Bill Maher Takes Off The Gloves About Obama

So the “Liberal Media,” is finally starting to say “Wait a minute, you’re the President, not a pop star,” and it’s about time.  I did vote for Obama.  First time ever I voted Democratic.  I want change.  My party isn’t up for it.  They’re more worried about abortion and other absurd things that our government shouldn’t be worried about.

Good job, Bill.


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  1. My bumper sticker reads “Dare to hope. Prepare to be disappointed.” I keep hoping that I’m not being disappointed, but, fuck.

  2. And that’s why you’ll have no choice but to vote for BHO again if you vote at all 4 years from now.

  3. Good Job, agreed – but not good enough. This is why: Notice how Maher and his bunch still can’t bring themselves to “criticize” Obama without in the same breath criticzing Bush MORE (Bush, who by the way, AINT THE FREAKIN’ PRESIDENT ANY MORE!!). Bush is history. Obama is NOW. Judge him on the standards he said he would live up to, not on the other guy who is gone. “At least he aint as bad as W” is a pretty lame in evaluating “your guy” and it makes for an awfully weak argument.

    So “slight kudos” to Maher, but let’s see how long he keeps it up. I doubt very long – because he’ll lose a good chunk of his “Obama can do NO wrong” audience.

    I wish Obama all the luck in the world. He’s not dealing with an easy situation by any means. He’s an extremely gifted and politically savy man who can hoepfully turn things around. But when he eventually DOES do something stupid – and give him time, he will – ALL Presidents eventually do – you can bet that Maher won’t call him “stupid” – not in the way he critized (and STILL criticizes) Bush for being a stupid idiot or a dolt.

    He CAN criticize Obama for being a “celebrity wannabe,” a “TV hog” or even an “egomaniac” and get away with it, but he can’t EVER critize him for being “stupid.” That would be “hate speech” and would make him a racist. But he CAN still critize “W” or McCain for being stupid, because that just makes him “clever” and “funny.” Sorry, but a double standard is a double standard. Just like you had to point out that Josh Friedman was a liar, I had to point out Maher’s double standard – which IS undeniable.

    I guess what I’m saying, Nick C., is don’t count on seeing more of this stuff from Maher. You won’t. The other thing Maher doesn’t get is that everything a candiadate tells you he’s going to do once he/she gets into office, AINT GONNA happen. We have two parties, and even when one is weakened, they still have enough clout to force a president to meet them somewhere in the middle. Obama understands this. Maher apparently doesn’t. (i.e., the “Evil Insurance Companies” aren’t going away, Obama or no Obama – no matter how badly Maher wants to see that happen).

    Anyway, interesting piece. Keep up the great work on the site. You cover a lot of ground for those who don’t have the time to keep up with all of it, yet enjoy following the stories.


  4. Rick, I’m not so sure. He did more than make fun of him being an attention whore. He made fun of his inability to do what he promised, and then praised Bush for his ability to keep his word. Bush pushed a lot of crap through despite being the most hated man in Washington. Anyone who thinks he incompetent is an idiot. The man just had different ideals than we wanted.

    I don’t see Maher backing down. We’re talking about a guy who would have voted for Ron Paul if he’d won the Republican Primary. We’re also talking about a self proclaimed Libertarian. I don’t see him backing off. It needs to be said.

    He made some promises and I think he should move forward with some of them and even go further than he promised. Force National Health care on us. Sure we’ll bitch for a year or two, then we’ll never understand why we never had it to begin with.

  5. Actually, I’d be fine if Obama broke nearly all of his promises.

  6. Bill Maher NEVER backs down. He’s still making jokes about Bush continuing to read “My Pet Goat” after he heard about the planes hitting the towers.

    We, two very progressive, very liberal Democrats cheered when Bill did this piece. As much as we like Obama, and are grateful to have him over Bush, we are frustrated by some of the things he is doing. Many of us are. But, unlike some of the crazies on the right-wing these days, we don’t toss people out of our party for not agreeing with us, we speak up and let them know how we feel. Bill put into words what a lot of us have been thinking. I thought he was great.

