probably be a pretty good indication that that point of view is flawed. I think that’s what gets me most. My high school health teacher blew a condom up in front of us impressionable children (heh) and it doesn’t seem to have harmed me or my morals any…

  7. Nick C, everyone feels differently about that sort of thing, which is why I’m not going to make a comment on it. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with you. What I’m saying has nothing to do with that at all; just that as a public figure, she honestly has no clue what that entails. Does she really not understand that being occasionally made fun of is a job hazard for a politician? The press and late night hosts make their bread on this sort of thing. Yet, she’s taking it so badly that I can’t believe a politician could be this thin-skinned. It’s like she lives in a bubble where she’s always popular and special and can’t bear to hear a single critical word about herself or her family. What a wuss.

  8. Like her or not, bad parent or not, I don’t think the news, or comedians, should concentrate on politician’s family members unless its specifically newsworthy or they’ve entered politics themselves. It creates situations where, well, THIS kind of thing happens. And honestly, its not like Sarah Palin (let alone any politician) doesn’t provide PLENTY of comic material all on her own.

  9. Frank, when ever a politician makes a decision to take their game to a level where they become major public figures they know what they’re getting themselves and their children into.

    It was a mistake that they thought it was Bristol at the game. However if you have a daughter you’ve taught abstinence to who ends up in the family way, you’re going to be the butt of a lot of jokes and so is she.

    I think this is all nonsense that Letterman is being attacked for doing his job and it’s even a news story.

    The idea too that there is a double standard is also balderdash. If Chelsea Clinton had been knocked up at 18, the jokes would have been told about her too.

  10. Also, by making her daughter do that absurd tour the daughter was made more of a target. The daughter being 18 and taking responsibility to be a national spokesperson for abstinence also means she knew what she was getting into. She became a public symbol for abstinence!

    Sorry, the only mistake here was a case of mistaken identity. The Letterman writers that it was Bristol at the game and were wrong. Letterman has admitted their error. It should end there.

  11. Frank, I understand what you’re saying and I don’t disagree with you to a certain extent. If the child is pre-teen or younger and if it’s something he/she can’t help (for example, their looks), then I agree with you – the press should leave them alone. It’s not their fault their mommy and/or daddy is in the public eye. However, this isn’t really the case with Bristol Palin; her situation is one of her own making and like it or not, she’s going to be the brunt of jokes. Maybe it’s mean or wrong but it’s the way it is. I’m not saying the Palins should be amused by it, just that they’re being ridiculous by carrying on and on about it and drawing even more attention to the whole thing (whereas, had they chosen to just shrug it off instead, it would’ve come old news by now …Palin’s constantly bringing it up is doing her more harm than good).

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but if I remember correctly, Chelsea Clinton got treated much worse by the media when Bill was in the office and she was much younger then and she was put down for her looks and her clothing choices and I don’t recall either Bill or Hillary ever making a ruckus about it. Chelsea survived just fine. The Palins could do to take a leaf from their books and just let this whole idiotic thing blow over. Going on and on about it just makes Sarah Palin look even more petty.

  12. Nick, you’re right they certainly do have to know what they’re getting into, but for family members there’s a difference between being in the public eye and being late night fodder. Politicians would certainly fall under the category of Letterman’s “job”, but I don’t see it for family members.

    And yes it is Palin who they seem to concentrate on, though as I said she gives them plenty of material. But you don’t hear much about Gore being a bad parent because his son is a drug addict, or anything about Biden because his son is under investigation for fraud. Chelsea was actively campaigning for her mom, but nobody really said much, nor should they have. You maybe heard about the Bush daughters, but mostly because their antics in other countries were causing international incidents. But for the most part they leave family members alone. And unless one of them gets arrested or does something that could influence the country, it should stay that way.

    Now, that said, there is only a certain level of blame to which Dave should be assigned, the joke was in poor taste, his writers were lazy. But now Palin took that and is creating way more drama than the situation called for–as are many of her supporters. These things just feed themselves, and people on opposite sides of the political aisle don’t even care about what the hell happened anymore, they’re just out to amp up the crowd. I get sick of watching this crap. You can call it like a playbook every single time something like this happens. And the media just eats it up then.

    Meanwhile, the country is at 9.4% unemployment, California is at 11%(!) unemployment, Michigan is about ready to hang a “Sorry, we’re closed” sign on Detroit, Iran is putting down an uprising after their sham election, North Korea is ready to test more nukes, and our country is basically bankrupt because we’ve suddenly decided to buy every company under the sun. How many headlines have been wasted on Dave and Palin while the important issues are neglected? Its ridiculous.

  13. Shelly, you are correct, while it wasn’t necessarily the media, late night TV and Republicans did make an issue of Chelsea’s looks. And I thought that was terrible. I mean if you want to go after Bill or Hillary, fine, but why go after somebody who’s not in office?

