NBC To Pick Up Back Nine For CHUCK?!?! (Or Is NBC Serious About Seasonal Seasons?)

Around this time last year NBC went ahead and made a move of picking up a full season order for CHUCK, and the question a lot of people seem to be asking is, will it happen again?

The answer my friends is:  more than likely.  From conversations I’ve had with some NBC folks it appears that Gaspin is serious about setting up “summer seasons,” to debut new shows like USA has done extremely successfully.  They’ve learned about some trends (shows do much better immediately after the 4th of July compared to shows from May to July 4th) and they want to take advantage of them while their counterparts are relying on reality and game shows for their summer fare.

CHUCK would be the BURN NOTICE for NBC.  It would be used as a launching pad for a new show that they want to test the waters with in Summer, that they hope does well enough to get new episodes ordered for the Winter.  Right now, CHUCK is in the lead with certain people at NBC for that honor.  They believe CHUCK has that fun summer feel to it that works for USA.  So right now they’re looking at pilot scripts and scriptments that are floating around to see if there is a show they think can be successful for Network TV and enjoy a Summer launch that from the beginning was meant to be (and thus taken advantage of) compared to the shows NBC has kicked back to Summer due to a lack of interest.


Maybe Since It Will Be A Summer Season We Can Get Sarah In A Bikini!

NBC right now needs to rely on a huge massive break out hit (and I’ve seen their pilots, they have none in my opinion) or on some brilliant moves.  Trying the Summer Launch which has worked extremely well for USA may work for Network TV.  There is no reason it wouldn’t especially if advertised well in advance and they really put a fun and entertaining show on for the launch.  ROYAL PAINS was such a huge success because the pilot was fun and entertaining, and about 50% of the episodes retain that same fun vibe.  It works perfectly for the summer, and the show didn’t suck.  It was well received by critics and it had BURN NOTICE as it’s lead in.  The result was instant hit for the show USA plans to replace MONK.

So for all the people thinking Angela Bromstad was a “hater,” for her comments about CHUCK not being a likely early/mid season replacement you now have the reason why.  They are seriously considering using CHUCK to help launch a new show in the summer.  In addition they’re considering using the Olympics to advertise CHUCK and the new summer show (which they’re still searching for).  So if they can find the right combination, then CHUCK will more than likely pick up its back nine well before an episode of season 3 even airs.


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  1. awww yeah — hope is alive!!! happy chuck me mondays indeed! thanks, nick c.

  2. I hope Chuck does get it’s back 9!

  3. Oh yeah and Sarah in a bikini is #1

  4. I hope NBC gives the back 9! And a show that works well with Chuck is a great idea. Better than what BS said a few months back with Chuck and FNL together. I don’t think it will work, their too different.

  5. This post has made my week. Chuck FTW!

  6. That would certainly make sense, considering NBC seems to be much more competitive during the summer. If a new show can hold Chuck’s modest ratings during the summer it would be considered a hit.

    One thing I’ve noticed for USA is that the promos not only promote the upcoming episode. They almost seem to fill the viewer in on what the show is about and it’s story so someone can almost jump into the show without feeling completely blind.

    It seems to me that the hardest part for Chuck, is how NBC advertises the show. Some promos they make it look like a drama while others just focus on Chuck being a nerd. They disregard it’s two biggest selling points of humor and charm.

  7. Star Light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!” A FULL 22 EPISODE SEASON OF CHUCK!!

    Nick C., I hope the vibe you’re getting is right. Truthfully, what else does NBC have. Yes, they have a few “bankable” shows, but they are going to air those during the “normal” Fall/Winter/Spring run, so they’ll already be “spent.”

    CHUCK would be perfectly set and ready to roll on from it’s March start right into the summer. (Unless, of course, NBC’s Fall schedule is a TOTAL DISASTER, and they find they have no choice but to move CHUCK up to an earlier start date). I’ve always been in favor of that, but if this March alternative offers a better shot at a full 22 episode season, then BRING IT ON.

    Good things come to those who wait!

