True Blood Season 2 Episode One Recap By Brian S

25bea0ca-6645-4bb5-96ff-e5b90cb38386.widecOk,season 2 picks up right where season one ended with Sookie,Tara and “drunk” Andy staring down at a pair of legs in the backseat of his car.Tara thinks it’s Lafayette but see’s it’s the dead and really creepy looking con-artist Miss Jeanette with a big hole in her chest where her heart should be. Switching over to Bills place we find him babysitting the 17 year old new Vampire Jessica,bedtime and all!He also is giving her blood drinking lessons in this episode.Um,ok!.Bill has some explaining to do to Sookie about the Vampire way. Now to Jason,trying to be a good boy,he’s in the process of getting brain washed by The Fellowship of the Sun.I smell trouble a brewing! Tara’s mom meets Maryanne and Maryanne sets the “drunk in denial” straight. Now we see a dungeon with a scared Layfayette and a few other people.They all seem to be chained to this medieval staff crank thing. All of a sudden Sam starts having Puppy flash backs of when he was a little beagle running around in Maryanne’s house steeling her stuff.What I don’t understand is grown up Sam is an English Shepherd Tara and Egg’s relationship gets a little deeper in this episode. Getting back to the cool dungeon scene big bad Eric walks in with all his hair styling glory,he still has the foil in his hair.He pretty much destroys one of the people,twists him up like a pretzel and even bites him in his no-no place!Eric is a bad ass!Poor Lafayette is pissing his pants as he watches!. . Bill and Sookie have a love scene that rivals Basic Instinct,that’s right I said it!Wow Anna Paquin has a smoking hot body! This episode has plenty of great one liners,a Gone with the Wind moment,a Mommy Dearest moment and Sam as a beagle puppy but a grown English Shepherd.

This episode has it all! A-


9 responses to “True Blood Season 2 Episode One Recap By Brian S

  1. I Enjoyed the episode, it was very enjoyable and a nice way to brign things back, Anna Paquin naked didnt hurt either 🙂

  2. When Sam told Sookie what he was he explained that he can take different forms so he doesn’t always have to be the same dog. I am sure that makes it easier on them as they don’t have to have the same dog or multiple dogs to portray DoggySam.

  3. Richard Steven Hack

    Just downloaded and watched the first episode of season one last night.

    I didn’t realize this is such a FUNNY show! Between Tara and the short order cook, and some of the other characters not being all there, this is pretty funny.

    And naked people isn’t a bad thing, either.

    I’ll be downloading the rest of the episodes over time.

  4. I agree Wilson,Anna Paquin is smoking hot aint she!
    aboleyn24,i do remember him telling her he was a shap shifter but it’s still funny to see him running around as a beagle puppy during his flashbacks and a full grown english shepherd in the present.
    Richard,the show has it’s funny moments,even in s2e1 there are some great one liners but the show is definately getting darker now!

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  6. Not bad so far. Anna’s hot, but Lynn Collins is hotter. Unfortunately she gets killed off.

    I hope it gets darker, I like dark. Looking forward to meeting some of the more interesting vampires in the later episodes I get.

  7. RSH,You think Lyn is hotter than Anna?She’s ok i guess.It’s getting darker but it still has the one liners which i really love.You will get to see more interesting vampires/other types this season!

  8. Great review, Brian, it just might get me back watching this show!

    I liked what I saw of last season but I kind of drifted away. Sounds as though what I enjoyed is still there, so I will check it out.

  9. Thanks CKO,get back into the show,it’s getting interesting already this season!All of the major characters have their own story lines going on now!I watched episode 2 last night and i’m working on the recap for it right now!