So We’re Now BS-Less, And That Is A GOOD Thing For CHUCK Fans

This is a long post, and if I knew how to make a post from my BlackBerry I’d have had this news for all of you last Sunday, but well I don’t, so you didn’t.  This is just a teaser for the post I’ll be writing about NBC getting rid of BS and more importantly how Gaspin should right the ship, but is it too late?


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  1. Okay you have my attention, but could you be a lot more specific? LOL.

    I thought BS was in the Chuck camp during the renewal campaign. He knew what the buzz was.

    I actually have no clue why this would be good news but I would like to find out.

  2. I’m glad NBC got rid of Ben Silverman. Now if they could get rid of Jeff Zucker.

  3. You got me as well. Is Gaspin more likely to pull the plug on the Leno experiment?

  4. I’ll post this and more new stuff on Wednesday, but this is good news. While Silverman was very involved in the Subway deal, he was also imho the reason Subway had to save the show in the first place.

    Gaspin and his ties to decisions about BURN NOTICE another spy dramedy are the basis for my theory on why it will be better under Gaspin for CHUCK and NBC as a whole. I’ll get more into it on Wednesday when I have the time.

  5. I’ll be waiting!! And by the way, I HATE being teased!! (I was the youngest child in my family, so I took my share of it).

    Anyway, anything that is GOOD for “Chuck” will cause nothing but joy for me, so I’ll put up with the wait.

  6. Wednesday? Wow, that is a great teaser.

  7. Sorry, Nick. But the whole thing is a mute point.

    Considering the revelations from the Chuck producers at Comic-Con on the continued angst crap-fest for season 3, Silverman’s departure really has no relevance. Based on the ratings challenge and how many of the show’s once-dedicated fans are less than happy, season 3 will be the last one for Chuck.

    Gotta count myself among those who’d purchased the Subway sandwiches, but will no longer support this once decent show.

    Not many TV producers know exactly when their shows will end. At least the Chuck staff now does… Season 3, Episode 13 “Series Finale”.

  8. Typo: *moot point.

  9. I thinks its too late for NBC, its just handed over its 10pm slot which it could make money I think also means NBC’s two best spots (Tuesday 10pm and thursday 10pm) are gone. Which is a bit retarded if you get rid of them. Even if they wanted Leno I would have done a three night per week thing, not 1/3 of my main week schedule.

  10. So far, I’ve avoided “fans” who I knew would whine and sulk about what Schwartz & Co. has said from Comic-con.

    I’m a big C/S shipper, but that’s not the only reason I watched Chuck. If the ONLY reason fans like Dev watch Chuck was to see C/S come together, then sayonara. It’s not what’s gonna happen. Go read some fan-fic. Based on their reactions, the writers would have lost them anyway once they did get together. I’m in a marriage. I’ve found there’s a parallel between romance on TV and romance in real life. It’s better in the beginning, when there’s all that great tension.

    These “fans” I guess, wouldn’t happen to care about the great chemistry with the rest of the cast. The superb delivery of lines and comedic timing, by almost everybody on board. The wonderful writing.

    It’s not every show that gives us a small nugget and have it pay off in multiples over the arc of an episode, a season, heck even the entire show. Aside from major plot holes that I consider part of its charm, Chuck has very little I can criticize.

    What boggles me is that these folks already “know” the show is crap without having seen one episode, one clip from an episode, a promo, or even a page of the script of an episode. Wow! Precogs exist!

    I’m looking forward to S3.

  11. I’m looking forward to it too imkeh,but we always have “others”, if they are SO negative about Chuck Season 3 already then DO NOT watch it,you have other choices!

  12. “I’m looking forward to it too imkeh,but we always have “others”, if they are SO negative about Chuck Season 3 already then DO NOT watch it,you have other choices!”

    Agreed. I may groan when I hear of “love interests” but I know better than to second guess the writers. Spoilers dropped at comic-con or elsewhere rarely turn out how people envisage.

    I’ll admit to having read/heard some of the spoilers for the next season, including a partial script for 3.01. I won’t, ahem, spoil it for anyone else, but what I read sounds great. Some of the already known changes (mainly Awesome being in the loop) allow for more cohesion of the plot strands.

    The only real problem I ever thought that Chuck had was the occasional lack of synergy between the Spyworld and Buymore sub-plot. I think they could well have solved that.

