CHUCK Fan Invited To Industry Event About Marketing In A Digital Age

A while back I got an email from Wendy.  She was extremely interested in getting into an Internet Strategy Forum panel in NYC.  ISF is a very unique organization with some rather select rules for joining.  So it’s not like you can just go and buy a ticket and get in.  You have to be a member or invited by a member.  Since Wendy was a part of the campaign to save CHUCK that used Subway and had a degree in marketing she was hoping to get in, mingle, and find out more about internet marketing strategies that could help CHUCK and NBC for saving CHUCK.

With a little help from me and some brilliant maneuvering on her part she got invited by NBC’s Director of Digital Strategies.  So she was able to go to the panel, mingle with NBC and Subway suits, and learn.  She wrote me up an article about her time at the event which you will find below.  I’m extremely happy she got in and was able to learn from it.  It may just help with CHUCK’s future.  NBC is very aware that Wendy went and that fans showed that kind of interest.

Anyway enjoy her article…

Making the Right Moves for Digital Growth in Turbulent Times

Although the panel was very industry focused, it gave me some perspective on the corporate digital goals and objectives of big companies like NBC/Universal.  Here are the key points discussed…

  • Understanding the Customer – Gathering baseline info, exit surveys, observing online habits, and building engagement.  Utilization of interactive content such as casual games is a big driver for site traffic.  Social Networking arenas such as Twitter, Facebook, forum boards, etc, provide a great wealth of customer information.
  • Prioritizing Ideas for Investment and Development – Critical parameters to consider are revenue/profitability, fast project time line, & demand potential (customer interest).
  • New Technology – Determine if it’s a trend with a future or a fad.  Twitter is still undecided because modeling and monetizing that platform has not been accomplished successfully.  Mobile content is on the rise, but usability and cost models are still unrefined.  Also, consider carefully whether it’s best to develop technology in-house or outsource/license.
  • Revenue Models – Revenue sharing, diversifying streams, partnering with a distributor for content, and advertising alliances.
  • Marketing Channels and the Right Mix of them:  Search marketing and optimization.  Selective portal partnerships are costly, but if done right, highly effective.  Take a daily pulse on customers and advertisers to gage their happiness and adjust strategies accordingly.  Standardize customer experience across different business units.
  • Competitive Environment:  Constant vigilance…keep an eye on the competition, but don’t develop your strategies around them.  Don’t lose sight of your company’s business goals and remember the strategies should be developed around the CUSTOMER needs, not in reaction to competition!
  • Gaming:  As much as 10% of traffic on websites can be linked to the offering of casual games.  NBC has developed ‘Quidgets’ – combination Quiz and Widget technology which has gained in popularity via Facebook.  Rewarding people for their game point aggregation is being considered, with the intent that such a program would draw in repeat users, building loyalty.

During the meet and greet afterwards, I met some wonderful people in the marketing industry and even talked to a guy from the online segment of Nielsen Media Research.  It was really odd trying to explain my presence to the other attendees…they’d ask for my card, and then I’d have to explain that I wasn’t there for my day job.  Which lead to the whole ‘I’m a big dork who loves Chuck and asked people to buy Subway sandwiches to support the renewal campaign efforts’ story.  Suprisingly, a lot of people in that room had heard about the Save Chuck campaign and I was kinda embarrassed to find out that some of the panelists were told the whole Finale and Footlong tale by Mr. Huang the night before during dinner.  After a couple deep, composing breathes, I was able to push aside my self-consciousness and focus on my objective for attending…to learn about NBC’s digital goals and foster some contacts for the Chuck fan base.

The panelist for NBC, Mr. Mike Levin, is Director of Digital Product Development but he works mostly with NBC Learn (their educational arm), which was quite fascinating in it’s own right. However, he did tell me about gaming technology that they’ve developed and they have as an app on Facebook that Chuck fans might be able to use to drive interest.  (Maybe we could have quizes after each ChuckMeMonday episode…from what I understand, they may be able supply us with the game platform if we supply the content/questions…I’ll need to clarify.)

The moderator, Mr. Huang, is the Director of Digital Strategy and he stayed to talk with me after the event was over to expand upon our phone conversation from earlier in the week. I helped him clean up the conference room while we chatted about fan efforts thus far and potential future projects.  I explained that one of our biggest hurdles was finding a valid communication pathway because of the complexity and density of NBC/Universal. He told me that 99.9% of people at NBC would not be able to help me…then he smiled and told me I was lucky because he’s part of the 0.1% that probably can. He’s a little unsure whether it’s better to connect the fanbase up with someone in his group or more on the production side of things.