    And IF it happens, it would be AWESOME !!!! 😉 🙂

  8. This makes me uber happy if true. I will gladly trade 9 more epsiodes of Chuck and Sarah apart if we get the full 22.


  9. Angela does not hate the show. NBC just has no clue in general on how to capitalize on good shows. They just cannot figure out how to market a show correctly and get people to check it out. I will honestly be amazed if they manage to promote Chuck during the Olympics, it would be so out of character for the network.

  10. I’m not very religious but this calls for a halleluia! I promise to pray the rosary and make a donation to my parent’s church once Chuck gets that summer back 9 officially! 🙂

  11. Dave, the thing is that Gaspin will copy what worked for USA, Bravo, VH1, etc. He knows how to market and capture larger audiences than normal for a cable network. He just has to do similar things at NBC. Go with what he knows works vs. what “used to work,” at NBC.

    BS did a good job of lowering costs at NBC, now they need someone who can make NBC truly profitable and popular again.

  12. someguynamedjohn

    Networks taking the summer off is a thing of the past with cable to compete against, and putting a quality show like Chuck into that mix is great. So far it works for shows like Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Monk and Psych on USA, so why not Chuck and something good and fun yet to be determined on NBC. Sure the summer means lower numbers but it also translates well for a show with solid fan base numbers. And using the summer for new advertised programming means it might help Leno at 10PM.

    But still the wait for season 2 DVD’s is killing me. No other show is looking at a wait that long.

  13. Fantastic news and I really hope it comes true. I think Chuck would be a great summer show. Its got the right mix of humor and adventure to be a perfect summer escape. Heck I’ll take Chuck whenever they show it as long as they air it I am a happy camper.

  14. I also hope this happens. I was worried about the writing if NBC waited months before deciding if to pick up the back 9

  15. I’m a huge Chuck fan and this news is music to my (and millions of other Chuck fans) ears.

    However, Is NBC willing to repeat what it did last season i.e. ordering a full season before seeing what the ratings are? From your article, it seems like they may be willing to take that gamble. I guess this could be different now that Subway is a major sponsor of the show. Add to that that NBC has the show now for a much lower license fee, maybe, just maybe, NBC is confident enough to greenlight a back 9.

    What other NBC show is the network considering for a summer run other than Chuck?

    Also, if NBC can’t find a perfect pairing for Chuck in the summer, could NBC just run Chuck in the summer by itself to see how it does? Is it really and either/or situation? I guess if Chuck does decent enough in the ratings to make NBC comfortable, it could. What would Chuck have to get in the ratings for NBC to feel comfortable about extending its run?

  16. I think having Chuck air in the summer is a great strategy if marketed correctly. My family and I watch almost all of USA’s summer shows and Chuck has a similar tone/concept to many of those shows. When I heard Burn Notice’s summer finale got 7.6 million viewers, I thought NBC would be happy to get those numbers. Maybe if they analyze what works for USA, then NBC will be able to launch a smashing summer schedule with Chuck at the helm!

  17. Nick, this sounds right to me and your analysis that Gaspin is behind this makes sense.

    And that’s one of my favorite pics – and video clips – of Yvonne. Of course, that’s only because she was doing PC tech support like me…


  18. Well NBC does seem to be paying attention on the web, now they are streaming the start of season two.


    Hopefully this new, more responsive NBC web media is a sign of things to come.

  19. @dave, nbc’s streaming the start of season two is more a reflection of the efforts of Chucktv.net and Wendy Farrington. nevertheless, one can hope that they will continue to improve their responsiveness.

  20. Personally, I think a March 2010 start and an uninterrupted run of episodes is the best thing for a show like Chuck, the breaks and pre-empts last year really hurt Chuck’s ratings. The long Olympic break will probably be a “bubble show destroyer” and a “new show promotion dream”. If NBC promotes the way it should, Chuck should be in great shape.

    Also, it’s nice to finally be able to watch streaming episodes of Chuck here in Canada, NBC had it all blocked from us on their website.

  21. Sounds like great news!

    I’m no expert, but it seems like Summer launches on the Networks have been successful at least a couple of times before (The OC ?), so it would seem like there’s no reason that it couldn’t happen again.

  22. Nic, this might be a silly question, but has NBC toyed witht he idea of importing Burn Notice to NBC for the summer rather than USA? An evening of Chuck followed by Burn Notice would be a great night of spy intruige and humor. Airing Chuck at 8pm (with it’s lighter tone) then Burn Notice at 9pm (grittier and darker)…it makes for a nice progression. I’d like to see those two paired back to back…preferrably on Wednesday nights. ‘Watch your back Wednesdays’ has a nice ring to it…a night of action, humor, and spy drama.

  23. Wendy is right, we need some kind of line up on Monday’s. NBC already said that Day One is a miniseries and therefore not likely to develop.

    NBC should just hire Wendy.

  24. Does anyone besides me see the irony of NBC hiring a guy named GASPIN at a time when the network is “gaspin” for breath??

    Just a little nugget to beak up things a little.

    Lovin’ this thread. Keep the opinions flyin’ everybody.

    Peace, all!! Keep on “Chuckin!”

  25. So Nick C,

    Is renewal for Season 4 based off the first 4 episodes of Chuck since they are starting so late. I mean those decision would be made in April right? The more that I think about it, the more I see Chuck in March is the best course of action. Thank you for the blog. This article is very positive.

  26. Chuck would basically start the first week of March and decisions for whether or not shows get canceled or renewed always go down to the wire — Medium is a good example of that this season. So NBC will definitely have more than four episodes to base it off of.

    Also, USA has grown so much in success and ratings, that I doubt they would give up their #1 show to NBC. Its the most successful cable net at the moment and Burn Notice is a keeper. I hope Chuck does go into the summer and that NBC aggressively advertises it. Though I dont think Friday Night Lights and Chuck should be paired together, I love both but they’re very different.

  27. Love Chuck. My kid is a huge fan too! I think NBC needs to go with a summer season.

  28. Well lets hope it happens this way, and the rumor about the new management looking for a way to get rid of the show are just false rumors.

  29. RickyG, where is that rumor popping up? Doesn’t even make sense. Get rid of the one show they have that’s generating any buzz, critical support, fan support, internet chatter? They literally very few arsenal in their TV lineup.

  30. RickyG, where have you heard the new management trying to get rid of the show? I haven’t read anything about that on the internet. Care to share where you read that?

  31. Sounds like a great, original idea for once, if it’s
    true and a great way to get the back nine ordered
    early, which the viewers want, and the show’s
    producers to plan a better, orderly, well organized, and integrated story lines for the
    upcoming season. If in fact this does go, it will
    be worth the March starting date.

    Nick C. can you confirm ASAP? Thanks.

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  33. Why are people questioning the validity of this? Has Nick ever been wrong about this type of thing? Nope. If he says they are considering it then they are.

    Consideratipn doesn’t mean it will happen. I bet this will all depend on subway.

  34. Eeeek! I hope this is TRUE! 😀

  35. Nick? Nick??? Are you still out there?? It’s been too long without your words of wisdom or a new “inside scoop!”

    Your site is starting to become like CHUCK. Too many “down time disruptions/breaks in the season.”

    Just hope you’re O.K. and that nothing is amiss health or otherwise.

  36. You’re a priest Rick, you shouldn’t be assuming the worst!

    Anyway, since there’s nothing else to discuss here, are you familiar with the Irish/British ’90s sitcom Father Ted? It’s up there with Seinfeld and others as one of the comedy greats of that decade.

  37. I see the link to Nick’s blog is no longer on the blog links at TV By The Numbers. Que pasa?

  38. @Jack, I always HOPE for the best, but prepare for the worst!

    I’ve not seen Fr. Ted, but I’ve heard about it. During my seminary time I was trained for a summer as a hospital chaplain. My group had people of all different denominations. Believe it or not, it was actually a Missouri Synod Lutheran Deaconness that told me about “Fr. Ted.”

    Maybe some day I’ll get around to watching it. Too bad none of my parishioners post on this site – I’d “hint” about it for Christmas!!!

    @RSH. Yo no se. Donde esta Senor Nick???

  39. Chuck news! Kristin Kreuk joins the cast as a girl for whom Chuck “has feelings”! More hot babes for Chuck!


  40. Some Guy Named John

    Is Nick C on one of those vacations again?

    As For Superman, and his Smalllville ex-girlfriend being on Chuck, I think its just the WB calling in favors for out of work actors.

    I’m still wondering how these guys are saving money by bringing more guest stars. The shippers are probably mad about this to boot.

    Anyone else think its odd that this show will have the season taped well before it airs on TV. Its really making me think NBC wants it ready to go if any of its pilots are not looking so hot, and from the looks of it a couple will fail big time.

  41. They may well be better value than they first appear. I can imagine relatively well known, but out of work, actors like Kreuk & Routh doing a few episodes on a show like CHUCK as much for the promotion it gives them as anything else.

    Doubt they’re doing it for free, but if shows are having to reduce costs, then guest actors will be taking less as well, so as a proportion of a shows overall costs there may be no difference to last year. Even actors have to eat (maybe not Kristin Kreuk).

  42. Well NickC said that fans will love the season and that it is different because Chuck and Sarah want to be together.

    Color me confused but how can they want to be together and have feelings for other people.

    I am sorry but another season of Chuck and Sarah with other people is so groan inducing. I loathe it with the passion of a 1000 suns. If I am not getting Chara and I have to watch the two leads with others what the hell am I a watching for. Chuck as a hero. Hell I can’t respect the guy if he can move on from Sarah.

    I think this will be the first season where I actually skip episodes. Maybe I will skip entire arcs. There is so much on TV that subjecting myself to something that makes me feel like crap is not my idea of fun. CBS looks to have some good comedies. Might have to go back to House.

    Sorry Chuck, looks like you don’t love me anymore. I think we need a break just like Chuck and Sarah.

    Even if Chuck and Sarah are the end game and I am sure they are, getting them together in the last episode will not undo the damage that will be done in S3. I mean Chara is getting to the point where they are no longer believable anymore.

    I was going to buy the Season 2 BluRay. Now no way. I am not giving JS one red cent of my money.

    Good luck Chucksters it looks like it is 13 and done.

    Sincerely pissed off and depressed fan.

  43. Some guy named John

    Chuckit these things are rumors. Until the episodes start airing we have no idea how the show will turn out. They might just say this and do that just to get us worked up. Its good for keeping fans interested.

  44. Josh did say that they would have other love interests this season. MA was told that Chuck would have a crush on Hanna. Shaw was cast as Team B new leader and Sarah’s love interest. I know they are not gving us a whole lot but it seems to me that they are making Chuck fickle. Now he doesn’t love Sarah and he is crushing on some Buy More Chick.

    I have been through the Lou and Jill arcs. I do not want to go through it again. It will make it 10 times worse if Sarah moves on as well.

    It is like they are removing everything I love about the show so why watch.

  45. ” It will make it 10 times worse if Sarah moves on as well.”

    Why is it worse if Sarah moves on?

  46. Because Chuck is fickle. We already know that. He will date anything that bats an eye lash at him. Sarah is more loyal. If she moves on then that is trouble. I also don’t want to watch Sarah be with some other guuy, Beefcake is my least favorite episode.

    I guess she needs love to, but this is depressing.

  47. But Lethal Weapon worked out ok.

    If I were you I just would ignore all the spoilers that come out and just watch the show in March and then make your own mind up.

    Spoilers are put out to create just this effect, to stir up fan bases. I don’t think the publicists are that bothered by a few vocal fans who don’t like what they hear. Frankly I would be amazed if they put out any positive stuff about Sarah & Chuck beyond “it’s going to be great”.

