Eureka Review by Brian S

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Why do I like Eureka?

I’m glad you asked!

Eureka is this little town that’s not on our maps. The history starts way back to the end of World War 2.Long story short a bunch of geniuses were commissioned by President Truman to develop a hidden community where super geniuses could reside safely and work to develop and invent the gadgets of our future.

Not only are the folks of Eureka geniuses but the town itself is too. Everything was set up to accommodate  the great minds populating the hidden community.

Fast forward to present day we follow the loveable Sheriff Jack Carter(Colin Ferguson)who kind of accidentally landed the job in Eureka. He and his daughter Zoe(Jordan Hinson)are the only non-geniuses in Eureka. There is Allison Blake(Salli Richardson-Whitfield)who is the love interest of Sheriff Carter and the now vaporized ”or is he” Nathan Stark(Ed Quinn). Then we have the resident uber-genius  and best buddy Henry Deacon(Joe Morton) and the quirky and mischievous Fargo(Neil Grayston)who are the comic relief of the town. Moving on to Deputy Jo Lupo(Erica Cerra) who is the beautiful tom-boy deputy who is always reminding Sheriff Carter not to mess up too badly because she wants his job. The mysterious Eva Thorne(Frances Fisher) has just recently joined the Eureka community but nobody really knows why she’s there. She adds a darkness to this rather light-hearted and campy town.

We get to see all these crazy inventions the everyday towns-folk of Eureka come up with. Some inventions work and some well, add to the comedic aspect of this loveable little community. Hey, they live their lives just like you and I except they are all super-geniuses who sometimes accidentally set of mushroom clouds, make man-made earth quakes, make it rain fire, fly model airplanes that shoot laser beams, you know that kind of stuff. They have problems we would never dream of but it’s just another normal day for the people of Eureka. Sheriff Carter’s house  is even smart, that’s right S.A.R.A.H. (the home) can also be very mischievous at times and even jealous of Sheriff Carter’s love interests.
Let’s not forget about the cool product placement of Degree antiperspirant on this show! This is just an average day in Eureka. The new season  starts on Friday July 10th only on SciFi Channel (SyFy). This is really a great comedy!


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