CHUCK Will Not Be Working At SUBWAY

This should make a few of you breathe a sigh of relief.

The Orange Orange is definitely now a Subway, but Chuck and most likely Casey will be working elsewhere.  They are still fiddling around with ideas.  As long as they don’t return him to the Buy More all is ok with me.  He can’t work there.  He quit, he’s making his life better.  If he needs a good front, they can work up something better than returning to the Buy More.  Put it in the same shopping center if you want, but give him a better cover than loser, please.

I’m hoping the upcoming interviews with crew will answer a lot of questions without spoiling anything.


58 responses to “CHUCK Will Not Be Working At SUBWAY

  1. I really could see Chuck just opening his own computer store. He could sell computers and services, go on all the installs (taking Casey with him) he wants. He could even branch into security installations and business automation.

    It fits him, as they’ve shown him do some of that working for Buy More, and its a big enough step up and away from Buy More to show him making it on his own. They could put his store in the same shopping center as the Buy More and the new Subway. But they could go on missions anytime they wanted without people wondering where they are. I think that’s needed for this season, as Chuck’s new abilities are going to cause enough problems without having to deal with a plot about “Where’s Chuck? Why is he never at work?”

  2. i’m not sure subway would like the idea of having one of their employees (sarah) run off at the drop of the hat. they’ll have to figure out how to keep sarah available without upsetting the sponsors.

    i also know that the creators were hoping to change out the storefront every season, but i guess it’ll stay a subway for the duration of the show. oh well, i can live with that…

  3. ChuckNut, Subway doesn’t care about that. It’s a show. Do you think anyone watching is going to stop and go “I can’t eat at Subway, they let imaginary characters just run off from work and save the world!”

  4. i know it’s just a show and you know that it’s just a show, still though, companies are very wary of how they might be perceived… nevertheless, you’re right, they may not care at all.

  5. This is me, breathing a sigh of relief! Thanks Nick!

    Looking forward to getting more details from the Comic Con panel. Know you’ll be all over that.


  6. Heck, I’d think that’d be an incentive for recruiting with the attractive colleagues and flexible work hours.

  7. I think Subway would care about it. They want their product and their company shown in the best possible light, that includes customer service. Of course, the easy solution to Sarah running off is having other employees like the regular non-speaking parts at the Buy More.

    I’m eager to see how they incorporate all the locations and the characters. Morgan and Anna are free from the Buy More, but it would seem like a cop-out for them to work at Subway or with Chuck. I predict Jeff and Lester will be Subway customers at least once in the new season.

    It does seem like the way the last couple of episodes set up S3 made planning around budget cuts and integrating storylines (spyworld/Chuck and Casey’s fake jobs/Sarah’s fake job/Chuck’s homelife/Buy More) more difficult.

    Anyone know if Tony Hale will continue to be on the show?

  8. Oh, and I’m happy Chuck and Casey won’t be working at Subway.

  9. ChuckNut, it probably won’t be much of an issue, not that fans would notice anyway. As long as they’re not disparaging the company, or showing bugs running all over the place I doubt Subway will care if Sarah has to run off on a mission. They may not even show that, they’ll just let it be known that the CIA has people making sandwiches when Sarah Walker isn’t around. It was the same idea when Chuck was going on installs for Buy More. The CIA was handling it and buying all the gear.

  10. frank, that’s a great way of working around it. i trust the writers will be just as creative in finding a way to keep subway happy, i’m just making the point that her frequent absences should be dealt with somehow now that the store represents an actual company…

  11. I Really dont understand why Sarah working in a Subway would bother anyone, as long as she has a good outfit she can work anywhere 🙂

  12. I could see Morgan working with Sarah at the Subway.

  13. Here, Here. I love the Buy More and what Chuck to go back as often as he can but don’t make him work there. It’s kind of lame to have Chuck quite but have to go back just so he has a cover. They already did that, so let’s not repeat storylines. (I would possible accept it if he went back as manager, at least a promote justifies him going back.)

  14. I’m with OldDarth on this. It would make sense to see Morgan working at the Subway. He has culinary aspirations and they could easily explain that he couldn’t cut it in Hawaii attempting to be a Benihana chef and returned to Burbank.

    He sorta gets his wish. He will be working with food.

  15. Funny about that BeniHana thing. I actually asked a BeniHana chef whether there’s a special training center. Turns out you can train at any ole Benihana. Yea I’m a fanatic.

    Ok, to my predicitions: Sarah and Morgan will work at Subway together. Chuck will have some sort of software/computer company in the same mall. Hilarity will still ensue.

    One thing I know we won’t see: a pan of the newly outfitted Subway empty to rile up the Subway executives.

  16. morgan working with sarah will lead to hilarity, i’m sure, but i wonder how team b will manage to get into castle without being noticed by the other subway employees… again, i’m sure the writers will figure it out; i just wish we didn’t have to wait so long to find out how…

  17. Chuck WORKING at Subway, no. Chuck EATING at Subway – OFTEN – Yes!! All I can say is give Subway whatever the heck they want. They know it’s a TV show – they’re not stupid. They didn’t get to be one of if not the largest “fastfood” chain (# of locations) by pulling bonehead moves. So if Sarah has to book at the drop of a hat, they’re not going to care. Heck, if it’s a “CIA Subway,” they could make her the manager – and the manager could leave anytime he/she wants!!

    I STILL say – as I’ve said either on this or some other CHUCK thread and/or website – what I’m more interested in is not “where are they going to work?” but WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO LIVE??

    You CAN’T have Chuck moving back in with Ellie and Awesome. That would be like going back to work at the Buymore. Are Chuck and Sarah going to move in together? Are they going to have a “real” relationship under their “cover” relationship which they will have to try and keep “undercover?”

    Bottom line is I’m less concerned or interested with where they work than with where they live. It’s where they lay their hat at the end of the day that will be more important to the storyline.

    Soooo. Is it Chuck and Sarah sharing a pad? or Chuck and Casey? Or – and you know in ChuckTVland it’s ALWAYS still a possibility – Chuck and Morgan!!

    (and PLEASE let Chuck have a better hairdo!)

    THAT’s what I’m waiting to find out about!!!

    Peace, all. And Keep on Chuckin!!

  18. Bo Writtenhouse

    His mom could be Roark’s widow and Chuck could take over Roark Industries or He could be Video Game Designer or Software Inventor and Computer Sales and Repair Outlet with some of the Buymore Crew working for him?

  19. For all the skeptics on Sarah running off on missions I offer this thought:

    They hinted to a new love triangle but didn’t specify. How about a new female employee that works for Sarah that Jeff and Lester compete for. They were fighting over Pita girl in Season 1, and this option would give the store more exposure without the need for Sarah being there.

  20. Some guy named John

    Chuck news is awesome news.

    More importantly when are the Season 2 DVD’s coming out, I have them on pre-order wih Amazon and they give no date yet.

  21. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Chuck and Morgan end up back at the Buy More. It’s a key part of the show, and unfortunately a common TV cliche is “End of season apparently up-ends key dynamic” only for first episode of next season to involve some contrived plot to fix everything. Look at last year’s NCIS for how bad it can get.

    Of course, the other option is that Best Buy could open across the street, opening yet more opportunities for product placement!

  22. I like the idea of Sarah and Morgan working at Subway because I think it would be funny to watch those two interact. It would be great if Morgan’s Benihana aspirations were dashed because of his inadequate knife wielding skills…enter Sarah, who not only hires him as her ‘Ass Man’ but instructs him on how to properly handle knives. Actually in my head, Morgan witnesses Sarah throwing a knife in a super cool spy capacity and begs her to be his Obi-Wan of culinary cutlery. In order to cover up the prior incident, Sarah has to agree.

  23. agent_walker74

    hey, wendy, i like your idea.

    first off, the locations:
    1. subway should be at the mall
    2. Chuck’s new computer business in the old Orange-Orange

    the employees:
    1. subway – Morgan & Casey
    This is morgan’s fallback for failing the Benihana thing. Morgan-Casey would bring forth a new bromance since we already saw Casey/Chuck bond & have resepect for each other.
    If Morgan is there, Chuck & BuyMorians would be too.
    Morgan can deliver sandwiches so the product placements in Buy More could still have their exposure.
    Casey can go off on missions & Morgan would cover for him. He is after all, a true blue BuyMorian. We always wondered why Chuck isn’t there anymore but we never know how Casey can get away when he’s not an on-call employee like Chuck, but a sales assistant.

    2. chuck’s new computer business:
    Of course, Chuck & Sarah. They’d been cover dating for than 2 years. It’s only logical that Sarah, being written as the cover great girlfriend that brought on the new & improved Chuck, will be helping her man in his new business. Plus, we all know YS wants a non-fast food cover job for Sarah. It gives us fans the Chuck-Sarah together time we want without having to have their relationship move too fast all of a sudden (coz it usually means it’ll end that fast, too. Sorry Rick Holy.). This also gives the Chuck-Sarah dynamic more non-mission, non-cover time together to really get to know each other & make Sarah overcome her emotional barriers.

    That being said, when they go off on missions, no one would question where they are and Subway gets all the exposure they paid for because a main cast is always there.

    the living arrangements:
    1. Chuck doesn’t have to move out of Ellie’s apartment immediately in S3 because they love having him there
    2. if he really had to move out, the logical choice would be to have him move in with Casey. this way, we can still incorporate some Bartowski family time & gatherings which was a bit sorely missing in S2.
    Chuck can eventually move in with Sarah when their cover romance becomes a reality towards the end of S3 or S4 (hopefully). It lets the Charah romance grow into its own & not be forced if we have them move in together all of a sudden, even if it’s just for cover.

    one thing that i’d really hate to see is Casey, Chuck & Morgan all back at the Buy More. that would be a really really bad cop-out by the writers.

  24. agent_walker, brilliant thinking having chuck’s business over castle, instead of the subway! one question, though: nick, hasn’t it already been announced that the subway is the new orange orange? wouldn’t this imply that it would be in the same location and employ the same staff, namely, sarah? or is there wiggle room in that statement, meaning just that a subway store will be featured in the show but not necessarily in the same place with the same staff?

  25. agent_walker74

    good question, ChuckNut. NickC, won’t you enlighten us?

  26. “They are still fiddling around with ideas.”

    I understand TV writing is very seat-of-the-pants, but Chuck leaving the Buy More is (probably) a big shift for the show, so I’m surprised they didn’t have this mostly gamed out when they decided to have him quit. Should I be? Is the typical MO for a show like this really: make a big decision and then… worry about it later?”

  27. I think the 3 of them should move to Hawaii and open an investigation agency *g*

  28. I don’t think you can have Chuck living with Ellie and Awesome anymore.

    Reason 1: If it’s true that the “cutbacks” involve seeing some of the cast members in fewer episodes, then it’s more likely that he lives with Sarah, Casey or Morgan. As much as I like Ellie and Awesome, I think we’ll be seeing less of them in Season 3 (unfortunately). Plus although in “agent Walker74’s” words, they “loved having him around,” Ellie was never shy about pushing Chuck out the front door and into a shared living arrangement with Sarah. I don’t think she’s going to stop now.

    Reason 2: If Awesome now knows that Chuck is a spy – and if Chuck has the new and improved Intersect in his head – and if his life is going to be more in danger now that he’ll be up against “The Ring,” I don’t think that Chuck would want to live with Ellie/Awesome because it would put them in danger. You could say that he’s been “putting them in danger” by living with them during seasons 1 and 2, but that was when Awesome didn’t know about his “spy” background, and before the stakes got raised with the new Intersect and the arrival of “The Ring” on the scene. At this point it would make more sense to have him live with one of his handlers. Either Sarah or Casey.

    Reason 3: Living with Ellie and Awesome can only afford so many story opportunities, most of which have already been covered. Giving Chuck a new living arrangement – no matter what it is – opens up different story opportunities.

    I still say that having him live with Ellie/Awesome would be like having him return to the BuyMore. It’s a “been there, done that” kind of thing. Season 3 might be our last (although I shudder just thinking about that possibility), so Chuck needs to “move forward” regarding both job and living arrangement.

  29. Some guy named John

    I have this great idea of Morgan and Awesome having some classic “who’s on first?” moments, with Chuck’s spy life. I think it would be very entertaining.

    Morgan at Subway is the best idea, him moving home to work at Subway because he and Anna don’t work out. Better yet he never leaves, his plane is subject to a terrorist plot and chuck saves him, but morgan thinks chuck is there to tell his friend not to move away, cue the bromance…

    As for living arangements, Best idea is Chuck moving into an apartment in the same complex with Sarah, it keeps the family together and moves the relationship along.

    As for the Buy More, IDK, I say lets be done with it and move the show along, maybe have Jeffster rock out on another episode or two.

  30. agent_walker74

    agree with rick holy there. that’s why there were so few brother-sister moments in S2 . i thought the sibling dynamic could’ve had more storylines if there had been more female bonding time between ellie & sarah (like in tom sawyer). most of the time, the i miss chuck moments are between morgan & ellie.

  31. Ok, I will give up an idea I’ve wanted to do for *years*, just for Chuck’s sake — anyone else makes money on it, I want my 10%. 🙂

    Buy a used ambulance, put Chuck and Casey in blue jumpsuits, and put him in the mobile computer repair business: PC Paramedics.

    It’s a good cover vehicle, too.

  32. I do want to followup, though, that the light Buy More stuff and people are part of what makes this show: you *cannot* kill that without breaking the balance of the milieu.

  33. agent_walker74

    yes, it’s too early in the series to kill off one of Chuck’s origins. but it was quite obvious in season 2 that spy life & buy more life seemed like 2 separate shows. Chuck is never there anymore. the writers have to be clever enough to integrate subway, buy more, Chuck’s new life, his handlers & family without really destroying the essence of the show. i’m still okay with having buy more as long as it contributes something to the show.

  34. Isn’t it time for Chuck to live alone now? He is
    supposed to have matured in the first 2 seasons
    in the show and is in love with a grown woman.

    Shouldn’t he be living like a grown man? Living
    with his sister is out, she’s a newlywed, living
    with Morgan regresses him to a maturity level
    of seasons 1 and 2 (he isn’t in high school or
    college any more), and he doesn’t need to live
    with Casey ( Chuck does not need a babysitter).

    The logical person to live with at all would be
    Sarah and we all know that is not going to happen yet, if at all this season.

    People need to get organized right now and
    start lobbying NBC and Subway for a full
    22 episode season so the writers have enough
    time to resolve all of the above issues. There’s
    no guarantee a 4th season, especially with the
    Winter Olympics messing things up and the
    show tentatively coming back in March 2010 in
    midseason which will make renewal for a 4th
    season that much harder.

    I repeat the time to start lobbying for 22 episodes, not 13 for the 3rd season and a 4th
    season is now!!! If this is put off and not begun
    now by midseason of next year it will be too
    late to do either and the show could be cancelled
    without any final resolution of the relationships
    among the show’s characters (Chuck/Sarah etc).

    Let’s get moving ASAP people. Time is of the
    essence here, thanks. Please get the word out at
    the main fan website The letters
    and e-mails to NBC and Subway need to start
    right now with a strong, consistent theme for
    22 3rd season episodes and a 4th season right
    through 2009/2010 viewing year, not at the end of it. If we wait, it will be too late to save
    the show again. Would appreciate some comments on this, thanks again.

  35. Robert, I’ve got a very picky spam filter (and I like it like that). However don’t mail Subway or email Subway, go in buy a sandwich and fill out a comment card, and put your message there.

    In other words continue to support Subway, and they’ll put the pressure on NBC. The comment card comments are worth 500 times one email or letter to them. Seriously.

  36. Thanks for your reply Nick C. I will do just
    that and I urge everybody who reads these blogs
    to do the same and urge all of your friends and
    contacts who enjoy the show to do likewise,
    including all of the fans at and elsewhere.

    Everybody let’s start this week and once a week
    throughout the 2009/2010 viewing season
    go to a Subway, buy a $5.00 footlong, and fill
    out the comment card urging Subway to lobby
    NBC for a 22 episode 3rd season and a 4th
    season. If everyone fills out a comment card
    once a week at your local Subway. the results
    could be fantastic!!!

    Thanks again for your suggestion Nick C.
    Everybody, let’s get moving on this, thanks!!

  37. Robert…I got to meet the Chief Marketing Officer for Subway because of the whole Finale and Footlong campaign thing and Subway is very invested in making Chuck’s 3rd season a success story. I actually sent him a follow up email asking him if Subway might consider making up a Chuck Sub Club Card…basically a Chuck Themed rewards card (instead of the standard reward card they offer) so that fans can utilize it when they make purchases and Subway will know that those sales are related to their Chuck audience. Fans wouldn’t need to send in receipts or comment cards because the reward cards would give Subway the info automatically and then we as fans get a neat little bit of paraphernalia while building points for free stuff. I have no idea if they’ll run with the idea, but I thought it was a good one.

    Regarding NBC…I met the Director of Digital Strategies the other week at an ISF panel and we talked about ways for the fan base and NBC to collaborate, specifically toward the goal of increasing audience engagement and viewership for Season 3 of Chuck. He asked that I submit a presentation to him summarizing the fan efforts during the campaign (which demonstrate the power, efficiency, and creativity of the fan base), current efforts (Chuck Me Mondays, etc), and future ideas. He said he’d review that and circulate it within NBC to help provide feedback on the best pathway and contacts for Chuck fans to channel their efforts. It doesn’t matter if fans bombard NBC with requests if we’re speaking to the wrong people. What really made the Save Chuck campaign stand apart from previous ones, was the way that fans sought to work towards a goal aligned with NBC’s needs…creating happy advertisers and good press. What needs to happen now, is for NBC to bridge the gap to build more synergy with the fans and foster a more dynamic and positive relationship (something no network has really ever accomplished or even tried IMO).

    I sent him the presentation earlier this week and it’s my hope that I’ll get some response from him before July is out and I can pass that info along to Mel and company over at (among others). Keep spreading the word and I’ll keep everyone posted on what I hear. Fingers crossed.

  38. @Wendy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all that you’ve done and are continuing to do for CHUCK. [“You’re reward will be great in heaven. Well, maybe not – but I like saying that to people – it comes with the job 😉 ].

    The CHUCK Sub Club card is a GREAT idea. I think I heard you had a marketing degree. It definitely shows.

    Again, thanks for all that you’re doing. We who enjoy “CHUCK” so much are truly appreciative to you and to all the sites (like Nick C.) who support the show.

    Peace, all! and “Keep on Chuckin'”

  39. Wendy, can I just say — you’re awesome! You’ve got the kind of reach we fans have been dying to get!! We at We Heart Chuck have several ideas that we’ve tryed to float to the folks at Subway and NBC but have just gotten nowhere. Would you please contact Laurie, the campaign lead, at so we can communicate and coordinate our efforts? We would love to work with you!

    We hope to hear from you soon and, on behalf of Chuck fans everywhere, thank you for your efforts!

  40. Guys, I just posted Wendy’s article about her time at the ISF panel. She emailed it to me awhile ago, and I got caught up with life. Her posting reminded me that I was a knucklehead whom had forgotten.

    I know NBC is very happy she was there.

  41. erg, nick c would you please enable an edit function? or maybe a “delete post” function? i “tryed” to edit my post before submitting, but i obviously missed the typo. thanks!

  42. @Wendy – one thing that concerns me regarding Season 3. If we start up again in March, sure we have the advantage – if NBC uses it – of Olympic promotion. However, we’ll still be on Mondays against DWTS, House, etc. AND, AND – depending on which week it is – “March Madness,” the NCAA basketball tournament.

    I hope there’s some way of “growing” the Chuck audience – but I think it’s going to take a marketing Wiz (perhaps you) to draw people away from the phenomenon of DWTS and the incredible popularity of House (not to mention the popular CBS Monday night comedies). People get set in what they watch and it’s hard to change their viewing habits.

    I’m almost thinking that NBC/Subway has come up with a way to make $$$ with Chuck’s ratings remaining the same as they’ve been the past couple of seasons – otherwise they wouldn’t have risked making the deal. I mean, how audience can you “steal” from those other shows?? The realist in me says, “not very much.”

    I can ask for “Divine Intervention,” but truthfully, with all the world’s problems, I don’t think that “Chuck’s” ratings are on God’s priority list. 😉

    Anyway, keep up the great work.

  43. Rick Holy, the show kept growing at the end of last season. I think it’s possible for the show to hit a 3.0 even against that competition without “stealing,” viewers. There are enough viewers to go around. Look at Thursday Nights.

    I believe GOSSIP GIRL is switching with ONE TREE HILL now too, and that is a dead show walking. So getting some of the people not wanting to watch OTH waiting for GG is possible. After all episodes are written and produced by the same charming fellow.

    Chuck Me Mondays need to pick up popularity during the Olympics.

  44. Nick – First thanks for posting the article and for the lovely intro that you provided…it really set the stage. Question…who the hell at NBC knew I was there aside from Lee? That seems a little weird, but then almost everything Chuck related in my life has been pretty surreal.

    Rick Holy – Regarding picking up new viewers, I think the time change of the Big Bang Theory could also help boast Chuck’s numbers…there’s a lot of overlap in potential viewers there…smart comedy, nerd humor, and romatic sub-plot…it’s like Chuck minus the awesome spy stuff but with the fantastic Jim Parsons.

    Chuck Nut – I actually included the Have a Heart Save Chuck campaign in the presentation to NBC because it hard numbers that I could report in terms of results. I also included the extension of that project, the Have a Heart Watch Chuck, in the future projects where fans could use support from NBC.

  45. I still think BETTER & MORE promotion is the key – and it can’t just happen via the web. MOST people still do all their watching – and viewing of promotions via TV. It still amazes me how many people with whom I talk that when you mention “CHUCK” have absolutely no idea what the heck you’re talking about. (I remember on one particular site talking to someone about watching CHUCK and they came back to me telling me it was one of the stupidest shows they ever say – it was because they watched EARL by mistake. And the same exact thing happened to another CHUCK fan who told a friend about watching the show).

    Let’s admit it, NBC did a crappy job of promoting this show. The two attractive, appealing “stars” of the show weren’t featured enough on the “main” NBC talk shows – on regular NBC promo spots – or on SNL for that matter.

    I know there was the Super Bowl thing, but the Super Bowl thing is always kind of “iffy.” (And 3D hardly ever – if EVER – sells anymore – unless you go back in time to “Pleasantville” and the 1950’s). I remember when my favorite show ALIAS was put on after the Super Bowl some years back – and the network (I believe ABC at that time) found a way to screw it up by putting a Bon Jovi concert on after the Super Bowl before airing the ALIAS episode. By the time ALIAS came on, most people went to bed or had already passed out from too much beer. Leave it to network execs to promote a past their prime rock band more than promoting their own show.

    I’m sure you’ve seen on some of the CHUCK websites the Virgin 1 promo spots from England for CHUCK which blew out of the water anything that NBC had done in the past.

    Bottom line is that the fans (particularly at the lead of people like Wendy) promoted this show better than the Network itself. We’ve written the letters. We’ve signed the petitions. We’ve eaten the sandwiches. We’ve bought and handed out DVDS to friends and family who once they’ve watched the show become fans as well. But we can only do (and afford) so much. Now it’s time for the Network (NBC) to step up to the plate and put their money where their mouth is. Either they really want this show to succeed, or they don’t.

    It’s all about PROMOTION – and then you let word of mouth take it from there. But word of mouth WITHOUT PROMOTION just isn’t going to cut it.

    Anyway, I love this show and I think more people would find it entertaining and love it, too – if they didn’t “automatically” turn to DWTS, HOUSE or whatever else they watch religiously (no put intended) on Monday nights.

    I can only eat so many Subway sandwiches and buy so many Subway gift cards for friends. And I can only buy so many DVDs to give to friends as gifts. I can and still WILL talk up the show and speak about it on web sites until I’m blue in the face, but NBC isn’t going to be able to get the same kind of cash outlay they got from me in the previous “Save Chuck” campaign. It’s time for THEM to start doing their part. Let’s hope they do.

  46. @Wendy – I completely agree that BBT moving to 9:30 on Monday will boost Chuck’s numbers and if Im not mistaken, DWTS will air in Sept against Heroes and be replaced with another reality type show (The Bachelor I believe) after the Olympics against Chuck. Therefore as of right now we avoid 2 other networks top shows at 8 on Monday night. Now we wait to see how the new shows do in the Fall and see IF Chuck’s Season 3 premiere date gets bumped up.

  47. @ Rick L. Only one problem. That stupid “The Bachelor” is still popular, too. Not as popular as DWTS, but popular nonetheless. I can sort of understand people watching DWTS, but why “The Bachelor” eludes me – especially after it is proven that these people (with I think maybe one rare exception) DON’T stay together and DON’T get married. So it’s like “who cares who he picks?” It’s all about getting your face on TV – not about “finding your soul mate!”

    Anways – let’s just hope that CHUCK does well enough so that we don’t have to sweat it out as for renewal for a season 4. I don’t think I can go through that again. I already suffer enough being a Cub fan. I don’t need any more added to it.

  48. agent_walker74

    hi, wendy! i can’t say thank you enough for having great minds on the Chuck side of the fence. i posted your comments over at the strahotski site so they can say thanks to you personally & that we can join any campaign that will keep Chuck in our lives.

  49. agent_walker74

    it’s really a wonder how stupid shows like the bachelor are still going strong, when it should be quality shows like Chuck that need to be on the air without hesitation from the networks.

    i’m with rick holy. why would people keep watching knowing that couples almost alwaya end up not together. it simply doesn’t work so they should just reformat the show & rename it “try & keep the bachelor”.

  50. I know The Bachelor has its fan base also, but they are not as big a draw as Dancing. BBT and DWTS were drawing about 20mil combined in the 8:00 pm timeslot, the Bachelor and HIMYM might draw 1/2 that.

  51. Wendy, thanks for your reply and all of your
    efforts. They are greatly appreciated.

    Nick C.-I went to 3 Subways in St Louis last night and asked about the comment cards. No
    one knew what I was talking about. No cards
    were available.

    I called Subway cust service this morning and
    was told the comment cards have been discontinued. However you can e-mail comments direct to Subway and I was told
    they would be forwarded to the proper dept.

    click on “about us” at top of page
    click on “comments-questions”

    then send.

    Per Wendy’s earlier message you might want to
    direct the e-mail to the Chief Marketing Officer.

    Wendy-do you have a name to send to or any
    comment on this? Really appreciate what you
    have done.

    Nick C. – any comments?

    Can you, Rick Holy, or anybody else post this
    info on other sights if you think useful?

    Would appreciate some feedback on this
    everybody, thanks.

    Wendy, did you mention anything in your
    presentation to the
    Director of Digital Strategies at NBC about a
    22 episode 3rd season instead of 13? Would
    appreciate your ideas on this, thanks.

  52. Wendy just read your article Nick C. posted
    and it was tremendous. Many thanks for your
    efforts. Please let us know how we can help in
    any way. You are quite clearly a very good
    student of marketing and that’s the name of the
    game. Please let us know when Mr. Huang gets
    back to you and who we need to contact at NBC.

    Nick C. thanks for posting!

  53. Robert – The Chief Marketing Officer for Subway is Mr. Tony Pace. If you like you could direct your e-comment to his attention, but I would not recommend emailing him directly.

    The presentation I sent was entitled, “Increasing Audience Engagement for NBC’s Chuck” and it was focused on familiarizing the reader with the fan base and their accomplishments during the campaign, current viewership growth efforts (ChuckMeMondays, etc), future collaborative ideas, and defining a communication pathway so that the fans and the network can better work together. I’m looking at this endeavour as a mini-project…the first stage is to determine all the relevant players and define a communication channel, then we need to discuss the objectives of each group and determine where we have synergy and where we need to compromise and get creative to overcome conflicts of interest. The question of episode count is way too distant a topic to broach at this moment and I wouldn’t expect NBC to make any kind of decisions on that until the fall when their new batch of programming hits the airwaves.

    Honestly, I hope that Chuck doesn’t get pulled back early because if they do, it will be with minimal or no promotion, where as if they start after the Olympics, there’s tons of promotional opporutnities and more people will be watching NBC as a whole to recieve that message. I would not be surprised if NBC did extend Chuck’s order, if only because then they could test the waters on original summer programming without have to risk a new franchise that requires development. But really…who knows what lurks in the minds of network executives? Here’s hoping they’ll talk to us and we can sneak a peak 😉

  54. Wendy, thanks for the above info. It makes a great deal of sense. Please keep us up to date as
    things develop and anything the rest of us can do
    to help. Once again many thanks for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.

  55. Wendy,

    You are truly amazing! Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of Chuck fans. You are our hero. If there is anything we can do as Chuck fans, please let us know. It is obvious we all feel so strongly about this wonderful show and want to see it continue for many seasons to come. Thank you.

  56. @Wendy, I also agree that Chuck should keep it’s March 2010 start time regardless of what happens in the Fall. The Olympics will be a new show promotion dream and a current/bubble show momentum killer. It will be the writers strike all over again for some shows. I’d much rather they extend Chuck into the Summer as has been mentioned than start early and have that long hiatus.

  57. Most people that actually watch the show end up liking it. I totally believe that the numbers for the show can and will go up.

    IMO, the best thing we can do is get people to watch the DVD. I have seen people say they love the show and never knew about it before the campaign.

    When people point to stats about TV shows hardly ever picking up viewership in the third season, that is a little misleading. Chuck barely had a first season…the show came out of left field with no promotion and then was off the air for almost a year. I am not aware of any other new shows to survive the writer strike. The way I look at it, last year was still kind of a season one for this show because people still barely knew about it.

    And getting a bunch of drunk football fans to want to tune into a show just because they get to wear 3-D glasses? What a total stinker of an idea. And the 3-D show looked awful, by the way, if you did not wear those silly glasses. The colors purple and yellow floated in the background the entire time.

    My point is that I believe people will tune into the show if we get them to watch the DVD. Hopefully NBC will listen to the fans like Wendy and do their part. And by the way, they have five hours of talk show a week nowadays in primetime. Maybe they could even interview the actors once in a while?

  58. agent_walker74

    Wendy, what you said about keeping the March 2010 playdate makes sense to me. i think i’m convinced that it is for our beloved Chuck’s own good. i’m willing to wait 7+ more months. i just hope we get to see more of the cast between now & march. i agree with dave. Leno & Conan will be dominating the NBC line-up on a daily (or nightly) basis. at least schedule the guestings & spread them over the 8-month wait time. heck, they can even do guest appearances in NBC or other networks’ fall shows.