EUREKA Season 3.5, Episode 2 Recap by Brian S.

The opener of this episode finds Sheriff Carter(Colin Ferguson) getting ready for his bi-annual recertification exam aka his physical and finding out that Jo(Erica Serra) has aced hers and the doctor offers her diagnosis for Jo as “perfect” all to Fargo’s(Neal Grayston)  boyish crush-like agreement.

As Sheriff Carter starts his exam we find Jo, who is acting Sheriff while Jack undergoes his “physical” volunteers to to have a DNA scanning done on her for the DOD and Global Dynamics(the company that pretty much runs the town of Eureka)  a short occurs and something goes wrong. As Allison, Henry and the doctor pull Jo to safety they discover some wires have been sabotaged and see that some equipment is missing.

Jack is in his “ testing room” and the simple task at hand is “push the button”, as he steps toward the button on the wall the entire floor caves in and falls to darkness and he’s left standing at this podium in the center of the room, “with no way to touch the button”.

Jo starts behaving strangely and starts doing some very uncharacteristic activities. She and Zoe(Jordan Hinson) go to Café Diem and enter a karaoke contest with sexy dress and all and even leans in to kiss the always infatuated Fargo. Allison asks Jo if she’s still on the case of missing computer equipment  from the doctors lab and Jo, unprofessionally arrests an innocent karaoke singer.

Jack, still confused at his task is given a gift of “playing cards” and realizes he can toss the cards and some lay floating in places on where the floor used to be  When Zoe wakes Jo up she informs Jo of her performance the night before and the confused Jo insists she didn’t go with Zoe. S.A.R.A.H.(the house with a personality) confirms Jo never left the house.

Meanwhile poor confused Jack can’t get close enough to “push the button” when another cylinder filled with “straws” rises and he says “you’ve got to be kidding me”! He starts connecting the straws together to stretch out but doesn’t work.

Now we find Jo at the police station asking Larry(the guy she arrested) why he was behind bars and he simply tells her “you arrested me”. Allison calls Jo to G.D. and informs her they have a perfect DNA match from the stolen equipment  and it’s  Jo’s. Allison tells the confused Jo of all her antics the night before and tries to figure out what’s going on.

As Jo gets closer to the mystery of why she is showing up in two places at once she gets some information out of the doctor as he tells her when they pulled her out of the DNA scanner  the doctor actually found two DNA samples. Jo shows up at the lab and finds, well, another Jo who is actually Julia(the doctor’s assistant), Julia then tranquilizes Jo so she can make her attempt at taking her place. We see a Julia faced Jo wake up in a sealed of lab room being questioned by Allison, Henry and the faking Jo who is actually Julia. Are you confused yet?

Jack who is still stumped at his next move to “touch the button” throws his hand- held panic button they gave him and he hits the button on the wall ending his confusing dilemma  but only to be engulfed in complete darkness and we hear him scream “whoa cold water’!.

Fargo starts asking the fake Jo why she’s sending him mixed signals while her fake DNA cells starts to expire, Jo’s boyfriend Zane figures out the real Jo is in the sealed lab by asking her a few personal questions. Jo’s fake DNA cells also start to expire and they have to get both girls at the lab and reverse the procedure to put them back in the “right shoes”. Julia tells Fargo how she feels about him and finds out Fargo feels the same. Oh Fargo got him a love connection! The procedure is a success and the girls go back to their rightful bodies. Allison’s punishment on Julia goes lightly to Fargo’s liking and allows her to stay in Eureka under probation.

The proud Sheriff Carter emerges from his demanding and confusing task to find Jo is happy he’s back at his Sheriff’s position.

This episode was directed by Colin Ferguson.A


2 responses to “EUREKA Season 3.5, Episode 2 Recap by Brian S.

  1. Richard Steven Hack

    Based on this one episode, I will never watch this show.


  2. This was a great episode! You have to watch it to appreciate it, but don’t start here ! GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING.