The Nick C. Take On The Emmy Noms. (Or What The Hell, Nobody Watched Anything But 30 ROCK and MAD MEN?!?)

So the nominations came out for the Emmy Awards and there were a couple surprises…

FAMILY GUY became the first animated comedy nominated for Best Comedy since THE FLINTSTONES.  THE SIMPSONS however applied for Best Animated show rather than Best Comedy so who knows if that could have happened before.

30 ROCK and MAD MEN received all but 1 nomination in Best Writing in the Comedy and Drama categories respectively.  Anyone else not totally convinced that this system is broken yet?

30 ROCK broke the record for most nominations for a Comedy.  Due almost entirely to Writing, Directing and Guest Actor noms which I believe made up 13 of the noms just from those 4 categories.

Once again Jon Cryer is a “Supporting Actor,” when I could have sworn he was one of the 2 and a half men.  As long as they continue to allow people to apply for whatever award they want this Award system is a joke.  If I was Hugh Laurie I would submit my name for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy every year for his portrayal of Gregory House, he’d win every year.

AMC had more Best Drama noms than any other Network.

HBO continues to get more nominations than anyone (99 up from 84 last year) despite the fact that besides ENTOURAGE they don’t really have a TV show worth a damn award wise (but they got lots of movies, mini-series, and docus).  Although TRUE BLOOD best win best title sequence or the whole thing is a bigger joke than I already know it is.

SHOWTIME had to feel good with both DEXTER, WEEDS and their main stars getting noms.

CBS showed you can still buy a nomination, congrats CBS for getting Simon Baker nominated for his work on THE MENTALIST.

LIFE ON MARS got a well deserved nom for best cinematography.

Kevin Dillon better win for his portrayal of Johnny Drama… especially since some how Jeremy Piven wasn’t considered worthy this year of even a nomination.

Really, Amy Poehler for her work on SNL?  Really?  Really Academy of TV Arts & Sciences?  Really?  Is this some kind of sympathy for the fat pregnant chick nomination?  Really, Academy you couldn’t find someone on say A COMEDY SERIES?!?  Really?

Wait, WTF!  Kristen Wiig?  That racist little ****** got a nod as best supporting actress in a comedy too?  Shouldn’t she be getting a nomination for Variety show?

Tina Fey gets a nom for her portrayal of Governor Palin!  I’m not sure I understand all this Tina Fey love.  30 ROCK is a giant rip off of THE MUPPET SHOW (oh if I pointed out the similarities in both the overall show and certain episodes you’d be stunned).  I get it she has that hot librarian look going, but do we really have to give her show 50% of all nominations due to that?  It’s not original (see MUPPET SHOW reference) and it’s funny, but not hilarious.

I think this kind of proves we need a real Comedy on the air again, please someone, somewhere go find a comic genius and let him/her do their thing.  PLEASE.

Is it just me or are there also a lot of names and particularly female names getting nominations that we’re used to seeing get Oscar noms and wins?

CHUCK Vs. BURN NOTICE seems to be in effect for best stunt too.  Sadly, that stunt on BURN NOTICE is going to be hard to top.

Sadly, Serinda Swan was not nominated for her portrayal of Beautiful Girl on the TV series REAPER.  Which should be all the proof you need, that this is just all really a circle jerk for the popular kids in Hollywood.

serinda-swan-2Serinda Swan practicing being a Beautiful Girl which is obviously hard work for her.


60 responses to “The Nick C. Take On The Emmy Noms. (Or What The Hell, Nobody Watched Anything But 30 ROCK and MAD MEN?!?)

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m so massively disappointed with nominations this year. I’m sick of quality shows that have so much thought and heart put into them not getting nominations. Obviously, that’s me being naive and idealistic thinking that actual quality has anything to do with awards shows but…FNL might not have deserved noms after season two but it sure as hell did after this last season. If not for drama then definitely for Lead actor/actress.

    Of that list, the only nomination I’m pleased with is Jim Parsons for Big Bang Theory, and the show definitely won’t be worth watching just for that since I’m sure he won’t win anyway.

  2. Nick C ,I’d rather watch The Muppet Show than 30 Rock ! A-Men!I like Tina Fey but i’m burned out on her.It’s almost that scenerio “sleep your way to the top”. I read where Bear McCreary(the cool composer) for Battlestar Galactica got left out this year.Nobody else makes that cool ass haunting music like he does! I guess they’ll give it to 30 Rock’s opening theme! Why not!

  3. wtf no noms for the Shield ???

  4. Jon Cryer could certainly be accused of category fraud, but the real culprit is Rose Byrne, who’s the lead on “Damages” more so than Glenn Close but still gets a supporting nomination.

    Great analysis. I’m posting my thoughts, category-by-category, this weekend on my blog:

  5. Why’d u call Wiig racist? No point in that.

  6. It’s a pleasure to know that not only in Italy people are unable to judge a tv show.
    Just something i need to understand but really United State of Tara is a Commedy?
    Nick, nice one on Simon Baker

  7. Re Bear McCreary, he also did the music for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and all that show got nominated for was SOUND!

    And no True Blood (in non-technical nominations), despite 90 HBO nominations! It’s ridiculous!

  8. I think there were a lot of surprises this year. One, no True Blood. But it will probably have a lot more seasons to get nominated. Also, Boston Legal, Battlestar Galactica, and The Shield, can no longer get nominated after this year, which sucks for the latter two. Friday Night Lights also got shafted, but it still has two more seasons.

    I’m glad that Jeremy Piven didnt even get a nomination. I’m surprised with the Flight of the Concord nominations, especially considering that the show has ended.

    And I agree with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey getting noms for their Saturday Night Live sketches; those Hilary Clinton/Sarah Palin/Katie Couric sketches had a pretty big impact during the election.

    I am a huge fan of 30 Rock, but 22 nominations seems like a bit much. I hope The Office or How I Met Your Mother ends up winning for best comedy. Though I am happy to see that all of the show’s five main actors got nominations.

    And while Two & A Half Men didnt get Best Comedy nom, CBS should be happy with its other noms, especially for The Mentalist.

  9. I’m surprised that you’re surprised. Heck, I’m surprised that anyone is surprised. Isn’t it well known that awards shows are nothing more than glorified popularity contests? That most of the judges don’t even watch the shows? They just grab onto whatever is trendy or sounds good (1-2 shows per year) and nominate those and its stars constantly? How else do you explain Doris Roberts? Or remember when Desperate Housewives first came out? Or the much buzzed about Ellen Burstyn nomination for a few seconds of screen time or for that matter, Sally Field’s nomination every year?

    The shows and actors who truly deserve Emmys are the ones who will almost never get them. Sure, there are a few exceptions but still. Hollywood award shows = nothing but Hollywood politics.

  10. I’ve read the 30 Rock/Muppets comparison for a while. A few months ago, this blog compared 30 Rock characters to their Muppet counterparts:

    Why is Kristen Wiig racist?

    Brian S. – how is Tina Fey’s scenario “sleep your way to the top?” That’s quite a loaded statement.

    I don’t find True Blood’s lack of nominations anything to be worked up over. I can’t think of a major category that it highly deserved to represent. It will probably get more noms next year, since it won’t be a new show and it gained a lot of popularity with the second season.

    I’m thrilled that Flight of the Conchords was recognized. That is a funny, funny show. I would’ve liked to see a couple of 30 Rock’s guest actor/actress and writing nominations given to The Office.

  11. TheMediaFan

    True Blood was robbed of a nomination. Period.The only show that truly deserves to win in that list over True Blood is Damages.
    By the way, True Blood was snubbed at the Emmys. No nominations for Best Drama or Anna Paquin. Now, I’m not saying True Blood should win (that goes to Damages and Glenn Close and Rose Byrne). But at the very least Anna Paquin should have gotten a nod. Now, you might tell me it doesn’t deserve it. But, this season has seen a huge improvement in the writing department. So, I disagree. But, then again the Emmys have a bias against vampire/ scifi shows which is unfair if you’re as good as True Blood is, as good as Buffy and X Files were. Yeah, Gillian Anderson won for the XFiles but, it took like 3 years before that happened. X Files was basically ignored the 1st 3 years except for technical awards.

