Now That TheMediaFan Has Been Banned Where Will They Go? (Our Second User Poll!)

In our tradition of making fun of the people who get banned for behaving poorly….


17 responses to “Now That TheMediaFan Has Been Banned Where Will They Go? (Our Second User Poll!)

  1. My best guess is that he or she will go to But, that’s just a guess.

  2. Surely all fanfic sites are for the overly obsessed fan!

  3. Jack, you make a good point there. I don’t put a lot of thought into these polls. I’m always amused that many more people vote than post replies.

    This is like a weird social experience.

  4. If you keep this up, you will have no more users. lol

  5. Wow, Ain’t It Cool News is winning? I’m with Jack, I would have guessed fanfic site.

  6. Ricardo, I doubt that. We get a lot of unique hits, and lucky for us these people give me something to post about when not much is going on.

    However, Comic Con is going to drop a couple bombs over the weekend, and I’ll report them as they happen or shortly after.

  7. What did he do?

  8. Can you tell us what shows that are going to drop the bombs??

  9. Wilson, she annoyed me. Posted too much, posted with an attitude and basically a lot of uninformed information. Fanatically kept on and on about a subject matter with nothing to back their opinion.

    After I warned them, they tried the whole “freedom of speech,” thing.

  10. JT808, FRINGE, CHUCK, and DOLLHOUSE all have bombs they can and likely will drop or hint at.

  11. Thanks Nick. I will be anxiously awaiting the Chuck news. I don’t watch the other 2 shows. Also, thanks for the Leverage recommendation. I like it a lot so far.

  12. I’m not too bothered about Dollhouse news mainly as its back on air alot sooner, so we’ll get to see for ourselves. I’m more interested in Chuck and whats planned to fill the gap between now and March.

  13. I hadn’t been paying much attention to this, but the correct answer (or at least one of them) seems to be IMDb.

  14. they’re on IMDB spamming the Dollhouse board with this link

  15. Sorry, AO but that’s a broken link. But, at any rate whereever he/she is, I’m sure they’re posting some inane comments.

  16. What “bombs” does Fringe have because I haven’t heard too much about the Fringe forum.

  17. What the hell is “JT808”? – You step out for a few moments and suddenly there are weird shows sprouting up all over!