In news that isn’t news, because I tried to tell all of you about it a month ago…

Is now being reported by other “media,” sources.  This means Sarah will be working at the Subway.  The question is will Chuck and Casey be working there too?  My sources are hinting at YES.  So I suppose what Chuck is going to tell Ellie is that he’s opening his own Subway or something with Sarah and Casey.  This will have Big Mike dropping by often as well as the Buy More regulars, but now them not being seen every episode is now explainable.

So go ahead and praise or bitch about this move.  Me?  I’m all for it.  Bring it on.



  1. I used to scorn product placement but now I’m all for it. We only wish Reaper had made more use of it, that show is tailor-made to showcase products!

    Maybe in the future…..*smiles hopefully*

  2. Now that is a forward thinking idea. Find a “subway,” that could have their power tools all over the Work Bench.

  3. Lulz, awesome news.

  4. I saw it coming too!Big Mike’s gonna be a happy fat boy!This will work…it will drawn in a few
    Subway lovers that may have never tuned into Chuck!New audience!I heard NBC is moving Heroes to a new time so i wonder what time Chuck will get?I liked Chuck in lead off!
    CKO,I love product placement!the Workbench would have gotten a Mickey D’s or maybe a Quiznos(with their FIRE toasted Subs straight from Hell),huh,get it,product placement!

  5. I’m all for it, too! And for those who want to beyotch about it, remember – without this Subway deal, there would likely have been no more Chuck! And if we really want to show our thanks to Subway like we say we do, then we should WELCOME it – and continue to down those Subs on Monday evenings.

    Plus, I definitely see an opportuny for a “foot long” innuendo at least once during Season 3. How can they NOT??

    I just hope that NBC promotes the show and that Subway somehow integrates some “Chuck” advertising into all of their MANY franchises. As far as I see it, it’s a “win/win” for both.

    So bring it on!

  6. NO! I loved ORANGE ORANGE! I love seeing Sarah in that suit. Let’s hope that they at least give her a nice costume.

  7. I expected to hear that Sarah would be working at Subway, but wow, Chuck and Casey? That’s an interesting twist. Wonder how much Subway ended up paying to get all three main characters working there?

    Anyway, huge step away from the history of the show (Buy More). Not a bad move either, just not the one I was thinking they’d make. I really thought they’d keep Chuck in an electronics/tech/computer related industry, either with the Assistant Manager spot or with him starting his own small computer company, or consulting company. They could have had him work at a storefront next to the Subway (old Orange Orange), have Casey work inventory and stocking shelves and stuff.

    What I suspect that means is they’re going to have Chuck adopt more Orion-type capabilities as his way of excelling during missions, to keep him tech-oriented, while at the same time having his new Intersect either turn him into superman/superproblem at the drop of a hat.

    And Nick, any more hints about what Schwartz has in store for Comic-con? Not much news on this show right now, curious if everybody just has their nose to the grindstone in the writers room/changing out sets, etc. or are things taking a slower pace right now?

  8. Brian S, the final season of HEROES will air starting in the Fall at 7/8pm time slot or CHUCK’s old slot. After the Olympics CHUCK gets the time slot.

    Ricardo Leal, SUBWAY bought the show, without them there is no show. So thank them for it, don’t go “No!”

    Frank, well in the last episode they had Casey and Chuck quit. I don’t see them going back, because for Chuck that would be a huge step back in his self importance and in the image he has to portray. So if all three of them worked in the same location….

    It just makes some sense. They could change it up, but what I hear they’re likely to all work at Subway. Less advertisement in a show, and more of a constant, it’s just there.

  9. Well the assistant manager spot is a better job, but yeah I do see that just him going back to the Buy More could be taken as a step back in Chuck’s life.

    Anyway I’m fine with wherever they put him, I just thought Chuck would remain in a tech oriented profession to keep up the nerd persona. But I do see what you’re saying about keeping them all at Subway and keeping the advertisement as a backdrop that’s a constant and doesn’t take away too much from the show. I wonder if that’s a Schwartz idea? He seemed to say in his last interview that he wanted to keep it no more intrusive than how they did it on 30 Rock.

  10. Thank you, Subway!

    And as someone who prefers actual product placement to fake product placement in media, I welcome this move. I find it much more jarring and intrusive when characters on television use items I can’t purchase myself.

  11. As much as I seriously love Subway for helping save the show…I seriously hope Ellie rolls her eyes in utter dismay at the idea of her Stanford educated brother opening up his own sandwich franchise.

    There is unobtrusive integration ala Liz Lemon at NBC and then there is the unbelievable. I mean what happens when they all go on a mission? Does Subway close down at irregular hours of the day? Do they want an empty franchise? I could see Morgan failing BeniHana school and then going to work at a Subway easier – and the comedy potential there is great – than this current idea.