  12. Ed, I suggest watching the commentary track of the uncut FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.

    Brian S, I too am confused on Tina Fey sleeping her way to the top… if you mean that everyone wants to sleep with her and it’s like she slept her way to the top… I can get that.

  13. Why would TRUE BLOOD deserve an Emmy? For what exactly? I don’t think they have a “Can a main character be any more stupid award?” for Sookie to win.

    Alan Ball wouldn’t even argue that it is Emmy worthy. It was sloppy in the first season and took a long time to find its legs. Some Guest nods for Caplan and Root would have been nice and deserved, but as a Best over all Drama?

    Sorry, I can easily think of 7 shows more worthy without thinking hard at all.

  14. TheMediaFan

    Look, the Golden Globes nominated it for Best Drama for the 1st season. Anna Paquin also won for Best Actress. I agree with you about the 1st season, it was sloppy. The 1st 4 episodes were horrible. But, the show has gotten better, a lot better since then. A lot of tv critics have said today that it was snubbed by the Emmys.

  15. TheMediaFan

    Shelly wrote:
    “The shows and actors who truly deserve Emmys are the ones who will almost never get them.”

    True. Say what you will about Anna Torv’s performance on Fringe. But, look at John Noble who plays Walter Bishop on Fringe. He truly is a great actor who deserves a nod for Best Supporting Actor. I mean it takes a lot to play Walter Bishop as a mentally ill scientific genius. He’s getting snubbed too and that’s a JJ Abrams production. It’s all because of the Emmy’s silly bias against scifi/vampire shows. Their bias is so stupid.

  16. TheMediaFan, Anna winning the Golden Globe was a joke. She’s huge with the foreign press for her early film work. It had little to do with being deserving for the role, many, many, many were more deserving which is why she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy. A lot of people said WTF and the Academy didn’t want to make that same mistake.

    I don’t think the show was snubbed at all. Look at the shows nominated and point out a weaker show than TRUE BLOOD. You just can’t do it. The first 4 episodes were still part of the overall season.

    Did it have an episode deserving of a writing nom? I think so. I definitely believe the writing noms in both categories were a disgrace.

  17. TheMediaMan

    I’ll point out 2 worse shows than True Blood. Dexter S3 was worse than True Blood. So was House S5 and I say that as someone who owns the 1st 4 years of House. 2ndly, a lot of the tv writers agree with me like Ken Tucker from that True Blood was snubbed as well as writers from the LA Times.

  18. TheMediaMan

    RichardStevenHack is right about True Blood. Same thing happened with Big Love. It’s 2nd season was better as is True Blood’s.

  19. TheMediaMan, True Blood has improved into the second season, but the nominations were based on the first season. Next year, I’m sure it will get a nomination or two. It is a good, fun show, but I can’t see it being nominated in place of any other of today’s nomination. All of the pieces work well together, but one aspect – performance or writing – doesn’t really stand out as outstanding to me. The casting and art direction are well done (I think they were nominated for casting). I have the same opinion of Chuck. I love Chuck. All the pieces fit well together and I think the cast does a fantastic job, but I don’t see one particular piece (aside from stunts and some direction) as more worthy of a nomination (aside from Two and Half Men nonsense).

    The Golden Globes like new and outlandish. True Blood fit the bill. Emmy’s don’t like new. I read something like 2 out of the 48 nominations in the major categories were from first season shows.

    I’m not particularly upset by the nominations aside from the writing categories. LOST and The Office should have had a nomination. The Big Love actresses should have been nominated. I’m thrilled for the nominations for Flight of the Conchords. I hope Steve Carell finally wins.

