TRUE BLOOD Season 2, Episode 4 Recap by Brian S.

This episode starts off with Jason wandering around the Light of Day camp at the dead of night when he notices things have been trashed and thrown around and doors have been left open. He walks into his dorm room only to find all of his room mates laying dead and bloody everywhere. Then a masked character emerges from the shadows and jumps Jason only for poor Jason to discover he’s been the butt of a huge prank. Jason punches Luke Man right square in the nose, rips off his clip-on tie and tells his peers that “Vampires are not a joke”.
Moving back to Bill’s place we see Bill fixing to tear a new one into Hoyt while he explained nothing was going to happen. We find out that Jessica’s fangs stay popped out while she’s turned on! The fangs stayed out after Hoyt leaves and Bill is scolding her. I think she likes it! So Bill decides to make an extra reservation for two coffins instead of just his one for his and Sookie’s trip to Dallas.

Back to the water, we pick up with Sam and Daphne still swimming around in the swamp water. I guess this one particular pond/swamp is alligator free. As Daphne is getting out of the water Sam does notice the claw marks on her back. Did anyone pick up on the line Daphne gives to Sam comparing Bon Temps beauty to the beginning of time?

Now at Mary Ann’s Tara let her know she’s moving out to go and live with Sookie. Mary Ann is not pleased but plays it off well. Tara thanks her and she tells Tara “I’m sure you’d do the same for me”, I don’t know but that’s a creepy line leading to something else down the road.

Jason and his camp mates are talking about Lazarus and Jesus being a Vampire “hey, drink my blood”, Kane then Eve, ”that’s why they call if EVIL”, he says. Jason and Steve have a little paint ball fun with Vampire targets. Jason tells Steve he has seen a Vampire explode.

Andy and Bud are checking out the dead exorcist with the same familiar claw marks on  the corpse. Andy keeps on about the pig. ’Has anybody seen a pig”? ”A brown pig”? Well, Bud has had enough of Andy, his drinking and the pig questions so he asks for Andy’s badge.

Tara goes and checks on still recovering Lafayette while he’s on the down low.

Moving to Sookie’s place where Mary Ann shows up for a surprise birthday party for Tara and also with an ulterior motive. ”Surprise” Mary Ann screams. Eggs asked Tara why she’s crying and Tara lets him know she always cries on her birthday and he let’s her know “not this birthday”.

Now back at the compound, Jason and Steve are gabbing it up while  Jason daydreams of Sarah dancing at the grill while she’s cooking for the boys. Wow, Jason’s imagination is better than mine! Steve then invites Jason to join the Soldiers of the Sun.

Arriving in Dallas Sookie meets up with their driver, Leon only to find she has arrived into a trap but as Bill and Jessica’s  cool-ass coffins are being  unloaded Bill jumps out of his with Vampire-like speed to save the day once again. The humor of it is watching Jessica screaming, she’s stuck in her coffin and the torture Bill allows her to put on Leon during their interrogation of said Leon.

Eric pays a surprise visit to Lafayette offering him his 1000 year old blood knowing Lafayette body is rotting away. Lafayette takes him up on his offer and then we get to see Lafayette bumping and grinding his furniture and floor.

Eric leaves Lafayette when Bill calls and tells him he thinks the church tried to abduct Sookie. Eric says “”If one such as he can be taken by humans, none of us is safe,”  adding that the vampires would begin to rebel. “Open aggression against humans?” gasps Bill. “That’s insane!” ”That’s Texas ”Eric replies. The importance of the missing Vampire Godric is coming into play. Add a few more great one liners in this scene!

Now to Tara’s crazy birthday party. Sam arrives with a present in hand from Tara’s mother. Mary Ann  meets Sam, they have small talk about their little secrets about each other. Sam then sees with Daphne and she lets him know she knows his secret. Eggs and Tara finally have their moment. Everybody starts the creepy dance again while Mary Ann walk off into the woods to do her creepy, vibrating thing she does. She starts her crazy talk to go with her crazy dance, we see everyone dancing, getting all black-eyed again and this time they start ramming cake and whatever else they can find onto each others faces along with wallowing in the dirt, eating dirt and getting a little violent. The word “Swine” comes to my mind. At the end  Mary Ann for some reason is digging in the dirt and then reaches up into the air and we see her hands morph into “pig claws”, ah so she’s the monster! We kind of thought so but what’s up with Daphne? What’s Egg’s game? Will Andy get his badge back? Will Bill and Eric find out more about he mystery of Godric? Will Jason make out with Sarah? Will Sookie compare Bill to Bruce Wayne again? We’ll see… Great episode and awesome music to match the scenes this week! A


9 responses to “TRUE BLOOD Season 2, Episode 4 Recap by Brian S.

  1. TheMediaMan

    True Blood is a bona fide hit for HBO!

  2. You better believe it MediaMan, 3.9 million viewers this past sunday!….And it’s gaining momentum!

  3. I’m told elsewhere that Jason definitely will be banging the preacher’s wife, which is no great surprise. I can’t wait for those sex scenes, since Anna Camp is seriously hot.

  4. RSH,yeah she is pretty isn’t she! Poor Jason’s imagination is running wild too!

  5. TheMediaFan

    Hayden Panettiere should play the preacher’s wife! I mean she’s prettier than Anna Camp in my book and looks a little bit like her. Yeah, she’s a bit young, but Panettiere’s also a great actress. Just look at Heroes season 1 and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Sure she hasn’t been as good recently. But, that’s because the writers have written her badly since then. Get her on a decent show like True Blood and she’ll show you some acting skills.

  6. The fangs stayed out after Hoyt leaves and Bill is scolding her. I think she likes it!
    LOL. I didn’t pick up on that. But it kinda makes sense.

    And yeah, doesn’t surprise me that Jason will bang he preacher’s wife. It’s quite predictable. But I too loved Jason’s imagination.

    What I also liked a lot about the episode is the ending with Sookie and Barry. Cool lines and very well acted IMO. Really got me in a “why does it have to be a week til the next episode” mood.

  7. TheMediaMan,Hayden P.? I’ll pass on her,she can stay with Heroes i like my Sarah just the way she is!Anna Camp is hotter and way less popular than Miss.P which makes her even hotter to me,less mainstream!
    Gusar.yeah Jessica giggled when she noticed her fangs were still “erect” Great scene!Great episode!

  8. I’ve got thousands of Hayden shots on my hard drive, so yeah, she’s major – but she looks a little too “normal” (and sexy in a California way) to be playing the typical Christian nut case. Anna is doing a first class job of playing the hot Christian blond. She’s got just that “WASP” look.

    Also Hayden’s only nineteen. Anna is 24 and comes from South Carolina, so she’s just about perfect for playing a hot Southern Christian blond married to a young preacher.

  9. RSH Yes sir i completely agree with you! She does “fit” the role.