    Even if Castle is still underneath the store. Then it opens up the possibilities of Morgan maybe finding out the truth about Chuck. Anyway…just my two and a half cents. My first time posting on this blog, though I’ve been following it. Cheers!

  12. Miz, why is this less believable than the Orange Orange?

    They have a problem with Chuck. If he goes back to work at Buy More, that is pathetic. If he allows himself to be talked into opening a store with his gf, that’s not hard to swallow. She has been working in the fast food industry since being involved with Chuck. So his family isn’t going to be shocked, and owning something even if a franchise is using your education poorly? Tell that to the people who own Subways and are millionaires from it.

  13. I realize Chuck cannot return to BuyMoria – I wouldn’t want him to after he quit. I know lots of people are saying good riddance, but I loved the B-story of the show.

    But I guess I am a bit leery of Subway – an ACTUAL food franchise in the real world as opposed to the faux OO – being okay with the store being depicted as being deserted all the time while our intrepid heroes are out saving the day! Or they’re sneaking off into the fridge to access the secret spy lair in the basement and not returning. “Hey where’d they go with my sandwich?” Whatever.

    I already suspend so much disbelief while watching, that anymore might put me over the edge.

    I stand by my Morgan idea. But listen, I am extremely grateful for Subway. It’s just that Chuck is a nerd, a computer geek, and I wouldn’t want them to lose that aspect of his character, potential for riches or not.


  14. Admittedly I’m not a Chuck fan but this news does pose one question from me – does this not undermine Chuck’s product placement chops a little? I was under the impression that one of Chuck’s greatest strengths was that the Buy More setting allowed them (or potentially allowed them) to fit in enormous product placement and straight up advertisements without it seeming out of place.

  15. Alex, the Buy More isn’t leaving. It will still be there, just less stuff going on there. They’re getting big money from Subway, so in that sense they are still progressively ahead of the game compared to other shows. Subway is paying quite a bit.

  16. Interestingly enough, the solution to the Buy More plot may be to more fully incorporate the entire shopping center. They’ve already got Large Mart being a rival to Buy More, the sandwich shop with Lou, and the places Sarah has worked.

    All that has to happen now is for them to put Morgan nearby as a chef, have Jeff and Lester go work for Large Mart, have Big Mike retake the Buy More. They can have product placement galore, any product imaginable.

  17. Nick C, so is season 4 of Heroes definetly the final season now?

  18. I’ll miss the cute Orange Orange outfit, but keeping the show on the air is obviously more important. Thank-you Subway!

  19. KN aka AppleJill

    This is no surprise to the majority of online fans. Many have been suggesting this since the renewal. What media source is now reporting it as fact?

    I have faith in the writers to be able to carry this off well enough. I have two concerns: one is the way Subway will be portrayed on the show. I remember reading/hearing that Subway had “sandwich dressers” on the set to set up the subs and ensure they looked perfect. Subway wants its product show in the best possible light. So, no wacky hijinks in the new franchise. Can the agents close at noon to run off after bad guys? Treat the customers in anyway other than perfectly helpful? Treat their job with anything but the utmost respect? It was a great thing that Best Buy chose not to lend its name to the show. It allowed crazy, funny things to happen at the Buy More with lazy, insane, alcoholic, back-stabbing, hilarious employees.

    The other: I loved the Buy-Morons and I’m sad that they will likely only show up as visitors to Subway and spyworld. But, I understand that there is no going back for Chuck and Casey.

  20. KN, I read that same thing about the “sandwich dresser”, but I think that was mainly because the sandwich itself was the placement. If you recall, once the contest started they turned it into mulch, and it was kind of a gross scene.

    But for a storefront, I think they can pull it off. If you remember, the only storefront that was a joke all by itself was the Weinerlicious. The Orange Orange wasn’t really a joke, or joked on (much). In fact it kind of turned into a neutral place where we saw Chuck and Sarah interacting about personal stuff.

    I think Subway could be the same, just a backdrop. They’ll show it in tip-top shape, clean, bright colors, but never focused on actually making food other than maybe Sarah handing out food (in the same manner she did in S1 and S2). In that sense if it becomes a fixture set of the show, it doesn’t need to be talked about as much. I mean the $5 footlong posters will be on the wall behind them, they won’t have to say anything. And how will they explain it “closing” at all hours of the day? Same way they explained Chuck’s tech installs at Buy More–agents that take over the business/prepare fake paperwork for Chuck and the team while they go on missions. I think Fedak mentioned that in an interview once, how Chuck can keep going on installs, who’s buying all this equipment..he said the CIA was.

  21. Ricardo Leal, SUBWAY bought the show, without them there is no show. So thank them for it, don’t go “No!”

    Nick C, you’re right. I was just wondering if they could do it another way, without replacing the Orange Orange. Still, it’s a good move. I just hope they give Sarah a nice suit. 😛

  22. Three cheers for Subway stepping up and help bring Chuck back.

    As to Chuck and Casey working at a Subway along side Sarah – that I do not like. Give Chuck a cover job more in line with his nerd skills.

  23. I always thought the best thing to do was replace OO with Subway, have Chuck open up a startup software company for a cover in the same mall.

    That way, all three business could be easily inter-related. It wouldn’t be hard for Chuck’s software biz to do a lot of business with BuyMore which I don’t want to see go.

  24. Old Darth and imkeh – I agree. Sarah at Subway fine. Chuck at Subway, no. The idea of Chuck’s own software business is a great one – it is a strip mall after all. Between Chuck, Sarah and Casey, you can’t put them all working in the same place. Maybe 2 of them (like Chuck & Casey at BuyMore), but not 3.

    Since Chuck and Casey quit BuyMore together, I think it would be logical to have them in business together as their “cover” (because now more than ever Chuck will need to have “asset protection” with him very close). Have Sarah do what she normally does – look absolutely stunning while serving food of whatever variety!

    Here’s what I think is a MORE interesting question that we should be discussing. WHAT ARE THE LIVING ARRANGEMENTS GOING TO BE FOR NEXT SEASON? Chuck CAN’T move back in with Ellie & Awesome. Not once they’re married. That would be superlame. And since he’s more in need of “protection,” it would be logical for him to room with one of his “protectors.”

    My vote is for Sarah! If they’re cover is going to be boyfriend/girlfriend, that would be more logical (although in real life I don’t “promote” that kind of thing, in Chuck TVland, I think it would be a good idea). It would really amp up the relationship angle of the story – and let’s be honest, one of the BIG reasons that many fans watch the show is the Chuck and Sarah dynamic – and I think we all know where most (if not all of us) want that to go!

  25. P.S. – and THIS way, you have Chuck with Casey’s protection during the work day, and Chuck with Sarah’s protection during “off hours.” It’s a “win/win” situation!! 😉

  26. Well of course you don’t promote such behavior, the Catholic Church and “every sperm is sacred,” thing after all.

  27. Yes, I watch Monty Python – and love it – and I know when “God gets quite irate” as well! I EVEN know that there’s a difference between the Peoples’ Front of Judea and the Judean Peoples’ Front!! 🙂

    But in reality, not Chuck TVland, statistics show that couples that “live together” b/4 marriage have higher divorce rates than couples that don’t. Bascially, taking it out for a “test drive” to see “if it’s the right fit” (which in my experience is the reason that most people give for living together before getting married) might work with cars, but it’s no guarantee when it comes to spouses. It seems (if the statistics are an accurate indicator) to lead to the opposite of the desired effect.

    So I don’t promote it for more than just the “every sperm is sacred” reason!! I don’t promote it because if you’re looking for a marriage that lasts, test drives don’t help. It’s no guarantee that “test drivers” will wind up getting divorced, but the stats show that the likelihood will be greater that they will. And, my friend, I’m all for marriages that last!! (Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist or whichever).

  28. Rick Holy, the speculation over at the board I frequent is that Sarah and Chuck will have to move in together, and have a real relationship under their fake relationship; one that they’ll have to hide from Casey and the General. 🙂

  29. Imkeh. Now THAT would make things interesting. I would love to see it happen. I just think there is so much more to each of their characters – especially Sarah – that can be explored if they “move forward” with their relationship. All this talk makes March seem like a loooooooong time away!!

  30. Where they hang out isn’t a problem. What could be a problem is if talentless types at Subway get some sort of creative control.
    On the third hand as long as Yvonne Strahovski is there, who cares *g*

  31. Speculation, all speculation. I think the team at Chuck has done pretty well so far. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this and trust that people who make a living with their TV show can figure out a way to work a Subway shop into the show without shoving it in our faces. I’m just so freaking grateful that there will BE a 3rd season!

  32. agent_walker74

    I’m all for Charah moving in together, BUT not that soon. I don’t want it forced, then have the writers write in lame & re-used tricks to bring up the tension or keep the excitement, depending on the state of the relationship. We’ve had enough of wll they/won’t they for over 2 seasons. Frankly, I’d be worried if they went the moving in route, seeing as how the almost consummation in the motel & Sarah’s “it is real” dialogue in Colonel were almost totally ignored in the Ring.
    still, i’m so thankful for the subway sponsorship cause we get to have a season 3. can’t wait till march 2010.