  20. Nick C,yeah i didn’t quite mean it that way with Tina Fey,”metaphor”! It just seems she has been all around NBC since she was really young.She writes,produces,directs.She was a head writer on SNL when she was younger.Her,Poehler and Wiig seem to be the darlings of NBC.Why? There are plenty of other young ladies i’d rather see be the darlings of NBC.One being Yvonne Strahovski!

  21. Oh yeah,Anna Paquin is a pure genious playing a dim-wit like Sookie Stackhouse. No wonder she has that Oscar sitting on her mantle!

  22. TheMediaFan

    Brian and Richard are right. Anna Paquin deserves the nomination, not win for True blood. She’s great as Sookie Stackhouse despite what Nick thinks.

  23. TheMediaMan

    True Blood S1 was better than Dexter S3.

  24. TheMediaMan

    I agree with you however that it took a long time for the writing on True Blood to improve. Why did it take so long. What was the issue? What do you think of the shows ratings increase? Why has it happened, Nick C? I do value your opinion even if sometimes I disagree with you.

  25. How the hell did Mad Men get 4 out of 5 writing noms? Not even The Sopranos ot The West Wing got over 2 or 3 noms in one year. At least Lost got one.
    And why wasn’t John Noble and Walton Goggins nominated for supporting actor in a drama.

  26. TheMediaFan

    John Noble should have been nominated for Fringe and so should have True Blood.

  27. I am thrilled with noms for Flight of the Conchords and the special category nom of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. As for the rest meh. Another snub of Friday Night Lights and their leads is disgraceful.

  28. I’m surprised at why True Blood season one wasn’t getting at least a writing nod, that season was better than House season five. I do agree that the Emmy’s are a bit of a joke; I get 30 Rock as being good but it was no were near as good as Studio 60 on the sunset strip. Plus I also agree that actors going for supporting when their a lead is really annoying. Though people like Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) must have felt that their is no hope of beating Bryan Crystan (also Breaking Bad) in the emmys. P.S. he’s an amazing actor! Plus I do really think John Noble really deserves the nod (and even the emmy) for his work as ‘Walter Bishop’ on Fringe, hello that guys makes the shows great!

  29. Damages deserves the Best Drama nod and so do Glenn and Rose but Hurt didn’t deserve to be nominated.

    Jon Cryer really should be in the lead actor category and there is no reason why Ted Danson is in the guest star category when he should have gone for supporting again. I guess they would rather be big fish in a small pond instead of medium sized fish in a big pond.

  30. Josh Emerson

    Given that my #1 show on TV is 30 Rock, it’s a given that I’m pleased with the Emmy nominations this year.

    And it’s about time How I Met Your Mother got some recognition. I’m thinking this is the year Neil Patrick Harris finally wins for Best Supporting Actor. It would’ve been nice to see Big Bang Theory also up for Comedy Series but oh well.

  31. TheMediaFan

    True Blood S2 is just as Dexter S2

  32. TheMediaFan

    I meant to say that True Blood S2 is just as good as Dexter S2. I apologize for the error.

  33. TheMediaFan

    True Blood is also HBO’s biggest show since The Sopranos.

    “In “True Blood,” the pay cable giant has its first hit since “Rome,” and the numbers indicate it may be the biggest thing on the channel since “The Sopranos.” If that sounds surprising, it may be because few saw it coming — inside HBO or out.

    In the three episodes measured so far this, its second, season, “True Blood” has amassed viewer totals that any network, including broadcast networks, would be excited to own: 12.1 million, 10 million and 10.3 million. And HBO has attracted those viewers from an audience base about a third the size of fully distributed networks.”

    “This season, “True Blood” has a first-run Sunday night audience of about 3.6 million, up from two million for last season.

    HBO counts audiences across all the platforms that wind up offering the episodes: a repeat on HBO itself, repeats on HBO2 and its video-on-demand channel, replays on digital video recorders and downloads from iTunes.”

    “That is how the numbers grow to more than 10 million. (For perspective, “The Sopranos” finished its first run with a Sunday night audience of 11.9 million, which grew to 14.2 million with the extra viewers added in.