  14. Letterman is a deranged slob- and his stale schtick’s about as funny as a train wreck.

    If Sarah Palin is SO silly and irrelevant, why the obsession? Clearly the Left noted her appeal, and are out to eliminate the threat- it’s not like it’s not obvious.

    And she’s been highly successful in life while ignoring the left-wing feminist model… this helps to explain the extra dose of venom in the attacks.

    Go get em, Sarah- and don’t mind the press, nobody will be listening to them anymore after the pending Obamamania implosion-

  15. Reaganite Republican Resistance,

    How dumb are you? Serious question there. You seem to believe that Letterman attacked a 14 year old. You’re an idiot. Letterman attacked an 18 year old national public spokesperson for abstinence. He made a mistake. He didn’t know it was the 14 year old at the game. No one with half a brain thinks he meant the joke about a 14 year old.

    You’re what is wrong with this country. As a die hard conservative I can say that with a straight face. Quit being a total frickin jerk off and use your blog for something that matters.

    Like say the fact that we the American people just saw our tax dollars buy: An insurance company, Bank(s), and General Motors. Don’t even think about blaming the Dems for it either. If Bush was still in office it would have been the same scenario (because he was in control when we bought the Insurance company and Banks).

    Our country is on the edge of total ruin and we have idiots like you thinking David Fuckin Letterman is the problem. He’s not a problem. He told a joke. A funny one. I laughed. I had no idea Bristol wasn’t at the game when I heard the joke on the air. It’s a JOKE.

    Which is exactly what you, Rush Limbaugh, and everyone else is that keeps people from seeing the real problems in our government right now: A JOKE.

  16. NickC, I’m right with you–except on the conservative angle. You’re absolutely right that Bush probably would have done the same. I think that’s why I favor Dems over Republicans most of the time–plenty of the Republicans are preaching small government yet don’t actually play that way when they get to the White House. If you really want small government–stop basing your message on a ban on gay marriage and abortion. If you want small government, then that government certainly shouldn’t have a say in those two areas.

    I wish there were more conservatives out there who had the guts to move away from people like Rush and Palin instead of getting bullied into those archaic ways of thinking. The country is moving in a different direction and if Republicans want to stand a chance, they’re going to have to widen their message just a bit.

    Reaganite Republican Resistance,

    Sarah Palin is made to be a joke because she is one. She’s probably in her tiny state of Alaska and in small pockets throughout the country, but I know very, very few people outside those areas who remotely agree with what she says. She’s what’s wrong with this country. She’s so caught up in her own ideals that it is impossible for her to understand that there are thousands of people with different ideals. People like her need to wake up and realize that our country was founded on a separation of church and state for a reason and that using religious propaganda and throwing the word unpatriotic around in order to bully people into voting for them isn’t going to work anymore.

  17. So the joke was ok and funny because everyone thought it was about a 18 year old instead of the 14 year old? Big media loves to play this stuff up.

    Why aren’t we hearing more about the Army recuiter that was shot and killed by an muslim radical recently?

  18. AniMatsuri, no it was funny because it was about the national spokesperson for abstinence who happened to get knocked up at 16 or 17. Unfortunately that wasn’t the daughter at the game, thus the mindless BS that has been trumpeted since.

    Because as you mentioned there definitely isn’t more important stories out there.

  19. No worst than kids who are touted as anti-drug spokespersons who we later find out were some of the worst users behind the scenes. By nature kids are impulsive that’s why even with all the sex education, condoms, & etc. we still have teen pregnancies.

    Until I saw this post, all this was at the edge of my mind for the most part. As Nick has his hand on the pulse of the media which is probabkly why he decided to bring it up.

    Looks like Letterman may try to make ratings gold out of this:

    Could Palin flap be Letterman’s Hugh Grant?

  20. Some Guy Named John

    This joke would have never happened if Palin was governing her state, and not watching a Ballgame in New York City. Maybe if politicians did their jobs, then comedians wouldn’t attack them. Instead we get these idiots in office and somehow they think any news about them is worhty of them making a speech or anouncement.

  21. John, she was primarily in New York for a charity event for special needs children. The ballgame was just something they did while they were there. And while one can certainly question her ability on the national stage, her state is doing better than most right now.

  22. Some guy named John

    Frank, When SNL made fun of NY governor for being a blind man who past is littered with prostitues and drugs, the story was quick news and gone, but because this effects a right winger nutcase and her family, who she has placed entirely in the spotlight, it makes it worse? I couldn’t name any of governer Patterson’s family and I live in NY, but Palin’s we all know… she introduced them, even sold her daughter out. And that is the difference, if you want things to be left alone, don’t introduce them.