EUREKA Season 3 Summer Episode 1, Recap by Brian S.

The beginning of this seasons Eureka we find the ex-Sheriff Jack Carter job hunting with Homeland Security. Thorne has gone into hiding and “Sheriff Andy” shows up.

As General Mansfield brings in the new Sheriff Andy, boxed up in his owned little carrying case. Deputy Jo can’t take it anymore and quits. As the likable Andy takes the reigns he is thrown robot head first into a gravity well problem stirring up in Eureka. Dr. Blake almost has an accident and Jack showing up first and afterwards Sheriff Andy putting Jack in his place with General Mansfield watching and showing off his talents to let them know everything is going to be fine.

Jack and Jo head out to investigate one of the town scientists tree farm and her instant growth practice. Henry finds out the random gravity wells that are popping up all over Eureka might not be so random after all. They all seem to be targeting the new Sheriff Andy. Already squashing him like a bug several times.

As  Andy starts getting a little weary of the happenings in the small town and Fargo having to reboot and rebuild him smash after smash, Jack keeps doing his own private citizen like investigation and finds out S.A.R.A.H. (his house)with her own unique personality has been creating the gravity wells to try and help him get his job back. Zoe does have one good line in this episode, ”bite me terminator”, she tells Sheriff Andy.

With the help of  the now resigned Sheriff robot Andy(going way back in the town records), and Henry being the Mayor, he let’s Jack know he is actually still Sheriff and never actually lost his job in the first place. Something of the sort like the Mayor has to agree with General Dynamic’s decision making process and if he doesn’t , well this is how Jack keeps his job.

At the end of the episode Henry tells Allison (Dr. Blake) and Sheriff Carter that something or someone big is coming based on some signals that had been sent out. Hopefully this is more of the story arc that ended  season 3 and Thorne going into hiding, so to speak. I also wonder if the vaporized Nathan Starke will make an appearance or two. This is one of the best written shows on TV period! And with it’s light drama story lines and the comic relief that make up the shows pulse, this is sure to be the best season so far!    I hope!  A


3 responses to “EUREKA Season 3 Summer Episode 1, Recap by Brian S.

  1. I read somewhere that Nathan’s vaporization was a consequence of the actor quitting, apparently because they writers wanted to have his character fade more into the background.

    Kind of a pity. I stopped watching around that point, because I was never all that invested in the show. The only thing I really enjoyed were the Carter and Stark interactions.

  2. Yeah Rachel N,I liked Starke too,they brought in Thorne who was another mystery/bad guy and moved Starke to the side.There are unfinished stories left on Starke and Thorne so maybe they’ll return,who knows.I know the shows story arc from the end of 3.0 is going to return slowly this season.I really like this show as long as it doesn’t get too serious.I like the light-hearted comedy factor in the show.

  3. I am happy, happy that Eureka is back, and this episode was miles better than much of the first half of the season. So glad to have my eccentric peeps back, including one of my faves, S.A.R.A.H.