  34. TheMediaFan

    “Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming group and West Coast operations, talked with B&C’s Melissa Grego about the network’s plans for keeping up the momentum, his reaction to Emmy nominations HBO did and didn’t get, and what he thinks of Showtime and other rivals. Following is an edited transcript of that conversation.”
    “Are you surprised True Blood didn’t get more recognition?

    Not really. Truth is, we premiered the new season of True Blood right before the nominations, so timing-wise it really didn’t have time to have impact with Emmy voters. I think its time will come. Next year, I would be very surprised and disappointed if it weren’t recognized more. “

  35. Amen. Amen. Amen. The Emmys have become no better than all those lame, B.S., MTV Award shows. You’re right – as usual – Nick C. The system is broken.

    Thanks again for bringing to our attention GOOD programs that don’t get much pub. Bought Serenity and the Firefly series and have really enjoyed what I’ve watched so far. Since I don’t know, I can’t say for certain, but I doubt Firefly got any award nominations – yet it’s a heck of a lot more entertaining than most of the stuff that got nominated this year.

    And being the “Chuckaholic” that I am, I’ve GOT to put in a “shout out” for Yvonne Strahovski. Maybe it’s because Chuck doesn’t fall cleanly into either the clear cut comedy or drama categories that Y.S. doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. She could out-act Tina Fey or Amy Pohler any day of the week.

    Oh, well. The likelihood of me “tuning in” to actually watch the Emmys is about the same as it was for me watching the MTV award shows – Slim to none – and Slim just walked out the door.

  36. …and to top that off Rick Holly! Yvonne Strahovski is from Australia and does a perfect American accent! I agree with you sir!

  37. People watch Emmys, let’s face it, to watch what people are wearing and to stare at the beautiful people. I can’t imagine true TV lovers are blind to the fact that the emmys are nothing more than popularity contests, and that quality shows get snubbed year after year.

    They’re a big yawnfest for me once the pre-Emmy show is over and I’ve seen the outfits. (I’m kidding. I don’t watch the pre-Emmys; but not kidding about the yawnfest).

  38. TheMediaFan, True Blood is not as good as Dexter. I mean, not even close!

  39. TheMediaFan

    I disagree completely.

  40. “True Blood S2 is just as good as Dexter S2”

    Seriously? Are you a psychic, TheMediaFan? Only four episodes in and you can already tell how good season 2 of True Blood is gonna be? Colour me impressed.

  41. TheMediaFan

    I was actually comparing the 4 episodes of True Blood S2 with the 1st 4 episodes of Dexter S2. And when you compare those 4, True Blood narrowly takes the cake. But, feel free to disagree with me.

    i’m not knocking Dexter. in fact, I love Dexter!

    Even you have to admit that True Blood S2 is heckuva lot better than True Blood S1. The 1st 4 episodes were awful of True Blood. I mean just plain bad.

  42. TheMediaFan, you actually sat down and compared the two? Really? I seriously doubt that.

    You also admit that TB’s first 4 episodes were “awful,” and “just plain bad,” and yet you think it should be nominated for an Emmy? Sorry, but that automatically disqualifies it.

    Is HOUSE season5 better? YES. They had House go to the nut house at the end. They had House hallucinating. They made it about a lot more than just “medical mystery of the week,” and while I didn’t enjoy the soap opera like “will they, won’t they,” of House and Cuddy it’s still a far better show than TB’s first season. It had a solid arc and wasn’t that weak. Plus it has Gregory House, a far more interesting character than anyone on TB.

    TB may be better now, but it’s still not “Best Drama,” worthy. The people behind the show don’t seem to mind so why are fans getting their panties in a wad over it all?

  43. TheMediaFan

    Lisa De Moreas is right. It has everything to do with the Emmys longstanding bias against scifi/fantasy. For example, Battlestar Galactica was snubbed too. So, was the X Files until the 4th season, I believe. As was the Twilight Zone was almost completely snubbed except for technical and writing categories. Twilight Zone was snubbed out of the major categories like Best Drama.

