Save TSCC Scam Part 2.

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Said far more beautifully than I could have.


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  1. Wow. While nothing like this should surprise me at this point it is truly the lunatic fringe at work.

  2. I am still not sure its a scam, However i do think its incredibly stupid and possibly the biggest waste of a couple thousand dollars since my last poker game 😀

  3. Nick, you might point out that the article essentially recursively references your original post on this. LOL

    How much this is a pure scam and how much this is just a Web site drumming up revenue to justify its existence is debatable. What isn’t debatable is that the show isn’t coming back.

    I still think T4 might make enough in DVD to at least break even, but if your previous statement that it has to be profitable at the early box office to make a sequel is correct, then T5 isn’t very likely.

    Current T4 box office figures:

    Domestic: $122,678,310
    + Foreign: $201,543,644
    = Worldwide: $324,221,954

    Franchise rank is less than T3:

    Rank Title Studio Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Date
    1 Terminator 2: Judgment Day TriS $204,843,345 2,495 $31,765,506 2,274 7/3/91
    2 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines WB $150,371,112 3,504 $44,041,440 3,504 7/2/03
    3 Terminator Salvation WB $122,678,310 3,602 $42,558,390 3,530 5/21/09
    4 The Terminator Orion $38,371,200 1,112 $4,020,663 1,005 10/26/84

  4. RSH, T3 cost $200M and had a much smaller marketing campaign than T4. T4 cost the same (actually slightly more) and had a much higher marketing budget.

    Many people thought that T3 may have killed the brand. It barely broke even at the Box Office. However it had a much stronger opening than T4.

    The most important part of a movie’s box office total is the first 2 weekends and the days in between. These are the highest earners, because for those weeks the Studio gets a much higher percentage than the remaining time frame. Huge movies can sometimes generate a 90/10 split with the theaters for that time frame. After that it drops considerably. It moves to 70/30 then to 60/40, etc.

    The 90/10 split money totals for the movies are:

    T3: $116M vs T4: $91M.

    That $25M is a huge deal. T3 earned $104M in that time before the percentages were less in their favor. It also meant a strong international opening (which isn’t near 90%) meant the movie would break even at the Box Office. Where as T4 at $82M meant chances of breaking even were extremely slim no matter the strength of international sales.

    WATERWORLD is generally considered a huge flop. It cost $175M to make, and earned $264M worldwide. Back then they spent no where near the money they spend now marketing, and it still lost money. The reason is the percentage of box office the Studio actually gets….

  5. Hmmm. Most possibly a scam, but the Jericho fans did a similar thing, with their gathering funds for a billboard in Hollywood, which acually happened… Of course, we Jericho Rangers didn’t get much more than some PR and a comic book out of it, so there’s that (BTW, although I am an original Ranger, I did not contribute to the billboard, but I don’t begrudge the fans who did).

  6. erika, the difference here is the people running the Jericho campaigns weren’t in it for money. They didn’t have paypal donations to help them keep their website up on the same page as donations for the billboard. This is a scam. They’re in it for the money, and they have many people snowed.

    If all they really cared about was saving the show, they wouldn’t be worried about $10 a month to keep a website up. They wouldn’t even ask for money for that. It would be their donation to the cause.

    There is definitely a difference between real fans who care and people in it for profit.

  7. This goes even further… the goal of $3,500 has been reached. But now they want to go to $5,000!! They say it’s for having the billboard around for two additional days. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’ll go even further once the $5,000 will be reached.

    Me, I’m just rolling my eyes. Is it really so easy to dupe people? There are those who actually believe this will have an impact.

  8. Some Guy Named John

    I need $5,000 for college, anyone want to give me the money? It would go to better use.

  9. What about $3,500 for a sweded version of season three? I’m pretty sure that’s doable and way more constructive.

  10. I miss when Nick C’s blog had scoop.

  11. Rod, it was 4th of July weekend, not much to scoop on, unless you want me to post casting news as “scoop,” like some other places.

    I’ve got some HEROES, CHUCK, SUPERNATURAL, and VAMPIRE DIARIES “scoops,” but I’m waiting until closer to their new seasons to drop them. Although the CHUCK stuff I’ll let go before Comic Con.

  12. Nick C, I appologize for the long post. But, I have some questions regarding Fringe & Dollhouse that I want to get off of my chest. What happened to Fringe getting Alicia Witt? Also, why are so many writers being replaced? Who specifically fired Kirk Acevedo and why? How are the new writers doing? Do you think season 2 of Fringe will be better than season 1? Why or why not? How well in the ratings do you think Fringe will do on Thursday? Don’t forget the ratings for CSI and Grey’s Anatomy are down from where they used to be, so there’s more room for Fringe nowadays. Supernatural is on a small network, so that won’t be a challenge for Fringe. Also, what is happening with Dollhouse. Why won’t Fox move it away from Friday nights? What would it take to move Dollhouse out of Friday night? Do you think it will do will on Friday nights? Is it because they don’t like Joss Whedon? Any chance for a 3rd season for Fringe or Dollhouse?

  13. Ah. I didn’t know they were asking for donations to keep the website running!!! Well then, scam it is. A fan site isn’t that expensive… people suck.

  14. Seems I was wrong about the $5,000 thing. It came from some too excited people at the TSCC wiki, not from the people who actually run the campaign. I assumed the page at the wiki is maintained by the campaign runners (because some of them are regulars at the wiki), but it’s not the case. My mistake. still stands at the original $3,500 for artwork+3 days of billboard. The page at the wiki has also been corrected to reflect this fact.
    Apologies for any trouble I may have caused through my mistake.

  15. Nick, what were the DVD sales for T3? I still think T4 can break even IF the DVD sales match the total gross so far.

    So far your discussion has hinged on box office receipts vs expenses for marketing and distribution and the cut for the theaters. But I have read that DVD sales now make up at least fifty percent of the gross revenue of a film (assuming the DVD sales actually happen.) So we have to take that into account.

    Of course, we won’t know until the DVD sales actually occur…Which is why I ask what were the T3 DVD sales? Did that make the T3 movie at all profitable, if not enough to justify another one?

  16. Can you give us a hint about the Chuck scoop, Nick? Comic-Con is only two weeks away! 🙂

  17. Whether it’s pointless or not, they did actually do it:

    Billboard (14)

    Not a scam, a lot of stupidity perhaps, but a scam? Apparently not.

  18. squiggleslash, charge more than it costs, ask for money to run a site you’ve already paid for, and ask for more money for more absurd things…

    It’s a scam whether they did it or not. It’s ripping off extremely stupid people.

  19. The chance of a DVD movie btw is slim and none, and slim left the building. I know the rights owners personally, and this show is going no where.

    I suggest people move on to something more worthwhile and easier to save… like HOUSE.