TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Episode 7 Recap By Brian S.

Once again this episode picks up right from last weeks creepy ass, demon eyed, dance fever swine fest. Sam’s in a bad situation and looks like he going to be a sacrifice for Maryann. But here comes good ole drunk Andy, still looking for the pig, firing his gun and saves the day. Thanks Andy! Needless to say Sam “takes off”. He gets back to Merlotte’s, digs out a gun and is now packing. The next morning it seems nobody has any recollection of what went on the night before. Something is said in this episode of certain “special” people who can’t be under Maryann’s spell, looks like our hero Andy might be a little “special”. Time will tell I guess. Sam and his gun confront Daphne and he asks “what the **** is Maryann?” She tells him Maryann is actually a Maenad( I told yall this a few write-ups ago) she has had many names and she is a handmaiden of the God Dionysis, the God of wine, excess and madness.  Maryann also pays a “special” thank you visit to Daphne for bringing her Sam earlier.

This episode dives deeper into Bill and Lorena’s past. We get to see Bills transition from bad to good and see how he actually got away from Lorena. Bill slowly grew tired of killing innocents. Bill wants to go to Sookie but Lorena is too much for him.

Lafayette takes a backseat in this episode but we do get to see him for a minute as he is contacting all of his old customers letting them know he’s back in business. I wonder why Eric wants Lafayette back in business all of a sudden, I smell a trap for someone!

Hoyt and Jessica are still romancing each other and I like where this is headed, for the moment at least.

Meanwhile at church camp(Fellowship of the Sun) Sookie and Hugo learn more about each other and find out a traitor is amongst the vampires. I’m not saying who, if you watched, then you know! Steve accidentally finds out that Jason and Sookie are brother and sister and all this does is cause more trouble for poor Jason, way too much trouble and it doesn’t end well for him either. Sookie also has help from a certain bell boy who went MIA a few episodes ago. As Steve’s henchman Gabe  comes in a proceeds to try and rape Sookie a surprise hero comes to the rescue. I wont go into detail(by request) but Gabe let me introduce you to Godric, a much more adult version at that! I wonder how that happened, once you turn into a Vampire you stay that age and Godric has grown up.

So what questions have been answered? What new questions have been asked? Who’s coming to town next? How “special” is Andy? This show has “sucked” me in(get it, sucked me in) and I am sure I’m under Maryann’s spell along with about 13 million other viewers. Best show on TV right now! My call.


8 responses to “TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Episode 7 Recap By Brian S.

  1. Heh, if Brian means best show on at a specific time when he wrote that piece he might be on to something…. however if he thinks it’s better than BURN NOTICE or LEVERAGE…

    it’s good for a modern soap opera, but beyond that it’s just entertaining to me.

  2. Imust confess Nick C,i haven’t watched Burn Notice or Leverage.

  3. …and you are right,it is entertaining! It seems to get better each episode! So far…

  4. Awesome episode. Just awesome. I can very rarely be shocked when watching a TV series. But that scene when Sarah catches up to Jason… Damn…

    Also, yay for Barry the bell-boy! I though he and Sookie had great chemistry in those few scenes together. Nice to see him again, even if it might be just for a tiny little bit.

  5. While I love both Burn Notice and Leverage, I DO believe True Blood is a SOMEWHAT higher quality show in terms of the drama, quality of writing, visuals, etc., not to mention simply the concept.

    If I remember correctly, Barry the Bell-Boy got yanked into the room just after he relayed his message, so I suspect Lorena may have waxed his butt. But Eric is on the way anyway, so that won’t matter.

    Can’t wait to see what the combination of Eric and Godric does to the Fellowship of the Sun. I imagine the two of them could wipe out the whole cult.

    It’s amusing to me that just after two-timing her husband and based on completely erroneous information, Sarah Newlin does a completely screwed up thing. I don’t view her as long for this world – or the series – either.

  6. RSH, it’s a vampire soap opera and you find that as higher quality? Weird. I don’t mind people finding the show more entertaining, but higher quality? The writing is … abysmal. Some of the lines Sookie spits out are awful and Anna who is an exceptional actress can’t even deliver them well.

    It has a higher budget than the other shows mentioned, so it should have a better look and sound to it.

  7. Has nothing to do with the topic, Nick. Besides, Burn Notice is a spy show and Leverage is a heist show. Tell me that hasn’t been done before? If you want to reduce a show to a two word description, nothing is worth watching. It’s all been done before – and usually better.

    Sookie is spitting awful words because she’s an uneducated Southern hick. I find Bill’s elocution much harder to deal with, although supposedly that’s supposed to be because he’s from the Civil War days. You’d think he’d pick up modern vernacular, though. Most of the vampires seem to have that problem, but some don’t seem to. It is a bit disruptive.

    Much as you dislike Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham, frankly I find Anna Paquin’s Sookie to be irritating (still hot, though). She’s pushy and abrasive frequently. I don’t know whether it’s because Anna can’t deliver them well or whether the character is intended to be like that, but she can be irritating.

    But that might just be me. Compared to a sharp guy like Michael Westen on Burn Notice, who has incredible precision of speech, however, Sookie and pretty much the entire character set on TB are idiots.

    It’s hard to tell if the writers are simply bad or if they intend this sort of speech. Reminds me of the arguments Carrie Fisher used to have with George Lucas over his dialog.

    All in all, though, I think the show looks OK. It’s not intended to be glitzy like Burn Notice, which is set in bloody Miami. And Leverage isn’t all that great looking usually. Set in the rural South, it looks fine.

    I just think the overall concept is an interesting new variant on the vampire bit, and the acting is pretty good, and the writing hasn’t been that bad in terms of the situations and resolutions. It’s just a fresher show than either Burn Notice or Leverage – not by much, maybe, but enough. Since I’m watching all three of them, I’d say the difference in quality is marginal.

    I just fell in love with Sanctuary and will be watching that when it returns to SyFy. A show very similar to Fringe, but “classier”. They even brought back two of my old beloved Highlander alumni, Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield! Wonderful show with great effects, great plots, great acting from Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, and Christopher Heyerdahl.

  8. Fringe,now there’s another one i’m looking forward to! Off the subject here!