  7. Bill Maher doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who’s going to back down on this or any other issue he feels strongly about regardless of what the reaction to it might be. I think perhaps it might be a little too early to describe this as the ‘liberal media’ turning on Obama (for lack of a better description) one commentator does not a movement make but it will be interesting to see how the rest of the media reacts to this and who, if anyone, follows suit.

  8. Yup, good job Bill!

  9. If nothing else, this might signal the end of the “hands off” approach to Obama most comedians have had with him until this piece.

    Now when are they going to get around to BHO’s thin resume? Thinner even than the monster that everyone here knows Bush was? The fact that he came up from the cesspool that is Chicago politics? Firing a Americorps Inspector General after he exposed a Obama supporter for corruption?

    Why is Bill so dissapointed? How much faster does he want BHO is take us even more to the left? By the end of his 8 years I suspect there won’t much difference between how we do things and how Canada/Europe does things.

    Heck, for the 1st time in history this admistration is looking to put a lot of Bush advisers or anyone else that bugs them on trial instead of just moving on with the business of the country. That should make a lot of people here happy.

  10. *but he can’t EVER critize him for being “stupid.”*

    Well, no, he can’t, Rick, but not because it would be racist–because it’s not true. Bush and McCain barely graduated from college while Obama was at the top of his class at Harvard. There are other issues on which one can criticize Obama, but his intelligence isn’t one of them.

  11. Julie, I wasn’t saying that Obama is stupid. In fact, I believe the exact opposite. He’s probably one of the most intelligent men to ever be elected President.

    What I WAS saying is that EVENTUALLY he will DO SOMETHING “stupid” (even the most intelligent folks, do) – but you won’t find Maher calling him stupid for the reason that I noted.

    Like him or not, Bush may not have presented himself intelligently, but he did not become Governor of one of the largest states in the country – and President of the country TWICE (running against such brilliant intellectuals as Al Gore and John Kerry) – by being “stupid.” And like him or not, McCain did not become a naval officer and a respected U.S. Senator (by both Democrats and Republicans) by being stupid, either.

    They may at times have DONE stupid things, but they’re NOT stupid people. That, however, didn’t stop Maher from labeling them as stupid (or something synonymous) when they did or said “stupid” things (and I’m not just talking about this particular piece of video).

    Obama isn’t stupid either – and I agree with you in that his level of intellect is likely “higher” than that of Bush or McCain – but he will eventually DO SOMETHING STUPID – you can’t avoid it in the job of President. When it happens, however, Maher won’t call Obama stupid (like he would with Bush or McCain) for the reason I noted – and that, my friend, is a double standard. There’s no getting around it.

    First of all, I don’t think we should call ANYBODY stupid – and I hate to use “blunt” langauge, but I’ll spell it out. You can call “white guys” stupid or make blanket negatives statements about them and get away with it (re: something similar to the statement made by Obama’s Supreme Court nominee – which if said by an Anglo in regard to a Latino would AUTOMATICALLY be called RACIST), but you CAN’T call an African-American person stupid because that AUTOMATICALLY makes you a racist. It’s a double standard and it DOES exist. That’s why Maher won’t do it.

    And just to pre-empt any personal attacks that some might be tempted to lob my way, long before the name Obama was on anyone’s lips, I worked and voted for an African-American who ran for President. (He lost in the primary, however). I’m no racist. And neither am I ignorant of the double standards that exist with those on the Left (Maher) or Right (O’Reilly).

    Double standards are double standards – from the Left or Right – and you have to call them like you see them. THAT was my point. If that was misconstrued to say that Obama was “stupid,” that is unfortunate. He’s not – and that was not the point of my statement.

  12. dead link… seems that copyright laws are catching up with youtube…

  13. Some guy named John

    I watched Maher last night and “It’s not TV its BHO,” had me laughing so hard.