  13. I’ve never much cared for the show so it’s interesting to see fans reactions since the no Chuck and Sarah revelation. Not so much the negative reactions by the show’s “shippers”. Schwartz was always going to screw up the Chuck and Sarah dynamic. More specifically the split that has occurred in the fan base.

    Pre-ComicCon the fan base was united under the Save Chuck banner. During a time of global recession, when record numbers of people are losing jobs, the Chuck fans dug into their pockets and actually paid for Chuck’s staff keep their jobs for another season. Like the show or not, that somehow seems even more noteworthy than the whole Jericho nut thing, which I also avoided.

    Post-ComicCon the fan base seems split big time. The shippers versus those fans who enjoy the show no matter what. Looking at imkeh’s response is a perfect reflection of the frustration being felt. In her opening reply she used terms like “whine” and “sulk”. Her instant reaction to an upset shipper is to denigrate, not to engage. And she’s not alone. It’s playing out on fan forums, blogs and tweets everywhere.

    I wonder how Subway, Jeff Zucker, Angela Bromstad and this new guy Jeff Gaspin feel about Schwartz’s splitting of the very fan base which saved the show in the first place? I half expected to find a markup about the whole brouhaha over at Nikki Finke’s blog, but I guess she thinks about Chuck even less than I do.

    I agree with the non-shippers: If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

    I agree with the shippers: Season 3 is destined to be the last.

  14. Devorak,

    Go find another show you whiny little fanboy. You reveal that even a demographically sophisticated audience like Chuck has a few rotten apples. Read the spoiler you moron, the ‘potential love interest’ appears not only harmless but fun as heck. I am so psyched about that AWESOME spoiler it isn’t even funny.


    Dead wrong. I have read the season three spoilers and they are awesome. None of my friends who have recently discovered the show have even heard about this little pity party amoung the Devoraks and other chicken littles.

    Season 3 not only looks awesome on paper but will be awesome. Just like seasons 1+2.

    Further, the depression will help Chuck since we are in the very lucky position of having a corporate sponsor that we chose as fans. And we directly patronize them because everybody eats three times a day, so why not eat someplace that scratches my back.

    It will be shows like Heroes that risk running out of sponsors.

    What you disinterested parties and outright whiners don’t get is that Season three looks awesome and we will happily leave all you cry babies behind without a second thought.

    The show is already renewed, it will be aired. Everyone will watch the show that did before and when it turns out awesome the Devoraks of the world will know what crappy fans they have been. THERE IS NOTHING YOU NEGATIVE TYPES CAN DO TO STOP SEASON THREE FROM ROCKING!

  15. Wasn’t going to bother.
    Felt like clarifying.

    The problem is the apparent continuation of what many think of as one of the paramount causes of the show being all but cancelled; contrived angst (previous episodes heavy with it having received the most negative feedback) between two of the main characters. We’d really rather NOT have to do a global Subway drive again due to Schwartz and Fedak having reached their creative limits.

    You guys think that all of us fans who don’t like it should just switch the channel? We tend to agree.

  16. To quote one of my favorite “every man” philosophers, Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    First, let me say – and as usual I will mimick the sentiments of the wise and worldly imkeh, I am a “shipper” (just having learned what that word meant two days ago, I can say that I am one) who also watches the show for all the other reasons that make it so great.

    BUT, I also have to side with those who are growing a little weary of the angst. I think what those fans are saying is “please, don’t rehash the same kind of stuff that you did from the first two seasons in keeping Chuck and Sarah apart.”

    I don’t think anyone is expecting a wedding. I don’t think anyone is expecting that they are going to be Rob and Laura Petrie (re: The Dick Van Dyke Show). The fans who are expressing those feelings are just hoping that the Chuck and Sarah aspect of the show doesn’t turn into “Angstapalooza.”

    Writers – and I do believe that CHUCK has great writers – can find creative ways to “move this thing forward” that can maintain some level of tension/difficulty but not turn it into a rehash of the first two seasons. It would be ridiculous to return to that format – especially after the last two episodes of Season 2.

    Remember what happens with stagnant water. After a while it starts to stink like you know what.

    And to quote an old gospel hymn, “let there be peace in the (Chuck) valley!” We can have differences of opinions – if we didn’t it would be awfully boring – but PLEASE, lets not resort to calling one another nasty names like “fanboy.” 😉

    Peace, all!

  17. And here we are, finally we have the Fan more Fan then other, while we was usefull during the renewal campain now, if you are not alligned and covered with JS shipper you are in trouble, you must go away you lost the right to write and to talk about this show

  18. AstronomySnap

    I remember everyone being like this when Agent Mi6 was supposed to come into the picture. “Fans” were upset and threatening to stop watching if Sarah were to “go there” with him. No one had even seen the episodes or knew what would happen, all they heard was “new love interest” and they freaked.

    And what happened? Nothing. Sarah blew off Cole for Chuck. She never even did anything but kiss him. Then the “fans” moved on to the complaining about Chuck not being a normal guy anymore after Ring. True, the show did lose viewers after the Mi6 arc (if you can even call 2 episodes an arc) but what did those who tuned out because of it miss? 5 of THE most incredible episodes in the entire series.

    I also thinks its a shame how many shippers (and yes I am a shipper) want to crap all over the show because of one thing Schwartz said which has already been clarified, that he did not use the right words, and also defended by a Charah devoted writer on the staff. I wonder if Schwartz had said Chuck and Sarah were getting together this season how many people would be screaming “JUMP THE SHARK” right now.

  19. I don’t believe that the angst was ever the real cause of the shows relative unpopularity, based mainly on the fact you have to actually watch the show for quite a few episodes to be aware of how much angst there is. The will they/won’t they sub-plot is only an issue for a section of existing viewers. They’re entitled to their opinions, I just happen to think they are over reacting.

    The real problems as far as I’m aware are:

    a. Its on NBC. Quite a big one this.

    b. The timeslot. Again quite a big problem.

    c. Negative perceptions of the main character. Alot of this comes down to the promos. Too much emphasis on the slap-stick & girlish screams.

    d. The absurdity of the concept. Its just too big a stretch for some people. Lets face it, it is a bit silly (but no worse than some other high concept shows).

    e. A spy dramedy is quite tricky to pull off with a lot of competing elements that need to be kept in balance. Too much Buymore/family/comedy time and the main spy plot suffers. Too many dead people and it ain’t funny. Which leads me to: The Buymore. Bit of a problem. While I found on repeated viewing it was the Buymore shennanigans that often amused me the most I can see why a first time viewer might find it a turn off. This is particularly true when the Buymore plot has nothing at all to do with the spy plot.

    There’s not much the showrunners can do about a,b & d, but from what I’ve heard they have taken steps to address c & e.

    With the new intersect Chuck becomes a more plausible spy, with hopefully less of the screaming, and staying in the car. The better integration of the likes of Awesome into the main spyplot should give the show more balance, and make it feel less like a spy show with a seperate work-place comedy bolted onto the side.

  20. Based on the reaction to Maureen Ryan’s article dated 26 July over at the Chicago Tribune, it wasn’t favorable for Chuck.

    Based on the reaction to Kristin’s article dated 27 July at E Online, it wasn’t favorable for Chuck.

    The problem is in the reality check. A large chunk of the active, vocal Internet fan base are coming to grips with the fact that Chuck’s producers never intend to put Chuck and Sarah into any kind of a real relationship, hidden from the government or not. And in coming to terms with this realization, most of them are understandably agitated enough to not only speak out, but also withdraw support for the show.

    It’s obvious from later interviews with the show’s producers that they were not anticipating such a large volume of negative reactions. It can be seen in Schwartz’s face and attitude.

    A short while later another producer, Allison Adler put out a video in an obvious attempt to quell the angry fan feedback.

    Problem is that the video did little to ease the tensions due to its obvious ambiguity. And you don’t have to be Dr. Lightman from “Lie to Me” to read Allison’s body language when she says the words, “I hope some day we can have that, but who knows?” Anyone with a modicum of understanding basic body language knows that when you shake your head side-to-side like that, it means you don’t believe what you’re saying. I find the whole thing laughable.

    Season 1, the producers said that Charah would not happen.
    Season 1 came and went, the producers made good on their statements.

    Season 2, the producers said that Charah would not happen.
    Season 2 came and went, the producers made good on their statements.

    Season 3, the producers said that Charah would not happen.
    Season 3, well, hmm… time to look for a pattern.