In order to determine this, he asked that I put together a PowerPoint presentation outlining the success of the fan efforts to date (Finale and Footlong, Write/Buy/Share, Have a Heart, Chuck Vs. the Podcast, etc), current projects (ChuckMe events & Twitter trending), and future ideas. He said that he’ll overview the presentation and then send it out to key individuals and once he’s got a better picture of the best contacts and path forward, he’d like to talk again. That’s way more than I think we could hope for and certainly more than I expected. I’ve been in contact with Mel and Gray over at to gather some facts and figures because one of the hot button issues that came up repeatedly during the panel discussion was the importance of metrics and monetizing your efforts (or at least quantifying them).

One of the really positive messages that came from the whole panel was the importance of customer feedback and utilizing that to improve your strategies. I kept circling back to that element in my discussion with Mr. Huang and I even mentioned about the NBC forum mods and their propensity to ban users who discuss other sites (like ChuckTV, TWOP, GMMR)…he agreed that it was a short-sighted tactic that doesn’t’ support growing an engaged audience. Hopefully, one of the contacts we’ll make will be someone in that sphere who can help support the Chuck fans. NBC really needs to capitalize on the openness of the Chuck fan base (among others) and recognize that supporting discussions and community efforts outside their network & website is key to growing their brands.  (It’s been said before, but part of the trouble with advertising on NBC is that you’re advertising on NBC and now that they’re #4 overall, they need to look at unique ways to spread their message OFF network.)

There’s a lot that I want to convey with this presentation, however, if I can only get one take away message across, it’s that the Chuck fans want to collaborate with NBC to build a larger engaged audience for S3 and in order to accomplish this, we need a more clearly defined means of communication between the fan base and the network.  Given Mr. Huang’s receptiveness, I’m cautiously optimistic.

I don’t know if I’d call it fun, but it certainly felt as though I was able to accomplish something at the event…even if I was picking up trash while I did it.  But I think that helped endear me to Mr. Huang, so I’m not going to complain!

I’ve got my first draft of the presentation almost complete and I’m looking to send that over to Mr. Huang tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that this actually goes somewhere and we’re able to bridge the current communication gap that exists between fans and the network.  The only thing I know for sure is that nothing will change if we’re all sitting on opposite sides refusing to listen to one another.


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  1. That’s really cool and unprecedented.

    The Chuck fans as well as NBC have a marvellous opportunity within their grasp.

  2. Yeah I’ve had this article for awhile, I meant to post it immediately, but I had to mow the dog, or wash the lawn, or maybe it was the cat caught fire… I can’t remember. Either way it was a dumb thing, and I totally forgot about it. I’d hear about her presence from NBC people and go “I have to post that when I get home,” and just kept not remembering when at home.

  3. Wendy is truly Chuck’s #1 fan. Thanks for all your efforts Wendy!

  4. well done, wendy! thank you for representing the Chuck fan-dom 🙂

  5. Way to go, Wendy! 🙂 Glad to hear you got in!

    Hopefully this marks a great start for the Chuck fanbase to find ways to work with NBC to help grow the audience.

  6. NBC and I had been in contact when they were launching a few years ago, having known me from what I had done for KryptonSite. While their intentions were noble, I don’t think they really understood back then what it took to organically build a fan base.

    I am so glad to see that someone there is embracing you, Wendy. I think they’ll learn a lot from this, in a good way.

  7. it would be wonderful if this could set a precedent for closer network/fan relations. it seems to me ( as a albeit inexperienced outsider) that the networks rarely interact with fanbases at all. even during fan campaigns and such the network is hardly ever actively engaged in discussions with fans. I think if a model of active partnership between networks and(major) fansites could be achieved it would be a huge PR boost, and [possibly] prevent TSCC like miscommunications(and desperate fan campaigns well after the show is gone.). I have no idea how it could actually be implemented, or how much it would actually help, but, in NBC’s Case, for instance, isted of doing a single clip after the show is finished advertising something about’s site, they could refrence another fansite?!

    Just a n00b thinking out loud here, thoughts?

  8. Thanks for posting this article. Very interesting. I’m glad Wendy is a Chuck fan. What she has done is unbelievable.

    I agree about the NBC forum moderator. He deleted my post because I linked to a TV by the Numbers article. He also admitted to not liking Chuck anymore.