    AniMatsuri, what is BHO done that is so leftist? For the most part he has continued GWB’s policies.

    Americans continue to elect people who do not work for the people. they work for contributers and its making the country worse. Its why we dont have tax payer health care for all americans (just the poor and old, not the people who actually work…wtf?), and the reason banks who lended poorly get to stay in business, because they have friends in high places. Instead of the government investing in new technology or even roads and bridges we get failing companies like citibank, aig, and gm… and two wars in far away countries. Here is an idea, bring home all our navies and armies and put them to work in America, have the rest of the world fight it’s own battles. the military employs 1% of the American poulation,trade their rifle for a shovel and put them to work.

  14. John: While its true that after getting a good look at the war fronts(same war) BHO left most of GWB’s defence polices in place even leaving GWB’s Sec. Def. in place, its domestic policy that has been lurching even further left than GWB. You don’t think taking over citibank, aig, and gm, and who knows what else isn’t leftist? I can’t think of anything that the goverment runs that does’t turn out to be a burden to the taxpayer. Amtrak is a good example of a failing company that needs to die but the goverment will not let it.

    Where has tax payer health care been the sucess in the end? Most nations are going broke keeping up with it. The more government gets involved the worst the situation gets. So the solution is obviously to start a government program to out compete private insurance until its the only one left. Then we’ll even more dependent on government for our needs.

    If we bring more the military home, I want them on the border to keep out illegal immigrants.

  15. AniMatsuri, how about France? They’re not hurting with their health care, government paid leave/vacation, etc. The UK isn’t hurting either.

    What about all the corporations being brought down due to health care costs? Try the entire American Car industry!

    National Healthcare makes sense. It works in other countries.

    Buying Citibank & AIG were done under Bush’s rule weren’t they? AIG definitely was.

    You want to fix the country do three things:

    1. National Healthcare base it on the UK system .
    2. Flat Tax. Flat sales tax for everyone. The IRS can stay in business by being around to help the lower 30% get tax refunds annually. Flat tax solves that whole illegal immigrant thing. They will immediately be paying taxes.
    3. Legalize drugs. At least marijuana. Marijuana with a flat tax? Hello, prosperous country.

  16. France? Weren’t they almost shut down by people who did not want to work more that 4 days? If you’re relatively healthy, government health care is great. Need anything special? Get in line.

    I agree with a flat tax but, we’ll have national heath care a lot sooner than the IRS/government giving up power like that.

    We’re on the verge(it seems) of all but outlawing tobacco but several places are legalizing pakalolo. Go figure.

  17. AniMatsuri, this is our problem. You believe a MYTH. You seem to think that France’s healthcare system makes you wait for anything special? Get out of town! You’ll have it FASTER than the US pretty much every time. This is a myth a myth likely created by the insurance companies.

    It saddens me that the vast majority of Americans I know seem to believe that same myth. It’s just as accurate as stepping on a crack and breaking your mother’s back.

    Also your complaint about France’s rebellious nature is amusing. That should be us. They understand democracy far better than we do. They rebel when their government even threatens to do something pro-corporation and anti-civilian.

    The corporations (in our case the insurance industry & oil industries) run our country. We’re not a democracy. Our elections are as much a sham as the Iranian election. We vote for people, then they listen to the corporations and tell us to pretty much fuck off.

    We need a rebellion. We need Obama to screw up. We need the people to demand change and vote in members of a third party that can’t be corrupted. A party that would do the best things for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and not corporations. People who would have just let GM die, AIG die, etc.

    We need to take our country back. However we’re too stupid. Anyone who brings these things up is immediately labeled a “crazy,” by the media (who happen to be owned by massive corporations) and they’re quickly forgotten.

  18. We should have mob rule? That’s basicly was pure democracy is.

    Massive corporations run everything? If anything is a myth that’s one. Obama has already fired one evil CEO at one company and told another company to get taken over by one from Italy or else. Why aren’t they bailing out our government instead of the other way around?