    The reality check is that Chuck and Sarah will never be a real couple in the show. It’s basic formula TV. Fedak is still a bit of a newbie and Schwartz sticks with formula.

    And hey, Dave, keep hurtling insults around those who don’t agree with you. Like I’d mentioned before, I don’t care one way or the other. I’m primarily fascinated by the social and business fallout which ultimately comes.

    As for Nick C’s article on Ben’s departure being good for Chuck, unless you mean that Gaspin is likely to drag Chuck’s producers in by the ear and directly order them to stop risking the already cancellation-worthy ratings, then Silverman’s departure means nothing. Other than Chuck being Ben’s last chance to have 1 hit scripted show during his tenure. And from the way the strong winds are blowing, I’m ordering a year’s worth of popcorn and settling in for a lot more “Chuck vs The Shippers”.

  21. Alexander, I wouldn’t write Chuck off yet. First off, based on raw numbers, if that’s all we’re going by Medium should be back by now and Chuck should have been gone. (We’d never have had that Jeffster performance at Comic-Con and what a damn shame that would have been).

    Also, who knew that Dollhouse, with it’s sad share, yes even lower than Chuck, would be back? Yet it’s back. So let’s not predict the demise of Chuck without anything more than conjectures.

    Rick, you know I would have sympathies for your arguments 0n behalf of fans like Dev if it were based on facts. Fact is, Schwartz gave a teaser that sent fans in a tizzy. I do wish someone would advise him to quit running his mouth on this subject. We don’t know exactly what they’re teasing. Have they written all 13 scripts? Is the season over? I say watch first if you call yourself any form of a fan. If one spent so much time, effort, and money saving the show in the first place, how does it make sense not to even see what the payoff is?

    When it’s all over and you’re still disgusted, we can analyze it together and argue the merit of the show itself, not the writer’s teasers.

    If they don’t get picked up the back 9, and if it’s to be their last season, I would think the writers will finally get them together. Either way, we all have a show to watch for 13 more eps.

  22. @Neil G – re: point c.

    Please add awful, 13 year old “nerd” hair to the list regarding negative perceptions of the main character.

    Yes, I know this might sound ridiculous – and No, I’m not a “hair freak.” I spend all of 60 seconds in the a.m. on my “do.”

    I know Chuck is supposed to be some kind of Nerd, but he’s not – he really isn’t – he’s the “everyman” that the creators keep referring to him as (re: the “everyman hero”).

    So PLEASE, in Season 3, let’s have no more “Chullets,” “Helmet-dos” or “Nerdie” hair styles for Chuck. It might not help much in reagrd to your point c – but it sure couldn’t hurt.

    I knew it wasn’t just me when one evening I was visiting my 73 year old mother and sat her down to watch Chuck. One of her first comments was, “What’s wrong with his hair?!” About a month or so ago we had a VERY LONG thread on this on one of the CHUCK web sites and it was pretty much a unanimous opinion. CHANGE THE DO!!

    Let’s make the “everyman hero” more like “every man” and give him the “do” that a 28 year old – NON-NERD male should have: NORMAL. Maybe that will help make him a little more appealing to the “audience at large.”

    And by the way, Neil G., – excellent observations overall!

  23. Imkeh – Oh, believe me – I’ll be tuning in. By March I’ll be salivating for a new episode.

    I think the reason that “teasers” like those that are thrown out by J.S. is so exactly what is happening on this thread will happen. A spirited, on-going discussion/debate that keeps “CHUCK” on peoples’/fans’ minds during the Loooooong hiatus until March.

    I’m not in favor of turning off the program in any way. Unless, of course, it gets ridiculous/stupid (kind of like HEROES did starting in Season 2). Other than a turn to complete ridiculousness, I’m on board for the long haul – and I think that you’ll find most fans – even those who are expressing a little bit of “disgruntledness” (is that even a word?) will be on board as well.

    All this – starting with the “teasers” at Comic Con – is about an attempt to keep the “Chuck chatter” during the next 200 plus days going. Can’t say I blame Schwartz and Fedak for that. It’s obviously working. 🙂

  24. “Spoilers dropped at comic-con or elsewhere rarely turn out how people envisage.”

    Boy, is that true! The classic case is Friedman’s airing a spoiler clip at WonderCon before the last episodes of TSCC. The big finish for the clip was John Connor laying on top of Cameron looking like they were about to or just had made out. The shippers went crazy!