  44. TheMediaFan

    Moraes. I apologize for the misspelling.

  45. MediaFan, sorry, but I don’t buy it. For one TWILIGHT ZONE was nominated for best drama, won consecutively for best writing, and was widely considered the best TV show on the air by critics. It didn’t win best drama, because back then movies counted. So it lost to I believe MACBETH, and other years movies were nominated. Next time have a better understanding of the history of the awards you’re bashing.

    TRUE BLOOD didn’t get nominated because it didn’t deserve it. BSG never deserved it, oh and yeah, the original series was nominated. So that kind of shoots that theory in the foot.

    Come on, you admit the season started “awful,” but you somehow think it shouldn’t be judged like every other series as a whole. Why?

    Sci-Fi geeks like you give anyone who likes sci-fi a bad name. Have you ever even seen the other shows nominated? TRUE BLOOD didn’t deserve it.

    The Emmy Awards have serious issues, but ignoring a poorly written and executed vampire tv show isn’t one of them. Don’t even try and defend it. Anyone who defends it is a fanboy/fangirl and yes, they exist in the press. It was a bad show that got ok by the end of the 1st season. The 2nd season however, depending on what else shows up might be worthy, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  46. Twilight Zone was never nominated for Best Drama and I have the source to back. You see I went and looked it up via Internet Movie Database and I don’t see a Best Drama nomination. Look for yourself.

  47. Unless you count Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Drama, which is possible that they changed the title. Anyway, even though it took show 2 years to get nominated.

  48. And I think it deserves a nomination because it improved dramatically over the course of the 1st season. I mean the Golden Globes nominated it Best Drama.

  49. Chrisjozo wrote:
    “Damages deserves the Best Drama nod and so do Glenn and Rose but Hurt didn’t deserve to be nominated.”

    I completely agree with you. In fact, Damages should win over Mad Men. Rose Byrne should win.

  50. Saying True Blood S1 didn’t deserve a nomination is like X Files s1 didn’t deserve one either.

  51. I don’t think Dexter, Damages, and possibly House, deserved the nominations. Better picks would have been The Shield or Friday Night Lights (Hell, I even found 24’s new season to be better than Dexter’s at some points, but that’s probably just me).

    True Blood has been nothing more than a glorified soap opera for fantasy geeks, and it deserved a nomination about as much as Harper’s Island did.

  52. Richard Steven Hack

    The acting on True Blood has been first rate. The fellow who plays Lafayette should get a nomination, he’s superb. I don’t know how many gay blacks you’ve seen, but I can tell you he hits the mark.

    Anna Paquin does an excellent job. The fact Sookie isn’t a genius (and she is compared to her brother who I say again is THE dumbest redneck in US history) is irrelevant to the ACTING.

    Best Drama? Probably not. But the writing and acting and even the scenery on True Blood deserve nominations.

  53. MediaFan, this is your only warning. I will ban people here for just being stupid. I have years and years of experience in the industry. I know what an Emmy nomination is. You obviously do not.

    Do not post here again unless you have something smart to say, that is actually researched. To say that it took 3 seasons for THE TWILIGHT ZONE to be nominated for Best Drama is an uneducated statement. It wasn’t nominated until the 2nd season. This makes sense, sure the 1st season had some episodes that were the best TV ever at the time, but it also had some episodes that weren’t all that good. The 2nd season is regarded as being brilliant, however that MACBETH (the 2nd version made for TV) was also considered the best made for TV movie of the time, ever. Since movies and shows were all in the same “drama,” category TWILIGHT ZONE lost.

    I also mentioned that movies were in the same category as shows in my earlier reply. That means you didn’t take the time to read or understand.

    Also Season 1 of THE X-FILES was total junk 66% of the way through. It most definitely did not deserve an award nom.

    Do me a favor and don’t reply unless you actually have something smart to say. I will ban stupidity here, especially people who have to post multiple times because they didn’t think before they replied the first time.

  54. RSH, the hardest noms to get are supporting and guest noms. The competition is fierce due to the Academy allowing people to choose what category they want to be judged in. So you have some amazing lead actors in some truly amazing roles in some cases being judged as a supporting role. We also have hundreds and hundreds of supporting actors and guest actors.

    Is Nelsan Ellis the best thing about TRUE BLOOD in terms of acting? Hells, yeah. That is why the producers decided to switch bodies for season 2. Lafayette was supposed to be the dead body found in the very first scene of season 2, just as in the books. However, the producers loved Ellis’ portrayal so much they decided to re-write things and keep him around.

    For Ellis, that was bigger than getting a nomination that he likely doesn’t deserve. It’s a crowded category, and I could likely think of a good 10 actors I’d place in that category first. If they had 20 nominations, he’d definitely be in it.

    The Foreign Press has a different outlook on what makes good acting. I won’t even really get into the sham the Globes are, but Paquin already won an award for something she shouldn’t have been nominated for.

    Now her work as Irena Sendler was amazing and she was truly robbed of a nomination there. Most journalists who claim she was robbed are actually referring to that role, and not her role as Sookie.

  55. “I don’t think Dexter, Damages, and possibly House, deserved the nominations. Better picks would have been The Shield or Friday Night Lights (Hell, I even found 24’s new season to be better than Dexter’s at some points, but that’s probably just me).”

    That’s true. But let’s say something Dexter S2 is way better than Dexter S3. So, there’s that. I agree. Most of the “Best Dramas” are not the best dramas. And FNL deserves an Emmy. It’s one of the best shows on tv, if not the best.

    And people are forgetting about Kings, which gets better by the episode. It’s unwatched? True. It’s a great show? So true.

  56. TheMediaFan

    Nick, there’s this piece of paper called the US Constitution. In it is the 1st Amendment which protects free speech. By banning me, you are essentially engaging in censorship. Peace!

  57. TheMediaFan, request granted!

    Seriously, this isn’t a public forum. It’s a private forum.

  58. Be careful Nick C. Under the new administration, banning “stupid” people from posting on a web site just might be considered a HATE crime!! Think I’m kidding? Just give them enough time and banning idiots from web sites will fall under some category of law-breaking. 😉

  59. Rick Holy, thank goodness this website is run from a small Caribbean Island. I don’t have to worry about that!

  60. Good one, bro! Problem is the rest of us here DO have to worry about it!! We’ve become a country of whiners and victims. Everybody is scurrying to be first in the “I’m hated/discriminated against/ being denied my rights/being “censored” by mean, nasty website hosters, etc. line.

    If someone was clever enough, they’d come up with a TV show about it. They could call it “American Victim.” They could have searches all over the country just like American Idol to find the “most (non) victimized” person.

    There was an absolutely ridiculous thing on AOL earlier today about a contributor to Fox News (forget the guy’s name) who wants to ban the phrase “no homo.” Truthfully, I never heard of it, but apparently it has its basis in a rap song. When a guy does something that might be construed as “gay,” he says “no homo.”

    For example, if I was to encounter Nick C. in a public place and gave him a friendly fist pump and a big “guy hug” and then said “no homo”so people wouldn’t think I was homosexual, I would be bad, bad, bad – and if this guy who is a contributor to Fox News had his way, I would probably be charged with hate speech.

    I’m a Catholic priest. I get yelled at on the street by people in cars calling me a child molester, one of the most if not THE MOST evil crimes a person could commit. I’m called a “child molester,” even though the percentage (yes, percentage, not just total number) of married men who molest children is statistically higher than that of celibate priests. Yet you don’t see me running around yelling “hate speech” and “hate crime.”

    Sorry to veer off the topic, but in a way, I’m really not. I’m just trying to make a point and show our friend who is crying “censorship” to quit his (or her) belly-aching and stop “being a victim.” After all, it’s just a web site for God’s sake!!

    If he/she is an idiot, ban him/her. If you think I’m an idiot, ban me. It’s your site and you can do whatever the heck you want with it. (As long as you don’t move to the U.S.!!!) 😉