  9. Fascinating read. I think that’s one of the good things of having a network in the bottom of the standings. They’re more willing to talk with their supporters and do unconventional things. Why wouldn’t they though… when you’re at the bottom, you can’t do any worse.

    If NBC ever manages to climb out of the bottom, I bet it will be attributed mostly to their willingness to embrace this intimate kind of audience interaction/engagement.

    Reminds me of a 2007 campaign for HBO ( It’s so weird but it made people talk and probably made a whole lot of them tune in too.

    Chuck (and probably the whole network itself) needs that kind of promotion. What they did with Heroes in its first season was pretty awesome (online comics, multiple websites, 9thwonders). It’s just a shame the writers didn’t deliver afterward.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Chuck. The fans are doing such a great job. What will NBC do to help?

  10. agent_walker74

    KUDOS & MANY THANKS to Wendy for her great & brilliant efforts. glad to have her on our team. i bet the moonlight fans wished they had an MVP like Wendy when they were campaigning to save the show.

    so how can we get NBC to move their butts? they’ve seen what a fan campaign can do (if pointed in the right direction). i’m not from the US so I don’t really get to see how much they promote the show. However, a lot has been written on how inconsequential their efforts are in promoting Chuck. There are so few guest appearances by the cast in any of the talk shows, so to a certain extent, I could validate what i’ve been reading. More TV promos & guest appearances could be the puzzle piece that will compelte the formula for a more succesful Chuck.

    Everyone else has already pitched in & will still be pitching once Wendy’s brilliant proposals are realized. Time for NBC to start carrying their weight. Let’s hope they don’t fail us.

  11. Hey guys! I have to set the record straight on one thing here…the event I attended actually was an open event, however, when I first went to register for it, there were all of these questions about the company you were attending on behalf of and that made me a little reluctant to proceed. So I emailed the moderator for the event to make sure it was okay for me to go since I was more the ‘targe audience’ for digitial strategies, then a true employer of them. Though learning what’s important to a company like NBC is extremely useful information to have when planning future projects and that was definitely one of my reasons for attending.

    I don’t know what will come of this, if anything, but I’m very encouraged from what interaction I’ve had thus far. The presentation (Increasing Audience Engagement for NBC’s Chuck) was sent to NBC earlier this week and Mr. Huang sent me a confirmation email. I’ll follow up with him next week after the holiday, but if NBC is anything like my company, it may take a while to find the right pathway and individuals. This is really new territory…I don’t think that any network has ever really successfully established a collaborative relationship with a fan base…typically it’s an adversarial relationship and I think that’s why networks haven’t made much of an effort in the past. But all the wonderful people who worked on the various Save Chuck campaigns really did so with a positive energy and I think that may encourage NBC to give this a try.

    I agree with fans who say that NBC needs to promote the show more, but NBC also needs the fans to continue spreading the message about their favorite shows (Chuck, 30 Rock, etc.) outside their network and website, otherwise they’re choking off a fantastic opportunity to message and reach a wider mix of channels and demographics. The gist of that convoluted sentence is that we need each other if we want to maximize impact.

    Variety published an article earlier in June (related to one of the great links Nick C provided above) about how NBC hired a 3rd party consultant to investigate social networking and the impact of viewer engagement. It may well be that we end up working with individuals from NSM rather than NBC to accomplish our goals, but right now, I’m just hoping to get pointed in the right direction.

    I’ll keep you posted on what I hear.

  12. Wendy, so they didn’t limit it to ISF members only? That is actually good news. I know some of their events are very strict about it. They’re also strict about membership. That is good to know the panel wasn’t members only like their monthly meetings.

    Still that minor assumption on my part, definitely helped get you in touch with them so they’d know you would be there.

  13. Nick, I’m definitely glad that I was spooked and emailed the moderator about attending (thanks for previewing that email before I sent it) because that’s what precipitated a phone call with him and at the end of that call, he told me to stay after the event so we could talk more. Again…I think I’m one of those people in life who’s blessed with luck & good timing more so than skill or talent. But I’ll take what I can get and use it as best I can 🙂

  14. Awesome! Thank you both, NickC and Wendy.

    I’ve done my best to spread the word here in Portugal, and I also went to Subway in that “Finale Monday” (with some friends).

    Josh Schwartz ir right: “Chuck fans are the best”!

  15. First off, a HUGE thank you to both Wendy and NickC! Seeing all the efforts made to help Chuck makes me feel proud to be a fan.