    Turned out it was all BS – the WORST example of a “sex scene” ever filmed in TV history. Pure “screw you” from the producer and the writers to the shippers.

    Better watch out, Chuck fans! The producers and writers of Chuck COULD DO IT TO YOU! Do NOT trust these people!

  25. @RSH

    I don’t know how it is a screw you from the TSCC producers and writers when at the end of the episode he jumped through time for her chip.That’s the shippers favorite part of the episode.I not sure if you are a shipper or not but they seemed to love it.

  26. My god, there are idiots on the net. There will be “issues,” that will keep Chuck and Sarah apart… however there is a real difference… now they WANT to be together the both of them.

    That is a new angle. My understanding is that it’s definitely moving forward while not rushing forward. Which is good for everyone.

  27. “A large chunk of the active, vocal Internet fanbase”.

    Alexander – I understand what you’re saying but I think you’re misinterpreting volume for depth. We are really only talking about a handful of people. If you go on the official forums, or to Chuck fansites or even on sites like this you’ll notice very quickly that it’s mainly the same, very vocal, posters over and over again. Why? Because they are the only people who care enough to post on the subject. But here’s the thing, I am nearly 100% certain that most of them will still watch the show in March. If you’ve got enough personal investment in a relationship on a show to clog up the blogosphere with comments then I think you’ll tune into episode 1, if only to see if you’re worst fears are confirmed.

    When you twist their arms on the subject you usually find they are fairly willing to tolerate Sarah/Chuck not getting together if there is a good reason, it’s the love triangle stuff that’s causing the problem. I would also add that this all happened last year with the Cole Barker episodes, and that was all a fuss about nothing. If anything that drove the character development forward. Most fans of the show have this in mind.

    Now you could argue that these are the very same people who got the show renewed in the first place, and to an extent that’s true, but only to an extent. That campaign was a lot broader than just the Chuck shippers and frankly in the end came down to a rational business decision by NBC, thanks in no small part to Wendy Farrington and the Subway hookup.

    On Gaspin/Silverman, my understanding is that BS has largely been a figurehead for sometime now. That being the case his sucessor would likely be fully onboard during the renewal process, and therefore party to the decision to renew Chuck. The beauty of BS’s departure now is it gives deniability to Gaspin as BS will still mainly take the blame for anthing that fails over the next year.

  28. “My god, there are idiots on the net.”

    That is a fact.
    Just like it’s a fact that Charah have “wanted” to be together since season 1. The big thing keeping them apart was the job. And now for season 3 we have them being kept apart again because of the job.

    “My understanding is that it’s definitely moving forward while not rushing forward.”

    I actually laughed out loud at this lame statement. Two year timeline in the show pre-S3 and neither have even admitted their feelings directly to one another. And in S3 we’re told still nothing definite is going to happen. But yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself it’s all progress.


    Still looking forward to Nick’s big news story about how Ben leaving NBC is going to be good for Chuck. I enjoy good fiction every so often.

  29. Nick C. – moving yet not rushing forward IS good! And truthfully I think the “shippers” (God, I love this Internet TV talk lingo) will be content with that.

    It’s the possibility of moving BACKWARD – rehashing some of the things from seasons 1 and 2 – which SEEMED (whether accurately interpreted or not) to be hinted at by J.S. which set the “shippers” off.

    Stale food tastes awful and stagnant water smells like feces. I think the “crying” from the DIE-HARD “shippers” is “let’s no rehash old business and old storylines.” I may be wrong (often am) but that’s my take on it. So I think most (if not all) REASONABLE “shippers” would be happy with what you said – moving yet not rushing forward. Forward is what they (and I as well) want to see. Backward, plainly and simply, will SUCK!

    Thanks again, and looking “forward” to your revelation on Wednesday.

    Peace, all! ( & Remember, it IS only a TV show!!)

  30. someguynamedjohn

    I watched the ComicCon presentation off and from the sounds of it, no one gave definitive answers to anything about the show. Sure we know who will be back next season, but we don’t know as to how much. So lets wait it out and stop screaming.

    As for BS, he was around for many bad ideas, so the blame for whatever happens in this upcoming year will be squarely blamed on him. As for NBC doing so poorly, TV is cyclical stations have good years and bad years, right now CBS is on Top, 5 years from now it might be theCW… you never know.

