Sorry About The Lack Of Posts

I’ve obviously not been around.  The life of a semi-retired person means that “semi,” sometimes means work.  For me that means a lot of set visits and other things.  So the good news is I’ve got lots of good info about different shows and movies, just haven’t had the time to post about it all.  I’m home for the weekend, then back to another set Monday.  I will be posting new things soon.  I think I’ve got some posts from Brian S, and maybe others I can throw up today.

The hope was for the new website to be up and running by now, so that while I was off there would be posts from the others.  I take full blame for that too, as I haven’t pursued finishing up the new site.

I’ll work on it.  Promise.


5 responses to “Sorry About The Lack Of Posts

  1. Welcome back Nick C. We’ve missed you!

  2. Does semi-retired mean semi-old or semi-very well off? 😛

  3. Well, I’m not old or semi-old….

  4. I was thoroughly lost and confused without new material here.

    I…I… it hurts to even say it, but I have to come clean and admit that I even briefly visited Ausiello’s.

    (Speaking of whom, OMG he seems like such a jerk in the interviews. In the few that I saw, he totally ignores the men and only focuses on what he is interested in, regardless of what the topic is supposed to be).

    Ex: Here’s Kristen Bell and Freddie Highmore talking about Astro Boy for 3:50 minutes (slightly paraphrased).

    Ausiello: So Freddie have you ever seen Veronica Mars?

    Freddie: Well, no, I…

    Ausiello: You really need to, speaking of which, Kristen, how’s things going with that? Any news?

    Kristen Bell and Ausiello then proceed to discuss Veronica Mars for 3:42 minutes).

    Or where he assembled 5 members of the cast of V and proceeded to completely focus on only the two women there, and mostly Elizabeth Mitchell, with whom he was obviously much more interested in talking about Lost than he was V. He completely ignored 2 of the guys, and Scott Wolf who was the third, only got to speak by jumping in occasionally and saying nice things about Mitchell.

    Sorry for the rant, but it was indeed disturbing and hopefully will illustrate why we need at least some semi-regular content.

    Please don’t make me suffer like that again. I feel so dirty. 😦

  5. I thought you had abandoned us. Sniff…