True Blood Season 2 Episode 6 Recap by Brian S

As Sookie and the newly introduced Hugo(who belongs to Isabel) make their plans to infiltrate the Light Of Day Church we get to see a different side of Bill, a much darker side. As Lorena(his maker) enters the picture., she has her own plans of reuniting with her long lost Bill.

Eric sides with Lorena and gets Sookie away from Bill, Lorena pretty much let’s Bill know she is still boss and has total power over him. While Sookie and Hugo are busted by the not-so gullible Reverend Steve his lovely, horny bride Sarah throws down on Jason. Here we go again Jason! Steve begins to show his ulterior motives as he brings in his “muscle” and throws Sookie and  Hugo in a “basement” with is dead father and the missing Godric(but you didn’t see that did you).

Andy questions poor Lafayette to the point of delusional horror as Lafayette hallucinates seeing Eric. Terry comes in and gets Andy away and just seeing the  pitiful shape Lafayette is still in breaks your heart. We get a really cool scene with Terry and Lafayette!


Tara and Eggs take Maryann’s car off to run an errand and Eggs finds out he has a new ability, his senses are leading them away from their destination and they end up parking at an old store. The two walk for miles and come upon this stone garden with hints of blood stains still on the stones. The blood stains seem to be acting as a reminder for Eggs and how he knows he’s been there before. As Tara and Eggs get back home they find the house trashed. They walk out back to find Maryann and her “party people” doing their naked dancing, black demon eyed dance going on. This is some of the creepiest television I’ve ever scene and I can’t get enough of it. I wonder if I’m under Maryann’s spell too?

Sam finally asks Daphne what happened to her and she tells him she didn’t really know and how she was sick for days. Then as Daphne and Sam take a walk we see her true colors and who she’s leading him to. There’s Maryann having that bulls head placed on her head while she shivers all to the creepiest of creepy. With Sam being held down watching all this take place and oh, here comes the knife! Got any ideas what the knife is for? Well, just as I started liking Daphne she turns face on Sam and i. Sam old buddy, we have the same taste in women! Daphne, you broke my heart too!

Oh yeah, Hoyt pays a visit to Jessica in Dallas. Jessica has a great one liner in this scene! I can’t leave these two love birds out!


7 responses to “True Blood Season 2 Episode 6 Recap by Brian S

  1. Daphne’s turn surprised me, didn’t see that coming, although it was clear from the gashes on her that something wasn’t right.

    The orgy scene was some of the most explicit sex I’ve seen on TV. Love it!

    Can’t figure why Pam and Eric want Laffy to start selling V again, unless it’s to trap buyers.

    Wondering how Sam is going to get out of his situation. Probably needs to do a fast shape shift, slip out of his handlers and boogie!

  2. Yeah RSH, Daphne let me down,i thought i found me a new favorite and she turned on us!

    I think the V gig is just what you think but i think it might trap some Light of Day peeps!One in particular that we’ve seen on the monitor in Dallas.

    Sam,well we will all see tonight! I can’t wait,i guess this is my new favorite show now!It just past The View! Just kidding!

  3. I have absolutely no idea how Sam will get out of this one. I jokingly told my friend he should turn into a shark and attack Marianne, but that solution would make less sense than this show!

    I wonder why Daphne is so loyal to Marianne – maybe she is under a spell too and wouldn’t normally hurt Sam. Let’s hope so because they make a cute couple.

  4. SPOILER if you haven’t seen it – he got away.

    And so much for the cute couple…Hoyt and Jessica are the new “cute couple”. Which the way the show is going probably means they’re doomed to die in the next few episodes.

  5. HEY! Richard…lol Nick C has my write up let me spoil it…..

  6. Nick C should put it up soon, please.

  7. Dexter,i think he’ll have it up tomorrow.