  31. Devorak, have you seen the Season 3 Bible? No? Then I suggest shutting up.

    Ali by the way, is most definitely lying in her video. However, you seem to think you know what she is lying about. I know what it is, and you need to start paying attention to the Chuck Me site for future hints.

    I’m not a spoiler, and I won’t become one. If you’re a fan of CHUCK you’ll love what they have planned for Season 3, period.

  32. Nick C, what is the plan for Chuck Me Out? It just seems to be (at the moment) a collection of posts from across Chuck fan sites but it doesn’t seem to be actively promoting our main campaign of Chuck Me Mondays.

    How active is the show going to be with the site?

    Looking forward to writeup tomorrow.

  33. Nick M – I put in a request to the Mods over at the ChuckMeOut website about supporting and tweeting ChuckMeMondays but I think the issues lies with the fact that right now the only way for viewers who participate in CMM to watch online is via the Given that there’s a stream counter on the front page of CMO (which is being helmed by NBC) which leads you to for S2 episodes, I think we might see CMO become more active in CMM once we hit Season 2 and those online viewers are being directed to Can’t really blame them.

    CMO is really a great improvement over the normal boards on…the moderators are much more tolerant, the content is more interactive, and the site is supporting fan efforts and websites…actually directing traffic to and tweeting the ChuckYouTuesday podcasts…etc. Previously, the NBC forum boards would remove any posts that directed people to other sites beyond NBC’s, but I think they finally recognized that to grow an audience base (an engaged audience of FANS) they needed to be less constrictive. It’s funny because I actually talked with Lee Huang about this at the IFS panel (I’m sure that had nothing to do with CMO coming online) but it’s encouraging to see that someone within NBC’s digital content group was thinking along the same lines. To me CMO is a good sign that NBC is trying to learn about the fans of their shows and hopefully that will help their promotional efforts.

    FYI – I’m still in contact with Mr. Huang and he’s been circulating the presentation around NBC. We’re going to connect back up later this week or early next (summer is hard to coordinate). Zac’s publicist also sent the presentation to some people she knows at NBC and the WB…still not entirely sure where this will lead…if anywhere, but again, the communication channel is open and I think the CMO site is a great indicator of things to come.

  34. It was expected that the writers would keep Chuck and Sarah apart, at least initially. My beef was with the idea that other love intrests had been overdone in the past. I probably would have reacted similarly if they had said that Bryce would be coming back from the dead and that Chuck would feel inadequate next to him. Except that Bryce has only come back from the dead once and Chuck has felt inadequate next to him 3 or 4 times, still less than the love interest idea.

    I do have faith in the writers, but I wish JS would find a way to maintain interest over the long hiatus that doesn’t involve waving a red flag in front of the fans.

  35. “Ali by the way, is most definitely lying in her video. However, you seem to think you know what she is lying about. I know what it is, and you need to start paying attention to the Chuck Me site for future hints.

    I’m not a spoiler, and I won’t become one. If you’re a fan of CHUCK you’ll love what they have planned for Season 3, period.”

    What a tease!

    You’re a mean, mean fellow.

  36. someguynamedjohn

    “I’m not a spoiler, and I won’t become one. If you’re a fan of CHUCK you’ll love what they have planned for Season 3, period.”

    I hate spoilers, so thanks Nick C.

    I’m surprised no one said anything about Chuck coming back earlier. When watching ComicCon footage I believe Schwartz (or was it Fedak?) said that it may be earlier, is it to believe if a fall show does horribly we might see Chuck a bit earlier than expected? Anyone want to confirm that?

  37. That’s what’s implied by that statement someguynamedjohn. There’s really no other way I can see it airing earlier otherwise. I am ok waiting till March after the Olympics has given Chuck the advertising it deserves. Of course I wouldn’t mind getting the back 9 either. Honestly, I really don’t care as long as Chuck comes back w/ good eps.

  38. I just watched that Ali Adler video mentioned earlier in this thread. Truthfully, I don’t care if she way lying – or if she was lying, what she was lying about. It was 30 seconds of ridiculous, amusing fun to have one of the shows key writers come out and say “this is what I’m rooting for,” while pointing to the bogus wedding portrait.

