San Diego Comic Con, What Big Shock Will Come?

So it’s that time of year.  It’s Comic Con time.  In the past this just meant a bunch of dorks dressed up like super heroes and storm troopers.  However over the last 20 year the Con has become more and more about big reveals in the Media realm outside of comics.  Popular movies and TV shows routinely have panels and other things going on, and generally something cool and or shocking is hinted at or revealed.


So what can we expect this year?  Well, I know a few things that or may not be hinted at or even flat out told at this year’s convention.  One thing I hate is spoilers.  However one thing I don’t hate is fan speculation.  So with the news coming soon (and I will report the cool news as it drops) why not have some speculation.

So what do all of you think will be announced this weekend?  Lets have some grounded and wild speculation!


46 responses to “San Diego Comic Con, What Big Shock Will Come?

  1. Nick C. I don’t know if this is any kind of shock or bomb but it would be nice to hear if Summer Glau is going to be doing anything since TSCC’s demise.

    Now that you got me hooked on Firefly/Serenity, and even from what I remember from the first few episodes of TSCC that I watched (Season 1) before I stopped watching, it would be a shame to not see Summer in SOMETHING!!

    Of course, my dream/fantasy (yes, priests can have dreams/fantasies – just G rated ones) would be to have Summer appear at least in a 3 episode arc of CHUCK!!!

    And on a totally unrelated matter – or maybe not so unrelated – since YOU got me hooked on Firefly, and I see that Dollhouse was created by the same creator as Firefly, should I have watched Dollhouse – or did it “suck?” I know you’ve talked about Dollhouse in the past, but I never paid attention – but now that I found out its by the same guy that created Firefly/Serenity, I’m somewhat interested/intrigued.


  2. Nick, question about spoilers. Do you consider casting news a spoiler? Because sometimes that alone can give away parts of the plot or story direction. Or is it only a spoiler if its not reported by a major news source?

  3. I speculate that Fringe and Dollhouse will be doing a cross-over next season. Perhaps Dollhouse takes place in an alternate Fringe universe? :O

  4. Summer Glau to appear in DOLLHOUSE? I know it wouldn’t be much of a shock of she did, but I haven’t anything official as yet, just alot of internet speculation.

  5. “Popular movies and TV shows routinely have panels and other things going on…”

    Yeah, I’ve heard about one or two Twilight fans being there.LOL.

  6. My “Chuck” speculation:

    -They’ll announce webisodes. Hopefully make a mini-season out of them, say four or five. And give us a hint as to the plot.

    -They announce some new characters, such as the one Josh Schwartz hinted at a few months back.

    -We will FINALLY find out where Chuck will be working this season. Zac Levi is on Twitter and he had an answer, but it was kind of a “as far as I know” answer.

    -And my hope..NBC announces “oh hell, we’ll just go ahead and buy the back nine now”.

  7. Frank, re: CHUCK. I’m all over that last one, especially. Pick up the back nine now!!!

    My feeling is that if Subway (the reason that there IS a season 3) thought so well of this arrangement with NBC and Warner Bros. – that it would bring them a return on their investment – you would think, “Why only 13 episodes” – and therefore only 13 Monday nights when Chuck fans flock to Subway for their Monday night footlong fix. “Why not 22 of those Monday nights if they’re going to make us money?” So I’m with you all the way on the Back Nine.

  8. Rick, I hope they will, but obviously it is kind of a long shot.

    I think that barring another sponsor getting on board, or Subway just buying the airtime (like DirecTV does with Friday Night Lights), I think NBC will want to see some ratings this time.

    Last year was awesome, how they ordered the whole season early, but I think a lot of that had to do with NBC wanting to try to give what they thought was a ratings winner (and a show they liked creatively) a boost coming out of the strike.

    That said, I am absolutely prepared to buy a Subway sandwich for every Monday Chuck airs, if they’d go ahead and put up money for the entire season! 🙂

  9. Ratings will be tough. Especially is we’re still up against DWTS, House, and the CBS comedies on Monday nights.

    I seem to remember Nick C. expressing some confidence that CHUCK could possibly pull a 3.0 in the demo since The Big Bang Theory is going to be moved to a different time slot. Fact of the matter is, however, it’s STILL a brutal time slot.

    Not to turn this into a “CHUCK thing,” (sorry Nick C.) but the best way to grow this show is for the fans to keep promoting it (I can’t tell you how many DVDs I’ve given away as gifts) and for NBC to really promote this show.

    A long shot it will be for the back 9, but I’m in the business that stresses HOPE, and so I will continue to do so!