    Health care is a strawman anyway. Some years it doesn’t even show up in the top 5 things Americans are concerned about.

  19. Animatsuri, so you’re saying there is no such thing as lobbyists. It wasn’t lobbyists who convinced the government to do the buyouts?

    SURE. You’re in denial. Calling health care a strawman is another sign you’re in denial. Does it bother you there are something like 29 countries with longer life expectancy than the US? Does it bother you that there are something like 55 countries with higher literacy rates?

    Corporations run our country. If you don’t believe that you’re just as blind as most Americans. As someone that rubs elbows with other rich bastards I can tell you we have total control. The politicians are all owned by one company or another. Our system is a joke. It’s used to blind people like yourself from the truth and it works.

    The lobbyists control EVERYTHING. That’s the truth. Otherwise we’d have Nuclear Power plants everywhere for instance.

  20. Third party would be good for the system – and especially for the country. Likelihood of a third party with a legitimate chance every coming about? Slim to none – and Slim just walked out the door – because you can’t get any $$$ unless your an ass or an elephant.

  21. Well, there’s your change. Obama is just as willing to be swayed by lobbists as Bush & most politicians are.

    Life expectancy in most if not all of those those countries have more to do with a healthier life style more than the fact that the health care is government run.

    55 countries with higher literacy rates? That’s 20 more than I thought. You think we need to give the DOE even more power?

  22. AniMatsuri, what do you think it means when I say the country is run by corporations? That only Republicans are bought and paid for? Nope. In fact I don’t think there is very much difference at all between the parties. Not in their actual actions. They say what they will say to get elected. That’s it.

    I think I need to take you to some other countries. They have better life expectancy and smoke like their throat was supposed to be a chimney. They eat foods of questionable quality. To say they have better or healthier life styles is a joke. To claim 3rd world countries have healthier lifestyles!

    Our health system is a joke. It’s horrible.

    To fix education give the schools more $$$ to throw at teachers, give principles and teachers more power. The idea that a teacher can’t correct someone due to “political awareness,” is nonsense. It doesn’t belong in schools. Heck they don’t even paddle kids any more. They get in trouble for disciplining kids who show up with psyche notes that they’re just ADD.

    As a country we’re behind in just about every way I can think of. We use archaeic teaching methods, we rely on oil way too much, we’re afraid of nuclear power, we’re afraid of universal health care, we’re under taxed and basically frightened of our government.

    Democracy works when the government is afraid of the people and is a total failure when the people are afraid of the government.

  23. As a matter of fact I have been to other countries. If the stuff they’re eating and drinking isn’t killing them it’s because they are use to it since they’ve grown up with it. If we tried it, of course we’d be sick in a matter of hours. As Japan’s life style and diet are getting closer to ours their health and life expectancy have too. One thing that struck me when I was in Hong Kong was how it seemed everyone was doing Tai Chi at the crack of dawn. I don’t think they were doing it because of a government mandate though. Oh, and sometimes people just lie when asked their age.

    We’re a country of contradictions. Sometimes the same people screaming against big oil are saying, “no nukes” in the same breath.

    It’s amazing more people aren’t fleeing the country considering our backward ways and low standard of living. At least the intellient ones still here.

  24. Nick, there are a few things hidden in those life expectancy rankings. The first is obesity, which is becoming an epidemic in the U.S., and that is driving a lot of medical issues for people as they get older. So our prosperity and lifestyle choices are contributing to our poor health.

    Second is our infant mortality rate, which is high for industrialized nations, about 7 out of a 1000 live births. As I understand it one of the main causes for the higher number is that the U.S. counts all births, no matter how premature, as long as the baby shows signs of life, while other countries do not. They count them as stillbirths or fetal deaths, and those numbers don’t get included, or even recorded in some countries. That drives our infant mortality number up, and drives our life expectancy down.