    It’s worth all the bickering/debating going on just to produce that gem of a video. THAT’S more of the stuff we need to see posted on the CHUCK sites (esp. to hold us over until the season starts.

    I LOVE this show! And I even love all the chatter, including the occasional shot of piss and vinegar that gets tossed around.

    Keep on Chuckin’ all you Chuckaholics!

    And BRING IT ON come Wednesday, Nick C. We’re ready and waiting!!! 😉

  39. So just read some tweets from various sources at the NBC press thing. So looks like Angela is sticking to the Chuck in March with 13 episodes.

    I don’t understand how NBC can put to Medical dramas on in the same week. What happen to diversification?

    BS thought that Chuck had a chance to get more episodes and into the summer is that still the case? I think either way the Chuck team thinks that it is 13 and done and this is the last season. If so then we should get a finale on the 13th.

    I hope they have this planned out because Chuck should have an ending not just left hanging.

    Cannot wait for you to complete this blog entry.

  40. I don’t know about the last season part, but unless Chuck starts early I don’t see there being a back 9. I always thought that new episodes in the summer was one of BS’s odd ideas, now that he is gone along with the obvious scheduling problems for production (the go ahead would not likely come before the sixth episode, how do you get new scripts rolled out, get the actors in, shoot the shows and do post production in 6 or 7 weeks to be ready for airing and still have time to prepare for the next season) I can’t see a back nine unless the show starts before the new year.

    As I understand it Bromstead said there are “no plans” to move the start up and she “doesn’t rule out” running the back nine during the summer. Is it just me or are both those statements so qualified as to be meaningless?

  41. C’mon, Nick C. Wednesday is almost 2/3 over. It’s time to “put up or shut up” on this post you promised. You’re driving me CRAZY!! (remember, I’m a “CHUCK” addict, “Chuckaholic” or whatever you want to call it – just NOT a “fanboy!). 😉 😉 😉

  42. Yeah Ken,

    I am totally thinking Allison doesn’t care about Chuck. She is stuck with it and she is going to put it on in the winter. Let it run 13 and then cancel it.

    Even Josh knows this that is why he said they are not going to pull another Kung Fu, they are going out guns blazing. They know that this is the last year. So they are going to finish the story in 13. Anything else is a bonus.

    Such a shame for this great show to be treated this way. What do you expect when NBC doesn’t own the show though.

    So I am going in prepared that 3.13 will be the last episode of Chuck and that every episode will be like Colonel quality. Going out guns blazing indeed.

    Chuck and Sarah will be held off until the last two episodes then everything will be wrapped up into a nice bow for the fans.

  43. Rich, you may well be right. However, the reality is there is no new info here; nothings changed from the renewal. I intend to remain moderately optimistic. My view is that they’re giving it a shot, but no more than that. If Chuck still struggles then I can well see this being the last season. But it’s still 13 epiodes more than I thought we’d get.

    On whether or not Bromstead supports Chuck I find difficult to determine from a few comments as she doesn’t seem the most open of interviewees. I’m sceptical of the notion that Chucks renewal was solely Silverman’s decision though as the writings been on the wall for a while for him. As head of scripted drama Bromstead must have had some input into the renewal or what’s the point of her job.

    Chuck starting in March seems like a trial by NBC to see if they can manage a split season successfully. What they’re probably confident of is that Chuck has a solid fanbase that even 10 months off won’t erode too much. It hung onto it’s viewers in the monday night death slot so we know at least some people really like the show. The trick will be to gain new viewers, and that definitely remains to be seen.

  44. Josh: “when at the end of the episode he jumped through time for her chip.”

    No, he jumped through time because Josh Friedman is an idiot and had no clue where to take the show.

    “That’s the shippers favorite part of the episode.”

    Most shippers aren’t terribly rational – or more precisely, they love to RATIONALIZE anything that happens so that it supports their desires. I’m considerably more rational.

    “I not sure if you are a shipper or not but they seemed to love it.”

    I was most definitely a Jameron “shipper” in the sense that I wanted them to have a complicated, sophisticated human-AI relationships (with hints that it could even be physical in the future), not some simplistic “robot falls in love” nonsense which even Friedman repeatedly said he wasn’t interested in. Then he mostly reneged on that in the last episodes while at the same time completely destroying the possibility of any shipper romance by the way the plot was developed.

