Eureka Season 3.5 episode 3 Recap by Brian S

Tess. a visiting scientist traveling to Eureka has to make a “pit-stop” in the out-skirts of Eureka Sheriff Carter almost hits her car, which is sitting in the middle of the road. She tells him she didn’t leave it there so he let’s her off with a warning.

Back at Global Dynamics Allison asks Sheriff Carter to get her scientists to quit fussing and get back to work on “something” that is very important. He also finds out Tess and Allison are old friends.

Jo, who once again takes a backseat in this episode talks to Lexi about her pregnancy and surprises her with Duncan’s showing up unexpectedly. ”Duncan is the father”.

As objects are flying everywhere in Eureka and Dr. Murray still thinking he’s communicating with his dead mother. As they all sit down and have a séance objects starts flying everywhere again with Dr. Murray loving every minute of it. Henry and Allison (who both have this secret about Section 5 along with Tess) Henry makes a guess why these things are happening referring to a “casimir effect” which are physical forces arising from a quantized field or moving objects through pressure. Jack simply asks “ghosts are magnetic or someone’s using magnets to make this happen”. But the question for now is, who would want to do that?

Jack confronts Allison about Murray and his dead “physic” mother and thinking Murray might be onto something. Dating the events back three days Jack asks Allison what and if anything happened three days ago. She let’s Jack know they re-opened Section 5, “I hate Section 5”,Jack says. Allison takes Jack to Section 5 and confesses there is a new project going on.

As Dr. Murray says “they’re here”, he keeps insisting he’s making contact with ghosts all through this episode more strange happenings start to occur including Jack and Tess tripping over this object in one of the labs in Section 5 (this is the section he keeps asking Allison about and it’s always off limits). As they start to try and carry on conversations with everyone they notice nobody sees them! Jack asks “are we dead?” but Tess reassure him they aren’t by hugging him and telling him ghosts can’t feel.

As Lexi catches up with Duncan she is hiding her pregnancy with one of Eureka’s great inventions, a pull-over shirt that makes you look skinny while wearing it. She wants to tell him she’s prego but has second thoughts .With Zoe feeding her ear and keeps telling her to let Duncan know he’s going to be a father and along the way dragging poor Fargo in the picture she decides to tell him and he quickly retreats from the picture.

Jack and Tess retrace their steps and meet up with a traveler who explains to them what’s going on and how the “accident” happened and what doesn’t need to happen again. He tells them he’s jumping between the third and fifth dimensions and the object needs recalibrating to work correctly. Henry talks to one of the doctors about P-Branes shaping dimension and remembering someone who works with P-Branes. Henry, Murray and Allison are trying to figure some things out with the P-Branes and Murray still thinking he’s talking to ghosts, the traveler decides to jump on the object as they are using the “ghost whisperer” and it seems to vanish him completely. Henry figures out a disruption in the P-Branes(yes I’m spelling it right) and they reconfigure the device and turn it on again with Jack and Tess risking stepping on it once again but this time it works. Jack ad Tess reappear on a road somewhere in Eureka and he calls Henry and lets him on on what happened and how the reconfiguring the P-Branes worked and got them back!

Allison and Jack have a heart to heart about the “signal” and the “something big is headed to Eureka” secret. She won’t give in and let him know anything…yet? What big thing is coming to Eureka? It’s killing me but yet I’m loving it. What do you think?


3 responses to “Eureka Season 3.5 episode 3 Recap by Brian S

  1. Once again, I can’t find the slightest thing interesting about this show from the description of an episode. Is there some sort of overall story arc/concept to this series or is it strictly a procedural?

    You ever watch Sanctuary? Now THERE’S a great show! Just got hooked on it over the last week. Downloaded all eight Webisodes and all 13 SyFy episodes. Looking forward to its return to SyFy in the fall.

    Check it out:

  2. Richard,Eureka has a huge following! I like the show,i also like Sanctuary and i’m ready for it’s return also! You know,all shows aren’t for everyone,i like the light-hearted humor in Eureka,that’s what draws me to it.

  3. That’s a thing with me, I tend not to like a lot of humor in some shows. But in others, I don’t mind. Leverage has a LOT of humor in it that I like. Burn Notice has some, although this season has been more serious than the last two.

    That’s why I never watch comedies, especially comedies about ordinary people, like Cheers (a bunch of losers sitting around a bar) or Friends (although I have to admit Aniston and Cox would be draws). I like my comedy mixed in with serious matters, like Burn Notice, Leverage, Fringe, Sanctuary do very well (even TSCC did it).

    But for me, it’s the PREMISE that matters, and then the overall story arc, followed by engaging characters and quality production values. Eureka has a premise that is just wacky. It may be amusing, but it makes no sense to me and I probably could never get into it because of that.

    All the shows I like have a premise and/or concept that makes sense to me and ties in with my interests. Eureka may be a great show in terms of its production values, but it just doesn’t fit me. It’s too “lightweight”. The premise is there to be amusing and so is the show.

    I know Eureka is very successful for SyFy. Sanctuary is almost as successful, the second highest rated show since Eureka debuted.