  48. I agree with Chuckit. Was hoping for Charah to
    grow and overcome challenges together this
    season while learning more about their past
    lives as a couple, not marriage or anything that
    would hurt the show but at least to show some
    growth. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks fairly definite this is not going to happen and
    different hired actors from Superman are just
    going to give us a reprise of seasons 1 and 2.

    No point in worrying about it. We’ll just have to
    watch some episodes and then make up our
    minds at that point., wait and see. It might have
    been better to have blacked out all production
    information and simply presented the episodes
    in March or whenever they come on the air and
    let people make up their own minds rather than
    stirring up a lot of emotion and upsetting people,
    over what-a tv show with fictional characters.

    The fan reaction at chucktv.net has been simply
    unbelievable interms of emotional reactions to
    announcements so far made by the producers.

    I’m starting to wonder if it’s all worth it and might be better off not concerning myself with
    this stuff and make up my mind when the season
    starts. We’ll see…..

  49. Well, fiction is about conflict, and romantic conflicts are huge for the female side of the audience, at least. So the producers presumably are trying to keep that conflict going. Just having Chuck and Sarah get it on and start noodling isn’t going to help the ratings much.

    I’ve been watching downloads of Alias, and I’m into season two. They had Sydney and Mike make google eyes all during season one, then they got together in season two. Then immediately they had Sydney concerned that Mike was a double agent.

    So writers don’t like nice simple shipper romances. That’s just the way it is. It goes no where and does nothing.

    Don’t even get me started on John and Cameron in TSCC. That was an unmitigated disaster.

  50. What you have to ask re: Chuck is if the guest stars aren’t going to truly be “rivals for affection” or “potential love interests” for Chuck and Sarah, then whe the heck do they keep having those little teasing/tormenting additions to the guest star announcements?

    If it’s NOT true, they they’re only pissing off a good portion of their fan base. If it IS true, then they’re admitting that they’re stuck with the same old same old. Either way, the way they’re going about things SUCKS!

    I’ve said this on other sites – do people really enjoy seeing Sarah (who has already had a royally sh***t y childhood) hurt and in tears when Chuck is with someone else? And do they really enjoy seeing Chuck miserable and depressed when he realizes what he has in Sarah AFTER he’s broken up with her and then sees another guy start “getting into her?”

    Honestly, it gets to be downright SADISTIC. How many times can people who supposedly love each other keep hurting each other? It doesn’t make sense, it’s been done now for two seasons (which is enough already) and it’s time to MOVE ON.

    Believe me, it’s more than heated up at chucktv.net and chuckmeout.com’s message boards. And rightfully so. Some keep saying that we’re worrying about nothing. But does anyone remember the last two episodes of S2? We go from Sarah telling Chuck in “Colonel” that “It’s REAL.” Then in the next episode (The Ring), it’s a complete 180 – “Sorry Chuck, I’m leaving in the morning. It’s top secret!” WHAT? And then b4 The Ring ends she “decides” (as if she ever had a choice in her assignments in the past) that she’s going to stay with Chuck? WHAT?? Back and forth, Back and foth – and all in just the last two episodes of S2.

    There is such a GOLDEN opportunity to move the relationship forward, for the two characters to really get to know each other in depth (and let’s be honest, the moments when they learn things about each other’s past have been some of the BEST moments in the series to date), and for “US,” the die-hard, devoted, money spending to save the show fans, to get to know the 2 main characters better as well.

    There is the potential for S3 to be really great. There’s also the potential for S3 to royally SUCK! The proof will be in the pudding. At least with the announcment of Angie Harmon as a guest star they left out the addition of “a rival for affection/potential love interst” for Chuck. Maybe they’re wising up.

    I’m not saying that they’re going to screw things up in S3. I have high hopes for a GREAT season. I just don’t get what the point is of “leaking” stuff that they KNOW is going to honk off a good portion of their loyal fan base. It makes NO sense – it’s idiotic, moronic, and hardly a deserving “payback” for what many fans have done to save and are still doing to promote the show.

    I’ll watch – for certain. Unless it really starts to suck royally. Kind of like Heroes did in Season 2.