  10. I concur Rick Holy,the fans have to have a voice! I’m joining in with Nick C on mondays for Chuck Me Mondays on Twitter,to help spread the word.I want this show to make it because frankly,there isn’t much left on TV i like.

    #chuckmemondays on Twitter

  11. Richard Steven Hack

    Well, I can drop some spoilers on Dollhouse, based on Twitter info from a Whedon fan and Eliza Dushku herself.

    Shooting for Dollhouse started this week after the cast and crew had a big barbecue.

    Apparently Amy Acker will only be on three episodes of Dollhouse this season. However, apparently one of those episodes has Eliza and Amy making out! I’m up for that!

    Another spoiler: At some point, Topher tells Adelle that Alpha used an old Whiskey imprint on Echo.

    The Dollhouse DVD has 23 deleted scenes on it. The list is here:

  12. I’m curious how the HEROES panel is going to pan out. They are doing one aren’t they? Seemed a bit confused in the press. Got the impression they thought it might be a bit confrontational.

    What would really suprise me?

    How about this:

    HEROES in “Season 4 might not be awful shock”.

  13. Richard Steven Hack

    Eliza tweeted two hours ago about “BIG” news about her coming up at Comic-Con.

  14. Eliza and Amy making out?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  15. Chuck fans, check out the Chuck poster for Comic-Con. Its pretty sweet! Wish NBC would use it to promote the show!

  16. Frank – thanks for the link. That poster is SWEET!! Wish I was in San Diego.

  17. Richard Steven Hack

    Joss Whedon from the Comic-Con Dollhouse panel today: “If the stars align we might also see a little Glau”!

    I hope so – even if she does nothing more than help the key grip!

  18. RSH,

    I saw that list of deleted scenes also, but I’m not sure if those are unique to the R2 release or are what will be on the R1. I hope that they are included on the R1, but didn’t see it mentioned one way or another there.

  19. Gary Oldman announcing Batman 3 starting up next year kind of surprised me? I thought Chris Nolan was burned out,that’s what he said!

    Other nice surprises so far have been the nice Kick Ass panel,this movie will be a hit!

    I’ve also gone from being so over woth James Cameron to wanting to see his newest film Avatar,wow did he take his sweet time doing this one! Looks to be an instant classic!

  20. Chuck’s ‘powers’ will have some sort of time limit, or just like the Greatest American Hero, he won’t have full command of them all of the time!

  21. Sorry, this isn’t related to this topic and I didn’t know where to post it.
    Chuck’s first episode of season 2 is currently free on itunes. Is this NBC or WB taking advantage of the buzz from comic con? I think it’s a great idea, just need to get the word out.

  22. JT808. I believe it is WB. Other shows were made available for free download during Comic-Con (Fringe, Supernatural, and Warehouse 13…). I think these are all WB shows. WB had a large Con presence. I think I saw pics of hotel keycards promoting the episodes.

    On the topic of the post: Not really any big shocks, aside from the Batman announcement.

    We didn’t find out where Chuck will be working, but we found out where he will be living next season. Maureen Ryan’s article with Levi, Fedak and Schwartz interview and spoilers:

  23. KN, I read the interview, looks like we the audience are going to be prick-teased over ‘Charah’ again >yawn<.

  24. KN, i would not bet on s4 for chuck, talking about wasted effort from fan

  25. I’m not sure if they genuinely think we love all the will they/won’t they stuff or they are just trying to create some buzz by winding up the elements of the fanbase who are totally into the Sarah/Chuck thing.

    Personally I cringed a bit when I heard/read some of the comi-con mini spoilers, not so much because I’m hugely into that part of the show, but because regardless I’m going to have to watch it if I’m going to watch CHUCK.

    I’m reserving judgement though , as Fedak & Schwartz both have previous form on red herrings.

  26. AD, I said nothing about a S4 in my comment. Why are you making such effort to post these types of comments on (at least) 2 different websites?

    I like the will they/won’t they. I think the show’s universe has a lot more at stake than other shows to sustain it for a while longer.

    NickC, are you going to reveal the exciting things that were or weren’t hinted during Comic-Con?

  27. JS & CF are being vague and are trying to rile the fans up. It’s working 🙂

    If the producers/writers were to do everything the fans want, they show would be boring and predictable.

  28. I believe all the shippers are having a collective coronary. I personally liked alot of what I heard for CHUCK S3. The action and comedy aspects look like being ramped up. It was just that some of the relationship stuff sounded too much like a re-tread of S1&2.

    Anyway the shippers should calm down. If nothing else Zac Levy & Yvonne Strahovski have great on screen chemistry, and I can’t see Fedak & Schwartz letting that go to waste.

