TRUE BLOOD Season 2, Episode 5 Recap by Brian S.

Picking up from last week we see Sam following Daphne(who knows his secret) and finds out she has one of her own! She’s also a shape-shifter. What I don’t get is why Sam doesn’t ask her about the claw marks on her back? Maybe he’ll get around to it. Passing by the two, Terry and Darlene still seem to be under MaryAnn’s creepy trance.


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Sookie, who is still in Dallas tries to bond with her new telepathic bell-boy friend Barry but he lets her know he’s not  interested in being friends or letting others know about his ablility and he ends up quitting. As Bill is scolding Jessica once again for ordering “human” room service Jessica  informs Sookie “there’s dirty movies on tv”! Jessica ends up calling Hoyt and the two talk innocently over the phone about comic books and watch tv long distance style. I like where this is going with these two!

Now at the Light of Day Compound the hard boot-camp style works outs begin. Jason is shown the arsenal closet. Sarah really starts to make her move on Jason when we finally find out she and Steve’s relationship is becoming unstable. I can’t wait for Jason’s true nature to come out this time! Sarah is in for a ride, literally!

Tara is put in an awkward situation when she finds MaryAnn and crew haven’t left Sookie’s house and MaryAnn lets Tara know the house she has been staying in is a “clients”. And they really just drift around. Tara insists on her leaving.

One great funny scene is Terry getting put on the at Merlotte’s between Darlene and Daphne as Daphne asks him to make some tea and Darlene warns him “you better not”. Lafayette shows up with this look on his face and no information or excuse to why he’s been missing. He simply asks Sam if he can keep his job and he walks away with a short thank you to Sam still with no explanation.

As Eric, Bill and Sookie meet up with Isabel and Stan in Dallas they find out that they’re not really on the same page as to find out certain information about the missing Godric (which we find out is Eric’s maker) and the attempted kidnapping of Sookie. Sookie  volunteers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun to get at the bottom of the mystery.

MaryAnn seems to put some kind of spell on Sam and crew at Merlotte’s and we see  co-worker after co-worker start picking at Tara, forcing her to run off home only to find MaryAnn sitting waiting on her and Tara tells MaryAnn she’s going to ask Sookie if she can stay a while.

Bill seems to be getting a little soft as he offers retreating Back to Bon Temps with Sookie and she insists on following through with the plans. As Bill and Sookie start their sheet dancing once again we see Isabel walking through the hallway, I wonder if she can hear them, then we see her fangs pop out. End scene. Is Isabel hot and ready because her fangs popped out or is she getting ready to feed? Will Bill man up some and help Eric and Sookie fight The Light of Day? Will Lafayette get his girlish man charm back? Where the heck is Andy? Will we get to see more of the Hoyt and Jessica  romance build? And will Jason and Sarah soil the good sheets at camp? I guess we have to wait and see, right?


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  1. One of the best shows on tv right now. I loved the scene where we learn who turned Eric into a vampire. Very good episode indeed.

  2. Ok, so i’ve been corrected on one fo my other sites that the lady at the end was infact Bill’s maker. I thought it was Isabel with her hair down but ok,i’ll go with that…

    MediaFan,YES i liked that scene too!

  3. Yeah, me too!

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