    Unprecedented as this may be, I hope such a relationship bodes well not only for Chuck, but also for network/fan relations in general.

    Here’s to continuing the effort, like Wendy mentioned, in a positive and energetic way!

  16. A big thank you for your effort from Italy

  17. AD…I was part of the group that went to Subway in Birmingham England and a lot of the friends I made at T1 lamented about the fact that it takes forever for new episodes to air and there’s no legal way for fans to view the show sooner. I included a bullet in the presentation about finding ways to better incorporate the international Chuck fan base. It was a very unwelcome surprise to discover that I wouldn’t be able to see Chuck vs. the Colonel when I was in London…I didn’t realize that S2 wasn’t airing in the UK, nor did I know you can’t download the episodes from iTunes or watch online at or I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for the non-US fans who have to deal with that challenge constantly.

  18. Wendy , that’s exactly how we feel. It’s very hard for the fans to promote the show here.

    I try to but we never know when it will air here, or even if it will ever do…

    We know that the show is made for US people but we deserve it as well. At least we can buy the DVDs as soon as they are released.

  19. People like me have to stay away from fansites and forums once the latest episodes have been aired to avoid major spoilers and since most can’t wait that long for a new episode they give in to the illegal way of acquiring these shows. I hope sites like hulu can make a deal for other countries as well.

    Wendy, that was so awesome that you got to be there! I hope that it’ll help our fave show grow next season.

  20. Very interesting report. I’m a Chuck fan who also has a marketing and business degree as well as a fascination with the TV industry. It seems to be a slow process, but it appears the networks (or at least NBC) are finally realizing they need to change their approach and be open to new strategies. Who knows, an collaboration with their fans might just help NBC become the number one network again.

  21. As a UK resident its a pain to not be able to access Hulu, but I see the reasoning from WB/NBCs point of view. Allowing overseas viewers the ability to see the entire season would lower the value of the show to tv companies outside the US. Unfortunately this means there is little that the likes of me can do to help the survival of Chuck (or any other US made show for that matter). I wasn’t even aware that Chuck was particularly in trouble until the decision had more or less been made. I will of course be buying the Season 2 DVD as soon as its available.

    I was impressed by what I’ve read about the campaign, particularly the Subway angle. For big international companies like Subway & Toyota getting your ad embedded in a show that is going to be shown around the world seems like a good deal. Certainly better value than a 30 sec ad that can be skipped past or ignored.

  22. Wendy, you are awesome!

    I believe that all this effort will make a difference.

    The type publicity Chuck gets nowadays is so totally unique. They are the ‘jericho’ story with a new twist. The renewal campaign is becoming a ‘case study’ for all kinds of reasons, using online media in unique ways, developing unique vendor specific sponsorships, product placement. The new role for fan engagement at NBC…

    People are talking about this show for a lot of reasons that don’t even have to do with the content of the show. It is all good publicity.

    As long as we make sure some of those people actually watch the show, than it is all good.

  23. agent_walker74

    yup, overseas fans have it worse. we want to do more but there are limitations as long as it’s not a web campaign. i would’ve bought the footlong if i’d been in the US. we do have subway here but they are totally unaware & unrelated to the Chuck campaign in the US. so i’m really hoping for a campaign that can make them see that there is an overseas fanbase that can be tapped. maybe make hulu or chucktv accessible to nonUS fans?

  24. Hulu is accessible overseas if you simply use one of those programs that hides your IPO address.

    Look up hotspotshield, it is a dot-com. Apparently they hide people’s IPO address so you can surf Hulu and such places.

    I intentionally did not include a direct link because I have not used the service and therefore cannot vouch for it personally.

  25. Dave it works i can grant it..but i dont know if it’s make you a legal watcher and i even dont know if it’s safe for Nick C have this kind of info in his blog.

  26. Using a proxy to access a site which would ordinarily be closed to that visitor probably violates the site’s Terms of Service, but it’s not clear how much enforcement of that sort of thing is significant or even which laws of which jurisdiction would be involved.

    This is one reason the Lori Drew case was important. She was charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for violating the TOS of MySpace. Legal experts criticized this expansion of the CFAA to essentially criminalize a Web site’s TOS.

    The main issue is what kind of proxy you use. If you use one which is essentially a compromised private computer, then such use is clearly illegal. If you use one that is legally provided by the owner for that service, then it is the use to which you put it that determines its legality.

    Generally speaking, it is legal to use a proxy as long as the usage to which it is put is legal.

    There’s also the question of whether it will work – I just found a site that says Hulu and some of the other US-based providers are now doing geo-checks at the RTSP stream level, so a HTTP proxy bypass won’t work.

    The Washington Post has an article on this:

    Control Freaks: Hulu Now Blocks Anonymous Proxies Too

  27. Well if the anonymizer doesnt work i will follow the “current”

  28. Thanks to Dave for that hint. I was sort of aware of using proxies and identity protection, just never got round to it before.

    I think RHD sums it up pretty well. Its not illegal as such, just not allowed by the service provider (in this case Hulu). Its perfectly legitimate for Hulu to pick and chose to whom they provide their services, and attempt to block anyone else.

    I just think its unrealistic to try and maintain the fiction of national boundaries for entertainment in the internet age. Someone just needs to figure out how to make money out of it.

  29. UPDATE: Mr. Huang at NBC sent me a message last night conveying that he was a little swamped this week, so he won’t be able to review the presentation stuff until next week…but he’ll reconnect later next week. (I assume that he’s got a ton of left over holiday work and people out on vacation, like most of us are struggling with this week.) I’m glad he’s given a timeline expectation…I was a little worried about pushing too hard on this, but knowing what pace he’s comfortable with will be helpful in keeping my inner fan girl in check.

    In other news, Mr. Pace, Chief Marketing Officer from Subway, responded to my email about the potential for Chuck themed rewards cards. Regarding Chuck he said that they’re still developing plans and should have a better idea on what direction they’ll be taking in the next couple weeks. He did say, ‘We will factor in your idea and may want to bounce some ideas off you as well. ‘ He asked that I stay in touch…but I honestly don’t plan to bother him again at this stage. Honestly, I didn’t really expect a response to my email, I just wanted to pass the info along, keep in contact, and let Subway know what we’re trying to do with NBC.

    I know it’s a lot of wait & see, but considering that the show won’t be back until March 2010, that’s not surprising. I just hope fans can be patient…the key thing, the thing which encourages me most, is that the communication is there and both NBC and Subway have been receptive. Slow and steady wins the race.

  30. Wendy,

    Very cool!

    I think that Mr. Pace is an extremely good contact because he is the guy that may have saved season 3, even more so than the people at NBC. You are right about not bugging him too much but definitely keep up the relationship, that is GOLD right there!

  31. I have no knowledge about that hotspot stuff. If it is not legal than don’t do it. Let’s not hijack this thread!

  32. thanks for the update wendy, good to hear that somebody’s listening

  33. Wendy, they aren’t treating you like a “fan.” They’re treating you like a marketing representative of a fan base. Take that, embrace it, and make the most of it. Don’t act like a fanatic, and they will continue to not treat you like one.

  34. @ Wendy. If they DO decide to do the “Chuck Sub” cards BEFORE March (like maybe even BEFORE Christmas – although I’m doubtful about that), I’d buy a load of them to give as Christmas gifts to staff, friends, etc. – so Subeay and NBC see how much is coming from CHUCK fans and not just regular Subway goers. It’s part of my idea for a “Chuck Christmas,” recommending buying Season 1 and 2 DVDs to give to friends/family for Christmas to get them hooked on Chuck before Season 3 starts in March. The Chuck Sub cards would go along with that as part of the “I’m Dreaming of a CHUCK Christmas!” (2009).

    Thanks again for all you do!

  35. Wendy, that’s awesome! Nice to hear they seem so receptive to working with the fanbase!

    Something I was thinking, maybe one of the reasons Subway, and possibly even NBC, aren’t ready to talk about plans yet is because they’re still going over things with Schwartz/Fedak and the writers about the Season 3 arc?

    Then again it is July. Rumor had it the show would start shooting in August. Guess they’d have to be hiring directors, lining up special guest stars, etc, by now. But along those lines, maybe NBC and Subway want to review the first few episodes?

  36. I believe Zac Levi said in a recent interview that they start filming August 6th, possibly this early in the event that the start date gets moved forward based on the new Fall shows success or lack of. If nothing changes, they will easily have all 13 episodes on the shelf ready to go long before Season 3 starts. It is quite possible that a back 9 order comes before we ever see a new episode, or at least I’m hoping.