    Just would make better sense from a “business” standpoint not to rile up the fan base and have them going after each other – and believe me, look at the Chuck web sites – it’s exactly what’s been happening.

    The could keep fan interest going w/o seeming to promote more angst and pitting fans against each other. I thought these people were “professional TV folks,” not little kids screwing around with their fan base. Perhaps I’m wrong. I hope for the sake of the show – and the fans – that I am.

  51. “little kids screwing around with their fan base”

    Now that’s a good description of the guys who did TSCC.

    So why not Chuck?

    Again, this is what writers DO.

    Look at Alias. I just plowed through season two.

    They hooked up Sydney with Mike for real after having them do google eyes for two seasons.

    Then they KILLED HER FOR TWO YEARS (supposedly) and let Mike MARRY SOMEONE ELSE between the end of season two and the start of season three!

    Compared to that, Chuck’s problems are piss-ant.

  52. @RSH. I know. That honked me off royally when it happened on ALIAS during the time I was watching it as it aired.

    Let’s just say, the story doesn’t end with Vaughn’s marriage to whatever that blonde’s name was.

    I won’t say anything more than that for fear of spoiling anything for you. Let’s just say be prepared for what you’re not prepared for.

    Syd is really a GUY!!! (just kidding!!) 😉

    the difference, however, between ALIAS and CHUCK is with CHUCK it seems like they’re going to just keep rehashing stuff that they’ve already done – been there, done that. SNORE!

    With ALIAS, at least it was something different- WAY different! And much more creative on the part of the show’s creators/writers. We’re talking about the guys who’ve brought us LOST, so let’s just say we’re talking about creative whizzes – if not downright geniuses – here. Can’t say that I could compare Gossip Girl to Lost as far as creative genius!

  53. Syd could be a guy – she’s got the shoulders for it! 🙂

    Yeah, I already have a clue about where season 3 – and subsequent – went. I checked Wikipedia. 🙂

    Now I just have to find a usable torrent or a site that HAS season 3. I had enough trouble finding season 2. That’s the problem with downloads – it’s all current stuff. Old stuff is hard to find.

  54. Hack makes some good, realistic points about
    what the reality really, probably is from a
    producer’s/writer’s viewpoint. They don’t
    really care what the fans want one way or
    another, even though the fans saved the
    show. I’ve come to this conclusion reluctantly
    but I think Hack is probably right.

    At heart I also think Rick Holy is right about
    where the show should be going as against where
    in fact it seems to be going. The Charah relationship is what drives the show and gives it
    the charm it produced for the first 2 seasons.

    When all is said and done, regardless of what
    does or doesn’t happen, if the charm is lost with
    all of the changes being made, I think that will be
    the end of the show. The ratings at best were
    never very high, even with a strong core fan base. Even then it took a massive grass roots
    effort to save it. If the core base is split or
    significantly broken that won’t happen again.

    As Rick Holy said, the emotional upheaval at
    the other main websites has been very high
    and in some cases even angry,vicious, and
    bitter. It’s just not worth it to upset people this
    much, over what a tv show with fictional characters, not real people, played by actors,
    who do this for their living and certainly don’t
    invest themselves emotionally in what is after
    all just a job to them. If they saw just a sampling
    of these comments on this and the other sites, I
    think ath the very least they would be amused, if not laughing out loud at all of this emotional
    trauma being displayed.

    And now Angie Harmon is coming on also? I
    have nothing against Harmon but it seems like
    they’re bringing on these “NAMES” to make up
    for a lack of imagination which made the show so charming its first 2 years, especially season 1.

    I think if this winds up as a reprise of seasons 1
    and 2, the core fans won’t be fooled and they will
    not buy into it. If that happens , end of show,

    Well end of my comments and frankly I’m tired
    of all of this controversy. Like everybody else
    I’ll watch whatever they put out and make up my
    mind one way or the other. The trends, if true
    don’t look good though. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  55. One thing to keep in mind when talking about Chuck’s ratings in season two is that the reason the show was in danger of being canceled was not so much its ratings but the fact that Jay Leno was taking over five hours of prime time. Had that not been the case, Chuck probably would not have been in danger of being canceled as its ratings were adequate to be renewed.

