Well the show BODY POLITIC has officially been turned down by The CW, and is in the process of being denied by ABC and NBC.  NBC likes what they saw, but they have no room on their schedule for anything.  Although I hear they’re thinking summer 2010 if they do anything.  The Alphabet Network has the problem that they’ve already bought up a lot of shows for 2009/2010.  It’s a mid-season possibility there.

If any of your BODY POLITIC fans want to create a campaign to save a show that has never aired… try emailing ABC and NBC.  I’d try NBC, it’s BS’ type of show.


13 responses to “BODY POLITIC Future

  1. I said the same to Jenny at You Tube. I’d love to see this show get a chance, maybe like Castle or The Unusuals did this past mid-season.

  2. Thanks for the news, Nick.

    Do you think the show has any chance of making it on the air or is it a lost cause at this point? After seeing that clip from the pilot on YouTube, I’d hate to see such a promising show not get its chance to shine.

  3. Nick, You said we should direct our efforts at NBC, but what are the chances of maintaining the current cast if the show isn’t going to air until after this season? Would it be better to aim at ABC to get it on midseason?

  4. Body Politic fits well with ABC.Maybe Thursdays before Greys Anatomy if FF wont be a hit!!!

  5. I’d love to see it as a mid-season replacement on ABC (especially since there’s only a couple of their shows that really seem like they could stick).

    Nick, is there really any chance at this point or, as someone else said, is it sort of a lost cause? I’d love to see this show with at least most of this cast, but I’d hate to get my hopes up.

    Do you know if the producers have shopped it to any cable networks? After watching the clips I couldn’t help but feel like it could fit in on USA–or DirecTV. Last I heard DirecTV was trying to build a network of their own too.

  6. It’s a good show, and if it had been pitched to either rather than The CW it would have likely been picked up. So the problem is time slots. I suppose ABC is the easier target since they have more time slots than NBC (due to Leno).

  7. One more reason to hate Jay Leno…

  8. Maybe Jay Leno’s show with crash and burn and they’ll have plenty of spots open.

    Maybe I’m just being picky, but there’s only two shows ABC has that look like keepers–Cougar Town (which I probably won’t watch but it at least looks decent) and FlashForward (which I’m sure will get big ratings)–so hopefully they’ll have more midseasons spots than they expect–they certainly seemed to have plenty this past year.

    Maybe at the very least it’ll get repitched next year to these two networks, although I’m not sure I’d be quite as apt to watch with a different cast.

  9. * will

    Grr. Sorry–can’t stand typos.

  10. Do you know there is already one blog to create a campaign but it’s little known for now (just 50 votes around) so let’s go voting people !
    The producers have to pitch the show to ABC,NBC but also cable network (they look for shows now unlike major network with full schedules).

  11. Where’s this blog, jules?

    it’s the site adress or you can find it via google blog

  13. Great, NBC. From one laughingstock network to another (granted, I’d take it from anywhere, if I actually believed it’d happen). It’s such a damn shame. I suppose that means the CW will be picking up the tragedy that is the GG-spinoff? And what took so long, anyway? Why didn’t they ‘officially’ pass earlier so the show could’ve gone somewhere else?

    The petition jules mentioned above is here: