TRUE BLOOD Season 2, Episode 3 Recap by Brian S.

In the beginning of this episode we get to see Sookie get attacked and “scratched” by this mysterious beast that kinda looks like the devil in the movie Legend(if you ask me).Anyway, she gets three gory claw marks on her back, Bill takes her to Eric’s place and they call up on the resident Voo-Doo doctor(I guess that’s what she was) she and Eric wasn’t too fond of each other that’s for sure!
Sookie drinks some of Bill’s blood to heal up but not before Eric offers up his own very much to Bill’s disliking. I think Eric likes to pick at Bill sometimes and I also think he might have a little Vampire crush on Sookie, we’ll see down the road! Sookie finds out poor beat up and ate up Layfayette is in the basement, talks Eric into letting him go and they take him home. Poor Lafayette is traumatized!

Jason is still at VBS (Light of Day Retreat) and he starts doubting what’s going on there but Sarah steps in and they seem to have a moment(we saw that coming, it’s gonna get deeper between them two).Anyway Sarah and Steve ease Jason’s doubts and he stays.

Moving along to  Sam’s he’s packing his things and wanting to get the hell out of Dodge(Bon Temps).He asks Terry to look after things while he’s gone and Terry, who is usually quiet gives Sam a piece of his mind!

Anyway now to Maryanne’s it seems like she doing her little “love” fog, dancing thing to everyone again. Andy see’s  a big pig in a play house and then confronts Maryann about not having a “pig permit” and then all of a sudden it’s gone, Tara and Eggs romance gets interrupted by the things she’s seeing at Maryanne’s.

The newly Vamp’ed and very mischievous Jessica walks into to Merlotte’s and meets Hoyt, who seems to be the town good guy. Hoyt never likes anyone but he seems to like Jessica. They strike up a conversation, Jessica let’s him know she’s Vampire and he really doesn’t seem to mind so back to Bill’s they go. As they are playing around on the couch her fangs pop out and Hoyt let’s her know he’s ok with it that “it’s just natural” he says. Bill and Sookie get back and Bill catches them on the couch but Hoyt and Jessica explain nothing “bad” is going on but Bill doesn’t like it at all.

Sam hasn’t left town yet but instead  decides to take a run (in doggie mode)with another resident English Shepherd, they run through the woods and down to the pier where Sam jumps on in but the other pooch bails on him. All of a sudden Daffney (his new waitress) appears, Sam invites her to get in the water and we see her start to strip down to her birthday suit and we get to see the familiar  “scratch” marks on her back as well. End scene!

This episode started out strong with the monster chasing down Sookie but it kind of lost a little steam in the middle but the ending redeemed itself  with Sam inviting Daffney to go skinny dipping and we all get to see “scratch’ marks on her back ,just like Sookie’s. Who’s the big bad monster? Doe’s Erick have a crush on Sookie? What’s gonna happen to poor fanged up Lafayette? Will Andy see the big pig again? Are Tara and Eggs ever gonna get some free time? Is Maryann gonna do her creepy ass “shiver” moth dance for us next episode? I guess we’ll have to wait and  see!



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  1. The creature that attacked Sookie looks like a creature from greek mythology called Minotaur

  2. Hey Amanda,yeah it does look like a
    Minotaur but i just thought of funny man Tim Curry in the cool devil suit with those huge horns from the movie “Legend” and thought i’d make it silly.It might end up being a Minotaur,we’ll see!

  3. I dont know how it could be a Minotaur only one was born and it was killed.

  4. but it looks like one

  5. It’s not a Minotaur – it’s Pan, the god. I’m just watching episode one of season two and Maryann is describing the fresco of Pan on her pavilion by the pool to Tara and the other guy.

    Pan has horns. You also see it in the statue Sam picks up when he visits Maryann’s house earlier.

  6. Yeah i remember the statue and Sam’s flash back,we’ll see….

  7. That is interesting Richard, I recognized the statue as a statue of the Egyptian goddess Bat (who was depicted as a bovine creature). I figured Maryann was a shapeshifter from ancient Egyptian times (immortal because she can shapeshift, and the language in her mind wasn’t anything I could recognize) who shapeshifted into that bovine creature, which made people worship her.

    Bat’s wiki page-

    But I guess any other ancient civilization origin would suffice 😛

  8. Ok,MaryAnn is a Maenad and a Maenad is a follower of Pan but Maryann controls the monster so i think the show is venturing away from the books a little now,not that i’m complaining.It could be a number of “characters”…..

  9. but Pan has the lower body of a goat and the horns like a goat . Sookie sad looked like a bull

  10. Yes, but we’re talking about Sookie here. The show could easily be renamed “How Stupid Can Sookie Stackhouse Be?” after all…

  11. I just watched the episode and the statue looked headless and the helper said what it was but couldnt make out what he said. youcab briefly see the creatures face and it was not human like pan who had human head with goat horns.

  12. Pan was also only one person (god) who also died so how can it be pan. One thing for certain is that noone can say forsure what the creature is. Remember the naked women and dead pig from season one that was marry ann

  13. maenad were followers of Dionysus not Pan

  14. everyone should remember Pan from the cartoons the goat bottom human top with horns bouncing around playing that flut thing

  15. Amanda,Maryann is Maenad,that’s all i’m saying…

  16. Well the 2nd book was very lame. We know this season will be much different than the book because Lafayette is alive. He was the body found in the car at the beginning of the season in the book. That’s a huge change. I’m going to guess the body wasn’t killed by the lame couple in the book and somehow by Maryanne who is so far much more different than Calisto.

  17. why make a referance to the book this is a tv show not the book who says it has to be the same as the book. If it was the same everyone that read it would know what is going on. dont you think that it not being the same as the book makes the show more entertaing to watch since you dont know what is going to happen.

  18. Brian, I never disagreed with you that Maryann is a Maenad. The parties dancing and sex describes a Maenad, they also attacked and ate animals

  19. depends on if it’s a good book…

    The first book was, which is why it was so similar, the second book not so good. Only two I ever read. I’ll never read another.

  20. I read somewhere where Alan Ball considered putting the character Bubba from the books into the series, but he couldn’t find a way to do it without making it seem campy and silly. I hear that Bubba in the book is supposed to be Elvis Preseley.

  21. Hey Fringeman,i read up on Bubba and can’t find where they will include Bubba anytime soon.Nick C might know more about it but i don’t at the moment.He was liked in the books,i see that!

  22. The main thing is that the fresco on her pavilion was explicitly described by Maryann as being “Pan and his human lover” – which pretty clearly flags her and the pig as both.

    Here is the actual image they used for the fresco from another source with a description:

  23. I’m pretty sure if she was “Pan’s human lover” she wouldn’t have crazy powers.. She’d be human..

    The folks who suggested the Maenad sound about right..