TRUE BLOOD Season 2, Episode 2 Recap by Brian S.

This episode starts off  in the dungeon with Eric finishing his little “redneck” snack and noticing something in his hair asking Lafayette”is there blood in my hair?” This is bad,Pam’s going to kill me”. Lafayette.who in turn asks”who the f*** is Pam”?I love the one liners!

Now at Bill’s place we find Bill and Sookie wrapping up their whoopie session.Bill explains more of the Vampire way to Sookie who has more questions about the newly turned Vampire Jessica.

Back to Eric getting his hair done  He and a few of his friends including his hairstylist Pam are asking Lafayette questions about Eddie the missing and really dead Vampire/ lover and V supplier of Lafayette. Scared to death he tell’s them the last person he saw Eddie with was Jason. Eric and Pam start speaking in some kind of Vampire dialect. Poor Jason can’t get a break can he!

Speaking of Jason, now we see him and a group of people on a church bus heading to the Light of Day Leadership Conference(Vacation bible School)and ends up making a few new friends and a few new enemies. I see where this is heading, do you?

Tara and Egg’s story takes a small backseat in this episode. He talks to her about his past  and wow  he’s got one!
Sookie see’s Jessica’s parents on t.v. asking help in finding their missing daughter. Sookie then has a moment holding an old picture of Grams, Tara and herself.

Over to Merlotte’s we see Maryanne wanting to order some food and boy does she! She orders what seems like the entire menu and Sam is really uneasy about her being there. The new waitress Daffney can’t get  her act together and it’s stressing puppy dog Sam out big time! Sookie gets to met Maryanne and can tell something isn’t right with her. ”I can’t place your accent”, she says.

Meanwhile back at the dungeon, which is  right under Fangtasia(Eric’s bar)Lafayette is trying to escape and gets shot by a nervous waitress who is watching the bar while Eric and his gang slumber while it’s daylight.This scene has more great one liners!

Sookie walks in on a crying Jessica who is missing her family and tells her she’ll drive her to see them as long as she stays in the car and looks in from a distance. By the way, did you know Vampire’s cry tears of blood?

Now we see Bill shopping(hey Vampire’s have to shop too)and he bumps into a new and improved Eric(short hair and jogging suit).Eric asks Bill if he can borrow Sookie to help him with the (Eddie)mystery but Bill is reluctant to oblige but Eric puts him in his face and lets him know  that it’s pretty much Eric’s way and no other way” poorly played” he tells Bill.

Now at Merlotte’s we see Maryanne dancing around with the nice patrons and they are all acting weird, kind of in a dance trance I guess.

Sookie drives Jessica  to her parents house and as soon as they pull up Jessica(with her Vampire track meet like speed)runs to the door and knocks. Her mom opens the door and the unhappy family reunion begins.

While everyone is still dancing the crazy dance at Merlotte’s Sam confronts Maryanne  on what’s going on. She pretty much puts him in his place as she turns him into his doggy mode, does her creepy shiver thing she does and lets him know she can do that anytime she wants. Hey, when she starts doing her shiver dance  it even creeps me out and I like creepy stuff!

Ok, Bill has to come fix the mess up that Sookie let Jessica get into at her parents home. Did I say unhappy family reunion already? Yes! He runs  Sookie out of the house closing the door and Vamping up in what looks like (bad
Bill mode).

Finally Eric asks Lafayette how he’d like to die and he chooses an answer Eric and gang wasn’t expecting. He asks them to make him Vampire. Eric’s response “chow time” and they all dive in. So what happens? Will we see Lafayette the Vampire or Lafayette the leftovers. I’m hoping for Vampire myself! Looks like we might get to see a new character or a new character mode next week! I love this show but  they need to take a break on the love fest right now and focus on the darkness.



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  1. Hi there! I still haven’t watched this episode, or read your post, but you might wanna do these posts like Alan Sepinwall does them, and put something general with a warning of spoilers up ahead instead of starting to describe the episode on the part of your post which we can see from the front page 😛

  2. Thanks Pere,i should have added a *Spoiler Alert* and didn’t…my bad!

  3. “Muslim Buffy with a dick”.

  4. Lafayette is going to make a crazy vampire! I LOVE LOVE LOVE TRUE BLOOD!!!

  5. Cynthia,Lafayette might be my favorite character and if we see him Vamp out i do wonder what if anything will change about him.Well, i like creepy ass Maryanne too!

  6. Not to be a wiseass, but eric and pam are speaking swedish ;P

  7. Filip,i don’t speak Swedish so i figured they were speaking some old Vampire talk!Maybe the old elder Vamps came from Sweden! Nah,i don’t see that!

  8. Filip,i read on this a little and found they let Eric(Skargard)speak his native Swedish but in the books it IS actually Old Norse .Thanks Dallas!

  9. “By the way, did you know Vampire’s cry tears of blood?”

    Yeah – they showed that in season one several times, such as episode 5 both in the church when Bill saw the picture of his family and later when the vampire who turned him led him to his family. Not to mention it’s common in vampire fiction.

    Lafayette as a vampire is definitely going to work!

  10. Yeah RSH, i was actually asking the “reader”if they knew,there alot of fans/readers that are just now getting turned on to this show. There are alot of “newbies” out there!