  37. agent_walker74

    thank you so much, Wendy. agree with Nick C. you’re our Chuck rep, our gal! your positive approach ensures that the voices of Chuck fans don’t just get heard, they are voiced with much practicality & great sense. good luck & be assured that even us non US fans have got your back.

  38. Rick, see that’s what I’m wondering too, if they have the entire 13 filmed before the first episode airs, at what point does NBC decide to go with a full season or not? What has to happen for them to just buy the whole season?

    I keep thinking that maybe the best thing for Chuck would be if more sponsors bought into the show with Subway. NBC would get paid. Companies can be sure their products are being seen by the viewers. The show is secure. Everybody is happy.

  39. agent_walker74

    I think NBC will decide while shooting is ongoing. Times have changed. In this unique Save Chuck case, they’ll have a sense of their earnings potential off season. When they agreed to the 13-ep renewal, it wasn’t quite clear yet how the sponsorships will get incorporated into Chuck. Learning from how Wendy thinks, product placement won’t just be limited to the show itself, there is much potential in tie-ups over the internet, show promos, etc. It’s not just viewership, but what the viewers are willing to do with anything Chuck-related.

    I just hope that F&S can handle storyline flow when they are presented with an add’l 9-episode order. Don’t get me wrong. Season 2 was great, but there was something off with the continuity of the storyline in the way the episodes were presented. Also, they need to be able to deal with major issues & not commit the mistake of ignoring it in the succeeding episodes. Think of the Chuck-Sarah “It is real” moment in Colonel –then think of how absent that was in Ring. I’m just sayin’.

  40. “Think of the Chuck-Sarah “It is real” moment in Colonel –then think of how absent that was in Ring. I’m just sayin’.”

    Everyone agrees about the Charah relationship continuity being skewed. I sincerely hope that everybody at Comic Con makes it a point to Josh Schwartz that this is the one aspect of the show that we just do not like anymore, the never ending monkey wrench being thrown between Charah is just not believable in the least. What is the point of playing up Chuck as the guy with the good heart if he can’t remember his relationship with Sarah from week to week; and how can she run AWOL with him one week and then things are just back to square next week.

    The writers need to lay off hitting the ‘reset’ button on Charah’s romance every week.

  41. @agentwalker74 and @ dave.

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. I’ve been saying the same thing over and over on different Chuck web sites and Chuck threads. The back and forth Chuck and Sarah stuff (crap) has GOT to stop. Yes, we accept they can’t suddently walk down the aisle like Ellie/Awesome. But for God’s sake, get this relationship moving forward. Last season already showed that their feelings for each other can be “an asset to the Asset!”

    Some of the best – if not THE BEST – parts of the show is when they start learning things about each other. When Sarah learned about Chuck’s friendship with Morgan. When Chuck learned about Sarah’s relationship with her father. When Chuck gave her his mother’s bracelet.

    I’m not saying the show has to be all about that, but these two characters HAVE DEPTH. There is so much more to learn about them, especially Sarah – and so much more for them to learn about each other – while dealing with their lives as spies. This is the kind of stuff that will make for GREAT TV and really GREAT episodes.

    If “the powers that be” keep dicking around with this relationship, keep going “back and forth,” you’re both absolutely right – the diehard fans who really have done everything (and more) to help save and promote this show are going to be royally P.O.’d.

    Just sayin’!!!

    Keep up the great work all. And “Keep on Chuckin’!!”

  42. agent_walker74

    Amen to that, Rick Holy!
    Sepinwall is moderating the Chuck panel at Comic Con. Hope he can “plant” the collective fan comments & wishes and the hard questions to an attendee of the event, pick that guy during the Q&A so we can really stick what we fans want to F&S’s heads. We’re loyal but not dumb. We’ll know & get turned off when the “reset button” is hit again in s3.

  43. agent_walker74

    HI, Nick, Wendy, I’m not sure if this idea had been thrown to the table.
    Basketball & soaps are a very big thing here in the Philippiness. Diners usually advertise & host finals game night/s and sometime back, one of our main plazas broadcasted the finale of a popular soap on their big microwave screen.
    Maybe Subway & NBC can work together & do a Chuck night/s in Subway outlets every week until March 2010. Most fans are quite keen on keeping the momentum going & willing to do anything to make sure a back-9 is in place as early as now. I’m sure popularity of both brands will shoot up. Maybe they can bring in Sony to sponsor the LCDs?
    If I were a US resident, I’d go not just to support Chuck, but to meet & mingle with my fellow Chucksters or Strahotski-ites as well.