  29. Yvonne was great on the Comic con special,they aren’t going to give everything away!Remeber if your on Twitter to support Chuck on Mondays by simply doing this in the feed #chuckmemondays

    Alot of Dollhouse talk going on now too.Writers from Reaper,former BSG and Buffy actors guest starring?If they revamp it enough maybe it’ll be good! Because it realy shouldn’t have been renewed!

  30. Just saw Epitaph One of Dollhouse. I have to agree with the guys at TVBTN that it was the best episode or nearly the best episode of the season.

    However, I have issues with both the claustrophobic look of the episode as well as Joss’ apparent plans for a dystopian future. I hope he does not intend to weave back and forth between the future and the present as he did in that episode – that’s nearly as bad as TSCC’s time travel.

    But it was nice to see Amy Acker without the scars. And I liked the Caroline persona that Eliza had better than she’s been all first season.

  31. Because i like to express my opinion on a show I liked is a good reason or you need something else?

  32. Anybody who actually read the script that has been circulating for Chuck S3 E1 will realize that the ‘love interest’ is merely a target that Sarah hits on for her job.

    But fans have decided to run around in a tizzy and cry for Charah.

    Yup, Josh is a clever dude.

    Fans will whine and moan and pretend to give up on the show and blah blah blah and secretly they just want the Chuck Sarah thing back and it will be.

  33. Since I didn’t pay attention to anything other than what happened with CHUCK at ComicCon – and since I didn’t really hear of any great “shock,” regarding CHUCK – can anyone tell me, was there any great “shock” regarding any other programs??

  34. Well, this didn’t come from Comic-Con, far as I know, but Summer Glau is part of a pilot for some crazy comedy show called “Good Morning Rabbit”.

    Personally I suspect this pilot will go no where based on the description.

    From the Web site:

    Here are info about new rat-tag commedy Good Morning Rabbit, a new series created by Hadley Klein (media assistant on TSCC), for which the pilot should be shot in early August.

    Stars of the show will be Kristina Apgar (Privileged, TSCC, Rescue Me) and Alex Frost (Elephant, The Vicious Kind).

    Joining the supporting cast are Summer Glau, Lauren Benz Phillips, and Leven Rambin (Riley in TSCC).

    Rising from the ashes of spunky original comedies like Flight of the Conchords, It’s Always Sunny…, and Pinky and the Brain is GOOD MORNING RABBIT, the next can’t-miss television comedy series.

    Side-splittingly funny! Hilariously surreal! GOOD MORNING RABBIT follows the weekly adventures of two platonic friends, BOXER and MIRA, in their efforts to celebrate every one of our great nation’s real holidays – from the most obscure (National Sorry Charlie Day, Flitch Day) to the more well-known (Groundhog Day, Wednesday). Each episode features a new holiday that leads our endearing heroes down the strangest of rabbit holes – nothing is off-limits in their world.

    Platonic friends, Boxer and Mira are the rare male-female dynamic duo supporting and sharing their skewed view of the world. In stories that are off-beat and surreal, our main characters attempt to function within the parameters of the real world, aided by Boxer’s inherited fortune and a larger-than-life set of recurring characters such as their go-to assistant, the flamboyant HOLLAND HIDALGO. In the way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer utilized fantastical and sci-fi elements as an allegory for adolescence, GOOD MORNING RABBIT borrows robots, zombies, vampires, time travel, and other colorful conventions in a metaphor for growing up and discovering your greater purpose with a friend at your side. GOOD MORNING RABBIT is written and directed by Hadley Klein and produced by Nicki Cortese and Kristina Apgar.

  35. Not that I’m really aware of.

    That Avatar may turn out to be good, while not exactly a shock, did get my attention. I’ve been thinking for a while that it was going to turn out to be James Cameron’s nemesis. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any out and out disasters on his CV (maybe the Abyss), which is unusual as even the most successful directors have a couple of turkeys they’d rather forget about. He dodged the bullet with Titanic, which many were predicting would tank before it was released. You could almost hear the headlines. Inspite of its flaws it ended up being a huge hit, thanks to the likes of my cousin who went to see it four times – grossing $1,848,813,0 worldwide and Cameron won the Best Director Oscar.

    With Avatar I was just getting a vibe that this time he wasn’t going to pull it off.

  36. RSH –

    That sounds bloody awful.

  37. Apologies, managed to mangle the worldwide gross for Titanic. It was $1,848,813,795 . Don’t know what the eventual profit was though as it cost around $200,000 just to make, and I’m not sure what the marketing costs etc were.

  38. Grrr, not having much luck with numbers today….Titanic clearly cost more than that. I meant $200 million to make. I’m sure you all knew that anyway, but I hate typos.

  39. @RSH. I also heard about the pilot with Summer Glau. And you’re right. It sounds awfully awful (I know that’s redundant, but I could find no better way to express my reaction in words).

    I’m very new to a lot of the “insiders” stuff when it comes to TV programs, although I’ve been watching TV for most of my 45 years. Anyway, I was interested in hearing that Summer may appear on Dollhouse.

    I never watched an episode of Dollhouse (or Buffy or Angel for that matter) but after all the chatter on this site about Firefly, I bought the series and the movie (Serenity) on DVD and just got absolutely hooked. I loved the show, the characters, and thought Summer did a fantastic job as River. Some might think that would have been any easy role to play, but I would beg to differ. I think it would be a challenging role and I think she pulled it off quite well.

    Not that I’m a Joss Whedon “fanatic” now, but if he is behind Dollhouse, I thought I’d be willing to give it a look – so I ordered it on DVD. I heard/read somewhere that it has some aspect of an ALIAS flavor to it, which also made me think, let’s give it a shot and see whether or not it’s any good.

    Anyway, I thought Summer was great in Firefly and in the episodes of TSCC Season 1 that I watched (before tuning out). So it would be great to see her again, and the way I’m figuring it, Dollhouse would be a better format than this pilot – which again, sounds awfully awful.

  40. Rick,let me know what you think about Dollhouse when you get it in.I have my opinion but i’ll hold on to it till you watch it.

  41. Rick, Dollhouse has its problems, and we hashed them out over at TVBTN. But I just watched both the un-aired 13th episode, Epitaph One, and the un-aired pilot, and both of them were probably the best episodes of the show, short of Alan Tudyk’s appearances in the last two aired episodes.

    If they can keep up that quality right from the start in season two, the show just conceivably might survive.

    I’ve never watched Buffy or Angel either as yet. I think I might be more interested in Angel than Buffy – different and more interesting premise and characters. Never saw Alias either, but I might check it out.

    By the way, if you get a chance to see Summer in the episodes “Allison From Palmdale” and “Self-Made Man” in season two of TSCC, go for it. She was excellent in both, especially “Allison”. That was a tough role – playing a robot, an emotionally distraught glitched robot, AND a human all in one episode.

    You can watch a nicely cut ten minutes that recaps the story of Allison Young on YouTube:

    TSCC : Allison Young (Summer Glau)

  42. @ Brian S. I’m expecting (rightly or wrongly) that your opinion is that it’s not that good. That’s kind of the vibe that I’d been getting from the blogosphere, but I thought, what the heck – I’ll give it a try and see for myself. So I’ll get back with you when I get it and after I’ve had a chance to watch it.

    @RSH – thanks for the link. That was an intense 10 minutes of T.V. I stopped watching TSCC somewhere along the line in Season 1. I don’t think it was because I didn’t like the show – I think it might have been on at the same time as one of the shows that I’m addicted to – might have been Smallville. I don’t have DVR, so I was taping TSCC for a while, but eventually fell off that horse and then just never got back on.

    Anyway, after becoming a Summer fan from recently watching Firefly/Serenity, I ordered Seasons 1 & 2 of TSCC on DVD. Yes, I know it’s cancelled, but that’s O.K.

    As far as ALIAS – when that show was on the air I was completely addicted. I even subscribed to the fan magazine. It was created by the same guy(s) that are responsible for LOST, so let’s just say it has a LOT of twists and turns, etc. But for five years, it was my favorite TV program. Watch the pilot episode from Season 1 and see what you think. It had a great cast. Lena Olin eventually hopped on board for a couple of seasons as well.

    Need to run. Thanks for sharing!! Peace, all!!!

    And I’m wondering if Nick C. is on another “holiday.” Seems like there’s been nothing new on one of my favorite web sites in quite a while! 😉

  43. I wonder the same, Rick

  44. I’ve been checking in here consistently to see if there’s updates, and still none. He must be on vacation.

  45. Nick, there are such things are post-dated posts written beforehand for people like me who need their insider fix! 🙂

  46. @Rick

    Buffy is well worth a look. If, God forbid, Joss Whedon left this mortal coil today it would still be Buffy he was remembered for. I might be saying something different if Firefly had been allowed to develop beyond a stunted first season shown in the wrong order.

    The first 3 seasons of Buffy were very strong, particularly Season 2. It slides in quality after that, but not as much as some shows I could mention and it remains entertaining to the end.

    For me the thing about Angel is that although its a great show I never quite accepted it as distinct from Buffy which is more my fault than anything else. If you approach it with an open mind its just as good, and if you like the whole film noir, LA based detective/horror thing then its better. I would suspect most of the readers on this board approaching Buffy/Angel for the first time would prefer Angel.