    Look, John ended up in the future where there was only ALLISON, not CAMERON! How the hell do you get a Jameron shipper resolution out of that without somehow getting him back into the present?

    We don’t even know if Cameron’s BODY survived the time bubble! How all that could be resolved is left to the viewer because by that time Friedman KNEW there would be no season three!

    See, this is why shippers and most TSCC fans don’t get it. Friedman never had a “plan” for season two and made it up as he went along. He even admitted to Shirley Manson that he had NO IDEA what to do with her character when he cast her! Then the whole show revolved around her! She even became basically the “hero” of the whole season! If that doesn’t prove that he had no plan, I don’t know what does.

    Friedman is a BS artist. Nothing he says is to be taken as true. What he did with that spoiler clip at WonderCon was appropriate because it WAS a CON! It was intended to get the shippers all riled up to watch the show even though he had to know by then that the show was OVER. And then the fact that the scene turned into something utterly different than what was hinted at clearly shows he intended to just prank the shippers. That’s what I mean by a :”screw you:”. He never intended a Jameron shipper situation and enjoyed playing a game with the shippers.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he intended that all along even at the point of casting Summer Glau for precisely that purpose. Clearly the first thought any sentient being had in hearing that Summer was cast as the female “good Terminator” was: ‘Oh, yeah, kid gets it on with the robot!” That was definitely MY first thought! Friedman knew that – and all along intended to screw the people who he knew would want that.

  45. Rich, well seeing as her name is Angela, I’m going to go out on a limb and decide this is just your opinion based on nothing more than your paranoia.

    Angela loves the show and the people behind it. She just doesn’t want to move it forward.

    Rick Holy, I finally got around to posting it. Sorry, it took most of the day.

  46. Thank you Nick C. Chuck fans are just getting worried that we have 13 episodes left. The Mercy and Trauma on the same schedule is a head scratcher.

    So if shooting is over before the season begins wouldn’t that almost ensure that we only get 13 with no chance for more episodes. I guess as a Chuck fan it is encouraging that Josh said they are leaving nothing on the table. So I assume the episode 13 is being written as the Series finale.

    What got me most upset about Angelas comments was that she said that the Chuck fans are so loyal they will wait 10 months. Well some might but I feel you lose all the Buzz that is going on.

    To me it looks like Angela is tying Chuck to Day One and she will not and has no intention of moving it up even if Trauma or Mercy fail.

  47. Anyone who says they’re not going to watch Chuck because of some stupid thing they heard at the Comin-Con panel is just ridiculous. First of all…you’re going to watch…let’s be real here. If you have enough time and energy to post silly comments like this on the internet, you’re a big enough fan of the show that you’re not going to be able to avoid watching.

    I’m sure they will progress the Chuck/Sarah relationship, but they have to keep things “interesting” which means there will have to be obstacles in their way. Anyone who has EVER watched a TV show with a romantic relationship knows this is unavoidable. Everyone relax and enjoy the show and be happy it’s coming back! Geez!!!

  48. Nick C // August 3, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    My god, there are idiots on the net. There will be “issues,” that will keep Chuck and Sarah apart… however there is a real difference… now they WANT to be together the both of them.

    That is a new angle. My understanding is that it’s definitely moving forward while not rushing forward. Which is good for everyone.

    Yet Zach Levi says that now that Chuck and Sarah are on ice this open up the possibility of other Love interests.

    I am sorry but I may be an idiot but I am not looking forward to a season long love triangle. How can they want to be together yet Zach says this.

    Doesn’t sound like a great season to me.

  49. I thought he said they would have to put their love on ice, as I take it they still feel it , they just can’t act on it. My guess is that the potential love interests will end out being a question that each has to deal with, do you wait for the one you love or act upon something lesser with someone who is available. That and each misinterpreting the other’s actions and intentions. This comment doesn’t bother me much at all.

  50. Chuck is the intersect. If he can’t be with Sarah shouldn’t he be concentrating on being a successful spy instead of hooking up with Hannah. This whole Love interest thing is a joke and it is going to ruin the show for me. We are scared to write Chuck and Sarah so lets see them tempted by other people. Yaawn!!!

    It’s an insult to the fandom to show us they want to be together then turn around and put them with other people. I think I might skip a majority of this groan inducing season. No Subway campaign for me this year.