    However, if the show doesn’t have good ratings this season after this long hiatus, it could be in trouble.

  56. Is this blog dead? Did NickC abondon this? His contact email is not even working.

  57. I think the blog may be dead. Hope not, because Nick C was really on top of things. Maybe he’s taking a “Chuck-style” hiatus – meaning looooong.

    Either way, our posts are still working so we can still keep things “alive” until the site shuts down. Hopefully it won’t and NickC will be back.

  58. agent_walker74

    What?! I’d been away from the world wide web for close to 3 weeks and this blog could be dead? NOOOOOO!!!!

    Anyway, obviously we’re all in agreement that the new love interest storyline are really getting on our nerves. When will the writers learn — either from leaking rage-inducing spoilers or re-hashing past season conflicts?

    If Zac Levi weren’t such a charmer, IMO, fans would’ve been less forgiving of the 2 times he just upped & forgot about Sarah when Lou & Jill appeared. So, please writers, in this case, 3rd time is NOT A CHARM.

    Great to see fellow ALIAS fans here =). My heart was crushed when I found out Vaughn married Georgia (Rick, that’s his wife’s name). To JJ Abrams credit, the storylines were great, but I think the timing & execution of that twist wasn’t, so the show sea-sawed between great & sucky episodes.

    However, I was never irritated with the Alias twists as the Chuck spoilers that are coming out. As I’ve always said, at least JJ kept the characters moving forward (albeit too fast when Syd woke up to find out she lost 2 years of a life with Vaughn). Syd was as screwed up emotionally as Sarah. They both had traumatic pasts. So for me, Sarah’s prolonged hesitance is more understandable than Chuck’s fickleness about her pursuit for Sarah. I don’t really have that much of a problem with the Beefcake episode. So Sarah was intrigued, so what? Chuck just broke up with her again, but our gal pulled though in the end. Her love & loyalty to Chuck was more solid.

    Oh boy, I never like Kristin Kreuk nor the Lana Lang character. Like Rick Holy, I’m still going to watch. I am still hoping for the best, in spite of the casting & spoiler storyline nuisances. NBC is making us wait 10months for season 3, so the writers & creators better deliver.

  59. Well how about this. Shaw (Routh) is going to be here for 6 episodes. How is that for a tough spill to swallow.

  60. agent_walker74

    yeah, i heard Shaw would be around for half the season. better him than kristin kreuk.

  61. I wonder if the season is still about they want to be together and they both agree to it. At one time Nick C posted this and he also said Ali was lying in her video and all that the fans would love this season. Now all those posts are gone. Hmm.

    Based on the spoilers it seems they might have changed that. I also think NickC cover has been blown and he is off the grid and that is why this blog has not been updated.

  62. agent_walker74

    hi, rich! i haven’t heard about your 1st paragraph comment. when did nick c post that?
    all i’ve kept hearing is that chuch & sarah will only be together at the end of the series.

  63. Way back when this article was first posted Nick had a post that said that they will be kept apart this season but the difference is that they want to be together.

    He also said that he saw the season 3 bible and he knows how it will play out. Ironically since we have had all these crappy Chuck and Sarah spoilers he hasn’t posted since.

    I also noticed that he deleted anyposts that he posted in the thread regarding Season 3.

    I hope this blog did not cost him his insider status.

  64. Those posts by Nickc haven’t been deleted, they are in the thread about NBC being BS-less. They are one of the reasons that I’m not going crazy during this period of negative spoilers.

  65. i sincerely hope his cover hasn’t been blown. geez, sounding like spies huh?

  66. Thanks ken. I couldn’t find then any where.

  67. agent bartowski

    I LOVE KRISTIN!she was #1 search in yahoo and msn a coupler days ago.So thuis news has to bode well with the chuckster!more free promo for the show!yaaaay!WELCOME KRISTIN,WE LOVES YOU!