For Your Emmy Consideration….

I fully believe that the following person should win for guest appearance in a drama or comedy:


Serinda Swan

I’m not sure how many people saw REAPER’s episode called “BUSINESS CASUALTY,” in it one of the guys decides to prove their ability to pick up women by hitting on “Gorgeous Girl,”  (that is how the part is referred to in the casting sheets) who was portrayed by Serinda Swan.  She pulled it off without a hitch.  In fact it was almost natural for her.  The timing she had was perfect and she fulfilled the casting call perfectly.

I know what you’re thinking:  but she was only on screen for like 45 seconds!  Yes.  However it was some of the best 45 seconds of perfect casting and acting ever.  Do you realize how hard a role she had?  She had to portray the “gorgeous girl!”  Ask any woman how hard it is to just make themselves “look good,” to go out.  Yet Serinda was able to pull off the extra difficult act of portraying “Gorgeous.”  She is truly deserving of your consideration.

I once had the unwanted task of helping cast a movie.  Long story short someone got sick, and I was asked to step in and help cast.  It was for a high school movie and the part was “The Cool Guy,” and that was basically the description.  It was horrible.  I had to decide what was cool, and god forbid the poor actor had to waltz in and just make me think “hey that guy is cool, what a cool guy.”  I just don’t think any one really takes full consideration of the difficulty involved in these things.  The enormous pressure.  To be “The Cool Guy,” and poor guy once cast, he had to walk around and remind everyone of why he was cast for the part.  He had to be “The Cool Guy,” around set.  Difficult indeed.  Thus portraying “Gorgeous Girl,” is just as demanding.  The difficulty involved should not be ignored.  She needs your consideration.

Satire aside (and Serinda if you read this, you do deserve an award:  more roles!)  this “for your consideration,” nonsense needs to come to an end.  Do we really need to be reminded by an advert of just what makes a good director, actor, actress, writer, episode, or show?  Who is voting?  I get a strange idea some people vote without having the correct qualifications.  This must come to an end.

We need an alternative.  One of the writers for the future site (it’s in the works, promise) suggested an anonymous award system where no one knows who the hell is even picking or even when.  We’ll go more into detail on the upcoming site, but this Emmy advertising is driving me nuts.  If people need to be reminded of a person they’re probably not deserving.


3 responses to “For Your Emmy Consideration….

  1. I don’t care about any of that – Serinda is frickin’ gorgeous and my guess is it was trivially easy for her to portray such. It’s like saying Megan Fox has to work at it.

    Now I just downloaded two clips of Michelle Pfeiffer out and about promoting her new film. At age 51, this woman doesn’t have a winkle. At nearly my age and nearly a decade older than Michelle, Morgan Fairchild doesn’t have a winkle. Obviously they have to work at it. But they do and it works.

    Being “cool”, on the other hand, is really subjective.

  2. RSH, well the point of this really was the absurd “for your consideration,” adverts. They’re basically buying votes. Which isn’t really degrading the awards.

  3. We need some sites to link back to this article, so she can get some exposure for the Emmy.